: Oh... That does look like he split his main sword in two though. Reminds me of Eddard Stark's sword "Ice", which was melted down into two swords.
Its probably based on Varian Wrynn's sword Shalamayne which can split back into its original two swords Shalla'tor and Ellemayne. It would fit with Garen's theme of order with Varian being the leader of the Alliance.
SSmotzer (NA)
: No, Zoe was diffidently born, she was taught by the ancient Lunari, and she is called the Everchild, because she is an immortal child. She is several millennia old. Targon specifically gave her eternal youth. For whatever reason Targon needs a child, not a scholar, not a warrior, not a saint, but a child. Then there are the yordles, which are personifications of child like innocence, and every evil in Runeterra is disgusted by them. Illaoi even says yordles somehow make the weak strong. Like Riot is planning to make yordles the "Evil-B-Gon" of LoL, like Care Bears or something.
No i highly doubt that was Zoe because we know that aspects of Targon can get new hosts. Leona and Diana were not the first aspects of the Sun and Moon, Pantheon has had a massive amount of hosts because he uses them like paper plates. We know that the Darkin have been sealed for millennia and its very possible that in that time the previous aspect was killed and Zoe was chosen as a suitable host. The aspect of twilight does have duty as a herald of cosmic change and assists worlds that are in peril but it is also a trickster who delights in chaos, that is why she was chosen in the first place. Zoe wouldn't be the kind of merciless person to be able to do what was needed in Shurima.
: {{champion:245}} - You know if he has ult or not if a clone is following. Not the same as seeing up-time, but functionally similar. The clone also pops up 4 seconds before Ekko can re-cast ult, so you get warned if you're fighting him. {{champion:11}} - You know if he has E or not based on the color/aura of his sword. {{champion:421}} - Tunnels. {{champion:102}} - Ult tied to Fury Bar. {{champion:8}} - Q
Ekko has his ult indicator because you need to be able to see where he is going to ult to so as to be able to avoid it. Ekko ult is also an ability that needs that kind of indicator because of the sheer level of impact and safety it grants him. Yi's represents an enhanced state and has an indicator as almost every enhanced state does. Rek'sai's is a central gameplay gimmick that a good portion of her counterplay is built around. Shyvanna has a highly variable ult cooldown and duration that can be as short as several seconds or a couple minutes. Vlad's is an extreamly high impact moment in his kit and serves as a highlight of this. Yasuo's dash is an extremely low damage ability that would create unnecessary clutter with giving everyone an indicator.
: I think you don't understand what i'm after with this discussion, so let me try to be clear. I DONT WANT the cooldown of ANY skill of ANY champion. Displayed for all to see. I DONT WANT the cooldown of "Q" "W" "E" "R" of ANY champion. Displayed for all to see. I want to be able too see the indicators of the use of the ability AFTER the ability is used. Nidalee gets to mark everyone she lands her e/q on and we can see a indicator Annie gets a stun indicator Jhin have a crit indicator Xayah have a feather count and indicator Twitch's poison symbol shows EVERYONE that they're marked Lux marks EVERYTHING her spells hit Darius gets to mark champions every time they bleed Diana can mark everyone she hits her Q with Graves have a bullet indicator. etc Relax, i don't want to see when you have your ultimate ready or not.
Each of those marks are an indication of big impact moments or in the case of graves a central gameplay gimmick. Yasuo's dash is not a heavy impact moment in the same light. Also the additional visual clutter would be honestly worse in every instance outside of laning phase. the game is already so full of particles and indicators that for something as minor as yasuo's dash cooldown is just excess that doesn't need to be there.
: I don't what to disguise nothing. You can call it a nerf, i call it fair play. If clarity of game play have influence in win rate or not, its not my problem... buff the champion idc. Riot should find the solutions for that and not support champions with hidden gameplay. While other champions are tweaked to make everything well visible under the pretext of adding more clarity for the game... I will not waste time with examples, whoever plays the game knows.
