AsMatt (NA)
: Diamond team looking for coach!
Username- The Gist Rank- G2 Coached before?- Yes, from season 5 to season 7. Individual and teams and some analyst work. Availability- Nights ater 5pm est and all day on weekends. What makes you think you can coach?- Coaching is about guidance and giving the tools to the person who will be performing, same as a teacher. It's about relaying the information in a way a player can comprehend or in this case a collective team. I'm not going to give you a bunch of teams of colleges or obscure teams I've coached I feel that is pretty pointless and It's not like that means much as my performance as a coach seeing as how many people can lay claim to the same things whether it is true or not. Good knowledge of the game?- I certainly think so lol I don't imagine people saying no to this and fill it out. Be an adult, talk to players like an adult?- I am an adult yes (27), also just general respect even when I played baseball growing up the coaches treat people like adults its just respect.
Vöïd (NA)
: Top, Mid and substitute players needed!
IGN: The Gist Age:26 Season 8 Rank: P 2 Current Rank: G 2 Role: Mid Top 3 Champs: Viktor, Syndra, Ahri Time Zone: EST Availability: Nights and all day weekends Discord: Ratcliff#0111
: Vesticus Gold Looking More Members
IGN/ Link: Rank: Gold 4 Role: Any role ( I have not stuck to any onw role this season) Top 5 Champs: Irelia, Ezreal, Viktor, Lee Sin, Graves Availability:Nights after 5pm EST and all day weekends.
: Dark Star Gaming plat team looking for players
Ign Mexican Sun/I Get It Rank Plat 3 and Plat 5 Champion pool Lee Sin, Gragas, Jarvan IV, Maokai, Graves, Nidalee (always willing to put time into learning more) Discord Micheal#0111 Team experience A few years of coaching and Been around a few teams playing just never survived long. I used to be Diamond before I was permabanned and never climbed back(I stopped being a 1 trick) Can you shot call I can shot call in teamfights and early map movements, still believe there is more than 1 person calling shots or how it is done
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: bascially soloq is matter of luck aka who get the better teammate in low elo xD we can't argue with that. ps no matter if u are a great player or high elo there will be a time in soloq where we get bad teammate and the game was over or they pick champ that aint suit for the comp although this will be neglected in high elo but sometimes it will happen.
You basically live in a life that "oh well looks like I had bad teammates and a troll afk, can't learn from this game just a loss" That's exactly how you do not approach games at all regardless of your teammates. You can only control yourself and you should focus on every game regardless of whats going on and getting better. Or you know play over 100 games and not get past gold. So if you intent is on climbing then please shift focus to getting better and improving. Coaching offers another set of eyes on your game play, going over the small out of game things, and can point out many habits. I've been a coach for 4 years and if your focus is on winning only then you will not get better. Focus should be on learning and getting better. If you are stuck in bronze and started playing at a challenger level you aren't gonna be close to bronze ever again regardless of your teammates. So cut it out with that my teammates suck excuse it literally gets you nowhere.
: imo just watch ur replay and pinpoint what u should do better in that moment or practice to learn about cooldown reduction trade / manage wave and more on champion knowledge if u going to play soloq. In Soloq it all about ur team mate wheather they are good or bad they decide ur match sometimes. If u playing mid u might have a chance to carry that game if u can spread the influence. etc edit: pm me if u like what i say bout tip to become better player
Or go to and pick out a coach you think suites your needs. Also there are so many things that people can't even see in their own replay. On top of that the whole my team was bad and therefore I couldn't win is bullshit and terrible advice.
Razor X (NA)
: Looking for a coach so I can become a better player!
Go to
: Team Shuriken Recruiting (details inside, pls read before applying)
Summoner's Name: Still Running, Blank Earth Rank: P3-P5 Time Zone: CST Age: 25 Role/Position: Would prefer Support/Jungle. Play all roles other than top equally though. Availability: After 11am everyday. Additional Comments (if any):
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: Wicked eSports [NA] is now recruiting for a Top Laner and a Jungler! (gold-plat)
Summoner Name Still Running, Blank Earth Rank (solo/duo) Plat 4 and Gold 2 Team Ranked Experience Several teams since season 3, mostly nothing serious but always wanted to play on a team. Role Top/Jungle Champion Pool Irelia, Renekton, Shen, Maokai, Jarvan IV Gragas, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Jarvan IV, Do you have a working mic/headset? Yes Do you have/can you get discord? Yes What is your greatest strength as a player? Laning and early game pathing What is your greatest weakness as a player? Struggle with mechanics Name and Age Micheal 25
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ImSonics (NA)
: Team Boundless Dreams Is Looking For A Jungler Gold1+
IGN: Blank Earth Current Rank: Unranked, I'm just getting back into playing Top 3 Champions: Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, Gragas Strengths: Pathing, Pressure, Knowledge Weaknesses: Need time warming back up to league Why Should we choose you?: Great guy who comes to play hard and enjoys the game with friends, also I know some of the players Why do you want to be apart of a serious team?: Enjoy competition and playing with a team, I've been a team player all my life
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: bronze 1 jungler looking to grind bronze 2 + players!
