Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
Any chance Zyra can get in on those soft counter changes? She used to be a soft counter to immobile champs, while naturally being weak to mobile ones(both ranged and melee), but then you gave every melee champ a laser axe to one hit her plants. Now she is extra weak against mobile melee enemies as they can still easily get on her while easily killing her plants, against immobile melee champs she is weak as she cannot burst them and her only source of dps, the plants, are easily destroyed by a {{item:3751}}, or just any auto. With ranged champs she is still weak against the mobile, and against the immobile she has gotten stronger as the typical Zyra build is far more burst than dps(because we cant rely on our kit's dps to do anything before dying uselessly), and if I remember correctly, Zyra was reworked because she was mainly doing burst rather than using plants for dps.
: > [{quoted}](name=Heckin Support,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=p2W3TEuo,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-21T18:35:16.190+0000) > > With GG MF almost being 1 year old (release date being March 22, 2018), that means that we're getting close to the release of the next ultimate skin (hopefully). I'm so curious as to what it could be since DJ Sona and Elementalist Lux set the bar *so* high for skins that even Riot admitted that GG MF just didn't quite hit that mark. Quit spreading misinformation. Riot feels GGMF did hit the mark as an ultimate skin, they lowered the price purely because it didn't use new tech. You're free to your personal opinion, but dont misconstrue Riot's.
The mark of an Ultimate skin is that it pushes the boundaries of what a skin can do in some way(or at least that is why they started making them, which they could have at least attempted with GG MF by letting MF earn the transformations by getting unique kills seeing as shes a bounty hunter and that's not something other skins have). So no, at least by what we have to go off of MF did not hit the mark as, as you said, she had to have her price reduced because she didn't include new tech. In fact wasn't there an outcry against the skin being called an ultimate skin because it wasn't in line with the rest? The price reduction was Riot saying "yes, you are right", as was while GG MF is way above legendary skins, it does not compare to Elementalist Lux even if you only compare 4 of Lux's forms to MF's. While the gun shape and colors change for each of her skins, her hair style, recall, some of the vfx doesnt, while each of Lux's forms could be it's own 1350 skin with little overlap(recall, homeguards, and basic voicelines). Each of Lux's forms have a unique exit and arrive animation, and the vfx surrounding it is unique. Sona's all have a unique recall completely, though her arrival is the same. As far as I can tell, all of MF's recalls are the same beyond color, both exit and arrival. MF's hair is also the same, and there is no reason for that. Literally zero variation beyond color. And her passive mark stays the exact same thing, and the vfx marking the range of her e stays the same color and design, despite the fact that the blue clothes with her red, gold, and dark red skills in the other forms. And her w trail is the same thing but in different colors despite not needing to always be hearts.
: It's great that Riot is showing diversity through this event. In the light of fairness though, where is the icon/even for those who are proud to be straight? Straight pride and gay pride should be able to exist hand in hand w/o one or the other feeling discriminated against. We should all get something special. Would be cool if it could coordinate somehow ;)
There is one, it's called the rainbow poro icon. Considering that nowhere in the world is it frowned upon, let alone illegal, to be straight, where as there are still places in the world where lgbta+ people can be legally murdered or tortured(only recently has the US been pushing for conversion camps, which is a fancy word for kidnapping people and torturing them until they say anything to get it to stop,to be made illegal),why do straight people need to be celebrated _more?_ Seriously, go to any romance section in books or movies and bask in the hundreds of entries depicting a man almost kissing a woman. Meanwhile there are people in the government who want to take away my rights. There have been attempts to amend the legal definition of a hate crime to not include lgbta+ people, to make it legal for me to be fired because I'm gay, and only recently has gay marriage been legalized. If you want straight pride, _take it._ You can walk down the street hand in hand or take your SO out to dinner anywhere in the world without fear. You can marry and have kids, both biological and adopted, without jumping through hoops or having people oppose you. Everything we are striving for you already have, so why does being stright, which is the default for humanity and is never discriminated against, need to be brought to people's attention?
: ***
What do you have against rainbows? Do you seriously dodge every time Lux is picked? What about Varus, Neeko, Sol, Kindred, Bard, Evelynn, Kench, Anivia, Volibear, Oorn, Blitzcrank, every void champ, Fiddelsticks, Shaco, Janna, Karthus, Malphite, Kayle, Naughlus, Pyke, Nocturn, Orrianna, Pantheon, Rammus, Sion, Thresh, Yuumi, Zyra, and Vladimir? All of them are gay, bi, asexual, or pansexual(looking at you Eve), so do you dodge the queue when they are picked too?
