: That is {{champion:82}} pet, that always happen when it die.
> [{quoted}](name=ValiantKiller,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=v7aP8PzA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-02T23:50:56.448+0000) > > That is {{champion:82}} pet, that always happen when it die. That isn't true, or if it is its a new glitch. I have seen mords dragons die, and that hasn't happened before
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: "dOn'T fIrSt TiMe NeW cHaMpS iN rAnKeD"
Dude, I looked you up, your unranked. SOOOOO, why do people lie about their ranks?
: Legacy skins... Just aren't legacy.
The term Legacy in league is misguiding. If a skin were to be Legacy, that means that no additional person should be able to get it other than the ones that already have it.
: Wrongful punishment?
were you permabanned or chat restricted
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Jobriq (NA)
: Now it is I who try hard
Omg lmao. That is amazing. Funniest thing I have seen all day. Thanks for making my day great. :) Best of luck in games
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solopolo3 (EUW)
: You're not forbidden from playing the game after a permaban. You can still make a new account and restart.
I'm very aware. You do lose all of your skins and xp. This can be alot for some players. Your rank would also be reset. You would lose everything.
: whats with these ganks
I spent a lot of time in Bronze. I'm happy to say that I escaped it. The janglers are trying their best. Some people just aren't good. For example, someone who is really good at basketball, might not be good at Football(Soccer). Its human nature for not everyone to be the best. Just be kind and keep a good attitude and you will climb.
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: The first punishment is never a permaban.
I meant it more like "it doesn't escalate to a perma ban, but gets very long suspension (6 or 12 months)"
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Klub0 (NA)
: Changed Ranked to Performance System
I agree, my first placement game of Season 9, I did super well in lane, but I had an afk, and bot fed. However, I do not think ranked is 90% luck. Over a lot of time, I was able to carry my self out of bronze 5, to a less embarrassing rank of Silver 3. Do I think that some games I get unlucky? Frankly yes. You will win roughly 30% of your games because of your team. And you will probably lose 30% of your games because of your team. But that 40%, it a lot. If you were the perfect player, you would win around 70% of your games. Currently, Fakers account, Hide on bush, has a 65% win rate. No one is perfect though. Faker went 2-7-2 in one of his games. -Best of luck TheAppleTree25 NA servers
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: The RIP List of 2015
bare for grase i go from, {{champion:75}} and {{champion:58}}
: Dev Blog: The Animation of Poppy
{{champion:24}} +{{item:3124}} = OP AF
: Dev Blog: The Animation of Poppy
: Dev Blog: The Animation of Poppy
: Dev Blog: The Animation of Poppy
: Building Bilgewater: A Pirate Renovation


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