: Let's chill with some Blitz!
Hi there! I've been playing league of legends for almost a full decade now (since july-ish 2009!). I'd love to be able to hold a conversation with you over some softer topics that would be mostly unrelated to the community. My IGN is: TheFoxLord Thanks for taking the time to do this. <3
: It's gotta be irelia. I can tell because it had the word nerf in it. ;P
Really? I thought it was because it had the word "frostbutt" and "butt" in it ;P
: Good question. Micropatching tends to have a far lesser risk than traditional hotfixing (redeploys) because it only requires that we ship the individual change in isolation rather than the entirety of the code to include one small change. It also tends to be a different type of change that incurs far less risk. I'll elaborate a bit more about what a micropatch actually is. Pretend that all of our assets (champs, items, monsters, minions, etc), are bundled together into a big stack, this is what makes up a game version which is what we ultimately ship to players. In the redeploy approach (which we still have to do with some of our more complex code fixes), we'd have to make a change to one of those pieces of content, and then reship the entire bundle out to players so that the hotfix could be applied. For Micropatching, we're able to treat a balance change/some bug fixes as a unique layer that sits on top of the specific piece of content it's addressing. In Janna's case, we made changes to her base stats and shipped that as Janna 2.0, and then made the changes to her shield values and passive damage scaling as Janna 3.0. Those are called layers, in that they essentially lay on top of whatever the Janna 1.0 in the stack was. When you boot up a game and there's a Janna select, the client then looks at the game server and asks "k gimme the Janna stuff" and the server sends whatever the most recent version of the champion is. Micropatches tend to be simpler fixes like hp numbers, damage, cd etc - these are called .json values and are quite easy to swap in and out. There's also some scripting stuff we're able to handle like the Janna passive work we did in the second micropatch. Redeploys tend to be used for more complex bug fixes that actually require a code change to resolve. Things like the Jax bug that's causing disconnects, that will repaired via a redeploy vs a micropatch since it's far riskier, requires far more testing, and touches way more things in the game. That ended up being a pretty detailed response, let me know if that answered your question!
Based on that, does that mean that this "Janna 3.0" will get reset to "Janna 1.0" at the start of the next full patch? (so until the next full patch, there's a desync of the code you're working on and the one that's on live). And thanks for the insight to Riot's design! As an aspiring computer scientist, I'm constantly eager to learn more about how this kind of stuff works in the field (That's another way of saying that I really need more of your engineering blogs).
Meddler (NA)
: We've talked a bit about gold dragons as options, concern though is that it's just really general power. There's something cool about it as an occasional thing which keeps us coming back to the idea every so often (rare spawn?). It doesn't go well with the goal of having dragons shape your strategy and how you approach a game at least a bit as a team though.
Passive and unnoticeable power is something Riot's been striving to get rid of since season 2~3, so I understand the stance on this. Especially how it doesn't foster team play, or improve on the existing dragon mechanic (or other game functions). That said, if you do end up giving us a dragon with passive gold generation, please *please* name the buff it gives you "Heart of Gold". I'd need this in my life. Sincerely, - A person living without a Heart of Gold =(
zaphod424 (EUW)
: > which would put her close to pre-rework numbers when she was considered fine. Why was she reworked then? Also, as a lb main, what do u feel about the rework as a whole? I mean., I know I, and most other lb mains prefer old lb vastly to the new one, the double click ult is clunky, the delay is crippling late. I understand she was very oppressive then, and did need changes, but I mean, come on, was this full rework really necessary? And further to that, what did it achieve, she was still really oppressive in lane, and her damage was insane, and it seems the only way to make her not oppressive is to nerf her to the ground. It seems like an impossible to balance kit. i mean, idk how much u know on the topic, but is there a possibility that the rework may be reverted, and then some adjustments made, I mean, if I was in charge of her, ik exactly what I would do {{champion:7}} {{item:3070}}
She was reworked because of the purpose of the assassin update, which was to provide counterplay to the assassin role (as well as unique identities and to give the champions meaningful high moments for when the enemy failed to outplay the assassin's kit). Leblanc was too oppressive when she was ahead because her old kit could kill someone, or take them out of the fight, with a W-R near-instantaneously. With the assassin rework, if they had left Leblanc out of the update, her kit would be too fast and safe compared to the other assassins; she'd dominate the competition. So while Leblanc may have been "fine" before the assassin update, she would definitely not have been so if she was not changed. I'm not saying that Leblanc hasn't had issues recently, or the the rework was good for the champion (I'm not a Leblanc main), but this is the reason we were given by Riot.
