PitSylas (EUNE)
: Can one organization have 2 teams on lcs ?
An owner is only allowed to have a single team in the professional ecosystem. We were concerned with what would happen in the event the teams met at Worlds, so we introduced the policy.
: NA LCS New Studio Qualms
Hey guys! This is super helpful and awesome. To address your points: * Parking validation - Thanks for bringing this up. We'll work to make it more clear where to get validation! * Seating - Admittedly there are awkward moments when people get up for one reason or another and people back fill, but we also want to allow people to get the best seats possible if they're available. We want to avoid the front row being empty because some people didn't show up. We'd rather the best seats be utilized and leave the empty seats (if there are any, it was pretty fully this past weekend!) for the back row. * Smoking area - Great thoughts. We'll move the smoking area a bit further away from the front door to make sure the smoke isn't trailing into the lobby. * Studio lights - Loud and clear here. We'll talk to the broadcast team about dimming/cutting the lights during the games! * Merch store - Glad you like it! We'll work on those entry and exit signs, as well as getting the guards to help with the flow. * Food trucks - Interesting idea that we'll definitely explore! Thanks for bringing it up. Thanks for coming out and experiencing the LCS with us! We really appreciate this sort of feedback, as we're always working to improve. Hope you guys come back soon! -NA
: Do you guys think it is possible that when LCS's continue to expand a eastern and western conference could be made to have games at multiple locations every week?
Something we've talked about, but unlikely in the foreseeable future. Edit: To further expand, our league offices in both EU and NA are located very close to their respective studio, allowing us to give a ton of attention to the needs of the teams/players. Might be something we'll consider in the future, but as it stands right now we're focusing on making our current studios amazing and building our LCS staff to support the efforts there.
: @Nick Allen, Do you miss IPL?
Rhyzalar (NA)
: How fiscally plausible would it be to expand to 16 or 20 teams? How many teams would it take to not be worth the investment? Im curious also how attached you guys are to relegation.
To be honest, we don't think about it from a fiscal perspective, but more from the perspective of how compelling the league would be with 16 or 20 teams. To be honest, we're not sure the talent pool is there yet to accommodate 16-20 teams. Additionally, there is a lack of strong organizations to support and lead 16-20 LCS teams. Maybe someday!
Wullf (EUNE)
: What are your toughts on players that are transfering to LCS from asia? In NA LCS there is whole chinese team and now more koreans are transfering to LCS (either EU or NA) because there can be only one team from one organisation in korea right now. Theoretically it could end up with LCS being flooded by asian players and that does not sounds right. Or does it?
Back in September we introduced the [Interregional Movement Policy ](http://na.lolesports.com/articles/interregional-movement-policy-official-rule) in an effort to protect the identity of the regions, while still allowing international player movement. As we head into the start of the season, we're super excited to see new international players playing alongside the regional players we know and love.
: Why decrease the # of games in the season. Isn't it like appox. 90 games now compared to last year's 118. Now with more teams I think having 3 games between each team instead of 2 because it could result in tiebreakers at the end of the season.
We want to mindful of the blue side vs red side inequality at the moment. 3 games per matchup would mean that one of the teams would get blue side twice, and with the current advantage of blue side, we don't like that sort of imbalance. In regards to fewer games, the change hits some of our major goals for this season: * Reduce the number of times teams play each other as to not overexpose the matchup * Eliminate Super Weeks * Extend the playoffs to occur over 3 weeks, with quarters, semis, and finals all getting their own weekend Overall we think these changes are going to make a more exciting, enjoyable league!
Sajier (NA)
: Are contracts available to other teams, so they know if a player's contract is coming up? In other professional leagues like the NFL, NBA, etc the contract lengths are known and a free agency period is clear so that a team knows if a player is going to be available and when they can talk to them. Will we see changes to create more of this type of format?
Contracts themselves aren't available, but the contract end dates are available on lolesports! For example, you can find maplestreet8's contract end date on his page: http://na.lolesports.com/na-lcs/2015/spring/players/maplestreet8 We did this to make sure teams knew when they could approach players, in an effort to prevent tampering.
