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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
Riot still cant make a stable client :/ click into runes during champ select and it locks me in the page so i cant X out and unintentionally dodge
: Just went up against a team of stolen accounts using scripts.
They said "Our accounts are cracked (stolen) so report us for our scripts you fucking inbred. You cant touch us. Get raped"
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: You Yasuo mains will literally do anything to play your champ.
I hate every {{champion:157}} player ever. They are the reason cancer runs rampant.
Porocles (NA)
: I'd like to help but need more info here. What do you mean by crashing exactly, and when is it happening? Are there any error messages? Let me know!
I did the repair option and it fixed it but now i have a 5 game penalty which is bullshit (Language is needed to express my frustration).
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Downvoted because you blame the client when it's probably your fault, upvoted because you made a good Ryze joke so nothing changed
It was telling me that i was unable to connect to "Maeve/Mauve(?)" and kicked me out of lobby and i lost LP and got a timer. I dont see how that would be my fault.
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: Be Victorious
I mean {{champion:39}} is the only one with green eyes and a nose bridge like that. She was a huge part of this season since FOR SOME REASON SHE NEEDED A BUFF! Also eyebrows on fleek.
Snakes13 (NA)
: Did I drink too much and miss the 2015 Harrowing?
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Tronickz (NA)
: Harrowing Skins/Content or lack thereof....
I was about to post something. Since ive been playing league there has always been a Harrowing around the 23rd of October until the 5th of November. What the fuck is this shit. The Harrowing was always my favorite event. Check this out
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: PSA: How To Win A Game Every Time
To clarify I do believe Dragon and other objectives are important but when the base is open and you get dragon instead to run faster....
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