Kei143 (NA)
: personally, I don't think SSNunu should be punished. OP thinks otherwise and is in favor of Riot's ban, saying that the punishment is just. I don't think I'm silencing anyone in this post. He was beating the horse cos SSNunu was banned already, he just wanted to voice that SSNunu deserved it.
I didn't say anything about OP or anything about your side of thought. I said to not write off an argument based off Riot's decision. They've been very deliberate in listening and responding to player feedback since their inception. As in, there is no such thing as beating a dead horse with this company. We complained (meme-d) about their lack of sandbox/funny-skins/decent game-UI/solo queue to death, and thus they responded (it takes some time, but they listen). The decision to roll back the ban shows that the community is certainly not beating a dead horse but communicating their displeasure for Riot's decision effectively. Telling people that they're beating a dead horse is the same as telling them that their entire conversation has no meaning: it silences people. So, all I'm saying with this pointless word diarrhea is: Trust in Riot, all conversation has meaning and impact in this community.
Kei143 (NA)
: http://th153.photobucket.com/albums/s216/C-fused/th_dead_horse.gif Every time something controversial happens. whether it's tyler1, support smite singed, meteos intinng, double jg support nunu. He got banned for it already and Riot isn't pulling that ban back.
> https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5wtk72/in_regards_to_the_support_nunu_riots_3rd_rule_on/dedr1vp/?utm_content=permalink&utm_medium=front&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=leagueoflegends [picture link] > "[...] Monday night, Player Support lifted the remaining portion of the ban. A bunch of us are meeting early next week to get our shit together, and we’ll be talking to you about it sooner rather than later." Riot Games is a good company and they listen to their playerbase. The negative feedback for this incident was substantial enough that they're willing to rethink their decision and come back soon to deliver a more comprehensive statement. Don't assume that just because "Riot Games said so" they aren't willing to hear the community (because history says otherwise). Using your kind of logic silences people with a valid argument without contributing to discussion.
: Please hotfix the client black screen/lag bug.
I have the exact same bug where my client freezes up when someone dodges. And if I force quit league and open it, it takes two minutes (or so) to start back up. Strangely, when you do this you don't have to log in; you go straight to the lobby you were in. And the client will show you as online until you log back in. Even if it's hours later.
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Previously posted on the PBE: > Most tanks, if given more access to tankiness and utility inside of their kits, seem like they would just utilize these abilities as free stats and build more damage regardless. Is there any way that this will be addressed with these upcoming reworks? > > As always, thanks for the insight Solcrushed. =) As always, thanks for the insight Solcrushed. =)
: Ideally, his "one-shot" now takes 1-2 seconds in the ahead case (rather than 0.5-1). His killing pattern will probably still be largely dependent upon his ultimate.
Considering that his new kit will be able to (ideally) kill someone in 1-2 seconds, instead of 0.5-0.25 seconds, and since Rengar is still an assassin (a role whose only job is to kill a carry as fast as possible), wouldn't this be a nerf to Rengar even as a concept? The only thing I could think of that would help is giving Rengar better utility, but for the life of me, I can't think of what a healthy utility ability for an assassin would be (that Rengar doesn't already have).
: 5 bucks says the answer is: "If we cut his AoE and extend his burst window, we can finally afford to give him a passive he likes having." I wouldn't be surprised if his passive is where the new increased roaming power comes from.
I'm not taking that bet. Though I'm calling it that his kit will have some sort of ammo-system for one of his abilities. (I'm against this, but it seems like it might fit thematically. *shrug*)
Hytyotwo (NA)
: when I saw the title I honestly thought rito was proposing its own ISP, as in, pay rito $$$ for 5 ping
Depending on the price and if it'd be offered where I am. I would get it. You know what the ping's like here in NorCal with Frontier internet? And that's all that's offered where I live. (Best plan: 20Mbps down / 2 Mbps up).
Bradmore (NA)
: Why we're not releasing the Ahri Statue
I think it's great you guys are making sure that the statue will be as high quality as possible! I personally didn't like her face (lol) on the statue either and am glad that you guys decided to try and fix that. Ahri is my favorite champion (really?!) and I hope we'll get to see her return to the Merch store soon(TM). <3 {{champion:103}}
I'd recommend contacting a Riot Games employee at their support site: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us Their support site also helps with issues concerning those with PBE accounts.
Rioter Comments
: Sona + Thunderlord's Decree = Impossible?
