: Bro, not all {{champion:157}} players are toxic. Like look at Yassuo(Moe), He calls the player's mom cute in chat and only throws a few curse words in stream. As a {{champion:157}} main myself, me and others across the world want to be just like him ;) (Sarcastic btw)
see even you agree they are all toxic
Shurik (EUW)
: no....they suck i play this game long time and i was adicted to it(before riot make me mad and ruiend the game) and i know it only get worst and it will never be like good old days better find other game
If it sucks why would you be on their page? I understand that they do have issues now and then but if you make your word heard, they do care about the entire community so its good to keep in mind that if you dont like something to say so.
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