: My all too frequent experience with Krugs
: If riot really gave a shit then Xerath would have gotten a battle boss skin. I am getting so fed up with this company's greedy tactics. *upvoted I wish you luck
He could've been from a bullet hell-type game!
: So...is Volibear evil now?
It seems to me that the Freljordian demigods are more neutral than anything. Volibear isn't really evil. Violent and chaotic yes, but not truly evil. He has bloodlust, yes, but I don't think he wants the world destroyed by the Watchers. I feel like if push came to shove, he might have a very uneasy alliance with Ornn and Anivia, to destroy the enemies of the Freljord.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Given the description of Volis head in this lore it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that he was corrupted by the void. I mean half of his face was missing which sounded a lot like what happened when one of the ascended was affected by it.
Pretty sure that came from his fight with Ornn. Burn scars and such.
Neamean (NA)
: Where is Volibear?
I mean, I like how the Volibear is turning out. He was kinda dull in the old lore, and at least now we have a good reason for him being kinda fackin' strong.
: They're reworking {{champion:82}} ? why? Shouldn't they rework champs that actually need to be like {{champion:142}} {{champion:429}}?
You seriously think ZOE, a champion who came out a little over a year ago, needs a rework more than PIZZA FEET HUEHUE?!
: Is Athene's good on Soraka?
Now that I think of it, it might actually be decent on Mordekaiser. I'll need to summon the expert on the subject.
: He needs a dante from zelda skin where his ult is a poe and his ghouls are stalfos
I think you mean Dampe. Dante is from somethin' else.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maelrus,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pvxuF0eY,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-01-21T20:36:29.892+0000) > > Draven is the weakest character in the entire universe technically speaking. He can throw 2 Axes at you. That´s it. No other ammo, no magic, just raw force. Even then Riot did a good job representing him fighting (he has to go Melee at some point or he will run out of axes really quickly) while also showcasing his personality. Not to mention the trophy wall behind him with Rivens Sword, Vlads Gauntlet and a random, unkown blade. Given how his axes returned to him after he threw them, I'd say there is some sort of magic.
Or maybe he has some kind of training like Captain America. He throws it at a certain angle, so it always returns to his hand. Cap logic, boy.
: _<Removed by Moderation>_ _Any_ champion sucks if there are more enemies, with maybe the only exception being {{champion:63}} . You can't say the weakness of Vayne is getting attacked by multiple people, because that isn't something that _you_ the player can do (You can't control everyone else's character) It's just a really poor argument.
Also {{champion:82}} . More people in range of his W damage.
: Trying to improve my Mordekaiser game
I'm not as much of a Morde main as MM, but I could try and help you a little. As he said, you need items like {{item:3116}} and {{item:3151}} , but I've found that starting with {{item:3152}} is actually a good item to go for first, and the active helps with gap closing. After that, get Rylai's, and I personally also get a {{item:3083}} and then Liandry's. As for Runes, I personally go for Summon Aery for shields on allies and damage, Nimbus Cloak for either escaping or gap closing, Transcendence because the bonus CDR, and Scorch for more damage, but you could run Gathering Storm for the late game. I personally go Resolve secondary, with Overgrowth for more HP, which is always good for Morde, and either Demolish for pushing or Shield Bash to stay alive. And the minirunes I use are CDR, Adaptive Force, and Armor. Or HP, all 3 work decent on Morde.
: Is there a Tahm Kench skin in the works?
Don't forget about Ivern and Ornn, too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Motonari Mori,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QkaMzw0Y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-29T01:49:50.877+0000) > > This new short story says otherwise Is there another story other then demacian heart ¿
Rioter Comments
: Blizzcon reveals Overwatch is getting a new champ: White haired girl named Ashe
She's not as bad. All Blizzard has is the rather slender frame, the white hair, and the name. At least they don't rip off everything at once and slap a new coat of paint on it, like those mobile games.....
