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: perm banned....
I'll answer for Riot. No
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: What champ u guys think should get the next legendary skin ?
Gangplank, especially because of his mass must pick/ban rate in the LCS lately and all the action he's been getting in solo queue as well
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}} I kind of want an Ultimate skin for Ekko , I don't play him much , I just like the idea
Yes Annie needs more skins especially after her getting the Super Galaxy Annie skin
Mordius (NA)
: reports are not weighted. No. But if you're on your 14th account, you might as well find a different game to play at this point. I hear fortnite is good.
Pubg> :D And hes right. 9 reports for no reason have less impact than 1 for someone who reported for an actual reason
Scuttle (NA)
: Dodges do not factor into leaverbuster whatsoever. You can dodge all day everyday and will only get queue bans (waiting 15min before being able to queue, but being able to use the client unlike leaverbuster.)
Really? I didn't know that. I thought if you dodged enough you'd get like 20 games where you have to wait 20 minutes before queueing? Or is that leaver buster? I don't really know the difference
Jo0o (NA)
: Nobody gets a 20 minute leaverbuster after their first, or even second or third, abandoned game. Just how many "electrical problems" have you been having?
And dodges/ragequits on top of that
: I got penalised for what fucking reason?
Just cuz they flame doesn't mean on any terms what-so-ever that you have the right to flame them back.
: Why Zoe Recast can ignore silence but not Velkoz
This is why I only ever ban Zoe and nobody else
: What is the reason for this ban ?
You can't quote someone saying KYS. 1 report is as good as 9 buddy You brought this upon yourself. Support a ticket and hope for the best
: The fun thing, that he probably didn't get punished for trolling, but for toxic chat, since inting/trolling reports are not immediately reviewed. (If those are ever reviewed) If I know well, feel free to correct me!
Definately harder for the system to pick up on, so if there are a lot of constant reports, it's manually reviewed to make sure they aren't doing something off meta (lane shove teemo with zz but gets ganked, no damage split push trynda, 1k stacks nasus, stuff like that)
: Seems like Fiora may indeed be lesbian BTW
: It's about time for assassins and burst mages to get back their burst...
And then theres Ivern just sitting off in the corner not knowing what to do and just talks to daisy.
Kogbe (NA)
: Is this worthy of a permanent ban?
If he recently got hit with a 14 day ban (after like March of last year give or take) then I agree w/ the ban. He hard flamed his teammates, while he didn't curse all that much or use vulgar language it was still a lot of flaming. Introduce your buddy to the mute button.
: It'd be great if they really hit it off. Like, despite their differences they just really got along. It'd be super out of character I think, but goddamn it'd be hilarious.
: Do you think Riot will uplift permanent bans?
The day Dominion comes back my friend.
: In short games, it's disturbing that nasus is unstoppable.
1. Congrats on fulfilling your legacy 2. Big pupper = good pupper I don't really know what Riot can do to nerf him without totally destroying his early game and putting him as a late game only champ unless you play AP Nasus (even gooder pupper)
: 2018 and already Trolling/Toxic
New year ≠ new people... mute and just deal with it. You're silver 3. You don't lose anywhere as much LP when you lose as to when you win. That's low Diamond and above.
: Petition: Give Swain Short Hair
mzicio (EUW)
: I really want to see his new passive, Reav3 said it's something really unique and I'm curious
Forgive me for not knowing who that is... Who that?
: Went 0-7-1 with Ashe
: I love how he looks. The whole "coat cape" thing is amazing and dashing, and the way he sounds is just fantastic. I can't wait to see him and how his kit now works.
