mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Taco Kat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R70mU7lT,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-13T08:28:43.128+0000) > > Where is this diverse gameplay? It's just burst before you get bursted. What champions do you play ? What team comps do you form ? These questions will decide the gameplay match over match
Just wanna start this off with the statement that this will lead into a bitchy rant over damage and Riot's uselessness. It's purely frustration with the company that refuses to actually accept that the game has been in this state for so long. For ranked specifically? Kat, maybe Viktor. The moment we go into normals, I play a bunch of different shit. Kat (new and old), GP, Azir, Riven, Sion (both lethality and tank), Ryze, Viktor (new and old), Akali (new and old, including old tank top Akali), Kayn, Pyke, Darius, Qiyana, Kled, Aatrox (new and old) Bursty: Kat, GP, Riven (to an extent), Viktor (also to an extent), Qiyana, Blue Kayn Sustained damage: Ryze, Azir Strong all-in, but not bursty: Kled, Sion, Red Kayn, Pyke*, Aatrox, Akali (delays, though she somewhat fits in "bursty" as well), Darius Legitimate bullshit: Pyke The ones that feel like they're doing too much damage in my opinion: Riven, Qiyana, Blue Kayn (even though he's generally weak, his damage is absurd and that's what the discussion is about), Ryze, Akali, Pyke, Kled, Aatrox, Azir Champions should be allowed to have strong all-ins. They shouldn't be allowed to get a kill consistently simply because they have a strong all-in. Look at Pantheon. Why should you pick him when you could pick someone who is more relevant late game and nearly as strong in laning, such as Kled, Riven, or Darius? That used to be his niche, now he is so rarely played because you can get the same high-damage laning out of so many other top laners or junglers. Out of Kled, Aatrox, and Sion, which one do you think should be the tankiest? The one who infinitely stacks health? Nope. Try one of the ones who can remount and regain roughly 1.5k HP or the one who can revive to half health and drain tank like hell. All that tanks seem to offer now is a frustrating laning phase and an engage in the mid and late game, immediately followed by death since there's true damage and penetration everywhere. You used your engage? Good job, you just got 7 lethality and 6 magic penetration for playing the game. The Last Whisper items offer anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of armor negation. Void Staff offers 2/5 negation. You can purchase up to 57 fucking lethality and up to 33 magic penetration. Add on your dash penetration and your Lord Dominik's, and a tank has now just gone from, say, 240 armor, down to roughly 115 armor because they bought the three lethality items, used a dash, and bought a Lord Dominik's. But that would be indicative of a scenario that doesn't happen too much because that's an expensive build, isn't it? Well, luckily, the three lethality items cost 2900, 2900, and 3000. Lord Dominik's costs 2900. Add on 1k for boots, and you'll get a build with an open slot that only has costed you 12,700 gold. For a mage, you get the same level of bullshit, but there are so few magic resist items that you wind up ignoring even more than that, making up for your damage being on a cooldown... that now are always on a 40% reduced cooldown since you struggle to complete a build that doesn't just give you that since CDR is everywhere. I've played Kat since season 3, and I'm appalled by the damage in the game right now. Just take that for reference, and realize that I'm bitching about it even after the death of DFG and Kat's potential to wipe a team instantly without delays. Do I still play this? Yeah. Do I irrationally believe that Riot will one day stop saying "we need to analyze more data to confirm that more damage is in the game before we do anything"? Also yes. How many of my friends have stopped playing League cause the damage is bullshit? Basically all of them. I don't think everyone in my friend group and everyone else is coincidentally complaining about the same aspect, but they're truthfully just "blinded by nostalgia," as I've heard others try and claim.
: Not every change tho. Adc update in s5 gave marksmen more unique identities than ever before. Granted most of the radical changes ended up being undone like malzahar jg working.
Sure, but Kog'maw was a wreck and had to be reverted, and many Graves players (myself included) lost their champion.
mack9112 (NA)
: I mean we have more complicated champions and diversified gameplay
Where is this diverse gameplay? It's just burst before you get bursted.
Kharisma (NA)
: Glacial Augment Rune Bug
It's been a thing for a while now. It happens when you save your runes before doing your secondary tree.
: Just give him mana. Lot's of champs have 3 bars now. And don't listen to the he people who say "Thats a buff b/c Manamune!" So now he would actually be the late game champ he's supposed to be and would have to choose between rushing tear and zeal. This has never been as complicated as Yas fans want you to think ot is. For the record, I personally feel ALL CHAMPIONS should have mana. Even energy is BS in early laning.