Milkgxng (NA)
: which one is which?
Which house represents the people who play non-meta things? Which house represents the people who are really good mechanically? Which house represents the people who play strategically? Which house represents the people who hold out for a win when they are losing? Its literally how they described each house...
Talvaren (NA)
: "Always we will fight as one, until the battles won with evil on the run, we never come undone, assembled we are strong, forever fight as one, assembled we are strong forever fight as one!"{{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:223}} Related song by Rachel Rose Michael
: > [{quoted}](name=NanolyCannoli,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=H9k0T2Fx,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-05-15T05:53:45.649+0000) > > why are people gettin butt hurt about an icon being made. showin support to a group/community doesnt take away the "love" or "attention" from another? how do people not realize that. the "why do they get that and i dont?" mentality is really childish Why do people feel the need to show support for LGBT? Because LGBT is/feels excluded correct? So you essentially just said it is mentally childish for LGBT to feel/be excluded. LGBT actually gets a lot more support than several minorities now days. That said, I am not as emotionally attached to this as you or anyone else here. I don't care if Riot makes an icon or not. I am just here having fun pointing out the ironies and contradictions. P.S. I even got the icon so be weary about painting me as someone I am not. ;-)
I wouldn't say people support LGBT because we feel excluded, it's more that people support us because other groups are trying to deprive us of rights to varying degrees, from being able to work without being fired for our sexuality, to marrige, to being able to raise orphaned children, even to the right to live for some groups. So it goes a bit beyond "being excluded".
: > [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=H9k0T2Fx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-14T18:51:16.801+0000) > > Lol, riot there doing a positive thing and we get people being offended over it and acting like victims Hmm, if you are passively referring to me then that is incorrect. I don't want anyone's support. I do enjoy calling out irony when I see it though. By focusing on specific groups, you discriminate against everyone else that isn't included. So it may not be a "positive thing" for everyone that wants to feel included.
I'f people are so desperate to feel included they can drown in the dozens of confirmed straight champs. A quick list off of memory: Ashe, Trynd, Brand(pre-engulfed in seething rage), Garen, Katerina, Lux, Ezreal, Zoe, Ekko, Azir, Kayn, Camille, Cassiopeia, Darius, Illoai, Jarvan, Lucian, Xayah & Rakan, Rumble, and Udyr. Those are just the ones that have had romantic interests in someone, everyone but:Spirits(demons, gods, demigods, celestials, all of whom have zero need for physical attraction), Varus, and Neeko can be presumed straight. When its someone's birthday, does everyone get gifts? When someone gets a promotion, does everyone get a raise? When theres a funeral does everyone get buried? I really hope not. So if there is a day to remember a group of people who it is still leagal to murder them in multiple countries, why the hell should the people who dont have legal death warrants on them prioritized? I mean seriously, if they want to be included they can pay the _one BE_ like everyone else and join in on the rainbow making fun.
NY64 (NA)
: Questions about Yuumi
> Can you use Yuumi to look over walls while she is attached to you? Not that I have seen, though maybe with perfect positioning so that her model is actually over the wall. > Can you use Yuumi to check bushes while on other side of wall? Same thing > If Yuumi is attached to Tahm Kench and then he ults, can he bring himself, Yuumi, and another ally to the destination? Yes, also works if she is attatched to the ally taking the trip. > If Yuumi’s attached ally ults does she detach after they reach the destination? Ults? If you mean teleport, or use a teleportation ultimate like {{champion:98}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}}(both of their e's are potentially long ranged) ect then yes, she does follow them but she does not detach. She does detach if she jumps on an ally backing, but only after getting to the fountain. > When Yuumi uses her ult, can she aim each shot or will they all be aimed in the same direction? Its the same as Lucian's ult > When Yuumi ults, can it change direction when her attached ally faces a different direction? No > Can you use Sweeper Lens with Yuumi over walls? In the same way that you can use sweeper lens over walls normally > Can Yuumi attach to a new ally when her current attached ally is cc’d? Yes > Can Yummi avoid getting pulled by Urgot’s ult by attached to an ally? ... I do not know actually. If Fizz/Vlad can avoid it with their untargetable skills then yes. > When characters like Leblanc or Shaco clone themselves while Yuumi is attached to them, does Yummi show which one is the real one? I believe that you detach as they technically stop existing on the map for a second. > Can Yuumi attach to pets or clones? Clones yes, Pets no. Basically anything that is flagged as an allied champ > Can Yuumi taunt while attached to an ally? I know she can dance, so probably > If Yuumi uses her E while attached to a feared ally, can she speed them up? Fear is a forced movement + slow, so it would be the same as speeding up an ally who is slowed. You can, but it won't accomplish much. > Does Yuumi stay attached to Kog Maw or Sion when they use their passives? No. With Kog'maw she is booted off completely while unable to jump back on, while with Sion she is booted off but can jump back on. If its early in the game(enough that Sion's death timer runs out before his passive does) she teleports back to base when he does.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6jzt0QvX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T00:05:12.723+0000) > > There's not a single good/bad city in all of league, so don't be a wiener Bandle City is good.
