Athëna (NA)
: Club: No Lives Matter
Woo! Yeah I definitely want in!
Wønk (NA)
: Gold 2 last season, looking for some people to just play norms, Ranking doesn't matter
arguyle (NA)
: You don't have to, just don't que until you're finished relieving yourself. The report was earned.
I didn't even HAVE TO GO until the game was being loaded man What don't you get I'd rather go when the game is being loaded than when it's halfway through
arguyle (NA)
: doesnt matter its still unacceptable to be afk that long and you know it. You can take a piss then que up, its your fault and no one elses.
3 minutes, and then carried the game to the end. I'm not going to dodge just to go to the bathroom.
: > [{quoted}](name=The25thBahm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MEvE3a1y,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2016-03-26T12:27:08.443+0000) > > I was in the bathroom for an unnexpectedly long period of time. Sue me for going to the bathroom. > > And then carrying my team. Btw. Thanks. Went 12/1/13. my question remains. why didnt you go before you qued up?
Edited original reply before you even posted that to answer that very question.
arguyle (NA)
: Thats an unacceptably long time to be afk... if you had to be gone that long you shouldnt have qued.
See above reply. People gotta shit. If you got a problem with that, take a biology class. I didn't know beforehand that I had to go, and I wrecked ass in that game. We also won. And I carried.
: > [{quoted}](name=The25thBahm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MEvE3a1y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-26T03:23:37.191+0000) > >I was afk for the first 3 minutes of the game (bathroom) why? honestly this is your fault. going afk for 3 minutes can already lose you the game. especially in this season where games tend to snowball to hell really quickly. you get into a position where the enemy either takes your turret really quickly, and starts roaming and you never recover from that disadvantage in your lane. or your jungler has to cover for you, as hes the only one who can. and meanwhile he loses his own jungle to the enemy, or every other lane gets ganked to hell, because they know you have no map pressure with your jungler being tied up in your lane. cant you take a shit before you que up? unless you suffered from a sudden case of explosive diarrhea, there is really no excuse for this behaviour. and if you do this on a regular basis and then try to talk shit to your team to the point where you get chat restricted, then you fully deserve to not get rewarded for the entire season.
I was in the bathroom for an unnexpectedly long period of time. Sue me for going to the bathroom. And then carrying my team. Btw. Thanks. Went 12/1/13. We won too. Also, with queue times being 10 minutes and getting into the game another 4, it's not uncommon for the urge to shit to rise up out of the blue. I never said I did it regularly. I said I did it once.
theTyger (NA)
: I actually think rage really does have a lot to do with it. Definitely feels like much more rage in bronze than silver. That being said, I think another big thing is decision making. Mechanics are always important, but it doesn't feel like mechanics are what separates the first 10 tiers of ranked play as much mental/emotional toughness and just good decision making.
Oh don't get me wrong, silver players are much better than bronze players. That's a given. But skill doesn't really matter in bronze. It's all about how much you rage. I've actually been in both tiers, and I notice a lot that bronze players often CAN make good decisions, they just don't care. I mean sure, occasionally you'll see a Leona split pushing while the inhibitor is being felled, but for the most part, people make poor decisions for one of two reasons: 1. They're too busy arguing and not paying attention to the game 2. They're being spiteful and refusing to work as a team And yeah, I'm not saying they'd be as good as diamond players or anything if they would just stop raging, but that is the main reason for a lot of the bad decisions - it's not all feeding and afks
: > Hell, LB is one of the most difficult champions to play in the game, and is infamous for that remembered my last game: that lb was a god
I don't mean to say that her difficulty makes her a poor champion :p but if someone is good with her despite her difficulty... the skill cap with LB and Zed are almost infinite.
: You realize that the entire point of the server regions is to ENCOURAGE players to communicate, right? Enabling second languages is kind of the opposite of that.
Enabling a second language doesn't prevent me from understanding English. It just allows things like first blood to be more intuitive to me. I still am able to communicate with you, I still understand you. It's not preventing me from communicating. As for the people who DON'T understand English? Refusing to add in more languages won't help them learn, it'll just hold them back from understanding what the announcer's saying.
: Pro tip - there are lots of tells in the sound that can alert you that something is happening if you're paying attention. Sound team has been working hard to make gameplay super clear through sound, although teamfights are still a point that needs some love.
For instance, you can tell when Ekko's slow is coming before it shows up based on when he yells.
: I hate dynamic queue
I've queued and literally gotten into a game the moment I clicked join queue. And landed in secondary role.
Dinoriders (EUNE)
: Loot and crafting inventory
ßurst (NA)
: Could someone calrify
Along with runes, it would be considered regular armour pen. With AD, some things say bonus and others don't, which indicates whether it takes only the AD acquired from items, and not what you had before the game started. HOWEVER, I don't think a "bonus ap" thing exists in the game, and all ap scaling skills and items are just referred to as AP, meaning it's all bonus AP (because without items, runes, or masteries, you always start at 0). Except outside of runes and masteries, no champion innately has armour pen that isn't brought on by a skill or item. I don't even think there's a skill or item that scales with specificially "bonus armour penetration", so it shouldn't matter. Treat it like AP, I say. It's all bonus, except what you have before you enter the game.