Energy has its benefits and its downsides. For example, energy champions usually have added strength in their laning through that great sustain and above average damage and mobility, but they also can only use one spell rotation before being near irrelevant in a teamfight. Manaless champions tend to be very gated by cooldowns early on, but Yasuo admittedly gets very spamable very quickly as a result of attack speed lowering his Q cooldown. I personally don't have too much of an issue with Yasuo, but if they touch anything, I'd nerf that first. It'll weaken his laning a bit. Compensate for his late game scaling by lowering the cooldown in Q a bit at later ranks. Basically, that'd slow down his pushing power a bit and also reduce the amount of tornadoes you'll need to dodge early on, and missing Q will be more detrimental.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vox569,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ENkEiuVy,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2019-06-08T22:03:24.417+0000) > > Jinx music video was so good That video was made in leagues prime and brought a lot of people into the game.
I began playing right around when that video came out. I'd only been playing a few months at the time, max like nine months. I don't think I owned more than one skin at that time (as a sidenote Frostfire Annie will always hold a special place in my heart), and I was listening to that video on repeat A TON. Good memories.
: Riots solution to people complaining about missing URF, LETS MAKE THE GAME ITSELF URF!!!
They did call it the "future of League of Legends." To think, back then, we all took it as a joke.
: Reworks aren't supposed to preserve how the old champion played. They're supposed to get rid of the old champion and bring in a new kit.
Well, that's perfectly fine to change them a good deal. It's not perfectly fine to completely take a champion's kit and shove it somewhere else. That's shitty. Think about it, Akali is still able to be played mid, and she's still able to be played top. The kit itself is changed, but she at least maintained being in the same role. Imagine if she wound up being a jungler? Her kit isn't even too far off from being an absolute dream for a jungler (had her clear not been miserable), with all the mobility and burst (not to mention the mini stun and her ability to tower dive like a god until somewhat recently) she can lay down. ADC used to be my secondary, but it died off because Graves isn't a choice I have anymore. His auto was satisfying and his combos all flowed nicely, now it all just feels slow and clunky with the new shotgun, and it just kinda fucks him. Even if he got a range buff at this point, he wouldn't be any better in bot lane, since he pauses so long to take an auto. He'd just be better in top lane.
: It didn't work. Sometimes it would turn on, but it didn't last forever. It is unreliable for any kind of actual strategy.
That's really odd. I wonder if it's based off of Yuumi's position relative to you?
: Brb, I have to try this
Let me know if you get this to work too. I can't reliably test it myself, but I was watching the time usage counting up and there was a strong correlation to when Yuumi was attached to me. Another guy on Reddit also mentioned this a week ago when I looked into this a bit.
: You want to compare it to a Malzahar Ultimate? A Katarina Ultimate? The right call in this case is you _know_ you can't move during your Ultimate, and shouldn't use it if it brings you into a dangerous situation. Period. Do you know how many abilities are this inconsistent? Imagine if Zed reappeared at a random location after his ult because it would be "safer" for him. Would that feel fair to you? Or if Rengar could leap further from his ult because the target is under a turret? Yasuo's Ult is inconsistent and should be changed. Riot themself said it shouldn't have existed in a first place, but now the mechanic is there and they can't take it away because people would cry about it. And that sucks.
To be fair, it does specify **IF** he can be placed outside of the turret range, he will be. It's not really anything under the player's control to do so otherwise, so why should it just choose to randomly select where he should be? I understand how it can feel similar, but his ult could actually make him lose fights pretty often since it will root him in place under tower against his will. For someone like Kat or Malzahar, you aren't blinked to a spot to begin attacking. You remain stationary where you cast the spell, and you should plan accordingly. You can't help wherever the game chooses to place you with an instant blink with this change. That said, the argument of "if he's under turret agro, he should remain in turret agro" is plausible in my mind. That one could certainly be worth considering.
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iPrawn (NA)
: Riot, please be honest with the estimated wait times on match finding.
Mine is always within 4 minutes, and above 2:10 is rare. I had a queue timer estimate for 4:31 earlier today, found a match in 0:21, then another at 0:48 after someone declined. (This is for ARAM specifically)
Laura ß (NA)
: 22% of players know :) shhhh
DH is better when you're getting a ton of resets. Electrocute is better for starting those resets. You can imagine which is more valuable. That said, if you are just stomping your games, try out DH and make climbing even easier.
Infernape (EUW)
: You forget {{champion:150}} is a thing. He's the entire reason why that item is kept weak.
Don't forget about {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{champion:157}}. It's so incredibly unfun whenever that build is meta.