To bring a bit of light to this bug, it's actually a bug that seems to be caused by multiple Thunderlord's Decrees in the same game, or something to that degree. Other posters have also tried bringing attention to this specific issue: 1. [[Gameplay] Thunderlord's decree not proccing](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/O1MFq4f4-gameplay-thunderlords-decree-not-proccing) 2. [Thunderlord's Decree not working on Teemo, Homeguard bug, and Luden's Echo change](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/74BwZptg-thunderlords-decree-not-working-on-teemo-homeguard-bug-and-ludens-echo-change) 3. [Thunderlord not activating on Grgas](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/TaA5EAH1-thunderlord-not-activating-on-grgas) This bug was actually reported before this patch went live from the PBE by myself and others: 1. PBE Thread: [[MAJOR Mastery Bug] Thunderlord's Decree DOESN'T WORK in some games](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/MWuEu7QJ-major-mastery-bug-thunderlords-decree-doesnt-work-in-some-games) We'll just have to hope that this bug is fixed ASAP and that Riot Games has noticed this bug and is working on it. (Though they understandably have their hands full with the mass of changes still incoming.) {{champion:103}}
: Thunderlord's Decree not proccing all game
I'd reported this bug on the PBE but it doesn't seem like it was fixed in time for the patch. Sometimes the Thunderlord's Decree mastery will be "disabled" (effectively) without any way to get it back. Reconnecting, repairing, and reinstalling all don't work. It shouldn't happen every game, but it does happen some games. The most common champion I've experienced this with is LeBlanc. But it also seems to happen on others. When this bug happens, the mastery can still be working for others, it is specific to you when it happens. Though I did see one case where two people in the same game had this issue. Best of luck in seeing that this gets fixed by / with next patch! =)
: So technically after 3 attacks, one and the the second with the added phantom hit, he gets all 5 stacks?
Correct! Though you can auto attack a minion, then walk up to a champion and get all 5 stacks with a "single" hit. You just need the phantom hit to register on them and it will give you all 5 stacks.
Budupops (NA)
: i thnk its intentional, not a bug
I don't think so. Phantom hit is suppose to apply on-hits a single extra time. This effectively gives you an extra 4 extra on-hits (only with Darius passive). I don't think that should be intentional. But if it is, well, that'd be interesting.
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: Friends List displaying crazy in-game times of friends [CLIENT]
I've actually seen the exact thing from one friend of mine specifically. I've asked shared friends to look at his game time and they all saw the same thing. According to his game time, he's been in game for a little over a month (seems to be his lifetime total gametime).
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Knalxz (NA)
: What it's like to fight Jax during URF
Omg, so true and so funny. Thank you for this! {{champion:103}} **11** / **10**
: > [{quoted}](name=Slumber Jack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QfzrV4bF,comment-id=0012000a0000,timestamp=2014-12-21T10:16:12.549+0000) > > No one gets banned just for saying "gg ez" :P It takes quite a bit more than that. i dont get it, first red says yep we view ggez as a curse word and is reportable second red says no one gets banned for just saying that? so i can just be a dick everygame if i say nothing but ggez at the end of game? cant take different stances its either ok to say or not ok none of this well he only said it once, if thats the case fuck you reds....but its ok i only said it once
There are other ways to punish a player besides brutally banning their account. The typical punishment for offenders who partake in chat toxicity is a block on their chat for [X number of] games. This allows them to still play the game, yet prevent them from bothering others with their spam/toxicity/sore losing/poor winning/nerd rage/etc. Banning a player is something reserved for severe offenders, such as actual verbally abusing someone, or leaving a game. Leaving is especially heinous, because why would a company allow players who don't want to play their game to its conclusion ruin it for 4-9x as many others who do care about playing it; may as well ban their account from playing temporarily (or permanently) if they refuse to play the game. So in the words of Slumber Jack, "[n]o one gets banned just for saying 'gg ez' :P". {{champion:103}}
Quiet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Digital Ram,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=4EcNwG5w,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2014-12-17T02:14:21.845+0000) > > We are currently looking into issues fps. I can't promise anything at the moment, but we are investigating. Was this so hard to say? Why didn't anyone from Riot tell anything about this before. Did you get a warning from the company? Are they whipping you?
Jeez 'mate calm down. Digital Ram acknowledged your issue and he understands that you're having difficulties playing League of Legends right now; as I'm sure you understand, if this does happen to be an issue for certain people right now, they will get working on it. The fact remains that he probably isn't a person who can solve your (as well as various others') issues at the moment. Put a bit of trust into the staffing of a game which you seem highly dedicated to, or at least extremely invested in. Riot (a.k.a. Rito) hasn't let me down in the five years I've been playing this game, so I trust them to resolve this issue if it does happen to be something with the servers or game in EUW. {{champion:103}}
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
{{champion:103}} Hey, I don't mind signing up =) I have zero problem with sharing any of my logs =^,^= I'm generally a really positive guy so I have zero problem having my logs looked into! :3 (Unless you go back to season 2ish, I had a bad year then >.<)


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