TheGreatG88 (EUNE)
: How to deal with bullies in lane
honestly give up farm don't push lane and the minions will eventually come to u
WarWork (NA)
: Is Wukong SUPPOSED to be an assassin
He is legit the any champ left in the game where his build matter more then him as a champ.
: [1] Make use of the gold/experience provided by jungle camps. [2] Secure neutral objectives (i.e. Dragon, Herald, Baron, Scuttle) with Smite Those are the two main reasons behind why the role exists.
not to contest the enemy jungle, or first brick?
Rioter Comments
: This is how many OP Champion there are right now
if that many champs are op none of them are op.
: Why does Ardent Censer double-dip on increasing heal and shield effectiveness?
: fk this game
why post this there is nothing to discuss here. other then yasuo being very very weak.
Elisheva (NA)
: I love the forums. The only place where it is a tank, assassin, adc, and mage meta all at the same time.
I play the split push meta, with cammile which late game kinda fits them all.
DrLuau (NA)
: Balance solves for ADC dominance that Riot could implement in a hotfix
adc's suck unless the player is good. like dude. they do damage.
VyeAgra (NA)
: Oh I’m very aware , I was pretty sure I would lose the 1v1 but it was a good feeling to get revenge is all, I’m actually a support main so playing top lane is not really my thing but I totally understand your point , cheers and happy games
ok all good, I read that like you were pissed, my bad. GJ have fun.
: I'm not gonna lie. The once every 129 games my jungler secures that 5 minute ocean dragon, I know toplane is gonna go just fine.
As a top laner main, getting ganked is not a jungles fault, getting camped is not a jungles fault. I do like the 3 minute top gank or counter gank. But if you cant deal with a the enemy jungle, you cant lane for shit. BTW I mainly split push 1 v 1, I know when I can't win or the jungle is around, let alone the bloody mid laner. feed anyone you will probably lose. You say you can't solo carry trust me no one can. gold 5 I average 4 turrets a game. don't look at the stat its just lately.
VyeAgra (NA)
: Silver V Plat 1v1
I've been playing this game for a long time. i'll tell you right now, your 1 v 1 ability means nothing if you can't avoid ganks. And I have beaten people higher then me I've also seen them on what they main. I adc'd vs a challenger in 3's, was cait he was draven, by 20 minutes, he was just healing off me.
: I give up. I just can't outplay Zed no matter who I play.
ok I remember one game when you could get 700+ ad on zed, that's his ult alone + nothing doing 700 damage. They nerfed this. I don't really know him now but imo he is the iconic assassin. Little strong right now maybe, when he is to strong he might hit pro play, even ap yi did , next patch yi was reworked.
densi (EUW)
: you don't get my point, I am dead before i can do ANYTHING, if the jungler or mid laner has any kind of cc you are even easier down before you can move again properly
I also said this isn't your fault, or the towers, your jungle should be rotating along with your mid.
: Does Teemo's Q even counter anything anymore?
auto attack damage for a short period of time
: > [{quoted}](name=eaglei3,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=79PAnzE9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-13T22:25:13.298+0000) > > I don't care if Braum had anything else, but anybody that can produce a wall that stops projectiles and saves teammates is useful. {{champion:157}}
yeah but braum says mine moves.
: A very small love tap Kai'Sa could definitely use...
densi (EUW)
: then they might get two or three tower shots instead of only one which doesn't make any difference
attacking them also doesn't agro their minions.
densi (EUW)
: turrets are useless
Stop letting the minions get pushed under turret makes your easier to dive, and 4 v 2 under a tower isn't really the towers fault it couldn't win or yours really.
: Gets your team all the dragons, rift herald, and first tower blood...
I agree with this dragons and stuff are good, but I also think part of a jungles job is making sure the other jungles doesn't get to fed, couple kills is fine, changing every lane I think you gotta do something.
Zerenza (NA)
: Reworked Irelia, two weeks later.
becuz if you look at most champions, utility abilities scale of ap. and it might just be a way to balance her.
Onotori (NA)
: So what champ can legitimately 1v5?
none but you can outplay 5 as 1, split pushing, if they send more then 1 top its give your team a 1 man advantage, as long as you don't die. No matter how little your team uses this, if your good at it, they may eventually accidently do so. Although some games just cant be won.