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Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Taco Kat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fIHZ3Jf2,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2019-01-11T20:01:41.391+0000) > > Except junglers would be worthless because laners would just wait until they approach their camps to kill them... not to mention that this would make them incredibly weak for ganking, especially in the bot lane. Also, bear in mind that blue smite is still bought pretty often. If red smite was as broken as you make it out to be, almost no one would take blue smite. > > Let's not forget that smite used to be on a 40 second cooldown, didn't have charges, and had no items that made it castable on people, instead making jungle items grant the typical stats and some bonus damage to jungle mobs. Also, don't you spend time farming in lane? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is definitely also PvE. > > You can say that the jungler "is able to influence the entire map," but anyone with TP and a fair amount of mid laners do that as well. As you get higher in ranks, supports sometimes roam so much that they are levels behind in XP. > > Use your trinket, buy control wards, don't make dumb decisions, and I assure you that junglers will seem *way* less oppressive. Koreans all agree that jungle is the strongest role and for the longest time the top 10/25 of the ladder was dominated by jungle mains. But just be better than top Korean challengers it'll get less oppressive eventually xd
I won't deny that they are very powerful in capable hands. I still choose to view the fact that junglers rely on a competent laner to work with them, and that there are ways to avoid a gank from a jungler. I am speaking from semi-outdated knowledge, I should note (I don't play this as much as I used to), so there may have very well been a big change that I'm unaware of. Additionally, with Riot's war against wards over the past few years, I wouldn't be shocked if junglers have become the superior role as a result.
: Because you don't lane? Because you play PVE for half the game? Because there needs to be a trade off for you not having to fight an actual opponent, being able to influence the entire map and control the most powerful neutral objectives?
Except junglers would be worthless because laners would just wait until they approach their camps to kill them... not to mention that this would make them incredibly weak for ganking, especially in the bot lane. Also, bear in mind that blue smite is still bought pretty often. If red smite was as broken as you make it out to be, almost no one would take blue smite. Let's not forget that smite used to be on a 40 second cooldown, didn't have charges, and had no items that made it castable on people, instead making jungle items grant the typical stats and some bonus damage to jungle mobs. Also, don't you spend time farming in lane? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is definitely also PvE. You can say that the jungler "is able to influence the entire map," but anyone with TP and a fair amount of mid laners do that as well. As you get higher in ranks, supports sometimes roam so much that they are levels behind in XP. Use your trinket, buy control wards, don't make dumb decisions, and I assure you that junglers will seem *way* less oppressive.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Taco Kat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=epmPl9vW,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-12-22T17:42:50.672+0000) > > It's next to impossible to deal with Kalista when there isn't point and click or very fast-moving CC available. I don't want to have her strong again; she's easily my least favorite champion to play against when in an overpowered state. is this a joke? Not only is Kalista in a horrible position right now, She's one of the easiest adcs to cc. First of all, her dashes move in one direction leaving her easier to hit with a skill shot if you just aim in that direction. Meanwhile in high elo an adc could dash a different way to dodge something or just simply click to walk the other way. Not to mention she can't cancle her auto attacks. Kalista's passive is literally only good for chasing people and running away from people with no cc like Shyvana, Trynd, etc. Can't believe you just tried to make her sound op lmaooo. Deadass she's so easy to cc too so I don't understand. Bot lane is filled with champions that counter her cc wise. Lulu, Thresh, Pyke, Alistar, etc all destroy her. She relies super hard on her early game cheese damage with rend to bully her opponent before she just falls off the face of the game.
I didn't say she was strong right now at all; I said she's bullshit _when_ she is strong. Without point and click CC, she'll likely be that much more of a balance issue. Note that two of the four supports you listed HAVE that point and click CC, and Thresh's flay has a pretty decent AoE (which also counters her). Pyke is the only one there that doesn't fit one of those two qualifications, but if you're going by metrics, one of the best matchups for her is Pyke with a 49.08% WR (bearing in mind that she has a 46.31% WR by those same metrics). She is certainly in an okayish state balance-wise right now, but she was a nightmare in the past for a reason. If you get rid of one of her hardest counters, you in turn make her strong—how strong I don't know, but you risk making her FotM once again. I didn't know that her linear jumping makes her worthless. Guess those dumb guys in Worlds 2017 could've made use of that information during the Ardent meta. Also, I wouldn't consider her Rend "cheese" damage. It's an ability and it does what it is intended to do, so she is a lane bully, nothing special about that. Her mid-game isn't fantastic, but she's also had a particularly strong late-game because it's difficult to touch her then.
