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: Looking For S2-G1 Solo Laners for Competitive Team!! :)
: Looking For S2-G1 Solo Laners for Competitive Team!! :)
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: <Six Beers Deep> NA, Gold/Plat Team LF Support & Jungler
-- OP.GG Link: -- Current rank/elo: G1 -- Age: too old to still be playing this game (but hey, I'm an addict) -- Times available: EST, every day except Monday nights (Tues and Thursday after 8/8:30) -- Role applying for: Support -- Top 5 champs in role: {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} -- Playstyle: Calculated play maker who excels at macro and play making in the mid to late game -- Past experience with teams: I've been playing on teams for years. Played in many competitive tournaments and leagues each year -- Favorite Beer: Keith's, if I'm feeling fancy I'll pull out the whiskey or port
Apè (OCE)
: LF Gold/Plat Support Main for tourneys
Gold 1 support main I'm ok to sub or main if you deem me worthy.
: The newly-updated client keeps deleting my Rune pages.
I feel this so hard right now... and the worst part is that when it does happen you don't notice til you're in champ select. I have 11 preset rune pages typically, so having redo all of them over and over again is getting really tedious and frankly, I'm more than a little frustrated
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: Looking to create a team
can support or top or mid am interested
: Frostflare eSports is looking for a new support!
: Players with Plat borders in my Silver games, int every time.
: oh yeah lol I thought it was just his heal... NVM then, thx
: I'm glad they didn't touch Rakan's shield
: I main JG, currently ranked silver, looking for a team
add me or S4z. We're currently looking for a jg
: Need a support, bronze-silver
S3 Support looking for team hmu
: Silver 1 ADC main LF support
{{champion:44}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:201}} S3
Rain NT (NA)
: LionCoeur Gaming looking for SILVER SUPPORT or TOP laner
IGN: Fuzzy Dice79 Age: 23 Role: Support Rank: S3 Champion Pool: {{champion:44}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:25}} Are you a toxic player?: Nope How do you react to a bad situation?: In League, on my last team during a bad call I would fight the urge to stay quiet and try to be talking and positive so that we could shrug off the bad call and try to make sure we go into the next situation level headed and ready to win Strength and Weaknesses?: Strengths- Being positive, vision control, map awareness. Weaknesses- too much aggression in lane especially when I play the squishies, overconfidence Rate from 1-10 your communication skills:8 What are you looking for through working with us?: Play, meet new people and have fun while improving as a team Do you have any tournament experiences?: Yes Work/School: Yup Time Availabilities: Evenings Timezone: EST
cantap (NA)
: looking for support gold+ last season
Add me. was Gold 5 last season... been having a rough time this season
: {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} Your forgot even more. In fact, Sona's ultimate has bee almost verbatim the same in her kit from her launch, as has Janna's tornado.
it's true, though I don't really consider lux/ivern supports since they are much better in different roles.. I tried to stay away from the others here cuz these are the common champs ppl complain about having the point and click abilities, and tbh their strongest features are point and click. And then there's sona lol, but yeah you right.
Áery (NA)
: Blitz, Thresh, Leona, Braum, Bard, Zyra, Morgana, Karma, Tahm Kench?
{{champion:63}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:26}} You forgot some
Saewin (NA)
: Any tips for climbing low elo as support?
My first season was Season 5. Last season I climbed from Bronze 5 to Gold 5 and this season Silver 5 to Gold 5 playing support. Let me tell you a little bit more about how: 1. Tilt My first season I sucked. And though I started out in Silver 5, I quickly lost game after game until Bronze 3. I was so stressed about winning that I was basically perma-tilted. I would try to keep playing through losing streaks making them worse because I wasn't at my best. After the soft rest placed me in Bronze 5 the next season I played every game relatively stress free because there was nowhere to go but up. * **So my first bit of advice is to not play tilted** instead, make sure that you play your best every game without carrying the previous game failures into your next games unless they're lessons learnt. 2. Feeding I'm not saying you're a feeder. Looking at your history you have quite a few games with barely any deaths. A big point of support is being able to help your ADC or any other player on your team from themselves. You have to do what you can to make their mistakes not matter meaning that they won't get poked down too much, that you will peel, and that you can lantern them out of a bad situation **to the best of your of your ability** . Sometimes you can't save everyone and that's ok. 3. Vision Vision is maybe one of the most important aspects of this game ESPECIALLY as support. This means that you should be buying AT LEAST 3 control wards per game, having extras in your inventory for objectives such as herald, baron or drags since sweeper has a cd. This also means that you should be putting out 3 new wards after every back. You should be placing around 30 wards per game, atm you place 12-20 from what I've seen. This also means denying your enemy vision when possible as well. Also, deep ward when possible. It will help with ganks for you and your teammates. 4. Map Awareness This comes back to number 3 as well. As support, you should always be seeing the mini-map!! Not only for watching out for ganks on bot lane but also for top, jg, and jg timers. Many times, teammates might be too focused on a trade or maybe they're having trouble farming.. whatever the case they won't always be aware of what's happening on the map to look for ganks or where the enemy jg is or a roaming mid laner. 