Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: I'm just gonna leave this here and check back on it later
It's funny but at least 80-90% of those champs won't have zhonyas as an upgrade. It's not broken honestly, maybe annoying for the enemy team
: Can we stop using the term "Bruiser"?
People in this community have been misusing the word bruiser since the beta. A bruiser/Lightning bruiser would be a fast character that's hard to kill but is always on your ass, with the ability to sometimes instagib you as well.
: Rip off of Kerrigan and Maltheal from hots fused together.
: This is actually a really though decision. On one hand, the longer hair very much fits his theme as a Warlock, very much reminding me of Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. For some reason, long hair just fits the whole warlock theme very well. On the other hand, the short hair does make him look much more like a dictator focused on military might. I guess the simple solution is to trim half his head and leave the other side long. Then we can get the best of both worlds!
Fun trivia fact: the actor who played Lucius also played the title character in the movie Warlock
Skias (NA)
: Lolskillexpression toplane. Dominated by Maokai, Ornn and Nasus.
Better than seeing Fiora all the time. At least I can run now.
: The Rakan and Xayah valentine skin isnt whats its meant to be
Xayah's skin is not worth 1350. She has the same feathers and attacks with different colors.
: What champ was released closest to the time you started playing League?
Fiora. In fact it's almost my anniversary because I started playing league after New Years around that time.
: The Tribunal...
> [{quoted}](name=flom,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZGWMJoyK,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-17T01:57:41.343+0000) > > The Tribunal... I used to love reviewing cases. People can be so salty!
: either revert the aery nerf or give ap mages a real keystone
Aery is still good in my games. Dark Harvest is probably the best thoigh
: Ezreal legit just got back in the meta after a long time sitting on the side lines. He could not out preform other members of the ADC role, so he was shoved into the jungle. Now, he actually has a fighting chance to lane again. Let the dude have his moment. I mean, I don't like it either, but for everyone that does play Ezreal, they can have a few weeks of enjoying their character's powerspike. Also, did we not think that Kleptomancy wouldn't be broken on Ezreal? I mean, he is on the login in screen with the inspiration tree floating above him. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
passıon (NA)
: Why is it called Infernal Drake??
Why are they even called drakes when they are actually dragons?
Syntastic (EUW)
: It's actually ADC beats Tanks Tanks beat Fighters Fighters beat Assassins Assassins beat Mages Mages beat ADCs Support is support and they usually turn the tide of the battle. And skill ofc is the thing that determines the outcome.
The order was supposed to go: Adc beats fighters and tanks Mage beats adc and fighters Assassin beats adc and mage Tank beats assassins and mage Fighters beat assassins and tank But honestly whoever has the better stats > enemy defense & reaction timing wins. During preseason, I've seen tanks own fighters and adcs, as well as adcs dumping on assassins (like Kayn & Eve)
WolfChases (EUNE)
: When I made a post about that. I had -30 lol. XD
: Lost my tongue after opening champion capsule...
: Evelynn's New Splash Art
So this time Riot found "inspiration" from Tokyo Ghoul, gotcha gotcha.
: this is why i think the entire concept of blue essence is stupid. blue essence is basically exactly the same as ip and could be replaced with ip. champion shards could simply act as discount tokens, that reduce the ip/rp price of a champion by a certain %. this all could just be directly done with ip.
can you suggest Riot also unlocks all content for anyone with the words "Love" in their name? :->
: Can we at least make ARURF actually random
Played 10 games to completion last night. Got LB about 4-5 times even though two of those times someone dodged.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Dutch ex soccer player Edgar Davids sues Riot and wins
Honestly Riot should tone down on the "references" and tributes. Make more original stuff, like (hopefully) Dark Star. I'm worried about SG Ahri now. She's blatantly the Serena of the group.
: "THIS IS NOT A BUG" rip braum.
But he's the full fucking health.