: It really ain't that hard to hit a root while someone is dashing though. Am I missing something or are you just asking for champions that would only be useful in low elo? They're not going to make a point and click root as strong as a skill shot root, so these point and clickers will just get passed by higher skill cap champs. Like I haven't missed a root on camille mid dash in ages. she literally just goes in two straight lines and flys towards a wall where you can aim your root. The only reason Ryze is even good is because they thought that making a champion "take skill" by having to do multiple rotations extremely fast over and over again was a good idea. In reality he's just a weird burst tank mage that no one likes to play against and everyone has a headache playing. Malz just has wayyy too much counterplay and he gets outvalued by everyone. Not a good idea to add more point and click stuff into the game imo. Doesn't feel that great to play against either. I'd be okay with a semi skill shot point and click root like they have in smite. You just have to hover your mouse under someone, but if they dash last second and you click the ground and miss them, you miss the root. That's okay in my book. More stuff like ryze? No thanks.
It's next to impossible to deal with Kalista when there isn't point and click or very fast-moving CC available. I don't want to have her strong again; she's easily my least favorite champion to play against when in an overpowered state.
: Only ADCs and Mage mains want +35 minutes game, average game lasting 25-35 minutes is a perfect time anyway.
I main Kat and I want those 35+ minute games. If you aren't aware, Kat excels early on and then takes a massive shit late game, but I still love the late game not being a one-shot fest. It's disgusting when I play Viktor and one-shot someone with Q+AA/Lich Proc+E and they're dead (happened on Nexus Blitz very recently!). Even if I have a lead, never before could someone be instantaneously erased from the game. Tone down damage and there's an actual enjoyable game underneath all of this dogshit that Riot has put out for the past 3-4 years.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanilla Trubbs,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=47KQqxrd,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-11-28T20:24:09.719+0000) > > people still claim wow classic is all nostalgia bullshit. Is not simple "people" is how the human brain works. EVERY GAME EVER (like WoW, Ultima Online, Hearthstone etc) was OMG SO MUCH BETTER IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS!11! for the older players, cause OFC the first times you play a game is when you have the most fun. You remember that fun, you fail to understand WHY you had it, you draw totally wrong conclusions.
You know, there's this one game that comes to mind when you mention that it's *always* a nostalgia trap. Ever hear of Runescape? That game that had a massive redesign from what it once was and made a lot of the veteran players angry with the decision made that they just quit playing? But oh, that must've just been a nostalgia trap as well... disregarding the fact that there was a secondary server created for "old school Runescape," which, *peculiarly*, many of the veteran players came flocking back to. But hey, what do I know about the game I've been playing for nearly 6 years now, ever since I was 12 years old? You can say that nostalgia trap can *hinder* what something really was, but you can't say that it applies to every single situation, and you can't say that it completely obstructs what I once enjoyed. As a final note, I just want to add that the damage isn't the only thing that I am frustrated by in League right now. While I really hate blowing up at all stages in the game from 90% of the roster, what really irks me is the fact that Riot changes champions so drastically in their reworks now that it is beyond infuriating (for me, Graves was one of my favorite champions that doesn't even get played in the same role anymore ffs and is worthless in it). You *cannot* say that nostalgia clouds that. Removing something from a game that you enjoyed isn't nostalgia fucking your memory.
: I beg for help with a prize winning game on my local radio.
It sounds like a candy machine. You know, like the ones you stick a quarter in and turn the handle and get a handful or Skittles or whatever?
: From 20-30 people online in my friends list, came down to 0-2 being online.
I feel this would be appropriate to post here. I just signed in because I knew no one would even be playing this still, and I know one of those people just leaves the client open 24/7 because he's a streamer. Only 3 of those people are currently in a game, by the way. I have to say that the biggest thing that is pissing me off at the moment with Riot is that their reworks are killing off a lot of champions I loved in return for new ones that I only like and will only play once in a while.
: I propose this :
I would love to walk around the Ionian cities. They're just so beautiful and have that feeling that culture and tradition is extremely prevalent there. OP, if you get a chance for this as well, I would more than likely fall in absolute love with it.
: Exactly, if I can get insta E when collecting daggers, I would be very good.
No, not an insta E. The very tiny delay when casting Shunpo, **not** the cooldown that is reduced from picking up a dagger.
: Katarina Nerfs - 2 long years.
Honestly, I don't care for any buff other than removing the extremely miniscule Shunpo delay or adjusting how it works. It wouldn't affect much apart from the interaction that has become more and more broken between it and Gunblade as time goes on, as you can't cast them together like you used to be able to. That shitty interaction has lost me so many teamfights and games that it's not even funny. Normally, your bread and butter combo would be E+Gunblade+AA+W+Q+R, but roughly 60% of the time, Gunblade won't go off if you use it during that ~.025 second (.075? can't remember) delay, which greatly reduces your initial burst and your ability to hit an enemy with the second dagger (and sometimes both). It feels awful that Gunblade doesn't go off because of that tiny little delay, and I would even be willing to knock off a tiny bit of damage off of an ability if needed to fix this bug (if these rune change go through though, this probably won't need to be done). It's a royal pain in the ass.