All cooldowns are hidden gameplay. Are you saying i should be able to see all basic and ultimate cooldowns on a champion at a glance. Knowing what your opponent is capable of and how often is up to the player.
: If a clarity tweak on a skill to make her visible for all players of the game dictates if a champion is viable or not... You'd better think about what you're doing RIOT.
This isn't a simple clarity tweak. You don't get to see the cooldowns for any other champion's abilities so why should you get to see yasuo's. The only time you would get to see a per unit cooldown is if you are the caster or the one affected.
: I think your statement is not true. Stuns/Knock-ups/Displacements Counter EVERY one equally. Silences/Disarms Counter Specific Types of champions more than the other Silences counters Casters more than Disarms do, and vise versa for Disarming countering AA dependent type champions more than Silences. And I would Argue that Snares counter mobile champions more than immobile champions, but Slows counter immobile champions more than mobile champions. (Example, snaring LB/Zed counters them harder than snaring Ashe. As it stops them from even casting a portion of their combos, where as Ashe can still cast her entire combo. Like wise slows would counter Ashe more than LB/Zed as they can still just dash into/away from as slows do not reduce the range of dashing. Also your comparison is not accurate. Yes Stunnign kat IN HER ULT counters her harder than just randomly stunning a Taric. CCing counters harder when TIMED well (Kat in her ult). but if you randomly stun Kat like you Randomly stunned Taric then it counters them Equally.
While yes it is all about timing Taric can have his abilities work while hes CC'd if hes already charging a stun it still goes off, if his ult has been cast it will still go off unless you kill him and whoever he is linked to. Kat on the other had has to make multiple casts repeatedly and her ult is channeled, Kat is more heavily affected by down time from stuns and other such lockdowns. Knockups and displacements need to be treated separately because while a knock up will still stop some people from doing stuff it won't for others. If a fiddlesticks is ulting and you knock him up while the aoe is active big deal hes still doing damage it just buys you a little time to run, but a displace with enough distance will completely ruin his ult. It is all about context but some champs are just more resilient in the face of some or all hard cc. Irelia can channel damage reduction that will continue through hard cc, Fiora can parry, the list goes on and on
Rioter Comments
Kuponya (NA)
: Why is it that if assassins can't 1v2, they are considered weak?
Assassins aren't meant to 2v1 anyone without being decently ahead of them. If an assassin want to get kills in bot he either needs to wait for an opening where the support is gone or, and i know this is going to sound crazy to a bunch of people, cooperate with the other 2 people in bot lane to secure a kill or two. If you are ganking bot lane as an assassin you aren't supposed to just out right insta kill the adc with their support there, otherwise the support isn't doing their job of protecting the adc. The purpose you serve in that situation is to be a sticky damage source that they have to deal with or a good follow up to an opening created by you bot laners. The fact that a lot of assassins believe that supports shouldn't be a threat to their ability to kill someone is fundamentally flawed. That is the whole point of the support role, provide safety and/or lockdown for their teammates. If I'm playing Leo, or any other heavy CC support for that matter, and i see an assassin even try and get close to my adc without help he is going to take a stun to the face. He got stopped not because the champion is weak, he got stopped because hes an idiot and tried to ignore a major CC threat.
: > [{quoted}](name=IcyPepper,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9ocLGNpK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-03T16:24:05.001+0000) > > Me when I come across players who still believe they can enforce this: > {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} They can easily. By dieing to the 2v1 when the leona simply ults your adc and laughs off the tower shots. Leaving your adc alone is stupid unless your duo with them and you know they are capable of 1v2ing a lane.
Its not okay to leave the adc alone all the time but in some cases the benefit of going elsewhere temporarily can out weigh the risk of leaving the adc for a bit. Regardless you should always let them know that you are leaving lane and that they should try and stay safe.