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ImSonics (NA)
: Looking For Gold-Plat Players For Team Bitter Rabbits
are memes allowed, just inquiring Still Running
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DarianEX (NA)
: Lookin for top main
higher than gold? or only gold
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: Rank 5s Team - Gold+ only
IGN: Blank Earth Ranked: Plat 5 Role: ADC Discord: Yes Can you play more than 3 Champion: Yes Do you talk: Yes Can you play at least 3-5 game per day: Yes Can you be on 4pm PST: Yes Are you a patient person: Yes Are you committed/dedicated: Yes
Kenachii (NA)
: ViperGaming Recruitment Silver+
Rank: Plat 5 Role: Jungle Champs: Lee Sin, Nidalee, Jarvan, Xin, Shyv, and any tank jungle actually. Timezone: EST Availability: During all practice hours
Exotíc (NA)
: Looking for Mid Gold to Mid Plat Jungle and Top for Serious Team.
InGameName: Blank Earth Rank: Plat 5 Age: 24 Role: Top Champion Pool(In Role): Irelia, Shen, Sion, Renekton, Maokai pretty much all tanks not Gnar Time Zone: EST moving to CST in a month Why do we want you on the team?: I want to grow and learn the game as its meant to be played (team) and also help others grow together. Why do we not want you on the team?: I have a potty mouth What are you looking to get out of this team besides experience in a team environment?: Individual practice and people to help push me harder as I try to get better. Are you willing to do tournaments?: Yes Can you shot call?(We have one just need to know): Yes objectives and wave control and farm allocation
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: AG No Forfeit looking to recruit a top laner a adc and a support minumum rank goldV- low plat
IGN: Blank Earth Champ Pool: Irelia, Shen, Renekton, Maokai, and almost all tank tops Discord: Yes Availability: anytime after 6pm EST
: Looking for players for an academy team (Silver-Plat)
IGN Blank Earth, Still Runing Rank Plat 5 Gold 2 Top Irelia Shen Renekton all tank tops Irelia is really the only carry top im comfortable on
: Looking for a TOP laner for ranked team (silver - Gold )
Summoner name : Blank Earth Age : 24 5 champions in your role that you feel strongest with : Irelia, Renekton, Sion, Maokai, Malphite Strength(s) : Strong split pusher and great initiator, i also bring a ton of knowledge in builds Weakness(es) : Take losses hard on myself and i get down when i lose lane even if its not lost alraedy Are you going to be available a decent amount of time in afternoons / evenings : Afternoon at 5pm est until like 2am and all day on weekends Are you okay with practicing in ranked in your free time : Yes Are you okay with being on Teamspeak : Yes Ask me a question : Will we be dong like a game review after each game just something small to kind of air out each others thought good or bad
The Gist (NA)
: Main Role: ADC Age: 24 Time Zone: EST Times On: 7 days a week after 5pm weekdays and all day weekends Rank: G2 Can You Play Passive: Yes lol
> [{quoted}](name=Blank Earth,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=NHmBWNrH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-04T22:46:18.831+0000) > > Main Role: Top > Age: 24 > Time Zone: EST > Times On: 7 days a week after 5pm weekdays and all day weekends > Rank: G2 > Can You Play Passive: Yes lol
: Dream Cloud Looking For All Roles But ADC For Team Bronze-Gold
Main Role: ADC Age: 24 Time Zone: EST Times On: 7 days a week after 5pm weekdays and all day weekends Rank: G2 Can You Play Passive: Yes lol
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: Gold+ Serious team LF Mid and Sup!