: Zoe can miss W. It seeks the nearest targets. If he still had minions with him, some of them would have soaked the W's.
They prioritize the target you're attacking, by the way.
: Meanwhile {{champion:55}} is still stuck with her delays and falls off the face of the earth after 20 mins
Her delays are fine, but she definitely falls off extremely quickly - not Pantheon levels of fall-off, but it's pretty rough if you're looking at win rate over game time.
Nylisa (EUW)
: Did i...did i just see Sona?
Just to help you out with your resolution issue, you should check this out: Put the picture in, set it to artwork, 1.6x or 2.0x resolution scaling, and no noise reduction. It's not perfect, but it will look substantially better than it does at the moment, I'm sure!
: > [{quoted}](name=ChristmasEvelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=plAEvxOQ,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2018-07-25T16:42:28.079+0000) > > Remove the rune entirely and replace with a rune that says "decreases stop watch purchase gold by xxx." > > > Stop watch shouldn't be free Even at 10 mins not sure you thought that one through all the way... do u want people buying 100-200 gold stopwatches every time they want?
"Transforms into Broken Stopwatch when activated, which cannot be activated again. **Once broken, all future purchases are also broken.**"
: It actually only provides 250g (the cost of 5 regular potions) by existing, making it actually worth less *gold* than biscuit delivery (four *much* stronger potions).
Wasn't aware that it had the decreased gold value there. Either way, it being able to give you a 250g start towards 3 decent items isn't anything to be scoffed at, and it really should still have some bigger downside to using it if Riot wants to ever make it a balanced rune. Sure, make it so it's ready at the level 6 timeframe, but destroy the item upon consumption. I should note that I'm not the biggest fan of the item's existence to begin with, let alone the rune, but Riot doesn't really seem to want to get rid of it, as I'm certain something else would've replaced it (the rune) by now.
: They should just lower the stasis time of Stopwatch to 1 second and let it be used even earlier I always just use Ingenious Hunter when I play champions that use Zhonya's
A shorter Zhonya's invulnerability is much stronger than a longer one, contrary to popular belief. Honestly, the rune stopwatch should simply be destroyed upon consumption to make it balanced. It provides 600g by it just existing, which is incredibly overpowered. It should be something that can act as that gold amount or have it be one use with no 600g benefit attached.
: He was. His W was nerfed by a lot.
If you take a Tiamat, there isn't much impact on him. He can still shove then roam as he did before.
: games decided in 15 minutes because ALL OF YOU FF at 15. Everyone gives up. You wanna come back, then you focus and play a 30 min game. But 90% of EVERY LEAGUE player is going to give up if the team has even a MEDIUM SIZE lead at 7 min...15 min. Then ya ff. You the players make the game shitty. sincerely 2nd year noob. Suck it up and lose at the end of the game or come back.{{champion:3}}
In Diamond, people know how to close out games. Matches often end within 25 minutes there, and there's basically no hope of a comeback. Don't say that you can just "suck it up" and get a comeback. It doesn't work like that past Platinum. I want to lead off with stating that I frequently watch old LCS matches and am incredibly excited for things such as League of Memories. The game has been easily my favorite over so much time, but it's turned into such an amalgamate of horrible balancing, overloaded champion releases, and refusal to listen to the community (which they HAVE done in the past, mind you; the boards and Reddit have acted as a place for the players to voice their opinions and Riot used to listen, or at the very least respond) that the game has just been deformed into this game of chicken where no one wants to take action because it's just going to royally fuck them if they're at even the most remote of a disadvantage. Then came along reworks that had hurt a lot of the playerbase due to the refusal to maintain identities or forced them into another role and Riot had really started digging themselves a grave. {{champion:104}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} All of these champions have received some form of change (whether it was reverted or not) that moved their role they'd be balanced around (such as Graves from ADC to the Jungle; don't even say that Lucian is the "other Graves," I assure you they were very much different) or were changed so greatly that they are now unrecognizable. Does this mean that these champions are bad or unfun? No, I actually enjoy a lot of them. Does this still negatively impact a large amount of people because their champion that they've enjoyed has been removed? Definitely. Galio, Sion, and Aatrox were so greatly changed that they could've been marketed as new champion releases and no one would've noticed. Aatrox is hardly auto reliant now. Galio used to have this somber personality and played passively but could hard engage and tank as an AP carry, and his kit has been changed into a competitive powerhouse. Sion used to be a walking meme machine that no one knew what the most effective build even was on him, now to be a brute that slams into people with telegraphed damage and CC (again, I note that reworked Sion is one of my favorite champions, but I had played the old one previously). This is what has angered