It hosts Yordels, some of whom are the most hated champions in league: {{champion:17}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:117}}
: It's absolutely disgusting people support Demacia
You would be correct, if Germany was in fact created as a refugee settlement from a onslaught of the Jews. Damacia doesn't hate mages just because, they hate mages due to the Rune wars _where mages almost destroyed the planet in their greed._ That's a bit different than the historically unsupported antisemitism of the Nazis, and Sylas isn't helping their view of mages being dangerous to society.
: So basically this is Rakan in cat form? Same passive, same Q with more effects, Yuumi W = Rakan E, need I continue?
I want aware that rakan's passive gave mana and only activated after autoing champs Or that his q slows, didn't heal, and can be controlled via the cursor Or that his e made him untargetable and allowed him to follow allied dashes, as well as boosting his ap and their main damage stat by a % of each others damage stat. Strange considering hes my 3rd most played champ. But yes, except for everything that is diffrent about how the abilities function, they are the same. On a related note, by this measure Morgana is Rakan but with more wings.
: I sort of like how Zyra is at the moment. She's quickly cut down if she's caught, but all the damage sown in her kit reaps tons of damage like Phreak's pun game. I would like to see her a bit more viable in a solo lane though.
I really don't Zyra's current state(as opposed to Zyra before the plant changes). Yes, she's cut down quickly if caught, thats actually good when you build her full burst... but full burst is the only way you can play her ever since they gave every melee champ laser axes, as well as some ranged champs laser axe launchers. Before that change, Zyra was strong against immobile champs due to her being able to trap them in a thicket of plants and rip them to shreds, but weak to the mobile ones who could easily get out of the way. This actually went for ranged and melee champs too. Then... the plant changes. Now immobile champs who build {{item:3751}} can just walk past the plants and have them die almost immediately, or just auto them. Or hit them with a skill, be it aoe or single target, and destroy them instantly. And mobile melee champs are just as strong, except now {{champion:157}} and {{champion:39}} get free gap closers just because you exist and are able to leap onto you, using your kit to do so, while simultaneously killing all of your plants. And lets not ignore the fact that now {{champion:21}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:112}} and probably more have low cooldown abilites(or just basic attacks) that can instantly clear your plants. They tried to rework her because they didn't like that she would build full burst, and then nerfed her plants to the point that you have to, as you can't rely on the plants to stay alive long enough to do anything. I would like it if they seperated the burst and dps builds more, and gave the burst build plants that it could summon to support it. I wrote out a giant VGU suggestion on r/Zyra mains that(hopefully) did this by giving the dps less damage on an ability when spawning a plant, but also a lesser cooldown, and a basic attack focused passive(creates a teather on a champ or monster that does basic attack damage and slows slightly, does more damage with q plant and slows more while being affected by e plant), while the burst would get trap vines(slow a champ and prevent them from moving from the area if gripped by 2 or more, but can be destroyed if revealed/activated and do no damage) and a max of 2 vision flowers(blue trinket: flower form), to aid with setting up an area and ambushing. With the thought that DPS would be more towards mid(cs'ing would grant more bulbs to do things with, as per live) and the burst would be more towards support(vision flowers and trap plants can keep the lane safer, while allowing for lane centric ambushes, and passive would help in prolonged skirmishes)
: Since you have a rework team on mordekaiser now, is there still a second rework team on another champ, or is it down to just one team for reworks?
They have 5 teams. 1 on mord, 1 on the new enchanter, 2 were on Morgana and Kayle, and the last is assumed to be on the second new champ. So it's likely another rework is started from one of the justice sisters' teams.
