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: So sorry on the delay for every reason I never got the notification. If it's still available then I'm down.
Sorry, ended up hearing back from the jungler, so only the support position is left open.
: Silver V support/mid looking for a team
Hey, we're still short a support, if you want to join.
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: LFG for Clash tomorrow, Gold 5-4 Support and adc player c:
Our support hasn't replied yet so we have no choice but to count him out, so we're short one if you want to join.
: Gold Jung main looking for clash team
The jungler I asked hasn't replied so we're short one, care to join? We have a GV mid, SIII ADC, and BIII top, so we're somewhat varied in skill. Also haven't heard from the support so we're looking for one of those as well.
: Scientifically obtained through research which inculded thousands of players. Is that how much quality you think needs to fo into a forum response where anyone educated abiut league knows this to be true just through common sense? I've smurfed over 10 accounts from bronze to diamond, what I say is obviously first hand exoerience, same that you ggave. You aren't playing in any more of a way than me to be able to quantify something that is qualitative in nature. When I pkay though, there are certain factors I look at, like samage per death, amount of useless roams, amount of mispositioning, etc. I look at solid numbers, like gpm and epmm the 2 most important factors to climbing in league, and theres a very minimal difference between high bronze up to mid gold. Just using epm and gpm I could easily say I have quantitatively evaluated all the ranks.... bur what's the point of me going in more detail than the little visual chart I did when I know going any further will just simply be over most people's heads since the people making the boohoo posts typically don't know enough about the game to understand how ranks work, or they wouldn't make rhe boohoo posts because they'd realize how dumb they were coming across as. It is like if b5 has a 300 to 350 gpm in their games, but will have 200 to 250 gpm vs gold. That 100 gpm looks like a huge difference to these people, while a p5 would have like 400 to 500 gpm vs gold and 600+ vs bronze, diamond would have like 600 gpm vs bronze but eaaily hit 1k vs bronze. The 100 gpm difference between bronze and gold seems big, to people that don't understand the gpm stat at all, but in thr big picture the gpms are actually so similar it is an insignificant difference in the big picture.
I'm just asking where exactly the data from the graph came from, meaning the source and data used. All you provided was a screenshot of a graph with absolutely no information about where it came from. If you want to bring up common sense, I'm going to prove that calling low elo is inaccurate through definitions of terms and the distribution statistics alone. Elo isn't the exact system used anymore, but is still used to refer to the current ranking system and is thus interchangeable with rank. The average player (50th percentile, AKA median which is an average) is in silver (taken from the site linked), thus everyone higher rank than silver, including gold, is of above average rank. The definition of low is below average. Therefor, using entirely definitions, sourced statistics, and deductive reasoning, it is necessarily false that gold is low elo. I'm not even saying anything about skill, because it's honestly irrelevant to the truth value of claiming gold is low elo. I already acknowledged the skill difference and made it clear that it wasn't what I was questioning in my original post.
: Yea, but Skill spectrum: There is a difference, but in the big picture... it is VERY VERY small of a difference.
How was that quantified? For all I know it was arbitrarily determined.
: If your main could have any skin line which would it be?
I think Cosmic Cassiopeia could be really cool, or maybe Bewitching.
: {{champion:141}}, I know its not an existing one but I want reverse Kayn. Where Rhaast has taken over Kayns body and Kayn is trying to escape or smting. Rhaast begins the game as 'kayn' (officially and has the regular Kayn abilities) but when he transforms he fully gathers his power and becomes (With Rhaast abilities) Rhaast. Shadow assassin form would be Kayn freeing himself. This was confusing to type.
Nah, we need Candy Kayn for the next winter skins.
: The ban system, the thin-skinned and the ban-happy.
*Whines about people playing poorly* "You need to get thicker skin."
Wilyum (NA)
: I apologize for misunderstanding your statement initially, the way you are using it yes both of those are different averages, but in context being above average means nothing when used that way. If 501 people score 50% you score 51% but the mean is 70% than yes you scored above "average" however this is a useless means of measuring and relating because average does not mean anything other than the measure of center. Generally, the average player, ( here used as an adjective average indicates mean) is gold. In context using it as an adjective you are using it as mean, definitionally. That was what I was trying to make my point about, the average player is not necessarily a good way to define someone considering there are so many outliers in this equation, being the challengers.
