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: > [{quoted}](name=TheDuelist999,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=MdXpWg1q,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-02-28T01:59:32.438+0000) > > I'm just now watching the game but I think even in a losing effort wild turtle deserves mvp for the game. With the exception of Stixay all of CLG had really good game but wow turtle played great. Yeah, but unfortunately, he had to walk into a LeBlanc.
that was hilarious but ya not a good play by him there
: They really are mortals :)
I'm just now watching the game but I think even in a losing effort wild turtle deserves mvp for the game. With the exception of Stixay all of CLG had really good game but wow turtle played great.
: Can we get some kind of cap on filling the same lane three times in a row?
PSA here. If you put your secondary as mid you will get your primary
Bârd (NA)
: Yeah, seems like a great Alistar build.
I've been using it on jax. The dmg and hp from it are great but you do need another counter to hp based dmg other than just the sterak shield so jax's ult is great alistar's would be even better. Irelia would love the burst but needs more resists, solo lane braum or leona might be able to use it decently I'm not sure who else.
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: ***
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Linthe (NA)
: The part about the W was confirmed. I believe Jatt said that Ryu's pick a card was down so no gold card was coming out. Also, Ryu was out of range of Benji and Ryu's flash was down. The casters had a fairly detailed explanation (which was only fair given how DAMN long the delay was).
no tf had gold card pulled and he was out of range of eve after he came down from being knocked up... if she had been stunned tho could he have chained the stun.. I felt so.
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: Im pretty sure even cho'gath knows not to get close to rek'sai. Even by void standards she is the top of the food chain.
cho would just have her impaling her self on all the spikes he can form in the ground by stomping... but ya until cho hit's his final form reksai could tear him apart if she got close at his final form he can maybe survive long enough to bite a chunk out of her and try and use his spikes to create some space again but he'd be gimped after that trade.
: TIP and TL wouldn't fare any better though. CLG is probably the best out of those 3.
Ya TL is essentially NA Unicorns and Gate is not an internationally viable mid
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDuelist999,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=AKAarXup,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-08T17:17:24.951+0000) > > hey they haven't lost to Brazilian team yet They will lose this game too They just got their hopes crushed
> [{quoted}](name=xJLx MCHammer,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=AKAarXup,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-08T17:19:02.675+0000) > > THEY DID lol > > Last week they played vs Pain and they got destroyed lol pain beat flash wolves not clg
: Hey CLG, how does it feel to perform worse than NA#7 in easiest group?
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Jungled (OCE)
: [CGC] Count to 1000 before a RED interrupts.
: who is oddbro?
Maplestreet he is oddone's younger brother. He has been in out of the lcs most recently carried renegades in the cs finals, then quit the team as a result of what sounded like a clash of personalities, but oddbro's post was to 'professional' would be the word to through anybody under the bus or explain the conflict. The way he presented his post it gave me a positive impression of his emotional maturity and he's a good adc.
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: doesn´t matter whom they fought, their mechanics had been ahead of all other regions, as have their rotations for the most part - they just played a lot faster paced than Korea or NA and most of EU during the seasion. LGD is just really tilting, it doesn´t tell you much about the region - and IG may make a comeback next week, they improved every game so far. Comparing different groups is just really a hard thing to do...and especially in Group C both tournament favourites aren´t forced to show anything, so it´s impossible to say how any team that looks brilliant right now on other groups will stack up against those two giants. So for all that happened, any final that is not Korea vs China still will need some major upset.
going off of week 1 this is simply how it looks to me if you want you can make your own and I'll quote it in op
: to be fair edg has a harder bracket than c9 and og
SKT>FNC/KT/IG/AHQ>TSM/ LGD/H2K>Titans EDG has 1 hard game they lost it would be much easier to tell with 2 groups of 8 say AC and BD
: Brazil is actually not that bad of a region - nothing major, but they had a lot of Korean influence over the last years and improved a lot. They cannot be taken for granted by any of the teams in that group - if CLG make a mjor mistake vs them they could also lose just aswell. Also, don´t judge the regions off of 3 days of worlds. China played brilliantly all season long and it´s a shame their teams so far can´t show it...same goes for Fnatic though, Huni is disappointing so far, as is Yellowstar and their draft-phase. I still would be very surprised if EDG wouldn´t make it to the finals, they really dismantled both titans and H2K very quickly and more dominant than SKT did - without granting any major information about what to expect of them in the Bo5 stage.
China played brilliantly against China... if you don't want me to judge off of tournament then I would need to see a tournament every 2 months to get a cumulative idea. China is 3-6 China has wins against H2K AHQ and Titans who are a combined 2-7 or 2-4 not against China They have lost to TSM KT Origin SKT C9 and Fanatic who yes have 13-5 record but if you take out China these teams are 7-5 and two of them are 0-4 against non Chinese teams. Sorry but with the exception of EDG as the outlier China looks kinda bad.
: mh, i´d put edg slightly ahead of SKT still - in the group match you just saw that EDG wasn´t seriously going for a win,they just wanted to see what SKT would be willing to show, like they did at MSI. Though Amazing J might be a weakness ( i still hope Kuro1 makes a comeback for the bo5 phase). Also,while they are all underperforming currently i´d still put IG/FNC/AHQ ahead of CLG and H2K at least on the CLG level - you can´t seriously expect them to take games from EDG or SKT, any other group they would have looked a lot stronger...and as FWolves did beat KOO they also should be on the CLG level, the game between both had been very close.