: > [{quoted}](name=TwinkiePro,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hEWbKOO9,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-04-07T09:55:07.532+0000) > > I'd like to point out that assassins are supposed to be quick. Heavier armor would slow them down and make their jobs harder, so it makes sense to have only so much on. > [{quoted}](name=VanaQuish,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hEWbKOO9,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-04-07T10:08:44.499+0000) > > To be fair, i highly doubt assassins wear any sort of heavy armour. Hell even with light armour she is vulnerable to having her vital organs impaled. Leather armor is absolutely a thing. Even normal-ish clothes with some leather padding over the important stuff would be fine in this case.
Even leather armor still reduces your maximum dex modifier and while its hard to get a dex mod above 5 kat has clearly left the realms of normal humans.
: When they rework Aatrox, the current one should die and the new one should pick up the blade
That would be a cool idea. too bad that aatrox is only going to be a gameplay update without a visual update
: And if I may add to Tantram's numbers: I believe that Riot has made a point to say that most players never receive any punishment, and only 1% of the community is issued a punishment at some point playing the game (most of which being minor punishments), so by Tantram's number and the estimated 76,000,000 players per month (last I heard, could be an old number). 760,000 players get punished in a months time, and the number of incorrect reports per month is approx 76 worldwide. I would say that's not half bad, and that's not to say a punishment wasn't deserved in all cases, because some of them are just reduced in severity.
If 1% of players are issued a punishment at some point that does not mean that 1% are getting punishments every month. So in practice the numbers would be even lower on the inaccurate report amount. But at the same time there is a difference between inaccurate evidence supplied to to players (which is what this thread was originally about) and inaccurate punishment being delivered. In most cases many times people on the boards complain about being wrongfully banned they are basing the assumption on evidence supplied and in most cases it is shown that while the wrong evidence was provided, the ban was still justified when a rioter goes and takes a look at the person's history.
: PSA: When you are punished, only YOUR actions and sayings matter, nobody else's.
There are certain key phrases that do trigger the system automatically. I do remember seeing a post about someone getting punished for telling someone to die to tower in aram, but they said it as "kys" "____, kys" and that triggered the system automatically.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: time to bust out my yasuo adc and not getting flamed for it since i'll be doing my team a favor
> [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MnZqdvH6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-02T18:20:22.779+0000) > > time to bust out my yasuo adc and not getting flamed for it since i'll be doing my team a favor you have to have a premade of 5 do it
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Urgot the Dreadnaught
So can urgot's ult kill invulnerable or undying enemies
: Sounds like you need to fill out a support [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Additionally, this discussion sounds better suited for the Help & Support forum.
Probably, I posted it here because i got a low priority queue because of it and i didnt see help and support when i posted.
Rioter Comments
: Feral - existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild. Being experimented on is along the lines of being domesticated/cultivated. If you're saying this skin is a result of the lore, it should've been an exclusion to the lore. Many of us did not pay for this new Bio-Warwick skin. It's just not the style we wanted.
Feral can also mean resembling a wild animal or used to denote something that has "devolved" into a savage state (he's gone feral) From the looks of splash art he was a patient or subject that has devolved into such a state. Does that mean the skin is true to its original form. No. Is the outrage justified. Yes. But at the same time I can see how it could be considered "Feral"
: Played a game against a plat player.
the joys of a new queue with no pre-existing mmr. It means everyone gets a new start and can't blame being stuck in bronze on fucking up their mmr when they first started ranked.
Rigaroom (NA)
: Maybe, or maybe not, maybe they just make them more distored like soul dreaver Draven But other parts are confirmed
I'm pretty sure they confirmed that lux get different champ interactions based on form.
: The damage reduction from Knight's Vow and Phantom Dancer need to not stack.