: Games feel more toxic since Hextech Crafting's release.
Nah, it's definitely Hextech, and I'll tell you why. It takes forever to get reformed according to Riot's system. You can get a 10 game chat suspension and 3 months later still not be 'reformed' for it. And all it takes to get that chat suspension is a 4-man premade who wants to fuck you over. It's happened to me more times than I can count. Hell, I'm on the forums right now because I was afk for the first 3 minutes of the game (bathroom) and a 4-man premade got all toxic over that fact for the rest of the game and reported me for it. For 3 minutes. So now I need to wait a longass time before I can even queue. It's a broken system. But that isn't the issue. Not at all. The system DOES have upsides. However, with Hextech, toxic players (or people who aren't reformed) aren't allowed to get rewards. Which really sucks, because as I said, it takes a really long time to reform. And not only that, but after every game you get a message saying "You are unable to receive rewards due to previous behavioural restrictions." or something along those lines. Which is kind of a smack in the face from Riot. Like, "Oh, you were toxic once? Well here, allow me to remind you after every single game." In the forums after Hextech was added, there were posts all around with people saying that this was definitely not going to help them improve their behaviours, and they were absolutely right. The worst way to reform a toxic player is to slap them in the face with a fuck you, and that's exactly what Riot did.
: Rylai's Crystal Scepter on Heimer
Yes it is Now imagine adding Liandry's onto there as well, with x2 for movement impaired enemies And people ask why Liandry's doesn't work with heimer's turrets
: they were very easy for me to learn them, really easy... and jungling isnt that hard i do struggle a lot with {{champion:7}} (cant play, every time i use her chain i mess up, i even miss the cannon using her chain), {{champion:157}} (i cant use his ult in a normal game), {{champion:268}} (2 complex), {{champion:238}} (i cant manage his energy, i just cant), {{champion:78}} (i hold her E looking to find an opportunity to stun and it never comes,, Smeb teach me plz) people have different struggles
Those are all fairly difficult champions to use though. Poppy's the only real exception. Hell, LB is one of the most difficult champions to play in the game, and is infamous for that
: If someone brags about being silver, just laugh. Silver is just a shiny bronze. Tbh
Nah, that's not entire the case. Climbing bronze depends on how much you rage, while climbing silver depends on skill.
: Sounds like a nice and easy addition for all of the French speaking Canadians. As for primary Spanish speakers, I think it's preferable for them to use the Latin American server even if they live in North America (United States or Mexico). The Latin America server is actually located in Florida if I recall correctly. Expecting French Canadians to use the EUW would be unreasonable due to ping latency across the Atlantic, but there shouldn't be major latency issues from the Florida Latin America server to the Spanish-speakers of North America.
Even then, it's really not an issue to add Spanish to the NA server. It's extremely easy, and the only thing stopping Riot is their blatant disregard for anything other than what they consider proper
Khoul (EUW)
: Not really, League of Legends is too ez. don't need to tryhard
Easy? Are you challenger? If you think it's easy, you're playing in a shit elo LOL
Khoul (EUW)
: This game is completely inferior to other mobas
League isn't filled with casual players, it's filled with players who take the game so seriously that if they don't win they'll cry for days. If you don't like the game, don't play it. But I mean come on, don't say it's inferior to other MOBAs when the MOBA category also includes Smite
: Top lane is a joke and if you dont believe me, then you're one of the people abusing it.
Wanna know why top lane is broken? Fucking {{champion:17}} that's why
: Why Can't We Program Turrets?
As for a champion, it would be way too overpowered. You're proposing messing with the mechanics of the game itself, not the champions. Imagine a champion that could change the terrain; open holes in walls where none existed and move walls to block passages. Yes, some champions can somewhat do this (Bard, Anivia), but it's not the same as complete control. Anivia's wall fades. Bard's magical journey can only be travelled in one direction, and has speed restrictions on foes. It also doesn't allow vision. And for a summoner spell, it would be way too underpowered. For a 5 minute cooldown? Hell, even a really short cooldown. It's easy to just leave a turret's line of fire. You dive because you expect it to focus you anyway.
: Can Syndra get buffs with the other mages please ;-;
If you think Syndra is a mana gobbler, try Galio.... Seriously though, Riot only buffs champions that are popular picks, or have been popular picks in the past. Syndra has never really been a top tier pick, mostly due to her difficulty.
Rioter Comments
Wrightrj (NA)
: Teemo, The Solution to Everything?
Tankmo. AD Teemo. AP Teemo. Attack speed Teemo. Control Teemo. Debuff Teemo. All hail Teemo.
: I've still yet to get anything from hextech crafting. Is this normal?
Man, Riot's just this giant company that wants your money If you seriously think a system like this is designed to help you earn skins and RP items for cheaper, you need to rethink your life
: Looking for a Duo
Yo man So I'll add you! At the moment I'm in bronze because I don't have a lot of time to play and work my way back up to silver, but I have been in silver for the past two seasons. I'm getting more and more time lately too, so don't count me out for my rank!