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: Rakan Slaps you. "slap" is now a ranged attack?
pretty sure if your attack range is over 200 your ranged, excluding enhanced auto attacks.
: Some rework ideas for Wukong <3
You can cancel wu's ult. but not bad. more stealth would help him for sure. I think it be cool if you auto the clone, or hit it with abilty you are taunted by it, sounds fun.
: When are you helmet wearing idiots at Riot going to address Cho'Gath's tankiness and damage?
He sucks early, other then in lane sustain. He literally slowly walks at you. and 8k with 600 mr and armor seems like a bit much, and aftershock last what 3 seconds if that. a slow counters this dude if your ranged.
: Conqerur Rune busted
that wasn't the rune. at lvl 1 u have next to no armor for true damage to even really matter.
: Poppy passive vs ranged AA. Proc items that are melee at a range
Rioter Comments
DizzEwok (NA)
: How Can I Help My ADC?
: Has Riot changed their stance on the importance of high Ult cooldowns?
does everything you said here stats and all not answer your question?
: Instead of Increasing the Attack Speed Bonus of Lethal Tempo
: > [{quoted}](name=The Minion hunt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KW4ULkrF,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-04-12T21:22:19.486+0000) > > well he built to counter u wat u do? {{item:3191}} 100 golds less than {{item:3155}}, shit stats
{{item:3157}} better item, better stats. {{item:3156}} more expensive. althought I do not disagree hexdrinker the strongest early game item against any ap.
: What is your most hated champion in the game right now?
{{champion:1}} point click damage ult with absolutely no animation {{champion:24}} I just don't like this dude.
: > [{quoted}](name=DigiSuperMasa,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KW4ULkrF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-12T20:57:13.129+0000) > > thats why i think they should give ap champions ap scaling on aa to champions like they already have to turrets I shouldn't be scared to 1v1 a marksman as an ap assassin because he bought {{item:3155}}
well he built to counter u wat u do?
Clawsino (NA)
: I been permently banned
if your perma banned, you lost your account.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Don't bitch about kha oneshoting you from stealth.
Since when did 1 shotting = unloading your entire kit on someone. Probably on someone that doesn't have a defensive stat on them.
: Is Ryze a late game champion?
Ryze is a short range single target burst champion. He can all in a carry as long as no tank is in front of him, and once he has pen can hurt a tank. q-e-q-w-q-e-q can be cast in like 2- 2.5 seconds I think.
: what are some Hyper carry - GOD tier champions
Cammile. Can be hard to learn. But if your up for it, it's a rewarding champ to learn.
: It's not possible to beat Gnar 1v1 as a melee champion. Change my mind
Isn't yasuo like his hardest counter? Btw zed can all in him at lvl 6, just go in after he turns back into mini gnar.
: Manaflow band is by far the worst choice of mastery now.
use to be veigar passive still might be haven't played him in like a year.
: Who's currently the worst champion in lol
{{champion:9}} {{champion:76}} probably one of these ap jungle have it kinda ruff.
: I didn't know supports were a damage class I didn't know anyone could 3 shot a tank (because no one can) I didn't know support's job was to protect I didn't know supports can make a full damage champion not die to an assassin's/diver's full combo (oh wait they can)
All I here is 1 champ can't solo 2/ cant solo the one being protected. anyone else? you should win cuz u want to, working alone by the sounds of it, while they work as a team. so you should be able to dive into 2 people and kill one.
: When everyone on your team picks a damage dealer what do as mid?
Yes they would, that problem is in gold as well. Play what your comfortable with or dodge queue. if your team is mostly ranged, probably stick to a ranged poke like champ. also you can try to just wave clear with someone like Anivia till late game.
: What meets criteria for a ban?
A permaban does not need criteria, at any point riot may lock you out of your account, for any or even no reason at all. << criteria. This is mostly incase of their game shutting down, but riot my do what ever they want its what you agree to, when you hit agree.
Glory97 (EUW)
: Yasuo with conqueror in the midlane?! wtf is that dmg
reIIif (EUW)
: there's literally no point using manaflow anymore
manaflow was op, ziggs could just pam early, 1% of missing mana regen is huge.
: does static shiv and rapid firecannon stack now???
: Do these champs have the ability to carry a game to victory. Yes or no.
: Who counters Swain in toplane?
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