a lot of the playerbase. Riot promises to maintain the core identity of a champion, then goes and makes a rework like Sion, Aatrox, or Galio. Onto balance. Towers are squishier the further into the enemy base you are, super minions are a nuisance and can take out a tower and then some if left alone (they should do this, but not off of one wave) due to XP advantage buffs on them, towers provide no protection (what happened to that tier 2 shield on the towers from Season 5? That would be perfect right now), damage has skyrocketed due to keystones acting as a secondary passive, with runes not being as malleable (you wanted to start with some additional armor or magic resist to lane against your opponent? Sucks for you), and I could go on and on about so many things that have accumulated over the past few years that have had such detrimental effects on this game. Is the game still enjoyable? Sure, sometimes. The games that are evenly matched and last to 40 minutes feel super refreshing and enjoyable, whereas the 25 minute stomps are headache inducing. Fast metas are a pain in the ass because you get things like Dr. Mundo just running over everyone and there's not much you can do about it. This game is a lot more fun when you aren't forced into a loss at 20 minutes because the enemy team can just burn through a baron after one teammate got killed and push mid lane with the buff to end. Sincerely, 6th year veteran that strictly refuses to surrender. {{champion:3}}
Madsin25 (NA)
: It is good on champions that can actually stack HP and also have hp damage scaling in their kit. So {{champion:14}} and {{champion:8}}.
Well yeah, it directly fits in with their kits, but that's why I pointed out that I got 9.6% increased health from it. That's something that I achieved in only 31 minutes, and it grants a pretty hefty amount of extra HP. I personally think the rune is fine as-is.
: Reminder that Overgrowth is a Terrible Rune
I just played a 31 minute match yesterday as lethality Sion and took overgrowth in my secondary. I remember seeing 9.6% increased HP off of it. Personally, I feel it's fine. Buffing it will only create issues in a meta with longer matches (assuming those will ever exist again).
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
> [{quoted}](name=Interlocutioner,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yLGB6L3Z,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2018-07-23T17:51:41.447+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Do me a favor and tell the team that animates the dances and such to wait on implementing one. I think you guys have a great reference that you could work off of here. ;)
: What the game really needs for old players are legacy servers. But i guess this is the nature of a lot of the games which constantly change shit, they end up alienating all of their players slowly over time.
I'm pretty sure Ghostcrawler said that they don't keep the old patch information (coding specifically) laying around. Why, I have no clue, but he said it sounds like a fun idea apart from the fact that they'd have to recreate ALL of the balancing and numbers from a certain patch and then try and get it to function properly. Essentially, it's a real shame that it's unlikely we'll ever be able to get a time capsule-esque gamemode from Riot.
: I think your miss reading the passive? or maybe I am. As i understand it the passive has 2 conditions A) you have to be bursted within a certain period of time to trigger the effect B) your getting 40% or 80% of 50% of your current max HP from the shield. -depending on the item tier- or in simple terms 20% of your max HP or 40%. This means on tanks that stack health it would be immensely difficult to proc bc its unlikely youd be bursted that fast (Unless your being hard focused but thats the enemy team misplaying) or your squishy enough to proc it but the shield is smaller because of your lower base HP). That doesnt really sound broken to me and it has an innate punishment for tanks who decide to build the item ontop of offering AP instead of health making it very in-efficent cost wise? the orbs could definitly be excessive tho.
The issue is, that with the current meta, tanks can be burned through with all of the true damage that is flying around. It would still be usable then. It also introduces a weird gameplay pattern that would cause champions to just wittle each other down, and would likely just introduce a poke meta to counter the item. I should also mention that it is based off of current health. If it were just the first passive on the completed items, it might be something that maybe could have some potential, but just look at the last passive. The second one gives you a situational shield, a slow, and hard CC on *one* item. These create so many issues with the game that may just create a "Well, I'll just buy this on a champion that isn't supposed to have hard CC and just remove any counterplay that could ever exist" situation. Champions who would abuse this item would only be able to be countered by this item, and that is not a healthy gameplay mechanic at all. The final two items get a slightly larger window of time to lose health, and if you were to combine this with a Sterak's and then proceed to get purely damage, what's the point in a tank anymore when your mid laner or ADC could just pick this up and do the same thing, but dish out loads of damage at the same time? You introduce self peeling for anyone and extremely unfun gameplay with the introduction of this item.
: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following 5 images?