IMeMps (NA)
: What are the plans regarding all the transferproblems with poaching and such lately, any thought on adding something like a lot of other sports have, that if you have lets say 1 month left of the contract ur allowed to discuss with other teams?
Definitely something that we're talking about. The World Championship brings up some logistical issues with that model: * Currently player contracts must end by a certain point in the year (mid November). If we have a 1 month restricted free agency, this could have adverse affects on players attending Worlds. Imagine players negotiating contracts with their opponents during the World Championship, because they're under restricted free agency. I wish the solution was as easy as moving up the contract end dates to sometime in December to avoid these types of negotiations, but a change like that would mean less time between contract end dates and the start of the season. This would mean less time for visas, sponsor acquisitions, player brand development, etc. * Additionally, players not attending Worlds would have a leg up on the players attending, as they don't have to focus on playing and can focus on contract negotiations and shopping around. This is something on our radar and something we are putting a lot of thought into before moving on.
Gloobus (EUNE)
: Are the players for the Mid-Summer Invitational will be chosen in fan votes, chosen by Riot or maybe some other way?
As we mentioned in [this post](http://na.lolesports.com/articles/introducing-new-mid-season-invitational), we'll be separating out the All-Star elements from last's year event and focusing completely on the competitive side for our Mid-Season Invitational. With that being said, it will be similar to last year where the winners of the pro leagues from around the world qualify for the MSI. Then, at the end of the year during the off-season, we're looking to have the familiar voting elements at our All-Star event. We think creating two events with a specialized focus (competition for one, and voting/all-star for the other) will help them both be better in their own right, versus the half-and-half combination that we saw last year.
: Are the CS Spring Qualifiers going to be livestreamed? Because I really want to watch Origen's matches ^^
There won't be a live stream, but there will be VoDs available following the games (gameplay only, no casters). And as usual, we'll have the bracket updated if you want the immediate results.
Rhyzalar (NA)
: Why does Riot treat tampering more seriously than any other sport? Do you feel it grants a competitive advantage?
Hard to say if we take it more seriously than other sports, as its difficult to know exactly what's happening behind the scenes in other leagues. With that being said, we do take it very seriously: * On your point about competitive advantage, its more about the damage that tampering can do. Imagine a scenario where a player is approached to play for an opposing team during playoffs. If I was that player, I would be less interested in performing well knowing that I have a spot on another team when the season ends. This sort of tampering can have massive implications--for players, teams, as well as fans. * The league is relatively young, and we want to crack down on this particular issue (along with many others) now before it starts to trend in an unwieldy direction. We've had the benefit of seeing how damaging tampering can be in other sports/esports, which has shown us how important it is for us to get involved. This isn't all of our thoughts on the topic, but illustrates some of the reasons why we take it so seriously.
Yamazuya (EUW)
: General * Seeing how there will be no play offs at PAX this year, is it correct to assume that Gamescom will also not see an LCS event? * Will there be a roadshow event this year (both NA or EU) and could you hint at possible locations? LCS * How close is the cooperation between Riot and the teams in regards to acquiring visas and sorting out the issues that arise there? * The video features are a great part of the LCS production. Will we see one or more that focus on the work that the "little people" do behind the scenes? And finally * On a scale of $100 to $1,000,000 how fine is Nick Allen?
On the visa front, ultimately its up to the teams to apply for and acquire the visas for their players. We help by connecting teams in need to immigration lawyers familiar with the visa process, and we supply the necessary paperwork and letters to vouch for the players as they apply.
: About the changes to the substitution will coaches be allowed to sub in for a player in the case of an emergency or does the previous ruleset about a coach having to be fielded apply?
We want the coach role to be distinct from the player role, even in the sense of using the coach as a player sub. We want to draw a line between coaches and players to ensure that the roles are hyper specialized, and also so teams aren't using a coach as a 6th player to swap in at any time.


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