: Hextech boxes such a scam
Because they want to screw over people who have all champions. Hell, they don't want to lose money by allowing them to get skins they don't own for free, now do they???
: I transferred my account to LAN when NA was having lag issues, and you lose you ranking/LP in the new server. lose your friend list since they aren't from the same server, when you come back they'll be back there. you keep every single champ/IP and the remaining Rp from the transfer. you have to pay the same rp to transfer back.. idk the JPN address
I know I'd have to pay the RP to transfer back, that's a given. I guess if I keep my permanent gains, champions, IP, runes, masteries, etc, rank isn't an issue. Hell, I suck anyway XD I also have smurfs, so I can just add the important people on my friends list to my smurf accounts and still play with them on NA. That gives me a reason to play on my secondaries. Though, I have a silver border. Will I keep that? Will I regain it if and when I transfer back?
: well he/she was better off picking malphite or lulu or ZYRA, they're easier
I dunno about that. Lulu and Zyra have fairly complex mechanics. Anyone can take any champion and go and kill minions, but actually mastering a champion to do well with? Lulu and Zyra are tough in that regard... And if they're easy, I question who you find difficult.
: Literally not a minute after Aurelion Sol comes to live
Rioter Comments
: New Champ Select Update
KEEP BLIND PICK PLEASE!!! I miss games (matchmaker) where I could just have fun and not worry about roles. If blind pick goes, so will random pick and League of Legends will complete the transformation into that 100% serious game that nobody really plays for fun.
: But i just met a girl support that was willing to run a few games with me! WHY RITO WHY D::::::::::::::::::::::::::: tho thanks for good updates and such <3
Why's the fact that it was a girl matter? 0.o A LOT of gamers are girls, it's not exactly rare
Kysniper (NA)
: Someone hacked the servers because RIOT wouldn't let them have a HEXTECH key!!!
: Meanwhile at Riot... Com-pu-tor
I think of this every time Riot has issues
: Blocked from Hextech Rewards... Behavior Restrictions?
I have literally started a smurf account to test a theory I had; whether or not what you DO actually matters, or if it's just the number of reports. I didn't say a word. At all. I didn't feed, go afk, spam pings, nothing. I got chat restricted within 3 days. I got a 2 week ban within a month. And I literally didn't say ANYTHING during that entire time. There was *literally* nothing I did wrong from any person's perspective. But people report for ANYTHING. Oh, take that one minion? Report. Died once to Veigar? Report. Not talking? Report for lack of communication. I emailed support about it, and after a week and a half of waiting for a reply, I got a copy/pasted "Yeah you were toxic and you deserved it ok? bye now" response.
: Enchant and deceive
I thought this was nami at first ;-; Which would have been fantastic
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
We're still getting Ao Shin... right? Also, does his passive work with Liandry's? Please god no....
Arie (NA)
: Just Support Things
That time when you hit every single Thresh hook the entire game, intercept everything, save your ADC's life like a bajillion times, keep everything 100% warded and after laning phase is over your adc just turns to you and goes "You did absolutely nothing in lane and I managed them all on my own."
wiror (NA)
: Worse, when your the adc farming then the support decide to charge in/dive turret but your like 5 miles away XD Then he gets killed by a gank and you need to handle 3 champs solo mode.... #runforyourlife
That is literally the exact opposite of what happens
Arie (NA)
: Can confirm this is the best feeling in the world. :D
: Oh god. I played in S2 and every game was either blame the support for not having enough wards or blame the jungler for not ganking enough. Guess things haven't changed much...
I've found S2 was super lax and nobody really cared what you did. 2 top and 2 bot and nobody even batted an eye. Of course, S2 was toxic as fuck. I just mean compared to now. It's been progressively getting worse.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Great, so now we'll be getting "yeah, we're a 4-man premade, and we want these positions, so I don't care what the matchmaker gave you, you're going here" because people are too stupid to use the thing properly.
: They've been there the whole time. There's a little arrow thing that says switch between featured games and whatever else is there
Rioter Comments
RiotZulu (NA)
: Yes, this is only temporary. Featured Games will be back soon.
SOON? When {{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I want it back :(
Feraydun (NA)
: I also suspect a glitch in the antispam tool. Wish they would fix it though, its been that way forever.
Shouldn't be a glitch in the anti-spam tool, since it occasionally happens before I even put anything in chat, or even if I'm not even planning to (aka; don't even click the box).
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
This is actually a really unique post from Riot. First of all, it shows that they care about their players. It shows that unlike some other companies (like Wargaming), actually cares about the playerbase and admits that the game isn't perfect. This is a company that will admit faults and accept feedback. On the other hand, it seems they only accept the feedback that is negative. They don't take suggestions, seemingly. Not in improvement anyway (I do admit cases like Braum). They say "this fiora rework wasn't the best" but then they don't really make it any better.
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