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: Soraka runes?
Aery for aggressive plays and better heals. Guardian for those defensive and last minute protections.
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: In my opinion, and i have never had serious issue with sylas unless he's been fed.... Is that his ult simply needs the opponenet n range to steal it. That's it, no other conditions. I have never played sylas, as I am an ADC/jg main but i feel there should be ateast one more condition to his ult steal. I've evaded it once or twice, but it's not uncommon for sylas to steal an ult and immediately pull it off.
A flaw in that is that if you kill someone after stealing their ultimate and you still have their ultimate, they are technically going back to fountain. So if they aren’t there, you neutered the Sylas and he has to use the ult to kill instead.
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: Repertoir asking the league players a question about items and runes
Shahamut (NA)
: If you were designing Yasuo...
I actually don’t know my full answer off the top of my head. How I would change him would be less of “swordsman who uses the wind” to “samurai who respects, commands and flows with the wind”. I would use less sword based attacks and more wind based AD skills instead.
: Dont wanna "Cheese your onions" but charzard is a fire type not dragon {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
> [{quoted}](name=Tham Chundi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XEiOUXfe,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-10T21:08:14.538+0000) > > Dont wanna "Cheese your onions" but charzard is a fire type not dragon {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Your counter argument is so riveting. Shows what you know.
: > [{quoted}](name=The entire team,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XEiOUXfe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-10T20:13:26.447+0000) > > Get your Pokémon out of League please. My Jarvan is in the right nature and does not need to be Adamant nature to win with skill. Welp I guess SOME people can't except change. My proposition was justifiable and you provided NO evidence against it
> [{quoted}](name=Tham Chundi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XEiOUXfe,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-10T20:16:04.711+0000) > > Welp I guess SOME people can't except change. My proposition was justifiable and you provided NO evidence against it Alright fine. Firstly, this is clearly a Pokemon idea. Your idea of Champion types literally is the same as Pokemon types. Shyvana might as well be a Charizard. If these types exist, all other champions would have to be overhauled for these “types” to be implemented. Like how Ornn is Fire and Rock type (or Steel, which is debatable). While it makes the champs unique, it brings another problem: skins. Reksai looks to be a Dark Ground type with being a voidsent and a burrower, but her Pool Party skin makes her a Water type instead? Brand has an ice skin and a zombie (poison or ghost) skin. Ziggs has a water skin and an electric skin. Soraka has a ghost skin and a grass skin. Skins would make the initial type confusing and jarring or, if they did change the type, an incredibly fucked up pay to win a game, since you can switch skins during champ select. Secondly, Pokemon is an RPG while Lol is a MOBA. Two different genres of games. Sure they are games, but that doesn’t mean that having the same system would make them any better. Would people who love COD shift to a top down shooter because it’s ‘unique’? No. It would be intrusive and unneeded. Third, champion moves are suddenly a whole thousand can of worms to balance. When the champs have types, they have moves with types to attack with, and that can get SO varied that it would cause so many curbstomps on other champions while those same ones curb stomp others. It creates a huge imbalance on who wins and who doesn’t win. The few champs that have more diverse move types have much more of an advantage against the enemy team, like Rumble, due to how much coverage they have, and their utility and mechanics would easily make them more useful. And pardon my French, but don’t bullshit me and cheese my onions about the RNG stuff. It doesn’t make it skill based. This game is mechanics based, and therefore doesn’t need to be by the numbers like Pokémon. Even if you know more about the game, a Riven can STILL kick the opponent’s ass even though she has a disadvantage (there’s a lot of steel type champions now that I think about it). If that same Riven goes up against someone weak against her, that isn’t skill. That’s RNG, and the fact she has a deep wallet and a credit card so she’ll never have the disadvantage. There. Hope you’re damn happy. EDIT: had to correct a spelling mistake.
: Why not convert to Type damage
Get your Pokémon out of League please. My Jarvan is in the right nature and does not need to be Adamant nature to win with skill.
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GreyfellD (EUW)
: The Introduction of the "Rant" board showcases Riot's arrogance in dealing with customer feedback.
I remember the last time they listened to the community. We got Conqueror. And the boards went MADD. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: So...Kayle...
Delete her in the earleh game. Even tho she becomes all powerful and destructive late game, that doesn’t mean she is invincible outside of her ult.
: Been here since S3, this is still worse imo.
Those nostalgia goggles are strong. What about the ADC rework or the Runes Reforged?