Kazekiba (NA)
: If morgana wasn't even really changed in her Visual update, why the sudden attention to her balance state? If she's a problem then changes to her E should be the first thing right?
Don't you mean w, as that and her r were the things that were buffed?
: Hey, so while I know that I’m still getting used to Kayle, I heard she’s already receiving a nerf despite her early game being non-existent? Can we at least get some small compensation so her early game isn’t *as terrible* as it is now?
She also received two buffs, two to her w(speed is instant to help with dodging, and the ability to auto immediately after the cast time) and one to her e(it shares a cast time identical to her auto wind up speed, instead of a static .25). The patch notes document this
: Any comments about the Reworked Mordekaiser Meddler?
A emote for his head was leaked, that is probably the best you can hope for right now.
: Copy pasting this as best as I can. With the new changes to DoTs and AoEs, how are champion DoTs applied through auto attacks and/or spells supposed to work? Brand Passive burn. Darius Passive bleed. Gangplank Passive Burn. These are just a few examples of champions with DoTs which can either be applied through spells and/or auto attacks. How are they supposed to work now with the new patch? Are they all supposed to proc spell effects including from runes or will they function the same way they have always before this patch?
Teemo too, as his is being moved to his passive but is currently on an ability
ThornyZyra (EUNE)
: Consider changes for Zyra. I'm not a big fan of rng abilities. Also, you could work around her seeds. You could bring vision after stepping on passive seeds and add slow/toxins to her [w] seeds. I believe she can be balanced and atm she's too good or too bad all the time. "Turret" abilities are hard to balance, I know but you guys can try improving her gameplay. I really like the new passive Lissandra got. Something similar would work for Zyra aswell.
A few months ago I suggested [this]( rout for a rework, which separates her burst and dps sides and allows one to be nerfed without affecting the other(as well as giving burst Zyra plant growing options that benefit her)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 12
For Janna: No. Please no. It didn't work the first time you tried putting damage in her kit, which lead to nerfs to parts of the kit people liked and didn't change her playstyle at all. The good Jannas were already poking with autos before the change, and the bad Jannas still were not poking after it. And then her movement speed was reduced along with the conversion and her e was nerfed again with the decay mechanic. If you want to improve Janna, improve her utility. That's what we play her for.People don't pick Janna for damage in lane or any part of the game, they pick her to be protective of allies. For instance, instead of damage(that no one asked for and many people argued against) for movement speed, you could have her auto's and w have a flat reduction in movement speed for a second or two. Or maybe she can auto allies to grant them movement speed. Tdlr: stop trying to make the top tier defensive enchanter a damage one, _we already have 3 of those_. So far the only person happy with the proposed buff is someone who is just happy she's getting buffed at all, everyone else is wondering why you are buffing her damage.
: Any thoughts on Janna and her overall current state and if shes ever been in discussion for a rework
I'm interested in this as well. There is so much that can be done for her based on her new lore for her abilities(my favorite idea is allowing her to transform into her bird form while out of combat, allowing her to traverse over walls. Granted I'm biased as I submitted a ridiculously long rework idea on r/Jannamains) and her visuals(half transparent woman made of air and dust please?) and she has had issues the last few seasons.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: why does riot always destroy fun champs like fizz and zoe? {{summoner:3}}
Because while you are having fun playing them, 5 people on the enemy team are in hell(even pros hate fighting Zoe, so its not "get better")
sed (NA)
: Meddler, Rakan's influence with heals/shields and cc seem really down under compared to someone like even Karma where she can shield more, root, even speed up allies, damages more.. and just otherwise seems like a better pick. Are you going to buff him anytime soon?
Uhh... You do realise Rakan was on top of the pile for a while, when Karma was one of the worst winrate supports, right? I don't know the current stats for rakan, but karma is still bottom tier.
: any thoughts on doing the indicator for Karthus's ult too? Would it bee too complicated if say, Predator had to be factored in?
Karthus's ult isn't an execute though. It does x damage reguardless of the targets health, and is equally useful at the start of a fight as it is in the middle or end. Yes it's often used to kill low health targets, but it can also be used to give your team an advantage of they go in for a 4v4 without you at similar amounts of health. The enemy team may not want to start a fight with a several hundred health disadvantage.
