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: Can you only complete the first 3 Order/Chaos missions?
Right now it's 12:11 PT and I still haven't gotten new missions... EDIT: Got my new missions, lol, but it's about 12:16 PT. Idk if the issue was with rito, my account, or my comp, but it's here for me now
: In total I have *definitely* spent **way** more than that.
Guess what? I know somebody who has spent ~~$300+~~ $1000+ dollars just on LoL alone. And that was, what, 3 months ago? Good luck topping that...and I don't plan to.
VenIM (NA)
: I very rarely find ADC being the most desired role. IMO its almost always Top and Mid.
Actually, i get support and top free, but the roles I think are in most demand are ADC and mid-laner. I find myself playing team builder a lot recently to just get ADC or mid because I can never get those in blind pick{{item:3151}}
: {{champion:33}} Ok.
Dude, you're only repeating what Xia500 said at the very top of this list......{{item:3151}}
: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
{{champion:25}} its Morgana's Victorious skin
: Me 5. I guess its time to move onto vel'koz or something . .
Vel'koz is great and all, and so is Xerath, but if you don't play them correctly......ggwp for you. {{item:2044}} {{item:2043}}
: Commemorate the 2014 All-Stars
1 ip...nobody could afford that...

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