: Honestly 9.5 might be the worst patch I've ever played this game on
Someone here has never played League of Black Cleavers or the Assassin Rework before.
tommyIAO (NA)
: I was expecting nerfs after nerfs but not really any nerfs also sylas heal increased early LOL FACEPALM
If the game has nerfs after nerfs, then everything will be unplayable and unsatisfying to play.
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tommyIAO (NA)
: Another useless fkkng patch
What were you expecting to happen?
: PSA: Be considerate of your teammates and don't play Kayle or Morgana in ranked if you're first time
Morgana I can understand for ranked. Her kit is exactly the same unless they are actually first timing her. Kayle on the other hand...
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Make the game harder not easier
If you want it harder, go to silver and gold elo
Moody P (NA)
: Why does Ornn have so much power loaded on a stats passive?
It’s a bit of a bandage buff, tacking it in for the sake of giving him a ‘passive’.
: This board colossally misuses, misunderstands and misbrands “stat checkers/stat checking.”
It's often that people use this and other terms to "justify their argument". This guy uses Yi and killed me, he's a stat check, therefore he's OP. This guy was an ADC and killed me, he's a stat check, therefore he's OP. Granted, we are in a damage-based meta, but there is more to League than just... stats. Kiting, chasing, baits, ganks, anything. You said it best: stat checks exist, but they exist until a certain point, and then they have to rely on their decisions and movements, like avoiding the CC on CD.
: > [{quoted}](name=The entire team,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JolmAz5J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-05T00:49:08.329+0000) > > The boards are a mess. Kinda reminds me of a turf war between two factions. One who hates tanks and one who hates damage dealers. > > Sad to say, the tank haters are a dying breed. The people who hate tanks seem like a thriving inbreed right now.
News to me. Now, it’s usually “Deletus the Rivenus, Bannus the Shojinus, upvotes because I’m right”.
GigglesO (NA)
: I hate to say it...
The boards are a mess. Kinda reminds me of a turf war between two factions. One who hates tanks and one who hates damage dealers. Sad to say, the tank haters are a dying breed.
: Give Olaf a proper juggernaut ultimate
As an Olaf main, it sickens me to the n’th degree. He already has a lot of damage, half of it true damage, and a lot of survivability due to his high health and lifesteal. He wouldn’t be a Berserker without it. Also, Olaf laughs at Jax’s resistances with his true damage.
: You assume they can land a rupture on a mobile target. If you can't land rupture, you aren't doing anything. If your opponent is any good rupture is one of the easiest skills to dodge and predict in the game.
That's what makes Cho'gath a difficult champ to play compared to other champs. He isn't simple by any means, and requires a bit of skill just like any other champ. Amumu needs to land a bandage. Maokai needs to space his ulti for peels. Alistar needs to land his combo correctly and catch as many people as he can. Chogath has it a little harder to aim (cooldown on Q, wind-up animation, and simple dodging), but he has % health damage to make up for it, and if you're up to play some mind games with the opponent and outsmart them, then that's even better. Plus, the reward for that Q landing play is that he can silence and execute. If you can't land a Rupture, consider practicing or reading their dodging/attacking behaviours. If they wanna dash out, aim it more backwards, so they have to run to the side and you can approach them easier to attack and eat.
: Gotta be able to get to the target first O.o
Righteous. It’s called running up to them first since they can’t run away without using flash or dashes.
: Why I'am getting One Shotted with 7k hp 188 magic resist and 188 armour as full tank Cho'Gath......
The real question is: If you have that much HP, then why didn’t you one-shot them?
: Why in the hell are you buffing sylas?
It’s both a buff and a nerf. Nerf cuz lower base damage at rank 5. Buff cuz higher ratio and early healing. No offense to you, but he kinda needs it for his early game, and maybe a bit less on his late. He’s so polarizing cuz his early game is so weak compared to his late game. Also helps lower the power of tank Sylas.
: BTW > TheRadiationWolf: kubij se > TheRadiationWolf: kjazavac > TheRadiationWolf: napravi klanje.exe na User.exe Isn't even Inapropriate these are some dumb words with k infront of them because my friend told me to write the ''k'' word
This is just sad dude. I can’t even explain or show how utterly sad this is.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
I know I’m gonna get a surprising amount of hate for this... My positive feedback: How the meta shifted to a more offence-based game but it is slowly shifting the defence back up and scaling down offence. My negative feedback: The hate for certain champions from other people who don’t know how to play them or against them. Granted, some of them are justified, but others are more “I lost because I sucked so it’s the game’s fault” attitude.