: the ult indicator addition is cool and all, but doesnt urgot already have a clear indicator for when people are in ult range? he gets a giant red crosshair over their heads and a sound that it makes. or are you intending to replace this indicator? just saying i dont think it would change much.
The indicator discussed would be like pykes, which is on the healthbar to help the player gauge when the target will enter the threshold.
: Indicator for Blitzcrank Q pls. Revert Katarina pls. Rework Diana pls.
Give actual thoughts to help start a discussion pls
: Since the game is reverting a lot of rework. It's possible for {{champion:90}} and {{champion:16}} to get a revert back?
Soraka was a self sustaining nightmare(she could give herself mana And health...) who had a low cooldown, low cost, nontargeted aoe, stackable mr shred skill that was responsible for most of her damage, and a targeted silence nuke. It was reworked for a reason...
Vizewelle (EUW)
: ***
Says the guy attacking a person on a gameplay forum for no reason? Honestly it's rather pathetic. If you are going to attack a person at least be decent and name the reason.
SanKakU (NA)
: Can we get an option in the game menu for Smite autoselected when assigned jungle? What I mean is, left Smite or right Smite. I always use right Smite. I'm not sure if it makes a difference to me yet(I don't know if Smite will default to the left or the right) because it hasn't been added to the game, but I assume it would make a difference to many players. I play a lot of fill, so getting my smite on the right might save me a click or two each time.
: Meddler, I'm glad for the smite change but I have to ask one thing... Is smite going to be on D or on F?
: What's up with all these insults in this thread?
People are dumb and can't seperate one person's actions from another's. Or maybe it guilty by association?
Ye Qiü (EUW)
: ***
You know, just by looking at these needlessly ride comments I understand why rioters don't like interacting with the community
SanKakU (NA)
: Can we get an option in the game menu for Smite autoselected when assigned jungle? What I mean is, left Smite or right Smite. I always use right Smite. I'm not sure if it makes a difference to me yet(I don't know if Smite will default to the left or the right) because it hasn't been added to the game, but I assume it would make a difference to many players. I play a lot of fill, so getting my smite on the right might save me a click or two each time.
It will be on nonflash, so only issue will be champs who don't take it and play multiple roles.
: Meddler, I'm glad for the smite change but I have to ask one thing... Is smite going to be on D or on F?
Dakeudharma (EUNE)
: Can you finally balance mid so there can be played more mages ? Or ADC players can have lane only for themselves but mages can't ? So many mages are totally destroyed by champs that don't belong to mid. Tanks and bruisers have huge advantage against picks like {{champion:43}} , {{champion:268}} {{champion:38}} . In Korea challenger ppl don't play half of mages on mid. But they play things like irelia, aatrox, jayce. because so many mages feel so weak. Same with healing supports. Nobody is picking them in best elo. I don't understand why pyke, gragas are better option for supporting then enchanters ?
Enchanters were repeatedly nerfed and don't have the playmaking potential of Pyke and Gragus.
patmax17 (EUW)
: Just to be sure: you write that the ez update will be mostly focused on his w, but IIRC story- and art-wise he'll still get the full Vi-treatment, right? So, full visual (model, skins, vfx) and story (theme, lore, voice over) update, plus rather small and focused (mostly around w) kit update?
Yep. Its a full VGU except it's extremely light on the gameplay. I petition we call it a VUGT (Visual Update and Gameplay Tweak)
: meddler if ezreal goes well do you think janna and lulu could have a chance of a small vgu? Both heroes are very hated by players and are looking out of date and could use more ways to express themselves (janna 2017 mini changes was a good start). If not any general thoughts on them?
Actually the Janna changes were not a good start, as they changed her to do damage early while merging her defensive capabilities(which was fair for why they did), then nerfed her movement speed and % conversion at the same time because she did damage early(leaving her in the same state as before, only with defensive capabilities nerfed). Janna isn't an aggressive damage champ, so any changes should be focused on her being able to aid her allies aggressively, but not primarily via damage. As far as VGU's go, Janna could use a full one as her stripper looks don't mesh with the "protective goddess of/made of air", and nearly every skill of hers could be reevaluated as each have issues(passive is invisible power, q double tap is effective against everything, w is meh, e's balance has been warped by the additional ad, and enemies don't feel like her ult is fair). Then again, I'm biased as I have suggested my own VGU ideas on the Jannamains subreddit(a warning if you chose to look at it, it's exceedingly long. It took me nearly 14 hours to ideate and write, so yeah its not a typical rework post).
