: This game has so many bugs that riot NEVER FIXES EVER.
> [{quoted}](name=Glorious Teemo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tP90EtcB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-10T16:45:10.071+0000) > Minions sometimes just randomly target you instead of other minions just cause you hit one minion. This is a game mechanic not a bug??
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you even play against Tryndamere
Go {{champion:133}} into him, E whenever he E's. Problem solved. Trynd's only counter is a champ with a dash or hard cc, so you play any champ that can do that. No {{champion:86}} or {{champion:122}} , you aren't gonna beat Trynd by going all in. You have to be able to poke him out until all he can do is blow his fury on health restore through his Q.
Juice (EUNE)
: How about we nerf Teleport or remove it completely?
I just checked your match history, and no matter who you play you ALWAYS run ignite unless you're playing JG. If TP is so overpowered, why don't you give it a shot? I personally think ignite and tp are on fairly even terms.
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RJay123 (NA)
: Little Addition to Baron to make things SPICY
This just seems like a harsh way to punish the team that starts baron. It has no counter play other than flashing out, unless your champ ({{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} ) has a specific movement ability. In my opinion, this would make a scenario where the only time you could grab baron is after a hugely successful team fight.
: Is no one going to address the fact that Red Kayn is just busted ?
Red Kayn is a tank that can shell out damage. It is going to be near impossible to solo him if he's doing well, you just have to 2v1 him.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, why do we have to alt+tab constantly?
There are a lot of problems implementing chat into a loading screen, which is why very very few games actually have it. Not only can it slow down actual loading times due to messages having to be loaded, it is also just buggy in general. There is a game on Steam called Planetary Annihilation that attempted multiple times to make a loading screen chat. Yet whenever someone tried to type, it would insta crash their game. There are just too many issues with trying to implement chat into loading.
: if it was their strategy then its not bannable
Even if Riven signed up to play jungle??
: No, you have to go into the draft accepting that you were placed jungle but you can make strategic decisions going forward. Like a top laner who got dumpstered in lane might want to go bot lane against vayne braum and punish their low wave clear with allied lux ezreal and trade the tower before going top to safely farm at the tier 2 tower and maybe get gromp wolves if they're lucky or a mid laner might want to dodge out of mid, as kat, against ziggs to roam. But what is important is that you show a real want to win the game and the weirder your strategy is the more explaining you have to do and maybe pings aren't enough.
I can tell from his comments in game her definitely did NOT want to win. He tried using the "normals" excuse but he was just trolling in the end.
: Not punishable in any way, meta is not enforced. Usually the people losing their minds about it do far more harm than people playing offmeta.
But this isn't about the meta. This is about being ASSIGNED jungle by the matchmaking, then just saying "nah I'll go top lane." It's just another variation of people saying "well I main top but got put as sup, I'll just go top anyways and ignore my teammates raging." Even though Ryze was in their group, he begged for her to go jg and she refused. So it was three of us wanting her to jungle, but she refused and continued to die 8 times in lane phase.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: If Kled was fine with sharing the lane with Riven I doubt it's bannable. But if he wasn't fine with it, then it's griefing, which is bannable offense.
Kled was grouped with him. The problem is Riven then went 0-8-1 on lane phase, feeding their jungler. And when you have a fed JV4 jungle when you don't have a jungle it makes for a really annoying game.
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: The simple fix to the JG scuttle meta
While level 2 ganking champs are annoying, it's incredibly easy to counter. Just don't hard shove at start.. In no way are they the only viable junglers.
: Guess it's that time of the year
While Ahri is strong, she also has some big weaknesses. She is incredibly vulnerable to roams and ganks, as she rarely can take out more than one person at a time. Edge of night can also block her charm, rendering her nearly useless.
: Spellthief / Klepto Abuse? Or can we just please restrict items by class?
This has come up in the past couple of weeks. It was popularized this weekend, and Riot had already come out with a hotfix being released in the coming days. Spellthief and ancient coin will only work (work as in give the gold and fulfill the quest) within 1500 units of an ally.
: I'm in low-priority queue because I decided to move in with my Grandmother and take care of her.
League as a game takes time. If you don't have time for a full game, you shouldn't play a game. I don't understand why people play a game of league knowing they have work in an hour. I understand your situation is random, but that doesn't excuse leaving halfway through a game.
Cubleno (NA)
: Critical error caused client to freeze then gave me Leaver buster with 20 minute wait.
This is sadly a downfall to an automated leaver system such as the one LoL has. I hope they can revert your time, but honestly it happens to me so often I've just learned to deal with it... On a side note, why not reload and rejoin the game?
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: 13 champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
Zilean has one being worked on I believe.
: Riot should tell us when Players get banned.
Atleast when you report them in game it gives you a little pop up if action was taken against that person. But yesterday a guy on the other team said something along the lines of "I hope you get raped" multiple times and all 9 other players reported him. Kept my game open overnight to see if the automated message sent, never did. That guy is still roaming free without consequence.
: They have already announced sometime in the next 2 updates, she will no longer stealth under towers. They have also said something about changing the way her Q works overall, but they may just end up nerfing its healing.
: Can we get akali hot fixed please?
They have already announced sometime in the next 2 updates, she will no longer stealth under towers. They have also said something about changing the way her Q works overall, but they may just end up nerfing its healing.
: You missed two extremely important parts of the patch notes: The change to his passive is only for ARAM. The change to the Maiden was a strong nerf.
Change to Maiden wasn't a nerf. It allows you to either bring her with you, or press R to lock her onto lane. Previously, she would be forced to stay in lane. What got nerfed?
: More ghouls? Huh? All I see is him having graves spawn faster at level 7.
Sorry yah meant the faster spawn of graves. Just means he can spam them out so as soon as you kill them, they're right back with you
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