: Hey thanks for canceling clash the day of the event after I took off of work for it! Well, guess Im gonna go play Fortnite, one more reason not to play this game!
I hadn’t played league in like 2 months and came back for clash. I’m probably just gonna go back to fortnite, riot sucks.
: We should've gotten more free rune pages with the update
People have been complaining a lot about blue essence but I think this is by far the biggest issue with the new season. The new runes are so unique that two similar champions will have very different runes, even though in the old system they could use the same runes and masteries. Like you could have one rune page in the old system for 90% of adcs and most ad bruisers. So limiting the number of rune pages people could have wasn't a big deal. In the old system you just had 20 mastery pages which I think was appropriate becasue you could cover a wide variety of champions with them. I know the new system is called runes reforged but they are more like masteries than runes. The old runes simply gave stat increases while the old materies gave a wide variety of stats, abilities, and buffs. Runes reforged are clearly more similar to the old mastery system, so we should have the same amount of rune pages now as we did mastery pages. I realize that you can change your rune pages in champ select but that just makes the game so unenjoyable. I can now longer just pick my champ, select my masteries, then talk to my friends or afk for water/bathroom. Every champ select now feels like a race against the clock to make a rune page that fits the champion I am playing, when it should be a time to talk to my team about our team comps, strategy, and just enjoy talking to other league players.
: Should we disenchant skin shards too?
: IMT and C9 do not have the easiest groups, they both have rather difficult groups. If you were to put any of the other teams (except for maybe RNG) into an SKT or LZ group than you would not see the same level of success. As goes TSM, they aren't bad they are just stylistically mismatched this year.
lmao "stylistically mismatched" thats so stupid. They had the easiest group and they lost, they simply played bad. And I literally said " I think C9 has a hard group though "
: 5v5 Treeline is missed also. Had a lot of fun with that one.
wasnt it 6v6? Either way that is a great game mode
: Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update
I really want to see Jensen in the 1v1 tournament. He as become the best laner in NA, and all of his strengths as a player are perfect for 1v1. Its too bad though, becasue there is no chance anyone other than Bjerg makes it
Volks (NA)
: Yeah I agree with you, I think Svenskeren has to play with more confidence..DISCIPLINED but with confidence, The MSF game he never made an amazing play with sej he had many opportunity's,its better for Doublelift to get a wake up call now then later. As for IMT I think their odds are good, maybe they can get a game off of LGZ this time. C9 I think can do it as well. Im genuinely hopeful with NA this year to get at least 1 team to semis.
I think Svenskeren is just not very good
: I disagree with why they think NA is strong, and more importantly what they said about TSM. TSM has the easiest group and they still are struggling, while C9 and IMT have the two hardest groups and are thriving. EDG and AHQ are not weak teams yet C9 was able to make them look like wild card teams. Likewise Fnatic is amazing yet IMT made a quick comeback after punishing a mistake by one person (much like a Korean team would do). As goes Korea, they could have two 1-2 teams and in my opinion they will have that next year if the current trends continue to happen. Korea is no longer a guarantee anymore, and if C9 and/or IMT cleaned up their play we could very well see an NA win over the "most dominant" region. This could just be NA bias, but NA is no longer a region that can just be ignored or counted out of finals. There is a very real possibility that an NA team makes it to finals, or even wins, this year. Feel free to disagree or agree, I'm interested in hearing responses.
I think IMT is a good team, but they have a really easy group. Fnatic is one of the worst teams at worlds, and wildcard teams are never top teams. I think C9 has a hard group though because of EDG, but since EDG is 3-0 its freelo for C9 now. I guess TSM is just bad, its hard to say at this point. They always win NA, so they should be the best NA team, yet they always do bad at worlds so maybe they are just bad. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if they went 3-0 this week and took first Also I think Korea is still way better then everyone else and the final will most likely be two Korean teams. But I would love to see UZI finally win worlds
: I don't know if you're trying to bait or meme, but you probably shouldn't be doing either. -TSM definitely wouldn't be "just fine" without Bjergsen -Riot consistently circlejerks about how great of a player Jensen is, even placing him above Bjergsen in a tier list -C9 funnels everything into Jensen as their primary carry, which will of course make him seem much better than the average midlaner -Jensen generally beats everyone in lane EXCEPT Bjergsen. 1 or 2 solokills in the course of a few matches does not mean you're the better midlaner -Jensen probably has the least hate out of any well known pro player. Reddit circlejerks whenever he gets any criticism and makes constant "Jensen Appreciation Threads" -TSM fans don't think Jensen is by any means a bad midlaner, we think he's just better than everyone except Bjergsen, and can back it up with reason.
I'm by no means defending the dude you replied to but.... People always say that because C9 gives Jensen more resources he is somehow worse because of it. It clearly works for C9 to give Jensen a lot of resources, you can't fault the player for doing what is team wants to do. Also it seems like every argument for Bjergson winning MVP is based on his career as a whole. Everyone says Bjerg is still better because he is clutch in the playoffs. Yeah C9 lost to TSM twice in the finals but there are way more factors to those matches then who is better between Bjerg and Jensen. The MVP award is for a sing split, not a career, you can't use past seasons to justify why someone should win mvp for one split. Looking at just summer split, Jensen has consistently crushed the other mid laner, making very few mistakes and carrying pretty much every game. I'm not trying to take anything away from Bjerg, but Jensen is playing out of his mind every game. If Jensen doesn't win this year, what else could he possibly do to win MVP in the future? Get 100 more kills then Bjerg instead of just 50?
