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: A Good Death
I wonder what a League of Legends MMO would be like. Being able to be a part of every character's Lore and experience it first hand, along with the events they could repeat (such as DOOM BOTS being evil clones or something, or URF, a grand influx of magic in the air that needed to be used, reducing CDs on everything dramatically, and even one of the more recent such as the fall of Gangplank, king of Bilgewater) I feel like Runeterra would make for a great land for an MMO Setting if done right. (But would require many years of preparation and planning)
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I play veigar so... I leave people stunned as I nuke people everywhere like Korea.
: Change it up with Chroma Packs
Final Boss Veigar Chroma pack for Hero Blue, Nightmare Red, and Preacher Yellow? (or something along the lines lol) Because personally, I love him, but green just isn't my color.
: 6 min deathcap as {{champion:1}} 1v5 Penta with everyone on their team dying within 5 seconds of the first death as {{champion:1}}. So Delicious~ {{champion:238}}, {{champion:84}}, {{champion:32}}, {{champion:62}}, and {{champion:107}}. Almost felt like I had a moment of {{summoner:13}}. And my allies kept trying to tell me to stop solo pushing mid, lol.

The Shadow Volt

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