Option #3 P: This champion uses both Mana and Pulses. One Pulse is recharged every 14 seconds, and will increase the effectiveness of this champion's abilties. Some abilties may still be cast with insufficient Pulses, but with a lesser effect. Up to 3 Pulses may be held at once. This is not affected by cooldown reduction. (Note: Abilities that have this effect will be visually different for clarity's sake. The Pulse system definitely needs some work, as the abilities would be too powerful with the current iteration. This is a control mage that shines when using the Ultimate, especially in the late game.) Q: [X Mana] or [X Mana + 2 Pulses] Two pulses are sent out in a target direction, dealing damage and piercing through the first enemy hit. This works similarly to Lux's Q, with only one instance of damage being able to be applied to each target. The first pulse deals X damage, and the second pulse deals 15/20/25/30/35% extra damage and slows the target. If no second target is hit, the pulse quickly returns to the champion and will slow all targets on its return, dealing damage equal to the first pulse. Pulse Bonus: The bonus damage is also dealt to the first target. W: [X Mana + 1 Pulse] or [X Mana + 2 Pulses] Places a small wall that will send a quick pulse outward after a short delay, blasting all enemy units away from it, dealing damage. This is meant to be used in combination with the Q by lining it up for key targets. This wall can be walked through. Pulse Bonus: The wall begins to form a pulse prematurely, making the wall physical terrain that may not be passed through. Movement abilities are unaffected by this and may pass over the wall. E: [X Mana] Places a "clone" of the champion in a target location (450 unit range) for 2 seconds. The next basic ability cast will be based off of the clone's location rather than the champion's. This can be used to change the angle of the W to control your opponents' movement, exposing targets. R: [X Mana] Passive: Landing unique abilities in their Pulse Bonus forms will reduce the current cooldown of the next Pulse by [ .7 / 1 / 1.3 ] second(s). Active: After a brief channel, the cooldown for Pulses is reduced by [20+( .9 / 1.2 / 1.5 CDR)%] for 8 seconds, but self-slows the champion by 15% for the period. Additionally, the cooldown for the Q is reduced by 10% for each unique enemy champion hit by any ability during this time. This may be reactivated after 2.5 seconds to end the ability prematurely.
: maybe AP assassins like akali/katarina/fizz/diana even so thats probably okay bc thos champs dont have the best defensive options either. Only Zhonyas and banshees.
Kat can take Hexdrinker already or Maw if she really needs to. Her build often has a Morellonomicon, Zhonya's, and a Liandry's in some matchups. In my opinion, Katarina has some massive advantages over many other mid laners at the moment just because she is able to adapt her build in terms of defensive stats with relative ease. If you have a rough laning phase against something like Fizz or LeBlanc, pick up a Hexdrinker and start building towards your Gunblade. Follow up on this with Sorc. Shoes and Morello's, and you're pretty difficult to take down in AP matchups. It also helps to take Nullifying Orb. For an AD matchup, start Cloth+4, take resolve secondary, get your Seeker's if you aren't ahead, then build into Gunblade and finish your Zhonya's, then build as you normally would. *Trust me*, Kat would be able to abuse the HELL out of this. This item screams the return of tank Katarina, which is not something that anyone wants to see. Even then, these items are incredibly busted. Each time I kept reading further, I just thought "There's MORE to it?" I would buy this on literally every champion, even if they didn't have AP scales. The gold value is immense and the passive is just so absurdly broken.
: Infinity Edge also doesn't do anything without crit. Meaning Yi, a hyper carry, is on at least 5 items, including boots, with 2 of them being over 3000 gold (you ARE buying Rageblade on Yi no matter what). Literally any hyper carry is going to shred a tank with like 12k gold. Offensive stats should inherently outscale defensive ones.
As a non-tank player, when I get them in ARAM, I have to admit that I have not felt tanky ONCE in the past two seasons. Damage creep is so absurd that a tank can get rinsed through in a second or two as if they had no items. This is the worst I've ever seen damage get. Everyone blows up each other, and if your champion can't do that (or try and prevent that instant burst), your champion currently doesn't even belong in this game. Tanks should be able to feel tanky at 3-5 items. Not unkillable, but they should be able to face tank a Yi for a little while. Rageblade, however, makes it so tanks are shredded from Yi's E and, when a BotRK is included in that build, there isn't anything a tank can do but get frustrated when they realize that there is nothing they can build to counter that damage. Tanks shouldn't be oppressively tanky, but they should not be cut through as if they're being melted through by that 1000 degree knife from however long ago.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: 60% dmg reduced and probly 2500 hp Also stun him with something.
