Alzon (NA)
: {{champion:33}} Rammus and {{champion:77}} Udyr are probably the best on that list right now, if that helps. Rammus is faster, though.
Thanks. That does help. I've had my eye on trying both of them for a while. I'm probably going to go for them earlier now.
Alzon (NA)
: {{champion:120}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:106}} all come sprinting out of the jungle at “incredible hihg speed” like Nunu. {{champion:14}} {{champion:107}} and {{champion:2}} are added to this list after level 6, and {{champion:19}} requires the enemy to be low or it’s painfully obvious he’s ganking.
Awesome! Thanks. I think that high speed lane entry is really a large portion of what I miss when not playing Nunu. I'll start looking up these champs and trying them when I can/ have the BE.
: Have you given {{champion:19}} a shot? He's not quite as objective control oriented as nunu, but his Q heals him and he's got decent CC and tankyness, and like nunu his play pattern is generally about jumping into the enemy team and ccing who you can. He stays very healthy while clearing the jungle, can take dragons early much like nunu, can gank pre 6 (though ganks are much stronger post 6).
I think I tried him once when I first started and didn't do well because I had no idea how to jungle. haha. I'll definitely give him another shot though. Thanks for the recommendation.
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