: The Umbra Society
Arakadia (NA)
: His fucking beard makes me uncomfortable. Its curls and moves like some demented third arm attached to his chin.
So he's Old Man MacGucket from Gravity Falls?
: Star Guardians
Call me a crackpot, but I wouldn't mind seeing Star Guardian Ornn and Star Guardian Swain. Imagine Swain sporting gold and royal purple.
: Star Tyrant Urgot Concept! Making the meme actually plausible!
Honestly, I like this. And I could think of another way for him to be a Star Guardian. He could be a semi-retired Star Guardian with colors based on neutron stars. I had a similar idea to this, where the first generation of Star Guardians was actually Mordekaiser, Swain, Ornn, Ivern, and Urgot. It was a while ago, though.
Mas17 (EUW)
: DZKled
Don't you dare do this to him. He has been through so much crap, he doesn't deserve all this. Seriously, those mushrooms do things to a yordle.
: i'd think the first thing Riot would need to do is ask what aspect they want to focus on to make a genie "archetype" while changing the rest to feel unique to League. some things i can think of: Faustian wish granter imprisoned spirit some mundane item or weapon that hold intellect and power. but the visuals and themes of a genie sounds like a great idea.
Faustian Wish Granter: Tahm Kench. Imprisoned spirit/item that holds intellect and power: All the Darkin.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: I've been exploring light changes to Morgana and so far nothing I've tried has stuck. Her kit is already great as it is on live, so we're only going to make small changes if it is clear that they make her better. We're totally fine shipping ZERO gameplay changes to Morg if we can't find anything that meets the high bar her current kit already sets.
Pleeease don't change her E too much! It's what makes her really viable as a top laner!
: Why did Nunu mommy have to die :(
It's like the Entwives. We lost her, and we can't find her.
Kai Guy (NA)
: So, if my advice is accurate 100% of the time then regardless of how generic you find it how is it not the goddam truth? Any immobile mage vs yas is a lossed lane or game eh? {{champion:45}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:34}} Are all inmobile and im entirely happy to take them into lane vs yas. I have confidence to outplay his kit with their kits in 1v1. My example is not force jungle yas, its to make him contest objective like dragons, or to force him to move to other lanes, mid game yas is not a tower pushing monster, roam and forcing 4v3 fights or a good gank snagging some kills, give your team the opportunity to push objectives, and 4 dudes on a tower are gonna drop it hella faster then yas can. If he sticks around mid, your gonna get more objectives. When I say make him use them badly, its entirely off you as a player. Force him to cast WW to prevent CC, Force him to use firstQ to cs and smack him with a trade he cant win. Don't Gank him and give him a free E to escape. I will admit I worded it poorly, let me be more clear. Its not about him miscasting, its about knowing his kit so that you play in ways the casts he can make at any time are less then ideal. Its the same generic advice that works for any champion, but for some reason are not doing this vs yas. How many times have you see your jungler run in from behind, giving him the ability to E Away from the teammate of said jungle, People engage when theres a fat minion wave rather then when its just 1-2 still up, people throw their entire kit into windwall, people don't break shield when he gives them opportunity's to because omg shield prevents damage why waste an auto! Players constantly show no understanding of what his kit does then show up bitching about how broken it is. This frustrates me. wanna talk about "generic" statements. How about a kit that "this is the kind of thing I don't want to play against, because while the enemy can relax and make frequent mistakes, I have to constantly concentrate, be on my toes, and not make even the slightest error, knowing ill die if I did." have you seen {{champion:53}} One Q lands = death {{champion:164}} One over extension, being alone, = death {{champion:28}} Walks into your lane and gets W off = death {{champion:105}} hits a R = death. Just saying its not a remotely exclusive CT issue, I hate when people act like it is. **Look folks even if you want to completely ignore the above conversation do me a solid and read the below before commenting.