IGN Bend the Bracket RANK G5 ROLE Mid POOL Viktor, Ahri, Azir, Talon, Irelia, Why do you want to join this team? To learn and grow and game with some great people
: The Rifts Finest is in need of an ADC Main! Silver-Gold players only.
IGN: Bend the Bracket How long have you been playing the game: Season 3 and Season 5, i only played one month of season 4 Solo Que Rank: g2 Top 5 champs: Lucian, Ezreal, Sivir, Caitlyn, Corki Strengths: CS and Aggresion Weaknesses: Coming from behind Some info about your self, does not need to be that long: Just want to learn and grow on a team and also in the army
: Team Elite Exile
IGN: Bend the Bracket Age: 23 Position(s): Top Availability: Weeknights after 6pm and all day weekends Time Zone: EST Why should we pick you instead of any other candidate? Strong laning and willingness to learn and get better as a team Do you have any previous experience with rank 5's team? If so What? Just a few teams but nothing over a few months What is your greatest weakness? coming from behind
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: Making A ranked team. Silver 3+ Looking for all positions besides MID.
Ign: Bend the Bracket Rank: G2 Position: Support Champ pool: Thresh, Janna, Morgana, Nami, Braum, Alistar, few other pocket picks
: Doing Mid/Top Tryouts now Gold+
IGN: Bend the Bracket Role: Top Rank: Gold 2 Top 3 Champs: Renekton, Irelia, Vladimir Time Zone: EST
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Blaxm1 (NA)
: Looking for Top, Support, and Jungle for semi-serious/serious Ranked 5v5 Team
Age: 23 Role: Top Top 3 champions: Renekton, Irelia, Vladimir Rank: G2 Microphone: (Y\N) Y
: Creating Serious Ranked 5's Team
IGN: Bend the Bracket Rank: G2 Role: Top Champion Pool ( relevant to role): Renekton, Irelia, Vladimir, Sion, Fiora, Maokai Age: 23 Timezone: ESt Available type of Communication (Curse Voice, Teamspeak, Skype, etc.): All of them Time/Days available: Anytime after 7pm Why do you want to be on a ranked team: Tp grow and improve as a player and team Strengths in your role: Farming, Splitting, Teamfighting Weaknesses in your role: Coming form behind, Learning new champs
Nektonic (NA)
: Kings of Eden Try Outs for Top, Jungle, and Adc start now! Sign up to get on the try out list.
Real Name : Micheal Ratcliff IGN : Bend the Bracket Age : 23 Time Zone : EST Highest Rank Achieved : G2 Primary roll you're trying out for: Top Other Rolls you'd care to try out for (Type N/A if it doesn't apply to you) : Jungle Have you ever been on a 5's team? : Yes never lasted longer than 2 months though. Goals for the team : Improve as a player and team and help each other out to get better overall Strong points (List as many that apply) : Farming, Champion Pool, Great Teamfighter, Good at Splitting Weak points (List as many that apply) : Coming from behind in lane, It takes me a while to learn a new champ Comfort shotcalling (1-10 Ten being very strong and one being incredibly weak at shotcalling) : 5 Reasons for trying out : Would like to join and team and grow as a team and individual
: Silver/Gold Competitive Ranked Team for s6
Summoner Name: Bend the Bracket Best/Preferred Roles: Top Age: 23 Availability: Weeknights after 7 Current Rank: G2 3 Champions You Are Best With: Renekton, Irelia, Sion Preferred Communication application: Skype but have all of them
FsN TK1 (NA)
: Incursion Gaming Looking Too Make A serious 5's Team G5+
IGN: Bend the Brakcet Rank: G2 Best 2 Roles: Top, Jun Time Zone: EST Strengths: Strong teamfighter Weaknesses: Coming back in lane Things you want to improve on: Everything starting with basics i work on those everyday Teamspeak?: Yes Champion pool (both roles): Top: Renekton, Irelia, Sion, Shen, Shyvana, Vladimir Jun: Lee Sin, J4, Vi, Nidalee, Shyvana Team Experience?: been on several ranked 5s teams Why should we pick you?: Effort time and willingness to learn and grow with the team Shotcaller?: Yes but very hard if i am top
Grini (NA)
: Making Ranked 5's team High Silver/Low Gold or higher may Apply
IGN: Bend the Bracket RANK: G2 MAIN CHAMPS: Irelia, Renekton, Vladimir MAIN LANE: Top GOAL: Constantly learn and improve AGE: 23 Do you have CV, TS, or Skype? all the above
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