: Only of the reports are from different people across several matches -- in other words normal report spread. Having multiple reports increase the weight gives power to premades troll reporting. The real problem is just people not reporting on general. Either they think it's not working (which it is), for whatever reason they feel it's ok, or some other reason. If more people legitimately reported, the system would catch a lot more people
Thats just it though, I feel that alot of people don't legitimately report because there is no physical system like the old tribunal in place.
: You do know that it only takes on report to trigger a review of the match
Right, but just by the sheer amount of toxic players that play daily across all elos. Something is obviously not working. No I didn't know that, but at the same time I think the amount of votes changes the priority, or at least it should.
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: Orb of Winter.
Well that is saddening, I don't have much time left if this is going to happen :/
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: How to pronounce Veigar?
I say it like Vee-i-garr.
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: {{item:3078}} is not a bad item instead of {{item:3004}} In 5v5's.
I have seen people build it, but it takes a while to build. Unless I am 5-0 leaving lane, I just can't find the time to build it. Should I rush it?
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