: Can't believe these assholes are getting so much recognition fom Riot. But i think the real fear i have now that since this was a "Major Animation" piece, we won't be seeing another one for a long time again.
Lol why are they assholes?
: New Dawn set ceiling that this movie didn't beat.
This isn't better than New Dawn but I gotta say my favorite is Twist of Fate
: ivern lulu braum lux taric the nicest team in league. they are too good for our salty toxic community T_T
Don't forget {{champion:154}} is immune to toxins
: PSA: I'm not going to go support Rakan just becuase you picked Xayah ADC...
: {{item:3143}} is that a mountain? Mountain of the Rising Sun?
It's an omen. Not just any omen neither, but Randuin's. >_>
MagÊ (EUW)
: Lissandra new passive HOLY SHIT
Her ratios still aren't improved so hopefully no one sits on weak ass tear for long. I think ludens is the move. Maybe deathcap if you're really balling outta control but I've always loved going catalyst > ludens s6
Swegmec (NA)
: Can we give Kha's Q an actual mana cost?
His play style is meant to be Q heavy. Same reason Ez has a low mana cost on his Q. Same for Camille's Q. Same for like two of Ryze's spell costs.
: this is what happened when Dominion got removed, everyone suddenly said they loved it LUL
: Stop trying to balance the game around what's most fun to watch in E-sport.
Nothing has been fun to watch on the esport scene for a long time. There were some stupid (funny) plays last month but that's not really to do with what Riot has done to the game.
: As someone who mained cho last season
I don't play him often but he was fine. Change is not good. {{champion:121}}
: What if more Marksman had ammo?
It'll be awkward for people like Ashe after turning Q on + runaans. It works with certain champs but I don't think it works for all.
: Kha'Zix and Rengar are getting nerfed on PBE right now.
: Caitlyn placing a trap DIRECTLY BENEATH YOU makes 0 sense for both balancing and thematic reasons.
Why does Nautilus throwing an anchor at my face result in magic damage? Wouldn't that be very physical?
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: I know Gameplay Balance is a joke, but why is this in Gameplay Balance?
Geropac (NA)
: If ADCs are so shit, why do people continue to play them????
A lot of sheep are still too scared to stray from their programming. They need someone with a little bit of fame before they're encouraged to play Ziggs carry bot lane or support MF. There's like hundreds if not thousands of bot lane combos people can play but they lack the courage and ambition to think for themselves.
: When suggesting nerfs avoid these words...
Rip their fucking legs off. That work?
Fflarn (NA)
: I'm a little curious about the rapid decay of LCS player 'status'
Game has been boring to watch for a few seasons. I last watched when Dyrus was still pro - maybe even when Turtle was initially on TSM. Out of the new pros over the years, the only one I care about (and watch on YouTube/twitch) is Sven. He's funny. But really there's nothing amazing to watch, as I'm sure the players are told by coaches to play certain ways. Seriously, getting first blood after 20-30 minutes was silly.
: it took me way to long to get this
: Why would I get someone autofilled to support when I am queuing as support fill?
: He can just hav his team clear them
During lane phase, it's mostly junglers who invade while laners...err, lane
Zielmann (NA)
: AP utility scaling on supports has become almost pointless
To be fair, it would be a nightmare if Janna had not only items that provided huge healing and shielding, but also scaled off these items so that her E & R also gave huge amounts.
: Sounds like you're talking about yourself.
: Watching Dyrus's stream, the amount of open mids is retarded
Because they're kids and mental midgets. Most Americans aren't courageous. That's a known fact.
: Its not even an exploit. Hard mechanics such as animation canceling should be praised since it actually takes skill and you get rewarded for mastering the champion.
When i read her toolkit, I don't see anything about cc removal being intentional.
Looknook (NA)
: Why no AD supports?
Ali should be AD, but Riot thinks a Minotaur crushing & head butting you is magical instead of physical
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Dear Riot: Please remove winning. It is an incredibly unhealthy mechanic.
Give me my participation award! Everyone should be a special snowflake Rito!
