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: Style Esports LF Players, Coaches, Analysts, and Shoutcasters.
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Zupmine (NA)
: LF Silver Top Laners; Serious Competitive Team (Night Schedule)
Current Rank: S4 Highest Rank (Solo/Flex):S4 Champions you play listed from best to worst (Include all your champs, not just the ones from the list): Morde, Swain, garen, tryndamere, I can just about play any champ just give me some time on them tbh Playstyle: aggressive laner/ team player
: I am looking for partners to play and level up.
Jayyster (NA)
: PCS is a new Gold and Under League!
I'm solo but it wont let me join the discord
: Looking for bronze players
: Looking for bronze players
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: Bronze 2 Flex/Bronze 3 Solo - Looking for ADC
if you want someone else add me my name is TheGreatTr33
I989 (NA)
: LF ADC main
im a main adc what elo?
: Must be 18yrs of age Real Bronze team
In Game Name –TheGreatTr33 Age –18 Willing to use Skype/curse/discord voice chat (y/n) –discord Role Preferences (Order Them) –ADC,Top,Supp,MId,Jungle Willing to swap between playing your top 2-3 roles (y/n) –y Favorite Champions Per Role – [Mid] TF, Xerath,,Orianna, Annie, MOrgana [Top] Kennen, Rumble,Mundo, Maokai [Jungle] Kha, Ren, Diana, Shyvana [ADC] Sivir,Lucian,MF,Caitlyn,Ashe,Varus,Jihn, Tristana [Support]Thresh, Blitz, Soraka, Taric, Braum Anything you’d like to add~~?
TDL Jump (NA)
: Not really a team recruitment, Just want people to play with
Hendojr (NA)
: any B5 players wanna get out and be coached?
: Creating a Rank 5s team
IGN: TheGreatTr33 Role: ADC Rank: B3 Age: 17 Main Champs:{{champion:15}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:104}}
Age:17 IGN: TheGreatTr33 Availability: anytime. if not I will tell you ahead of time Past experience with 5's teams: we would play get our butts kick then every leaves the team Reason(s) for wanting to join this team: still looking to be loyal to a team Approach to the game: believing we can win no matter what Your strengths/weaknesses within a game: strong warding, strong pinging, strong awareness. weak in early laning phase Your strengths/weaknesses within a team: good at communicating. kinda zone out sometimes Quote
IGN- TheGreatTr33 Age-17 Position applying for-FILL but I am weak in the jungle Top 5 champions in that role-{{champion:2}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:1}} Rank- B3 Can you shot call?- yes on objectives What your strengths are- Good at warding. Good at pinging. can not be tilted What your weaknesses are- either over aggressive or too passive. but I am working on it Anything i should know about you?- I am good with people. can give and take advice.
: LFT B4 i am looking to improve
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: Let's Be Bronze! (Team)
I Eos I (NA)
: Looking to take 4 Bronze players under my wing
YFJason (NA)
: Making a serious ranked5 team
Summoner Name: TheGreatTr33 Age:17 Current Rank:B4 Role: JG Main Champion Pool:{{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:102}} Mic/Skype: yes, curse preferred Time/Days available: Every other day 6:00pm-11:00pm ESt
: Looking for good tempered players available wed. nights for ranked team bronze and silver
Game Name: TheGreatTr33 Current tier/Division: B4 Season 4 Rank: B2 Main role: ADC Other roles you are about to play: JG/Mid/SUP/Top Preferred Champions: {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:2}} Number of Hours played per day: 2-5 Number of days: 3-4 Weaknesses: not very aggressive in lane, cant face counters well Skype: yes, but I use curse all the time.
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