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: Find your IRL friends in League now
: Considering how over-reacted, and abusive Trynd, and Riot approached this case. I believe a very public apology is in-order, and not this skirting, half-ass apology. It was more than being misinformed, you were just completely out of line with how you treated the specific person. When you verbally insult another person, and his intentions, regardless of how informed you were, you need apologize explicitly. Some read between the lines apology does not cut it when you not only got the context COMPLETELY wrong, the intention COMPLETELY wrong, and not only wrongly represented StarLordLucian, but also publicly made derogatory comments towards his character. Just because your in riot, does not excuse your behavior.
You shouldn't come here to make demands. When demands are made in the comment section of any Riot post, it tends to be emotionally fueled. Logic is king in these types of situations. Making a suggestion, or voicing an opinion, is A-okay. Hell, it might just be the best course of action for letting the targeted person(s) know how you feel the situation should be handled. TL;DR: Don't be a jerk.

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