: Patch 8.3 notes
I'm still waiting for a Warring Kingdoms Taliyah skin, throwing jade at people instead of boulders sounds like fun{{champion:163}}
: Patch 7.23 notes
I'm seeing this "whoa, slow down there rammus!" notification since this patch dropped. I don't understand why its telling me that and what it's telling me to slow down
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Perhaps a light dragon to extend the vision radius ally champions have. Or maybe a huge Poro drake that grants tenacity
: Make a Elemental Dragon that when is slain it gives you tower hp regen or tower shield when 3 or more enemies are around
Instead of tower regeneration, minion health regeneration... that could be both defensive and offensive... though it still seems a little underwhelming to me. Just bouncing off of your idea here lol.
: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
How to get an S -> High Kill participation, low deaths, appropriate farm
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
Here's my idea(and it may already be in the comments somewhere because I haven't read them): Players who already have Championship Riven could get a special Chroma while those who don't already have her can get her.

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