Kalikain (NA)
: How long?
Technically, they have nerfed champion base damages in the last few patches. And it is to be expected that if you get caught in CC you should be punished for it. If a Draven or another carry gets caught by a tank’s CC and everybody focuses on him/her/it, then they should die for their mistakes. I don’t think they should be able to walk away and flip the enemy team off for their strategic punish without using flash or supports peeling for them. And I’m pretty sure tank metas have been really prevalent in the LoL history. Atmogs, Juggernaut rework, Cinderhulk, Ardents, Stoneplate, those were the times where the tank meta was present, more than most of the other metas. Honestly, you hate the damage Meta because you got punished by CC and died. Thats prevalent in everything that was LoL. Get caught? That’s your fault. Don’t blame the game for all your mistakes.
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: Kayle + why true damage is a good thing
This man gets it! Almost all of the boards seem to hate true damage because “hurr durr I lost to them when I am supposed to be immortal due to all the items I gotten”. Glad someone can see this at a better perspective.
: Kayle deals true damage...
At lvl 16. At that point, you kinda have to slap yourself for going that far into the game.
: Everyone suddenly "loves" the old Kayle, meanwhile she is one of the top 4 least played champions.
Kalikain (NA)
: Much needed Tower Improvements
Seasons before, the inner turrets gave allied champions a regenerating shield. Perhaps they can make that return?
: Different people with different opinions comes and goes and that sucks for this internet website
It’s a sad time because now the thread is now beginning to zero in on hateful opinions, toxic forceful ideals and whining complaints, while suppressing the constructive criticisms that does not conform to the haters’ whims, positive feedback and compliments, and even questions from newbies.
: Conqueror is a necessary evil
Here come the downvotes... Honestly, people whine too much about damage dealers breaking even the strongest of tanks, while also forgetting about how tanks dominated the past seasons longer than any damage dealer. Wish they never brought back the tank meta. Although I do think old Conqueror is a bit on the strong side, it was necessary.
Done25 (NA)
: Wait. Do you want them to be more than CC, to last longer, or to have less damage? I'm confused...
From what I got, he wants tanks to be immortal, yet not rely on CC to kill people. Basically he wants a tank meta.
: revert aatrox pls
Because Riot doesn’t like a champion more polarizing than Tryndamere.
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Nautíst (EUNE)
: Please do not let this conqueror update go through
No Refresh bonus on Melee? Check Stacking only on champions? Check Reduced True Damage conversion? Check
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Elohymn (EUW)
: Hail of blade Tahm Kench?
They nerfed Tahm’s supporting abilities, so as a support, he isn’t that good. In top lane on the other hand, he still is an early game monster.
: "The best way to deal with him is to kill him first, before he gets a chance to beat you with his magic stick."~~~~ ad veigar intensifying {{champion:45}}
HE GOT DA MAGIC STICK{{champion:45}}
: Again, I wasn't playing against him, Irelia was. It wasn't even late game. He got 17 kills before the 30 minute mark, and the game ended way before that as well. And I wasn't mid lane so I wasn't the one trying to deny him his stupid stacks. I was top lane, doing fine by myself against Urgot but the rest of the team didn't know how to stop dying.
Yeah, but you were Kennen, a really strong team fighter and initiator. Someone perfect to go in and snap Veigar in half with your ultimate. I can either guess your teammates didn’t follow up, or you engaged rather poorly.
: I was top lane, so I wasn't playing against him. I was doing fine against Urgot but our stupid Irelia and Vi fed their butts off. That doesn't work. I've done it time and time again where I beat the shit out of him early and he still gets relevant in the game when it gets to late game.
Okay sure. Still, your teammates fed a scaling champion and it bit your team in the ass. Make sure it doesn’t reach late game or deny him lots of passive stacks (apparently. Viktor mid does his denying so damn well against Veigar). I don’t think it’s too hard to ask to win the game before late game comes, right?
: Veigar needs a cap on his passive
Maybe you should abuse him early, so that way he can’t do anything bad to you once late game happens. Of course Veigar would kick your ass once he got fed cuz of you and your teammates. It’s just like any mage or carry that gets fed. The best way to deal with him is to kill him first, before he gets a chance to beat you with his magic stick. Also, saying that it’s for the sake of all the players is quite the bias.
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