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: Share Your Best URF Moments
My most memorable game of URF was when we went an all tank comp. There was {{champion:12}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:77}} and me {{champion:54}} . We crushed them early game and almost won until they aced us and took the victory. It was really fun and really close. I almost had a perfect game with 12/0 but I ended at 12/2. There was another game where I was {{champion:103}} facing a {{champion:64}}. Every time we went to fight, we ended up killing each other at the same time xD. When he tried to juke an ability of mine, he would jump into it . I don't quite remember who won that game but its was really fun as well. Although I didn't win a lot of games as him, I loved playing {{champion:105}} because I could just flop around the map all game xD. I'm sad to see URF go, but towards the end my friends didn't want to play it so I had to solo. I cant wait to see what game mode arrives next ^.^
: i personaly think you shouldnt get a deathcap on support morgana unless it gets to that late point in the game i mained morg supp for the longest time and still is my goto pick for supp. i created a morg guide a while back still think its relevent
The reason i get rabadons is because although i love supporting, i like to feel like I can do something to if need be. But maybe that's what my problem is xD. But thank you i will try it out :).
The Chin (NA)
: IMO support morgana doesn't need that much damage, after you get zhonyas then it's more important to be durable, I usually get rylias or roa depending on how late it is, but HP goes a long way on morg. I've even gone full tank on her after zhonya's, sometimes it's what the team needs.
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