Yeah but for one knight's vow deals damage to the support equal to the pre-mitigation damage to the support as true damage so if an adc would instantly be killed before any of this mitigation the support will start to feel it really hard. What will instantly kill and adc now will take a large chunk of the supports health. So then we have it as, this adc takes all this damage and doesn't feel any of it. The support who is absorbing all this is going to go down super fast. The support is now dead. The adc has this build all around taking no damage and while it will still work to a degree, the adc has 2 items that have very little actual damage on them and while that may not be a problem late game going for this build early is going to be a terrible idea. Also phantom dancer only blocks damage from one person at a time and only after you hit them, easily solved by bursting or cc-ing them before they can react. All of this DR has counter play to it. Knight's Vow? Kill the support or catch the adc away from the support. Phantom Dancer? Have a team with more than one damage-dealer or hell, a tank with taunt so the DR is on them not the carry. Death's Dance? They still will take all of that damage eventually and if they don't have anything to life-steal off of they die just the same.
: Hey look kids, riot's giving vanye a true damage buff! :D
Bonus flat true damage plus twice your lethality stat. Its meant to be used by champs like vayne and khazix who can pop in and out of stealth quickly. But with the one second requirement for it to proc, it means that for vayne you have to wait the whole duration. Most vaynes will tumble and attack shortly after not waiting for the invis to wear off. In addition out of the leathality items that she can build she would get about 60 lethality, which sounds like a lot because it is but none of these items give her the attack speed she needs to fight with this build outside of her ult. A build like this will at most turn her back into a squishy killer.
: Jinx, for example, can take advantage of a red buff much more than a maokai or malphite.
But if for example you have an ad mid laner like yasuo or talon red buff can go to them and blue can go to the support or adc or even the mid laner again so that they have a double buff. Anyone who auto-attacks can make use of red buff especially if they don't have the heaviest of cc because of the slow. It also helps win most trades early game. And with how the game currently is you can have an adc in any lane and have it be viable. So a top lane quinn can make just as much use of red buff as a bot lane jinx and in some cases more so because they are not as likely to take more frequent poke from a support to remove the red buff health regen.
: They want you to buy more keys/chest, basically just another cash grab. Dont fall for it!!!
But they have stated that very soon that they would be releasing chests that can be bought with IP that only has champion shards specifically to offset these costs. Here are the patch notes Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 are coming this patch. Mastery Levels 6 and 7 better emphasize skill by requiring S grades from matchmade games. We’re emphasizing a performance requirement alongside a dedication component (the time needed to unlock free chests or earn IP for champ shards or permanent loot) to build on the original system’s blend of skill and participation. Keep an eye out for a larger announcement soon! MORE MASTERFUL MASTERYEarn new mastery badge emotes, loading screen border flags, and announcement banner upgrades for each level DINGEarn Mastery 6 tokens for S-, S, and S+ games with champs that are Mastery Level 5 DING DINGEarn Mastery 7 tokens for S and S+ games with champs that are Mastery Level 6 HEXTECH MASTERYCombine Mastery tokens for a specific champ with that champ’s crafting shard, permanent loot, or blue essence to unlock their next mastery level ZOINKS!We’re adding a new mystery champ item to the store for RP or IP in a future patch that’ll help offset the RNG of finding champ shards and permanents in chests
: if i see the word savage again im going to savagely rip a fuckers neck out. jesus that work is overused to fuck
Remnar (NA)
: Would 5 seconds be more realistic?
2-3 would be better i think
: Lool. They are the most toxic ones because they are the ones that type. Premades flame over voice chat, hence, why you don't consider them toxic. And who said anything about toxicity? Dynamic Queue is a queue that gives solo players a HUGE disadvantage thereby making it harder for them to climb. Solo queue was great. Your elo was yours. Embrace it. Now everyone is scare to enter promos cos they are at risk of meeting 5-man premades who will MOST LIKELY wipe the floor with them.
But the whole point is that the system will avoid matching a solo who didn't get paired with a 4-man group against a larger group of people if at all possible.
Meddler (NA)
: At present Morde gets regular dragons from the standard elemental ones and a bigger dragon with more health for killing the Elder. Looking into variant dragons based off the element killed is on our list of things to look into as possible mid season followup, it won't be in for ship though.
Maybe he could get his own special type of bone dragon. Just a thought.
: [GAMEPLAY BUG REPORT] Aurelion Sol's Q not working as described.