No worries. I'm just trying to say that the notion that gold is low is inaccurate. The definition of low is below average, so if gold is not below average than it does not fit the definition of low. As for whether that's a good indicator of skill is another matter entirely.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Graver,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4siRzRJA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-17T14:38:16.976+0000) > > But by what standard? What makes it low? Gold is on the lower half of the 7 tiers. Just because the average player is silver doesn't mean gold is good. so objectively speaking gold is low, but subjective to playerbase its closer to average. It doesn't change the fact that its actually low though.
But considering we have no way of quantifying skill, how can we know that skill increases at a linear rate to rank? Also, the definition of low is below average, so to say that above average is low is literally a contradiction of terms.
: Let me put it like this: if the rank 1 Challenger has 10 skill, a gold player would sit at somewhere between a 1 and a 2. Gold players barely have a basic understanding of the game, calling them even average let alone above average just feels wrong.
But how can we objectively quantify that skill? What can we possibly use to measure that, other than relative skill, which only gives us percentile?
: Gold is low elo because it takes no real skill to get. Doesn't even require doing any of the basics... everyone makes so many mistakes you can win by all the free set ups the enemy gives. If I am on a high bronze account or low gold account it feels identical, skill wise.
You might say that, but considering people in low gold easily win against high bronze and high bronze have trouble climbing to low gold, there's obviously a skill difference.
Wilyum (NA)
: Median and averages are two completely different things friend. Being above the median is not the same as being above average. Averages are value based so they are effected by outliers, because Masters and challengers are so good they are the outliers. The outlier raises the overall average by a lot, think if you take 5 tests and score one 0% that will greatly affect your grade. So, because there are players who are so good the average gets moved up. Saying the median test score was a 60% and you got a 62% and someone else got a 95-100%, this makes you still bad.
Median and mean are two different averages. That's pretty much the first thing you learn in statistics. And as someone who has been in that situation of getting the only 100% on an exam with a median of 59%, I acknowledge that someone with a 70% is above average and thus not low ranking in the class.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Why do people keep saying this? Statistically speaking the player of median skill is in silver, so anyone in gold would at least be above average. abnove average is still "low elo" > Is it just for the sake of insulting people? yes. basically
But by what standard? What makes it low?
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: Plat for 3 seasons - Can't get out of silver this season
I climbed to gold one-tricking Kennen, someone not conventionally considered a hyper carry. In season 6 I played in low bronze for a time and went on a massive winning spree by spamming Taric support. You don't need to play a hyper carry champion to climb in low ranks.
: Why in the fuck isn't Akali getting nerfed?
I have yet to see an Akali get fed, and every time I've laned against her I've trounced her. That's just personal experience, but she also has a garbage win rate. Why people are always banning her and saying she's broken is beyond me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Annie2hardtoplay,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jiIq4MaV,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-09T23:28:50.895+0000) > > Kills have diminishing returns in the grading system. CS doesn't. whatever that means
> [{quoted}](name=KANSAS CITY STAR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jiIq4MaV,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-10T02:11:10.730+0000) > > whatever that means It means that any kill will be worth less than any previous kills, whereas any cs will be worth the same as any previous cs. You could have just looked this up, you know. Basic economic term.
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: Lag Issues and Disconnection Problems In Alaska
I've been wondering why my connection to League has been screwy, and haven't been playing at all for a couple weeks because of it. Didn't realize it was something other players in Alaska specifically were having.
Seen (NA)
: @Single bachelors/bachelorrete
Depends on whether it requires further preparation. If it's ready to eat right after cooking then sure I'll eat out of the pot, but otherwise I need to use another dish. As for sanitation, I don't see the relevance as long as you're only making as much as you're eating then. Though I have to ask, who would feed their guests leftovers?
: What about a side game? or something, or maybe a permanent gamemode (void)
I mean, they already have a permanent gamemode, but it's Freljord themed.
: Most Toxic Tier?
I've been in games with players from low bronze to low diamond (though mostly mid silver to low plat), and from experience I'd say the farther from gold you get above or below the more toxicity you encounter (of course that's only with my limited experience).
: If only there were some way you could guarantee having a tank on your team.
> [{quoted}](name=BobaFlautist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=usI3h60P,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-30T16:02:18.983+0000) > > If only there were some way you could guarantee having a tank on your team. Hard to do that when you're first/second pick and playing mid/ADC. As a mid main it's pretty irritating to have no tanks on the team because I'm picking before the ones who's job it is to go tank as needed in a position that only has select few tanks (Galio, Cho, maybe Gragas and some others) that I don't play.