Ya people don't seem to like my break down of group C but if you look at thread that is a recap of week 1 I have some low opinions of China which you can see here with EDG at #4 and the fact that H2K got beat so bad and their only win Titans they just aren't making it for me. FW lost to pain maybe pain is legit team which would be awesome If they got a gaming house in North Brazil and scrimmed NA teams on LAN anything to up the level of competition is good. However atm I'm just hating on FW for losing to iwc.
Arrohe (NA)
: just because edg is from a region with 2 under performing teams does not make them a weak team.
EDG only has wins against titans and h2k and I still have them tied for 4th EDG just a month ago lost to LDG who is now bottom tier and I still have EDG even with a team who just beat LDG with the sample of games EDG has their only chance to make a statement is against skt and they did not preform.
Rozzeta (NA)
: It's what Zed would have been if he had not been killed by Shen's master, who is currently posing as Zed.
Imagine if this was cannon but zed survived and has been training ever since to help shen bring back balance.
: Through Week 1
Just think if AHQ had beat IG only IWC would be below China #worrying trend
: I hope this isn't the case in the bracket stage. Then NA is in deep trouble.
NA W to loss equation is W=L+1 prepare for the reverse sweeps
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: I'm extremely happy that Koreans and Chinese team with Korean teams are failing. I hope the trend continues. I'm still happy c9 won but even as their fan I wasn't expecting c9 to win vs FNC. At least, not one game, maybe beat of 5. Regardless, I think you can let the fans claim Na>eu for now, as well west>east Eu and Na are united vs China and Korea but there is still a healthy rivalry between the regions. It's that out mutual hatred towards Korea is too...good
Korea is still #1 at 7-2 NA #2 6-3 EU #3 5-4 China is tied for #4 with LMS 3-6 and 2-4 respectively China does have head to head IWC #6 at 1-5
Lugg (NA)
: I don't think he was close enough to it to have the tower get more than 1 shot in. Plus that would have moved him farther away from his team's follow up.
the ult would have left him trapped in turret range
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: Fnatic finally getting exposed , easy to go 18-0 whens theres only 2 good teams in your region.
hey they were still 2-0 against origin it takes a lot of effort to win 2 games over the course of 3 months
Arrohe (NA)
: I find it disconcerning that you have 2 3rd pool teams ranked 2nd over EDG. I feel edg would rank higher than either of those two. other than that your power ranking seems correct. that is assuming OG was paying attention during FNC's losses and adjusts to match that
So EDG is the #2 team from the region with the most losses so far and there two wins I have in the bottom and second from bottom tier.
Lugg (NA)
: Viktor didn't totally outplay Azir. Azir actually had the best outplay of the game ulting Vik into tower, but (for some unknown reason) the tower never targeted him. It would have been an easy kill for Azir if that happened. There were 4 or more plays like that in the game where CLG simply had abysmal luck. The ONLY reason the Blitz pick didn't work was the Morgana counterpick. You never blind pick Blitz if Morg is available. If any other support had been taken, I bet CLG would have won that game.
he ulted him into the wrong tower he totally couldve got him into inner which would have agroed him
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Na 6-3 EU 5-4 head to head is 1-1 NA>/=EU right now its not clear cut NA+EU 11-7 CH+KR 10-8 5-4 in favor of West West>/=East leaning towards West>East
: To TSM: When Lustboy engages a fight, don't run away
: Lets be analysts
TSM just go yolo cuz anything is better than nothing.
: You realize, Wolves beat Koo right?
It seemed like a fluke to me. I could obviously be wrong because I know nothing about LMS but ahq beat wolves and are 1-2 and wolves struggling against pain.
Cabigon (NA)
: Casters saying that Cloud9 is only strong because of their pushing strat
C9 has pushing comps that are also good at team fighting with azir/veigar and trist not to mention clg showed it with jinx too so you have to ban out at least two of these 4 just take away this strat that is a huge draft win for C9 who probably has another strat as well. (not to mention anivia and cait/sivir also probably work if they are in the champ pools)
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: This is so full of shit. Korea isn't the best region any more, it's china. So max #3 for NA. Then add to it that C9 did not deserve the win against Fnatic at all (both baron calls were bad, Hai pls...) and a Darius that can get back into the game after 1 minor mistake from Fnatic. EU played better but lost to bad luck.
In order of total wins Korea 7-2 2-0vsNA 1-1 vs EU 2-0 vs China 2-0 vs IWC 0-1 vs LMS NA 6-3 0-2vsKorea 1-1 vs EU 2-0 vs China 1-0 vs IWC 2-0 vs LMS EU 5-4 1-1vsKorea 1-1 vs NA 2-1 vs China 1-0 vs IWC 0-1 vs LMS China 3-6 0-2vsKorea 0-2vs NA 1-2 vs EU 1-0 vs IWC 1-0 vs LMS LMS 2-3 1-0vsKorea 0-2vs NA 0-1 vs China 0-0 vs IWC 1-0 vs EU IWC 0-5 It's the IWC China literally has the most losses of any region They're wins are off of the 3rd seed from the EU which is looking like the #3 region an IWC team and a LMS Team. The combine record of the teams they have wins off are 2-7(a step farther those 2 wins come of teams with a combined 1-5) Their most impressive win is vs ahq so no they aren't the strongest region not even if EDG ends up winning the tournament. EDG playing at their peak is an outlier and they cant even be consistent. If it wasn't for the head to head game I would have put LMS over China.
Xemeron (NA)
: Darius so balanced
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: C9 vs FNC Champ select
they just picked hard engage into darius... so he doesnt need to close to be going after a valuable target and they give darius a good match... if balls plays well its gg
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: When you are a top lane main you should know how to cs better than anyone. But yes... never duel a vayne
ya i avg 200cs per game in top but I'm a shit adc and ended up zoned
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