I had this same thought when i started to play him.
: ***
why would he have to have a sword the other pics are from the other mecha skins
Orenin (NA)
: Give solo players something
I'm sorry, but can i get a source for where they said solo players will get less. I have a hard time believing this without it.
Wolfess (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=xDarkwind,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GMo6GhzV,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2016-03-09T22:31:36.037+0000) > > Institute of *War. > > League of Legends ~~is~~ was the organization of summoners conducting matches to adjudicate conflicts between city-states. The Institute of War was the organization that included the League and actually interfered to prevent wars from taking place (as occured in the case of the Crystal Scar). > [{quoted}](name=Trundle Bundle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GMo6GhzV,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-03-09T22:50:37.743+0000) > > My personal head cannon is that a summoner can only invoke a small fragment of his power, so he's making due with a meager portion of his real strength. It's like trying to move an ocean with a bucket. > [{quoted}](name=PixTron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GMo6GhzV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-03-09T22:55:14.093+0000) > > Thing is, the entire Summoner's Rift is just an arena where Summoners control _manifestations_ of Legends in Runeterra. > > So Champions contain things like Gods to Myths (like Kindred, it's mainly just a myth), that are, again, just manifestations of the actual characters in League. Champs like Nautilus, Malphite, and Anivia's actual sizes are the size of fucking mountains, if not larger, and they have to get their sizes (and powers) limited. > > Not sure if they're still doing this lore, though. yeah but.... summoners are no longer a thing. insert-retcon-here.jpg
They have said summoners are still a thing, Its just the institute of war that is no longer a thing.
: He Has Returned
Taking this seriously, lets look at the Bard Mountain video [](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX8iSobsKTY) We see that it takes place in a mountain village under attack by raiders. In the new lore we received we learned that there are a lot of people on Mt. Targon who are not warriors, with most of its warriors living higher on the mountain than the rest. These warriors are also not as strong as they were in the original lore. We know that in the new lore that the people of Targon were frequently attacked by these raiders with no real known purpose other than to loot and pillage. It would not be hard to believe that the raiders are being hired by someone to find the object in the video and continue to search for it even though bard has taken it. Looking at the object we see that it has a very starry/space-like appearance, so it could be safe to say it is something celestial. It is also egg-shaped. So Bard very well could have take this celestial egg with great power from Targon so that the egg could hatch and people could not use it improperly. P.S. I know my thoughts are all over the place just trying to get them out there.
: Diana is the only one not given a punch in the nuts by the lame new lore. New pantheon WAS looking cool, until they deleted all of it at the end with one line. Why spend a while story describing the guy then say "and he was gone forever... now your hero is.... SOME NEW GUY! Or a god? Maybe? He's something... no he doesn't have any tie to the story really... he just does stuff. Probably. Look, I dunno... I just get paid to write stuff. I just made him Kratos but without any personality or motivations. People liked Kratos, right? Whatever, I've got like 14 more bios to mess up, cya." And Leona was THE champion of the weak and the most lawful good of champions... save maybe Braum. Now she's a zealot and a murderer. Is it just me or are they actually REMOVING cool things from the characters with these lore updates. Panth and Leo's connection is gone now. Diana and Leo's "we don't wanna fight but we're opposed" thing is... mostly gone. Leo's kind but resolute nature? Gone. Pantheon's humanity? Gone. Baker jokes? GONE. Welcome to league of generic badasses. Just assume they're all gods or something. Next up... the epic story of Zaun, in which the god of rats and the god of flubber face the god of spamming laugh and the god of going where he pleases!
Lawful good just means you have a strict moral code that you follow. In most cases a paladin Is required to destroy any "evil" they see. In this case she saw Diana as evil. As such it was her duty to destroy her. Upon gaining the Aspect of the Sun she learned that Diana was not evil and in fact the moon was a necessary force in the world. And while yes she is more willing to kill now than she was before, she still desires to protect the people of Mt. Targon. And remember from the new lore that all people from Targon are taught from birth that all light other than the Sun is false. The Solari hammer this into its members even further and teach that "worship of the Sun" and "battle for the Sun" are what help to keep the Sun "alive" and that this is the last Sun they will ever have.