True damage isn't affected by anything. It will always do the amount of damage it states.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yenn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhdgT42g,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-07-02T05:54:08.143+0000) > > 'You were an ADC building like an ADC, you deserve to die instantly with no counterplay for not rushing Warmogs and Sunfire' > > The actual damage was about 130% of my max health, Tabi wouldn't have saved me and an actual armor item would have made me irrelevant. > > Dumbest post of 2018 okay let a bronze v tell you why you're wrong. idk how you made it to platinum, but here's what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. tabi doesnt save you from physical damage. it saves you from basic attacks. the 25 armor is negligible. the 12% damage reduction from basic attacks isnt. if nocturne uses his R he deals very little physical ability damage immediately upon arrival. you can see the 400 hp damage that he does with his R. that massive amount of damage which causes you to die is from a combination of dark harvest, sudden impact, duskblade, smite, nocturnes Q, nocturnes E, 29.5 minutes of gathering the storm and storm razor all loaded onto nocturnes basic attack. what's more you had literally no armor against an opponent with 2 forms a lethality. you deserved to die. so no mr platinum. you didnt die from a single R. you died from nocturne facerolling his keyboard with his only goal in mind to kill you. and he did. your pitiful glass cannon build with zero sustain, mobility, or defense, no penetration, and 2 conflicting items on a character that cant even use one of them to its fullest ability... how did you make it to platinum.
I was D5 last season, peaked at D4, and as a League veteran from season 2/early season 3 who mains Kat and old Graves (both *extremely* bursty champions), this amount of damage is just disgusting. Sure, he is an assassin (using the build that he is), and he should be chunking squishies (as Nocturne is compensated with high damage for his lack of effective AoE), but I've grown so sick with the one shots or assassin-like damage regardless of who you're playing. So many of the things I loved in this game are removed or turned into this bullshit. It's unbelievably infuriating to see a game that I loved go to shit and know that I have no influence over returning League to its golden days.
: >This shit is nothing that Aatrox was originally like I mean, isn't that the point of this rework?
Now, I don't see Riven 2.0, but I must admit I'm pretty unhappy with the outcome of the rework. I'm no Mastery 7 Aatrox main or anything, but I recently found him to be pretty fun. I've been playing/practicing him a little in normals and found some decent success, and it was an enjoyable experience. I've loved his VO since I first heard it, and it's honestly painful to see it go. Riot has said in the past that they want to maintain the identity of the champion while refreshing them and modernizing them in the game. I honestly don't think this is modernizing; this is a complete overhaul with a new identity. Riot has continually been taking champions to the chopping block and putting their names elsewhere. Does this mean that I dislike the outcomes of these reworks? Not at all; Sion is one of the few tanks/tanky champions that I enjoy playing, I liked the outcome of the Poppy rework because it felt like her playstyle still (for the most part), and Galio had some really impressive changes (though this is where it started to trend downhill) that made his name come up in pro play without it being a joke. Does this mean that I may still wind up liking the new Aatrox? Sure, but it's still at the cost of something else that I actually found very enjoyable. It's really a shame, because Aatrox was one of the few champions I still play in normals. I've been playing ARAM a ton recently after getting out of the game, and I guess I'm gonna be sticking to that for a while.
: Why not give Ohmwrecker an effect on allied towers?
Tower invulnerability for the duration would be neat, though I'm unsure of its actual usefulness in game.
: This patch needs to be hot fixed or risk serious long term consequences
I completely agree with your friends. I was a diamond player last season (Diamond V, but was higher than that at one point) who aspired to get to master tier at some point. Ever since last season, about half-way through it, I just got more and more fed up with the crap that has been added to this game. Too many controversial changes, too many reworks that made champions so different from their former kits (see: Galio, Graves), and Riot refusing to listen to the community. I started playing at the start of Season 3, and I know that, back then, Riot would've immediately said "Oh shoot, people are really pissed about 'X.' Any ideas on what to do?" or they would've, if you can believe it, actually responded to these posts on the boards. There is nothing that makes me more pissed off at Riot than the fact that they never communicate **with** the players; all they do is communicate **to** them. I can't remember the last time I saw a Rioter say anything on a post in regards to their game design and discussing it with the playerbase. Hell, look at the "Hot" page right now; there isn't a single Rioter that has said anything in response to any of them. P.S. Saw the Red Tracker on the side, and they so infrequently comment on anything "Gameplay." Most of the ones I came by had little to offer in terms of game balance, just some making conversation.
: @Meddler Please do not remove pre-minion spawn phase.
I don't think that they realize this is also a minor nerf to Gathering Storm. That, or they do, and just want to shorten games *even more*. I miss the games that had excitement building up, tension in fights, and when comebacks weren't just one or two fights won, not the hopelessness of the snowball-fest that is League today.
: When Dodge runes were removed you gave us a full refund in season 2
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