5. Roaming It's not always possible in a tough lane, but when you can, you should try to be roaming for a gank mid or top to help those lanes out. Low elo players rarely expect that so a ss or boot rush is invaluable to this! 6. Trades in lane Poking the enemy adc and zoning them from farm is one of the best things you can do for your adc in lane as long as you don't get poked down too hard or die doing so. It makes the enemy adc less focused on your adc and their farm and more on you which lets your adc get more farm and maybe some kills. Your KP% is fairly consistently at 50% or above so I'm not worried about you too much, and you don't have 10+ deaths per game so I think that you will be fine! There may be more to add to this list, but tbh this is all the things that have helped me climb and grow as a player so I hope it helps :) P.S. - when I was falling down the ladder in my first season, I gave up ranked cuz of the stress (I too was getting those same win/loss LP ratios). It felt hopeless so I spammed normals. I have to say, it helped immensely because I got to understand the flow of the game better so I knew where best to ward, objective control and when it's important, and helped me choose more of a focused champ pool instead of trying to play everything at support lol. But if I could do it, then you can too :)
metameg (NA)
: Looking for Dedicated Support/Mid
uh for duo or teams/flex? or just like urf stuff
Lexually (NA)
: ♥ Lf Bae tbh ♥
Added. Always down to play with peoples!
: Rakan, Xayah, Kayn, or save for Ornn?
As someone who is a support main and loves tanks... I would say go for Ornn and Rakan. Rakan is SUPER fun to play and a decent support with or without his pair. Ornn looks fun too, and I know I'm saving up for him myself. Xayah is also good and Kayn can be in the right hands but unless you like those roles I wouldn't really go for them
: About the placement matches...
Yeah like the other post here, new accounts usually start off with silver MMR. He was likely also a victim of the soft reset since he's played before so it depends where he ended before this season began. Don't feel too bad... I had an account where I won the first 9 games in placements, ended S3 last season but only end up with S5. This account ended G5 last season, went 6/10 and ended up placed in S5. It can be a wacky system just work together and climb, you guys should be alright :)
hoganftw (NA)
: Remove support champions
: Don't think it'd ever happen, unless it could somehow relate to Worlds. Lmao.
You never know... They are called Riot Games and only have 2 games to their name atm lol. I do actually think a single player game based on the lore of champions in the game would be very good for it. It would be a more interactive and intimate way of seeing the world that encompasses the League of Legends
: Is this game truly banworthy?
It's not overly negative, but technically all of what you said would have been geared towards negative attitude in the "giving up" category. And though it's a stretch... dropping an f bomb, though not seemingly geared towards anyone is reportable as offensive language. You wouldn't be banned off just this one game though, there must have been others or maybe you didn't put the full chat log. Whatever the case, this in and of itself wouldn't be the only thing that would cause you to be banned. Also, don't get trapped into fighting with a 4 man premade... it never ends well... it's usually best to just mute them and say nothing and hope the game ends switfly
: You didn't forget about this, did you? You weren't lying, were you? D:<
I bet he's lost somewhere in his cesspool of madness :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Fuzzy Dice79,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=684rQ1wZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-03T13:41:22.311+0000) > > My friend is too, and he&#x27;s support... ign: vigoroujazzhands tell him to feel free to add my friend mine is currently offline cause it took so long to find a duo
> [{quoted}](name=SecondAirbane,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=684rQ1wZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-03T13:48:56.157+0000) > > tell him to feel free to add my friend mine is currently offline cause it took so long to find a duo Will do. I think he's offline too atm. Your friend's ign has no special characters?
: my friend looking for duo partner
My friend is too, and he's support... ign: vigoroujazzhands
: Desiring a person to duo with or a ranked group to join
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Is climbing on FlexQ playing solo harder than solo in SoloQ?
yea I'd say so... As someone who's played flex exclusively solo I can tell you the following: 1. Playing solo means that you can be 2 solos and a trio or 5 solos vs a full 5- this gives you a distinct disadvantage 2. Most players view flex as just another normal draft mode and either troll pick or play someone they've never played before and then when they do poorly they say " meh, it's flex" 3. Flex q has it's own MMR which means that you might not be matched with people actually at your level. This means you could potentially have a bronze 5 top with a diamond support but lose to a team of golds and plats or something similar You can probably keep trying though and you can potentially run across a good group that will want to include you in their games in the future, or keep trucking it on your own and hope for the best but solo in flex is ultimately infinitely more tilting/frustrating than normal solo q.
La Bello (NA)
: IF these proposed IP refund suggestions were to become a reality it needs price adjustments imo
i can understand why they don't want to give more than 40% return on the IP bought previously... but they have to either increase the amount they're giving back or decrease the reward prices
: \*cough\* {{champion:432}} \*cough\* Totem that heals sounds familiar.