The really deep voice sounds so cool too
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Epicurus (OCE)
: **Ally has been slain** DISGRACEFUL! Allies only hold ya back. _(Nervous Skaarl sounds)_ **Ally is godlike** At least _someone _ knows what they're doing. LOOK AT EM GO! **Enemy is godlike** They are so much better at this than you. They's making you look stupid. Dead! And stupid! **Ally shut down** DONT MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE DAMMIT! **Enemy shut down** HAH! WHO'S LAUGHIN' NOW? **Enemy tower destroyed** TEAR IT ALL DOWN BOYS! **Enemy Inhibitor Respawning** The glowy rock thing's coming back. YOU DIDN'T KILL IT HARD ENOUGH! **Executed** WHAT THE _(censored)_ ARE YOU PLAYING AT? _(continued screeching and swearing, continuing until you respawn)_ **Ally quadrakill** Work's not done yet. GO GET 'EM! NO PRISONERS! **Allied Ace** None left? Well who are gonna kill now? **Enemy Ace** _(incomprehensible angry screeching)_
Ally Pentakill WOOOOOO LETS GOOOOOO Enemy Pentakill So this is how it feels to get (censored) on
XPtoken (EUW)
: Make MMR/LP gain and loss based on individual performance
See int is a very touch subject, especially when it comes to the system detecting it. You also need to understand that there's a difference between inting and playing poorly and just making poor decisions Inting - locking in Jarvan JG and taking the summoner spells cleanse and ghost Having a bad game - Starting off by missing cs and just playing from behind, or poor positioning
: [9:48] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): cani just farm [10:06] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): as u can see i am 2v1 [10:09] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): pls let me farm atleast [10:11] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): its a normal [10:27] ADlN (Caitlyn): she watched LCS [10:38] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): she is aphromoo [10:41] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): ups [10:42] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): i mean he [10:43] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): hehe x [14:31] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): pit [14:52] ADlN (Caitlyn): :,(((( [21:17] ADlN (Caitlyn): XD [23:55] ADlN (Caitlyn): stfu maybe? [23:58] ADlN (Caitlyn): boosted [24:00] ADlN (Caitlyn): fucking %%% [24:07] ADlN (Caitlyn): go fuck ur dad [24:08] ADlN (Caitlyn): rn [24:16] ADlN (Caitlyn): fcking %%% [24:27] ADlN (Caitlyn): stfu [24:29] ADlN (Caitlyn): fight me irl [24:46] [All] ADlN (Caitlyn): send them [25:22] ADlN (Caitlyn): gonna punch u back to hitler [25:33] ADlN (Caitlyn): adolf fckin hitxler that was the game i flamed my premade lmao okey thats a reason to ban someone but still isnt this my own buisness if i talk to my premade ?
> [{quoted}](name=ADlN,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=l3lOeoOA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T10:51:15.729+0000) > > [23:55] ADlN (Caitlyn): stfu maybe? > [23:58] ADlN (Caitlyn): boosted > [24:00] ADlN (Caitlyn): fucking %%% > [24:07] ADlN (Caitlyn): go fuck ur dad > [24:16] ADlN (Caitlyn): fcking %%% > [24:27] ADlN (Caitlyn): stfu > [24:29] ADlN (Caitlyn): fight me irl > [25:22] ADlN (Caitlyn): gonna punch u back to hitler > [25:33] ADlN (Caitlyn): adolf fckin hitxler > that was the game i flamed my premade lmao okey thats a reason to ban someone but still isnt this my own buisness if i talk to my premade ? fucking %%% x2 referring to someone as "Adolf fckin hitxler" "go fuck your dad" I, nor Riot will give a flying fuck about you talking to your premade. /msg (INSERT PREMADES NAME) and then you can just /r after that... It's a simple command. Discord, skype, teamspeak, even calling the other person. It doesn't matter that you were intending it as a "JOKE" as you say, it matters that you said it in chat to begin with. YOU did this to yourself thinking you were immune because it was meant for one person. GGWP bud {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: How long Is Honor 0?
Time does not mean that you are just given a get out of jail free card. You have to play and A LOT. I was hit with a two day man and I've played 100 (give or take) games and I'm still dishonorable level 0
: Why am i not unbanned
: > If I'm gonna be real with you guys, I've never felt better in my life since I stopped playing this shit-hole excuse of a game. Good for you, why did you come back? To humble-brag about yourself? To shit talk a company for not preemptively banning people in your single game? The last game played on this account you went 0/5/0 and then afked, why be mad when you are no different then the people you complain about?
: Riot should monitor games in first month after season starts
If they admit to it then I think that's the only way, unless Riot tracks the IP when the accounts on at said times and compare them to when they're on at different games? Idk
: Did Tyler1 get disciplined ALREADY??
Tylerl left a game and got hit with an afk ban. Riot undid it I think? Idk. I only saw the stream highlight
: The Tribunal was the old Player Behavior/Punishment system before the IFS. Essentially, it was its own section of the League website where players could be given random reports filed against other players, review the chat logs (which, the Tribunal showed the chat logs of the entire match, rather than of the specific player in question), and vote on whether or not the reported player should be punished. Reported players were colored in green, their allies blue, and their opponents red. The Tribunal also was originally incentivized by rewarding players with Influence Points for contributing. However, the Tribunal had to be shut down because, with League's increase in popularity, the amount of players being reported, and the overall inefficiencies with human review, the Tribunal proved to be too slow and ineffective in dealing out appropriate punishment. That said, though, Riot took a lot of data from the Tribunal which they worked into the new Punishment system, the Instant Feedback System (IFS). One noteworthy bit of information that followed from the Tribunal into the IFS was that counterflamers were almost universally voted to punish, which is why the IFS reviews the reported player's chat in isolation - nobody cares who started it, they just care who participated in it. But, yeah, little trivia aside, that's basically what the Tribunal was.