: {{champion:55}} W is now an AOE stun.
If it did that on marked targets only it would still be broken
: {{champion:16}} can give allied champions mana {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
they are adding that back soon
: "As such, we will not be releasing the champion that you know as Ao Shin, but in the first half of this year we will be releasing a dragon champion. His name is (tentatively) Aurelion Sol." {{champion:420}} : And summoners thought my name was difficult to pronounce.
: How can you use the " we needed a good lore for him" excuse, when you don't even write lore anymore :L
They do write lore still. And it is generally longer than before. It is on the champion's page on the site not the client because its better for longer lores. For Example: http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/jhin/
Rioter Comments
: But its no longer soloq and it forces you to find team mates to even compete. And i guess your experience will fall down when your 3man premade will meet against 5man premades.
But the thing is the system is designed to match players against similarly grouped teams. So a trio will get matched against another trio more than 75% of the time. If the other team's two remaining slots are filled with a duo then more likely than not the two slots on the other team will also be a duo. I'd honestly rather have the chance of my small group that works really well together go against a slightly bigger group and try to overcome them than be stuck playing as a duo lane who doesn't get any help from teammates who just don't care.
: When thinking of him in concepts I thought that it would be better for him to be a juggernaught in your words, or just yeah a beefy straight up tank because of his passive. And I thought it would give him some nice stuff, because his Ult would not heal himself So I don't know. Maybe just not a support but could work in that role if you wanted. Sorry that little speel was all over the place xD
Either way, he could fit perfectly into the league scene right now and see a lot of play.
: New Void Champ Idea, Gor'Uth the Living Hive.
I love the idea of a void support and this guy sounds like a juggernaut to fit nicely in the tank meta, but i could see him as a decent jungler as well.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Hecarim top is awesome against the right champs :D played it in ranked xD {{champion:120}}
{{champion:38}} Get back in the jungle and get me a blue buff.
Shuri (NA)
: Is that Morgana? :D
probably in the full picture you can see her pointy ears
: R.I.P {{champion:121}} We will miss you :'(
I would like to make a point. While this was nerf to Kha'zix in the sense of teamfights, he gained so much in the jungle and in 1v1's. Now he does what a great assassin is supposed to do, and that is punish those who find themselves away from their teammates by rapidly killing hunting them down and murdering them. His evolved claws now has more consistent damage and no longer needs his targets to be at low health.While the loss of the execute on the evolved claws prevents him from going in and killing a low health target who sits in the middle of their own team, we must realize that this is not what a true assassin is supposed to do. Furthermore, jungle Kha'zix has faster jungle clear with the addition of a 20% damage boost against monster's on his void spike. Another point he gained is now void spike has a better reason to be evolved now with a much greater slow and the temporary vision. This allows for Kha'zix to seperate a fleeing target from its team and mercilessly slaughter them. All in all I would consider this more of Riot making Kha'zix fit his role as the fear inducing assassin he is, than a nerf. If you don't believe me, I challenge all former Kha'zix players, including myself, to try and adapt to his changes and play him the way he was envisioned and learn to not judge a champion's "nerf" by the text on the patch notes and instead look at the basis, purpose, and achieved effect of a change before you criticize it.
: Pretty confident that this is a Night Crawler Reference, so you're not exactly far off.
Its actually a reference to the nightkin super mutants from Fallout. The effect when he enters stealth is just like the stealth boys that the nightkin use and can be used by the player
Mayomo (NA)
: If you've been paying attention to the forums for the past year you would know that swain is getting a dragon trainer which i guess isn't a dragon slayer but it would still be cool none the less. Personally i want a jade dragon yasuo so he's out of the question. dragon slayer talon/akali would be cool though
But they already have a "Dragonblade" Talon
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