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: Why can no-one on the boards use the search function? There's been about a hundred of these threads made. Real life toxicity is not the same as in-game toxicity. You want them to be treated the same, maybe require all players to provide riot their social media accounts and ban you for what you say on social media? Do you know what's happening behind the scenes at Riot? Can you guarantee that there are no HR processes going on at the moment that we don't know about to discipline him? Just because he hasn't been openly fired yet doesn't mean that it won't happen or that he won't get some other disciplinary measure. These things don't happen overnight. And even if nothing happens, yes that's disappointing from Riot but it still has nothing to do with the in-game system. By your logic whenever a police officer breaks the law everyone in prison should be released instantly.
My point is, the Rioter can insult us by representing the name of the company and while we are in the game influencing the company we get banned cauz someone else's calls your mother a whore and you get banned for it. I'll never get over it, cauz that player is playing until this very day... Sorry if didn't made my point here, but honestly im just another reminder of PAX West.
: I like helping people, and I think Ask the Community is a very important sub-board to maintain. Ask the community could very well be the most important sub-board here, simply because it is one of the few that Reddit *can't* replace. And very few others seem to answer things here. It seems that there is nobody really assigned to keeping this sub-board running. So, if this sub is important and needs helps, and I enjoy doing this kind of thing, I figure I might as well spend time here. And I was a moderator, then an Advisor once advisors became a thing. It isn't really so much as habits dying hard, but moreso there same reason I enjoyed being a mod I enjoy doing this. I am basically doing the exact job advisors are supposed to be doing right now, just without a title lol. But it doesn't really matter if the person helping has a title or not so there is no disadvantage there
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