: NA LCS Week 4 stats breakdown
Jensen clear MVP so far
: I mean... sure, but imagine the NA teams. They gotta travel to Berlin in the middle of the Summer split. They don't get to prepare in their gaming houses and get jet lag. The EU teams (while also having the games in the middle of the split) get to be in their gaming houses, rest well, and just come to their studio like always. And I'm not even pro-NA, I'm a FNATIC fan, but I can't imagine this being too much fun for the NA teams. Of course, if it was at LA we could say the opposite for EU teams. Like I told someone else: I like the idea of Rift Rivals, but the execution/date I find a bit questionable.
I'm pretty sure all of the teams agreed to this before it was created, Riot doesn't have the power to force teams to play more. It is a good move by Riot that helps them grow, and gives the teams more exposure. Like P1 is probably super happy about this because it will probably help there brand tremendously.
: Geez... you're gonna **BURN OUT** these guys. I'm all up for more FNATIC but... G2, WE, FW, SKT, GAM and TSM just played a full season plus MSI and you're telling me they gotta hop into this thing without any rest for Summer?
This is such a classic response for a league player. Everyone just complains to Riot no matter what they do. Everyone complained about not having enough international play, so Riot adds more and u still complain
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: Its funny how you try to talk up every player om C9 except Sneaky so you can say he got carried. From the original C9 team, every player except sneaky retired/was cut. If Sneaky is as bad as you say, he wouldn't be om C9 anymore
I mean you can also say that hauntzer and bjerg win lane and shot call so Turtle doesn't have to. And based on the NA LCS all team awards, hauntzer and bjerg are better than jensen and impact. So by your logic it is Turtle has to do less then Sneaky
: New loot: Dreadnova Darius
10 Gemstones is a lot and you may not get it, but people need to stop complaining. The loot system does in the end give players free stuff over time, it is better then nothing. The point is the skins are rare because they are hard to get.
: I don't mind being " corrected" because for one I don't mind having conversations and two well honestly I respect you above most, so I don't mind being corrected by someone that I hold in the greatest of respect. 2013 Turtle pretty much carried TSM with a top laner(Dyrus) who didn't ward for S$it and died constantly but he also pulled agro so there's that, so take it any way you want. A mid who honestly had to be one of the worst hyped, team leader in the LCS that I'v ever seen(Reg) who died constantly who is at around the 2nd all time as far as 28 games go with the most deaths. A jungler(Oddone) who only focused mid and only ganked for in my opinion the team's weakest player, and a support(X) that if you took him off TSM and well he hasn't been the same since his 2014 year from TSM. 2014 Spring - Bjergsen dominated that split but he also left for 6-8 games and TSM still went undefeated during that span without him. 2014 Summer - It was actually Turtle who carried TSM during the regular season and Playoffs not Bjergsen. Monte, the casters, and even the LCK teams, players and SKT's coach himself said that Turtle carried TSM and not BJergsen during the 2014 Summer Split + Playoffs. He led in Kills and overall Kills+ Assists and that was when Amazing and Bjergsen had their EU synergy and Bjergsen had all of the ganks going his way. 2015 Spring - TSM pretty much dominated not much else to talk about, the teams TSM was facing were all weak during that split. 2015 Summer - Turtle had a pretty bad split no doubt about that, he got caught out multiple times but can we say it was all Turtles' fault ? 1. Dyrus - Retired that same split, technically at Worlds but that was his last split and he didn't look good, he didn't look or played like he cared. 2. Santorin - If he isn't camping mid he doesn't do anything. The most passive jungler in NA LCS history, who again goes hand in hand with TSM logic " camp mid, camp mid, give blues 24/7, only gank mid" 3. Lustboy - Got caught out multiple times, I would argue he got caught out more so than Turtle did during that split. 4. Bjergsen - He didn't do anything that whole split(summer). Watch the TSM 2015 SUmmer split games and tell me all he did was push sidewaves constantly. He would be up like 150 CS over Turtle and especially Dyrus and he would get all the farm, ganks, pressure etc. 2016 Turtle on IMT was 50/50 he did great in the Spring but did fall off during the Summer. He led in Kills once again for his team during the Spring but with Reignover and Huni it's not a surprise. Maybe not a All Team LCS but if there was a Comeback award he deserves it. On my later post I did fold in the Sneaky > Turtle conversation, but lets not forget that Sneaky has had multiple split with " the greatest NA player ever" by some people Hai. A great champion pick ban Lemon. arguably the best NA Jungler Meteos, and a pretty good Top laner Balls, who historically dominated TSM's Top laner himself. A top 10 best league player ever Rush. Smoothie who will become the next Hai in his shotcalling. Jensen who's becoming and surpassing Bjergsen as we speak as far as talent goes. A rookie player(Contractz) that was getting like 7 kills per game himself, not needing help, he would just kill off every enemy jungler.
Its funny how you try to talk up every player om C9 except Sneaky so you can say he got carried. From the original C9 team, every player except sneaky retired/was cut. If Sneaky is as bad as you say, he wouldn't be om C9 anymore
: the only reason he isnt ever needed is cuz they simply dont put him in the spotlight cuz he is by far the most consistent adc in lcs.
But Arrow has been consistent in NA for a split, Sneaky has been for years
: No, it's because his q and shield and slow and free buffs and safety meant he had a lee sin tier overloaded early game on release.
Ivern was extremely weak on release, I'm pretty sure he got a hot fix buff
: NA LCS in 2017: Week 2 - What exactly is team synergy?
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