: Experimental Modes & Nexus Blitz
You should try a map with capture points. Maybe 5 on a circle map? You could even put something in the center as some sort of an objective. Maybe call it "Dominion"? _on the real please bring it back. I miss it so._
: We used to do this on TT and Dominion, but stopped supporting that a few years ago. No map specific changes exist anymore and as FeralPony mentioned, we won't be doing that in the future either.
RIP Dominion. :(
Dray866 (NA)
: Permanently banned out of nowhere with no suspensions what so ever.
: Can't you make it a Friday or a Sunday? Pretty please with a dead Teemo on top? XD
Sorry sir, I can't. BUT! There is another Dominion tournament Sunday, so make sure to check that out.
: ...to show dominance. Where's the door? Ah, i see it.
Wrong door, that's the entrance. The exit is to your right.
: Ugh, Again!? I stopped playing DD because you kept holding the tournaments on my work days. Now you do it ***AGAIN!?*** {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Your work day is most people's weekend. :P Sorry homie.
: Amputease is in the house. :) Expect our registration by tomorrow.
: I really want to play in this tournament. I hope it doesn't fill up before I can look for a team tomorrow. :/
Knowing the Dominion players, you'll have plenty of time. If they are anything like they were the past 100 tournaments, they will register on the last day. :P
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