** Here is why I care, the CT hate is fucking stupid. Look there is nothing cant be fixed with number changes. Treating him as an exception is flawed, people hold previous iterations of his work up as examples why he is bad, when said champions end up in a decent spot, example{{champion:412}} for both in game balance and impact on game health. Something being problematic does not mean it is a problem for ever. If it was then Colt would be one of the most bitched about Dev in the game as he has created more Meta defining champions who run the game any time they are a strong pick. {{champion:81}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:1}} on top of the fact he was also to blame for creating some of the most hated champions in the game for their impact on gameplay. Its been over 5 years and my least favorite meta is still the Old AP {{champion:14}} for being the most fucking obnoxious mid meta I have ever seen. {{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:53}} Yet I will never say he is awful at his job ( I personally enjoy a lot of Colts champions.) history has proven the designs can be fixed to be a more healthy state, that over time any problem is going to be solved one way or another. I never want to see any one say, oh well lets fire Hallam. I don't take to arms any time one of his champions is THE meta, despite the fact ez breaks the game 1-2 times a year or that Protect the Koggle is a game winning strategy the moment he is in the upper levels of viability. Yii gets hate threads every year, Every god dam year, and almost no one even knows the devs that made him. CT interacted with the community and got punished for it. The people who started the bandwagon of fk this dev got rewarded for it. The cycle of complaints about him as a dev typically miss the mark on whats problematic and have low or no quality. Its just upvote farming with no merit to helping people learn to play and thrive vs champions they dislike, with no reason for riot to take any one seriously, and with a overall negative impact on Red to community relations. Im not asking yo to like CT, just focus on being objective in targeting what the issue is, if a number is to high, how to fix a problem, and to not add pointless noise and clutter to conversations. When and If a champion gives you a hard time, Learn that champion, seriously its that easy.
Actually, I've played Morgana against Yasuo in top. I haven't found it that difficult. Granted, I am M7 on her(praise the bae!).
: CertainlyT Champions
I feel like the thing that makes Yasuo really busted is the double crit on his passive.
: Everytime I see the Season 8 login screen I'm reminded of how much of a failure Season 8 is.
: the thing is the season 8 login is not even that good nor representing the game...
Why are there 3 ADCs?! Get rid of Jinx and Lucian, use Thresh and Brand instead.
: riot, please, stop defaulting to the season 8 login screen so often
RIGHT?! I am _so SICK_ of Anticipation! They better not do that to Nunu!
Frostfel (NA)
: {{champion:30}} "What are we doing tonight Mordekaiser?" {{champion:82}} "Try to take over the World!"
They're Karthus and the Pain, yes Karthus and the Pain. Both of them are dead, and both are insane!
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Will we ever get a LoL Movie?
I think they could pull it off using Burning Tides alongside Shadow and Fortune.
Xano501 (NA)
: Will see cinematic where Wukong and Ahri together?
Wukong x Ahri is about as likely as a Bronze 5 Yasuo not flaming.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
Bern (NA)
: I'm lost on the Akali VGU design. It invades other champs' visual space (Jinx) and isn't Akali.
We already have a BALANCE NINJA. Shen is a thing, remember? Also, Akali is barely like Jinx. True, both have a tattoo on their arm, but one is at least a B cup (Akali) while the other has no tits whatsoever. By the way, kunai were actually closer to digging spades than throwing knives. Just so y'all know.
Eggbread (NA)
: If Champions In The Game Can Be Dead in Lore, Does That Mean Kusho Could One Day Be a Champion?
: Lore why it sucks
So you prefer Viktor being a cartoonish villain, Brand just being a weird glowy fire that some idiot reaver touched, Urgot as a pain-stricken abomination, and Warwick being an impatient alchemist? Well, you do you. I'll just be over here enjoying my morally grey cyborg wannabe world saver, my mage's apprentice gone rogue, my hella badass sadomasochistic kingpin of Zaun, and my miracle hell doggo.