Elikain (EUNE)
: You said that "Riot changed their role to a Support". I merely explained why they didn't. The community started taking Zyra and Morgana bot as supports so Riot merely labeled them the way community played them, as their secondary roles since they performed well. Riot didn't force these champions to the bot lane. They were useful on other lanes than just the mid lane and unless being picked for that position devalues the rest of primary Supports, there's no reason for Riot to not allow their used to be off roles to exist. Unless that role is inherently not being supported by Riot themselves, like tank skirmisher Ekko build which Riot took steps to kill in tracks.
The Loveless (NA) - 5 days ago "FYI Zyra started out PURELY as a mage. Since she couldn't keep up with others mid lane, most people played her bot lane instead, and Riot eventually labeled her secondary as support." ??????
Elikain (EUNE)
: But Riot didn't change her role to a Support. Her and Morgana were being phased out of mid because they were slow but effective mages. And mid was populated by fast and mobile mages at that time. So both of them took damage and had difficulty dealing any. Then people started playing both at bot and that's where they stayed. Riot made no changes to turn these two into supports, they are still mages that can go mid and scale pretty damn hard with AP. They were just classified as secondary Supports because that's what the community turned them into.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >Supports have been steadily phased-out of bot lane for a while now. AP Carries such as Brand and Malz are rapidly becoming more and more popular on bot lane, but you are seeing an ever-growing pool of APCs being played Support. That's not true at all. What you're referring to are true supports while Mages that are secondary role supports transitioned from being the go-to mid mages to supports, years ago (Morgana, Zyra being the most notable ones). We've had plenty of more APCs playing supports, like Fiddles, Veigar, Brand, Cass, Annie but those were meta appropriate and aren't that hot anymore. You just don't see a LeBlanc support bot for a reason (although in an appropriate lane, she can be effective). Brand is the third one that's close to Zyra's and Morgana's popularity as supports. All of these champions aren't supports but have proven that they can play with a gold deficit and can dish out respectable damage in the relevant phase of the game, where everyone is trying to acquire a gold lead. Their influence drops pretty fast in the later stages of the game because they don't really contribute to the team as much as they did before, if damage is the only thing they bring to the fight. Damage is expensive in any shape and form and supports don't get enough gold to invest in a lot of damage. If you have some utility or CC to boot, that's automatically more viable in any stage of the game, given that the teamfight setup is played right. Not to mention that supports have had gold generating items for a while that also provide AP and that also helps mages in dealing more damage while also giving them the item's utility to help them out in setting up the right fights. --- Now, true supports are boring to play because those champions aren't self sufficient and are team players. The vast majority of the community just aren't team players, they want to do things themselves first and then help out the team when the need arises. Healing/shielding someone is just not as fun as killing someone. But in order for a true support to be on the same level as a damage champion, their utility needs to be unparalleled and outstanding. And you already know that extraneous utility in a kit of a champion can prove difficult to balance (Ekko in the past). >And the funniest part? It is not on the same scale either. It is just Ziggs being played as ADC. Ziggs isn't anything special, to be honest. He's an APC and any APC can take his place instead of a Marksman. The point being here is that someone in high ELO has tried him and had success, therefore the community adopted Ziggs as the new meta's child. Maybe his tower taking ability plays a role here in the tower FB but even a LeBlanc can be a rather successful pick, if you know how to exploit the advantage you have as an assassin in terms of blowing up squishy champions that are situated on bot.
FYI Zyra started out PURELY as a mage. Since she couldn't keep up with others mid lane, most people played her bot lane instead, and Riot eventually labeled her secondary as support.
Oglaf (EUW)
: As a Support main, I am disgusted by the hypocrisy at display concerning ADCs being "out-phased".
The problem is that they gave supports AP scaling when they tend not to go full AP. Supports won't have strong late game spells unless they're building like an APC, which causes them to miss out on items that were designed for their role such as sightstone, locket & redemption.
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