Trueee, but I what I meant was one that's meant to do damage :P
: Udyr is probably the closest we have to a shaman actually. He not only communes with nature spirits in his lore, but also has some vastayan blood/ancestry (therefore giving him his animal-based powers). Would love to see Riot take him in a more shamanistic direction if he ever gets a full scale update, though they usually stay away from literal interpretations of a trope, so that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be getting totems or anything.
I was thinking like a mage could be added to cover druidic or shamanistic angles that udyr doesn't really cover
: Not every support kill is a ks
Not being in that game, it's kinda hard to say whether or not it was actually ks-ing or just ensuring that the enemies were killed. The difference? Purposefully ensuring that you get the kill by last hitting (pretty much waiting to last hit though not accidental last hit or huge team fight hits) vs making sure the enemy doesn't get away so that the trade is either equal or more in your team's favor. That said, if you're dealing more damage than your team's carries as support then they aren't doing their jobs anyways and they should be thankful for the carry. A game has to shift towards who's getting fed and who's dealing the most damage. If your adc or mid or even jg are dealing the most damage then that's when you should be peeling, but if you're the only one doing the damage, they should be peeling for you. If you don't think you can carry as hard as someone else on the team, that's when I would say you should be peeling instead of focusing on damage. Me, I prefer peeling to damage dealing and so opt for that in most of my games because that's what I enjoy. But as support you usually can't win... if you peeled they probably would have raged about you dealing no damage, and if you deal damage, they rage that you don't peel. #supportlyfe
: Yes I am lol. (Talon) I'm gonna assume your boots are in regards to Yasuo's Q knockup?
Healing boots no, I just thought it would be another boot type that could be directed and associated with supports. Changes to the aforementioned iron boots- yes. I kind of assumed that's the knockups he would be directing them to but was not sure. Defense stats that were suggested are too much- these boots would be way too powerful that way, but I thought that crit damage reducer would help the item be less directed towards strictly knockups though that change would be a direct nerf to yasuo lol
: Yes. I finally have seen the day. Riot is releasing Frosty the Snowman as a champion.
I was thinking Mr. Freeze :P Frosty dying would be so sad :(
: That sounds like a really good idea actually. I had an idea to fuse the boots of mobility and boots of swiftness to make 1 mobile boots. Assassin treads: +60 movement speed (additional +20 extra if target has back turned while you're chasing target)
Stormraider boots :P And yeah seeing this post made me think of boots of healing.. increasing heals by 10% lol. Can you tell I'm a support main? You an assassin main?
SnowFall (NA)
: Iron Boots
Instead of the defense boosts I would probably put something like -5% crit dmg I like it though :) Makes me think of boots of healing... increasing heals by 10% lol
iPhone 3 (NA)
: S1 looking for a support
I can't play til this afternoon but add me if you wanna play :)
: Need an ardent support duo on a smurf.
Low gold scrub, but I can play those if you want. add me if you're willing to take a chance <3
: made new acct to play with co-workers lol all bailed now just grinding it out join up
You can add both this account and the account I'm leveling (Purple Swag420) since I don't go on it too often messaging either one should do the trick. I can play wtv
: LF chill people to play normals with and discord!
Age: too old rank: g5 ign: fuzzy dice79
: > [{quoted}](name=Fuzzy Dice79,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=AUJOXF5j,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-07T15:29:21.434+0000) > > It&#x27;s not only lag like others have mentioned, but also a matter of communication. This is a team game but if you put an English only speaking individual on a team of players from China, the likelihood of things working out well will be slim to none. We can see this on many LCS teams with imports of different language speaking origins. > > It&#x27;s nice thought though, if only it would be more viable :/ maybe it will be more possible sometime in the future, but how things are right now it just wouldn&#x27;t work out unfortunately. Well, note that some servers (EUNE especially) have this issue already. So it makes it WORSE, definitely, but it's not the total dealbreaker than one might expect.
You're right, I just felt like it should also be mentioned as a point of concern
It's not only lag like others have mentioned, but also a matter of communication. This is a team game but if you put an English only speaking individual on a team of players from China, the likelihood of things working out well will be slim to none. We can see this on many LCS teams with imports of different language speaking origins. It's nice thought though, if only it would be more viable :/ maybe it will be more possible sometime in the future, but how things are right now it just wouldn't work out unfortunately.
: I need some bad junglers to try, suggest a few
{{champion:201}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:126}}
: If you're a support and you don't build support items
Even though I don't necessarily agree... I can see where you're coming from. Especially with how good most support items have gotten building something like FH isn't the best or most viable thing to get early except in cases where the other team is starting to get fed auto attack heavy carries like yi, Tryn, Jax, etc
BlackDru (NA)
: So I hear you like Pool Parties
Isn't there already a surfer singed skin? These are cool ideas though! I really like the Braum one :3
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