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idk about that, my gp adc is on point.
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: When someone plays with DJ Sona or Frostbalde Irelia
: "I am Bronze but I am at least as good as a gold"
I'm gold but I'm atleast as bad as bronze.
: Even in game most memer's are dank
That reminds me of a time I built full crit and a zhonyas on him, my friends wouldn't play with me for a week after that...
: Rito making memes into skins now
: Your Team Composition Based on Who You Main in Lane
Top {{champion:12}} {{champion:34}} jungle {{champion:115}} mid {{champion:77}} Adc {{champion:103}} sup {{champion:267}} (welp, my club tag 0meta is a lie) :/
: Ranked: Picked Fill, got mid. "So uhhh, how do you guys feel about AP Alistar?"
I like it! I'll even combo with you using Nami jg. Now we just need a Braum top and Bard adc.
TheMinez (NA)
: Back when Nasus could buy Trickster's Glass
I'm just gonna say, no idea what Tricksters Glass is.
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
: I tried him out, couldn't play him, and got Panda Teemo from Riot Games. Gee, thanks.
I know the feel, I got 3 Riven skins and I don't even know how to animation cancel.
: #When you spectate a friends S5 level game... and between the scores, CS and summoner spells you're having trouble even figuring out who the jungler is.
When you spectate my G4 level game... and you're having trouble figuring out who the jungler is.
Why would a flamethrower hurt a Maus? You see the Carre Veloce L3 uses a machine gun, do you know what makes tanks? factory machines, the Maus better prepare to meet its maker.
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: I admit, I cannot defeat a maus.
: The best way to describe Star Guardian Skins.
You forgot the greatest tank of WW2, the Carro Veloce L3:,_Balkan,_italienische_Panzer,_Krad_mit_Beiwagen.jpg
: When your team is carrying, and you are just hoping they don't figure out you're a boosted animal
I'm 5 boosted animals in one. They usually notice straight away cuz I'm mid.
: What do you call an Aurelion and Lucian botlane?
: Describe a champ with an element
Its more of a compound but.... {{champion:67}} NaCl
: We need an impossible goal for the M&G community to work towards
I think it would be more impossible to get him to 0 upvotes.
: When your friend goes off meta and it works.
This doesn't work for me because my friends are more surprised when I go meta than off meta.
: Google image you summoner's name, what's the first image showing up?
My profile page on the league boards, well thats disappointing ;/
: If League Of Legends become an anime
Depends on the Genre: Ecchi {{champion:103}} Shonen {{champion:81}} seinen {{champion:157}} Feels {{champion:32}}
: You get to marry the first champion you hit mastery 7 with
Thank god kat was easier to get mastery 7 than Udyr....
: You swap bodies with the last champion you summoned
My entire wardrobe would be animal costumes and samurai sandals.... great.
: Going to be hated for this one. {{champion:77}} Five Nights at Freddies'. Robot Animals that have a craving for human flesh. "Yeah, I work the Day Job too."
Sandixcx (NA)
: To all trolls and toxic players
I'm not a troll since I don't find joy in the suffering of my teammates, I find joy in my own suffering, so basically i'm more of a masochist. -an Udyr mid main
: Building Gragas be like
But.... {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}}
TheMinez (NA)
: Ranked in a nutshell
Me playing ranked: "oh crap, wrong queue."
Enlegacy (NA)
: Really? I feel like Yasuo has a fairly good matchup against Cassio. But yeah, I normally get shit on by Udyr as Yasuo.
Yas can't block cass' poke, she can stop his dashing, and windwall doesn't block ult
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Because everyone hates Yasuo, except Yasuo mains
What? I love yas, but then again I main Udyr and Cass...
Surge06 (EUW)
: Hey Malphite!
What you don't realize is that ap Malphite is WAY more fun.
: -5* :^)
Plz no... if we start doing 5s its gonna be aaart, and then jhin will basically be draven.
: downvoted to -4 [](http://art.jpg)
Upvoted to 3.... so someone can upvote u to 4 :P
: Never forgetii.
xPeke in minion form
Nahui (NA)
: It's the only half decent multiplayer game out now. I also have a goal (Hit plat) and League is a game I'm fairly good at.
Why hit plat when you can get that free gold skin and troll, ehh I mean mess around in norms.
: Why do you play LOL?
I play it.... because its fun O_o. jk its so I can understand the memes and games board.
: If you and your main were roommates, what would your relationship be like?
: It's the Memes and Games, you had it coming.
Had what coming? Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go checkout this guys other songs, he rocks.
: Champion Leak!
If you wanted to introduce me a sweet ass song, you shoulda just said so.
: Petition for the word art to be changed to aart
What if, Rito changed his bullet count to 3, that would also fix the problem.... Edit: Honestly I did this as a joke but I'm glad people took this seriously because the -4 makes it even funnier
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Too bad Olaf can't be played as a support
I played him support all the time, but then they nerfed his q :/
FunkyDan (NA)
: Has anybody managed to decipher this ancient text? I think i may need more eyes to get the message!
Basically, Udyr mid relies on extremely cheesy tactics, which usually fall flat on their face. But with fizz, I can just kill him regularly.
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: When you build AP on Pantheon, and your enemy laner laughs at you
My friend was playing ap pantheon and Ulted on all 5 of the enemies as our full ap ekko ulted back into them, they were all full health but instant penta for Ekko.
: What face would your main make if they got a Penta-Kill
I don't know.... I've never gotten one ;_;
: How it feels to fight pantheon I think that's pretty accurate representation of enemy healthbar
AP Pantheon:
: Hey look! I'm level 4 Talon!
Level 24, mastery level 4, 44 masteries O_o. I know who you should main next.
: Yah.... right... you say that
*adult dressed in an animal suit
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