Interesting, thanks! I haven't been around long enough for that... I think (October 2015)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hells bellsX,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xtNAsyEP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-16T10:36:43.620+0000) > > i dont think you're disqualified from season 8 rewards just because you started the season at honor 0 thatll be ridiculous. i believe they only take you honor level into account the last few months before the season ends to determine whether you get you ranked rewards or not. I meant that I lost S7 ranked rewards, and I'm losing honor rewards for the foreseeable future. This is pretty much an indefinite punishment, as I don't have the time to play 300 normals matches to get my honor back.
Dude if you got a punishment that you deserved, you can't complain about it. Buy a new account - totally great idea (against rules) Let someone else play on your account - also totally great idea (against rules) Suck it up - good idea (not against rules)
: I lost my honor 4 months ago. As of today, 100+ normals later, I sit at honor 0, 0/3.
_**END**_ OF SEASON REWARDS See that word? End? If you don't END the season with any punishment still lingering then you're fine. As far as getting reset, good luck with getting that reversed. Just play and play and play some more. If you can't deal with that, make a new account :/ If you stay clean and hit said elo (gold if unchanged) for end of season rewards, you will get them. As far as number of games needed to be played, there isn't a set amount, it's all about how you behave in game. To end, if you want to complain about your account and not having enough time before the season ends in 10 months (give or take) and you can't get your honor back by then. Just make a new account.
: They would need to format them differently, probably, but I still love the idea of porting these stickers as emotes on the game. Especially these two: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:garen-swing}}
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} and this :D
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: The Tribunal
Probably just me being stupid... But what's the Tribunal
stainlord (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0fwqUOYz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-12T13:55:18.540+0000) > > They do ban for trolling and inting. Those actually start at a 14 day ban also. The thing is, they want to make sure the people are trolling/inting and not just having a bad game. And practically what does that mean?
Bad game - Counter picked/ganked a bunch/ new to a champion Going 0/5 as xyz champion against xyz champion that is a counter doesn't mean they're inting Inting - Intentionally feeding consists of running into the enemy team with zero intent on fighting them and 100% intent on giving them free kills. For example a jungler who takes cleanse and ghost would be inting/trolling A jungler with smite ghost on hecarim doing not so great is not inting. Thats having a bad game.
: Could we get a list of bannable or offensive words
If you wouldn't be comfortable with your own kids saying that to someone. Don't say it.
: I feel I shouldn't be banned.
Mute them. Just because you for some reason felt they deserved it doesn't mean it's okay. "I may have muttered "kys %%%" <--- This. This right here is why you got banned It's as simple as muting him or just ignoring the chat box. If you felt that this was unfair then you clearly are on something. See ya in 14 days bud {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mikis (EUW)
: Just a question about toxicity
not unless you get punishment. theyll send you logs if you do get punishment
: How to get back honor?
Play more games. Getting honored only bumps you up to the next level. Earning it back you had to play A LOT.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Astro Legion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=X8P8P2jY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-11T13:06:46.570+0000) > > Play, play and play some more. To earn honor back you need to get honored A LOT in post game. > I got my unban december 24th and I&#x27;ve played roughly 50-60 games since then and I just recently got my level 0 honor (dishonorable) back. > Just play the game, there isn&#x27;t a certain time you have to wait or anything like that. I finished my chat restric and 3 games later i got my honor unlocked. That good sign lol?
Good start. Lots of games to go. Just mute all is what I normally do when I get into game to prevent myself from flaming
: Honor Lvl Zero? @Riot Tantrum
Play, play and play some more. To earn honor back you need to get honored A LOT in post game. I got my unban december 24th and I've played roughly 50-60 games since then and I just recently got my level 0 honor (dishonorable) back. Just play the game, there isn't a certain time you have to wait or anything like that.
l kill me l (EUNE)
: he flame me
"l kill me l: kys kys" That right there is why
: Got Perma banned for getting reported by my own Premades
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