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: High silver mid main (low gold last season) looking for team
I think I've found a team at this point, thanks for the offers.
: I'm adding your ign to talk to you and try see your mid games. we are a silver team with all lanes filled except mid. let me know, were practicing tonight
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Destaice (NA)
: Gank top first time. Enemy Vlad says "camp more"
Ever been accused of camping their lane by every single lane on the enemy team? That's when you know you're jungling right. Too bad I'm not nearly that good at jungling anymore....
: Not getting Chest when I get an S
Had you already earned chests on those champions? Go to your champions in the collection tab, and any champion icon with a special border is one you already earned a chest for, and you can't earn another on that champion until the start of next season.
: Im kinda glad 2 know we ll have 2 new ap items (saw on zoe teaser)
Or maybe Riot's trolling and just changing build paths and changing icons. But yeah, it would be cool if they were new AP items.
: Do what I do, play what you're good at, mute everyone, question mark ping when a player makes a stupid play, go about playing the game.
I don't think that ping means what you think it means.
: As a jungler i am sick of being flamed from the very start of the game
As a mid main I just never have expectations for my jungler and don't flame. I find the jungler is often toxic too, doing things like 1v1ing my lane opponent and dying, then flaming me for not telling them they had ult up, or going 1/9 complaining about a trash team, among other examples. Fact is there are just scumbags who play this game, and the best you can do is mute them.
: SSG skins...
{{champion:85}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:117}} This is my guess, though other likely possibilities include: {{champion:150}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:110}} I'm really hoping for the SSG Kennen skin, though. CuVee was really the only one to play Kennen (more than once and/or win at least one game on him), whereas Gnar and Cho were more contested picks, so I'd think it would be more fitting. Plus I'm a Kennen main....
Xonra (NA)
: "Every Game Is Winnable"
There are plenty of players who vote no when the game isn't worth continuing, but there seem to be even more who want to surrender and flame others for not when there's still a realistic chance of winning, making the game worth continuing. It seems as though people are usually too liberal or too conservative with their surrenders and very few are realistic about it.
: Things you DON'T want to quick cast: Ultimates, especially Rumble's. Accidentally wasting that Ashe ult because you were hovering the cursor ready to fire it, then shoot it out before aiming it can lead to bad situations. Rumble's ult just acts funny apparently.
Rumble's ult and Viktor's laser take some getting used to on quick cast. I'm not sure how you manage to accidentally cast abilities, though. That's something I've never had a problem with, but that's just me. If it's a persisting problem then sure, do what you can to avoid it.
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: Honestly, why is Black Market Brawlers not in the RGM?
This was honestly my favorite gamemode, and I've been wondering when it'll come back. I'm also wondering why it hasn't already.
: Client Open Beta Update #1
Can they fix the bug where at every minute mark the shop search bar clears? This bug often delays me getting back to lane or other places I need to be by several seconds.
: All I want is Cat Lady {{champion:83}}
That would actually be kinda funny, and work with his rework.
: I have like...8 keys and 0 boxes. .~.
I had a ton of chests and no keys but then I got all the chests for the champs I'm good with and now I have a bunch of keys and no chests.
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: there's a **reason** i don't play blind pick. i absolutely despise getting my desired role only 5% of the time, and getting support or jungle the other 95% (either due to not calling it fast enough or someone claiming to have called it before i even loaded into the lobby). then there's the fact that there are no bans, no counterpicking, and mirror matchups. now, the mirror isn't as much of a problem (just gotta play better than my enemy right?), but there are some champions that i hate playing against and they are played every game if not banned (or at least feels like it). draft is the only way i can have fun after team builder was removed. i don't want to lose that too...
Not to mention if you're a large distance from the rest of your team the chat can show you called it first but everyone else sees the other person called it first. Yes, this has actually happened to me when I was climbing levels a couple years ago.
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: This has never een a problem for me... my main is never meta */sobs/*
{{item:3070}} Though honestly I'd prefer that.
My first season I got placed Silver II going 5/5, but I didn't belong there. That was the end of season 4. Season 5 I went 8/2 got placed bronze I, only climbed to silver V. Season 6 went 4/6 got placed bronze IV and climbed from there to silver V. You're often placed higher than you should be your first season. Play lots of ranked and you'll end up where you belong. I'm honestly only just now both able and willing to put in the effort to really get better, which is why I'm hoping to do better season 7. Play to improve and you'll find yourself climbing.
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