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: You deserve to lose when your team have an afk. If Riot think its not fair they would of done something by now. I'm so pissed at people that judge riot's work. They are a million dollar company.
They are a million dollar company because of people making suggestions to them to make the game a better experience for all levels.
: have you considered that your teammates went afk because you are trash and they don't want to waste anymore time?
Don't play ranked if you're not willing to "waste time"
: NO ENOUGH. THE AGEISM MUST END. You just made an assumption that all 12 year olds play badly. This triggered me and this is definitely passive-aggressive harassment.
I fixed it, so you and other kids are not offended. my apologies
: Hey when I was 14 I was plat 4. Stop saying kids are bad. I am tired of this ageism. This discrimination against children that play this game MUST BE STOPPED. I am 15 now and I have achieved diamond 3 last season. CHILDREN ARE NOT BAD AT THIS GAME. ENOUGH.
That has nothing to do with people afking
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