: I was wondering since riot was trying to introduce more champions in the botlane if you ever thought about making rakan a jungler, he would be a very unique jungler and he is only played as support. Rakan is my favourite but other supports could use a way to be played in other lanes when they aren't meta.
Honestly q healing off of monsters would probably be enough.
Kat1 (NA)
: I think they use more knockups because stuns themselves are statistically overbearing once compared to knockups. Morgana Q has been allowed to be so incredibly powerful for so long because it has the justification of 'having counters' as an excuse to throw that much stats into cc. Having cc to contribute with is a large part of this game, and a knock up can actually be easier to balance in small power settings than trying to create a new type of 'balanced' stun ability.
But Morgana's q is not a stun, it's a root. An Ashe can still kill you if hit by a root while you are within her range, not so with stuns.
: Yeah Diana isn't really a fighter either, everything in her kit except passive is built like an assassin.
What? Dps passive Skill shot(not something unique to assassins...) Defensive skill that has damage attached(also not an assassin thing? Leona does this with her w) Zero damage, pure cc skill that increase her dps passive. Yeah, I've seen that on all the assassins... One way dash onto enemies, with no way to get out. That sure sounds like all the assassins in the game(and not only, you know, the ones people think would be healthier as brusiers) Her kit is more in line with Xin and than it is with Katerina or Fizz. Why? They have escapes. While her kit is built like a bruiser, Diana is played like an assassin because she has a decent scaling on her ult, and a q-r-aa-w-r with lich bane unloads all her damage within a second, which isn't what Riot wants assassins to do.
: Well yes it also have the effect that displacements can be interrupted by other forms of displacement but that would require the enemy team messing up so it usually doesn't matter that much Like if Blitzcrank hits a hook but then an ally hits the enemy with a knock then Blitzcranks pull is canceled
Or, for an intentional one, Janna can cancel her ult knockback with her q to single out a target(or get the heal without saving the enemy) It also affects blast cones, which Yasuo's can ult off of even in the case of the enemy using it to try to get away.
: >Nunu's big snowball could slam the target(s) down instead of up. Knockdown or Snare/Root effect would imo be enough. How would you visually represent a "knock-down" in leagues art system? And how would it be different from a knock-up?
A knock-down is already an effect that stops all dashes and displacements, present on Vigars wall, Poppy's w, Jinx's traps, and any other ability that can stop dashes(without applying their own airborne effect or displacement). Some other name would need to be created for the effect.
: > [{quoted}](name=Witch of Babylon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dVWe1XEE,comment-id=0002000200000000,timestamp=2018-08-27T20:00:40.582+0000) > > Aery is NOT supposed to the guaranteed hit version of Comet. If Comet were to be guaranteed hit, Aery would become obsolete on mages who want the sustained damage. Aery is supposed to be a SUPPORT keystone, not just a keystone you want for more damage. Then why does it have a damage component, then? :thunking:
Because Soraka, Morgana, Karma, Sona, Nami, and good Janna's do trade in lane, and this helps them do so while also boosting their ally protection.
: > [{quoted}](name=Witch of Babylon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dVWe1XEE,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-27T15:11:57.165+0000) > > It would be good on supports that have no waveclear that may want to go mid {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}}. This is assuming that it ends up having some sort of AP Tiamat effect. Also, why the hell are you taking Supports mid lane?
Have you never heard of {{champion:117}} or {{champion:43}} mid? Also Janna's q had to be nerfed because she was clearing waves with no interaction while scaling to horrific levels. Ever seen how much damage an Ahri q can do? Thats a 70% ratio, now imagin that amount as a sheild, with 1/7th of the extra sheilding as ad. Full ap Janna can murder people while staying safe and rather mobile due to her w. And Sona scales even better than Janna.