: SSG Taliyah Fanart
: It sounds great actually, only one problem: the age. If Sion truly is Morde's son and the original Jarven's brother, that would mean he's well over a century old, considering he fell in battle when he was at least in his late 30- late 40 and early 50, that would mean he was stuck in the chamber for at least 4 and more decades. It would be fine, but considering his commanding general when he died was Darkwill, the one that Swain took over, it causes an issue with the timeline.
He didn't say sons. He said *descendants.*
: HOW TO PLAY MORGANA Mid | Diamond Commentary | Bewitching Morgana | Leag...
: Kayle and Morgana and the Darkin
They're going to be Targonians. You forget that Aspects are also "Ascended", and the whole thing of Morgana being bound to Runeterra makes sense if she were a Darkin, but makes as much sense if she were a disgraced Targonian.
: Can we get a Jack The Ripper skin for Pyke if we ever get a Piltover/Zaun event?
Well, if that were the case, Warwick should get a Freddy Krueger skin, Kayn(or Fiddle) should get a Jeepers Creepers skin, Shaco with either a Michael Myers skin or a Pennywise skin, and Rek'Sai get a Xenomorph skin.
: Theory: The Blood Harbor Ripper and The River King
Well, each of the demons feed off of mortal suffering, but each of them likes bringing that suffering about differently. Evelynn enjoys bringing about pain through the desires and _lusts_ of mortals, mostly human males. Tahm Kench brings about suffering through _Greed_ and _Gluttony_ of mortals. Nocturne, from what I know, and from _**For Demacia**_, appears to cause fear in humans, and then through that fear, _Wrath_. So, all we need now are demons who feed off of Pride(possibly the Demon of the Ravens), a demon feeding off of Sloth, and a demon who causes Envy among mortals.
: Well judging from what we've heard (I'd have to find the source on this, mind you, but I've seen it around), Morg and Kayle are the ones after Akali and Nunu. I seem to recall something being mentioned about a pair of champions and the much needed Kayle rework. I'll see if I can't find the comments that spawned this questioning.
Honestly, I just don't want the kits of Kayle and Morgana changed too much, and they should have the versatility they've always had. What I mean by that is that both Kayle and Morgana can be taken to any role and still do a decent job. Speaking from experience, playing Morgana as a top laner is not only hella fun, but it's also surprisingly good in fights against the majority of top laners (exceptions being Garen, Illaoi, and Akali, because no one likes fighting them and it's horrible to try and beat them.). Riot has straight up buffed Morgana so she can function as a jungler, and the two most common places people take her are mid and bot lane. Kayle, from what I have seen, can do the exact same thing, and I feel like that part of their kits should stay not the same, but at least similar.
: In the eventual Kayle + Morgana VGU, can you not change Ghost Bride Morgana’s splash art at all?
Honestly, they would probably do to Ghost Bride, Lunar Wraith, and Bewitching's splashes as they did with Order of the Lotus Irelia. Just change the face to match the new model.
: Jhin is going to get a face reveal skin
I mean, he should get a skin that *doesn't have red as the primary feckin' color.* Blood Moon is red and purple, SKT is red and gold, and PROJECT is red and black. The only exception is High Noon.
: I would want to live in the Vastaya
I think you mean *with* the Vastaya.
: Change Kindred's name to Lamb
: Hate to burst your bubble but he's more akin to {{champion:420}} color So more like Polynesian rather than just 'black.' I mean maybe there are some Caribbean inspirations as can clearly be seen in Illaoi, but not just "a black guy."
Hell, he even does the Maori intimadation dance thing.
: Pyke and Kled
When Mordekaiser gets reworked, I kind of want him to have a hand in turning Kled into what he is. That would add to the fear factor of Morde.
: The Reforging of Mordekaiser
Overall, this is amazing. I can only imagine how good the VU would be for this....
: Was Pyke's name inspired from Game of Thrones?
He should have a skin similar to Greywick. Grey Pyke. It would bring much joy to the GoT fans.
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