: Glacial augment is actually a great keystone depending on matchups. I usually take it if I'm playing a ranged champ against a Singed or other immobile melee champ to help with kiting, and makes their lane phase a living hell. You can also take it on champs like Morgana and build Twin Shadows for extra procs, or Sion can make good use of it with Randuin's and Righteous Glory
I like glacial on Janna. Combine it with Ingenious and {{item:3030}}(when against juggernaut like teams, ahead, or in gamemodes) and every 20 seconds you get a 5th peeling tool(auto, q, w, ult, Hextech)
Reav3 (NA)
: I wouldn't say they are "next in line" It was just a few I could think of off the top of my head
When you go about changing Kennen, could you consider switching his and Janna's epithets? Janna being a protective wind spirit/goddess doesn't make much sense as "the storms fury" as she isn't angry ever, but "the heart of the storm" works better, as it can mean "the center of the storm" which she frequently is, or a less litteral "heart of the storm" in the way that Braum is "the heart of the fijord" despite it referring to him being caring and not being the center of the frijord. Meinwhile someone who goes about murdering people with lightning makes sense as "the storm's fury" as lightning is frequently associated with wrath of a divine being.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=GIWBugod,comment-id=00130000000000030002,timestamp=2018-08-23T19:06:36.973+0000) > > Can you try, at least try, to be less obnoxious? It isn't free estate where you can suddenly activate your b*atch mode in a topic where civil conversation could be make. > > For f*ck sake, it is already good that there is someone willing to talk, we don't need another typical gameplay board idiot to just ruin what could be a talk. Especially with biased as f*ck arguments made for the sake of your constant b*tching. Maybe these Developers should do a better job then.
So the fact that, _by your **OPINION**_ mind you, they are not doing the absolute best job conceivable, that gives you the right to lose all civility and act lake a spoiled brat? How exactly do you have to be raised in order for you to believe you are in the right to stop treating others with basic respect, all because you think they didn't meet your expectations. _That is not a normal, nor healthy, stance to take in life._ Grow up. It is quite possible to express displeasure in someone's actions without losing all sense of civility, and it's sad that you are choosing not to do so.
: See I'd actually argue that they need more power in their buffs, and less power in their peel instead. They already have more than plenty of it. In fact their shields should honestly be their ultimates. Janna and Lulu are problematic specifically because they can turn team fights on their heads with the push of a button and play out as a cheesy poke lane until then. It should be the other way around - they should be able to turn engages on their heads well before 6, but their powerful poke/engage tools should only be accessible occasionally and also have a relevant cooldown. Janna and Lulu's single-target shield buffs seem like ultimates moreso than their actual ultimates. Sona's problem is she so desperately needs cc to function and yet has nothing but a piddly movespeed boost until she hits 6, and her ult still has a hefty cooldown. Her ult should be weaker and just one of her normal abilities, and rather her movespeed bonus definitely should be, and much more impactful as well. Annie gets a non-ult AoE CC on a short cooldown - why not Sona?
How is a 80-240 sheild that decays after .75 seconds and lasts 5 more of a ult than a massive aoe knockback and heal? Just to repeat: a teamfight reset button is less worthy for the ult slot than an easily broken sheild. Can you explain that? Because I would love to see the logic behind that.
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: That one on Janna really hit the spot. She does TOO much. She's basically a thresh on steroids. Or rather thresh is like a Janna having withdrawals. She needs to be reworked ASAP.
Thresh has: Peel Engage Ally mobility(in the form of a long ranged dash) Ally sheild Infenit defensive and offensive scaling 2 hard cc' s and a heavy slow Personal damage Janna has: Ally speed boost Ally sheild and damage increase 2 hard cc' s and a moderate slow(heavy with a ton of ap), Self speed boost Aoe channeled heal But playstyle wise, Janna can only defend. Occasionally you can hit a long range tornado to make a pick, but you are mostly defending. Thresh on the other hand can engage and make picks using all of his skills offensively, peel and defend by using all of his skills defensively. Janna actually had more stuff in her when Thresh was released, and there is a reason why Thresh is the poster child for "overloaded support", and not Janna. Janna just has the benefit that peel is always useful, and her skill floor to do a mediocre Janna is very low. So no, Thresh isn't a Janna on withdrawal, he has the most overloaded kit of all supports. Janna is just simple and effective.
: > Why are you doing nothing to make these champions more appealing and do more? Why is Riot not single-handidly fixing every given problem? Because the Enchanters, although uninspired, work right now. They aren't breaking the game anymore and their kits all function (yes even Karma) as the game allows. Some people even like the kits- shocking as this may seem. I happen to enjoy being a heal-bot when I play Raka. Know why? Because that's why I like her. She doesn't need to be "more appealing". I don't need her to have a flight ability or the ability to drop meteors across the map or see into someone's soul to get extra damage or half a dozen other things you *could* get from her lore.
Now Janna, that's one champ that deserves a flight ability being 99% air and 1% dust trapped in the air.
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