Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
As a League player for two seasons, and one of the few people who played Ryze before the onslaught of nerfs, I can say he's pretty garbage right now in solo queue. He takes alot of practice and time to get used to compared to other midlaners and you get alot less reward from mastering him to the point where he went from my midlane staple to the point where I can't play him anymore. I may be no Faker, but he had alot of problems and frustrations that I found playing as and against him. The main problems are as follows: *** His Root: ** Probably the most complained thing about Ryze, and with good reason. An instantaneous point and click snare doesn't really have any counter play to it besides staying away from him. I mean, even old Tarics stun had a travel time where you could flash. However, a travel time would make Ryze feel really clunky and just bad. *** He could kill you with Tear/Catalyst and no damage:** Probably the stupidest thing about Ryze in my opinion. Since his abilities scale off of mana, he really didn't have to invest in damage, but could just get mana with very little tradeoff in the mid game. When {{champion:136}} was doing this, his damage on his stars was nerfed in the early game to remove this unnecessary strength. A similar thing could be done to Ryze. *** His ult:** While it founders in solo Q, its a powerful tool in pro play for obvious reasons. However, I feel like some things need to be preserved about Ryze that I love about him. *** His waveclear:** In all stages of the game, Ryze has waveclear that only scales up, which I think is a good strength for him to have that I find to be alot of fun. *** His movespeed:** Its really fun to be able to move around teamfights at the speed of sound outputting tons of damage, but only if you combo right. *** His combos/ Skill Ceiling:** Its pretty easy to tell a good Ryze from a bad one, and I feel like this should be preserved to some extent. With all that in mind, here's what I think should be done: ***Change his passive to something more thematic/interesting:** His passive is kinda bland right now and makes his early game spike when he gets some mana items. Instead, I suppose that maybe, since he is a rune collector afterall, make it so he has to combo or use spells to get Runes, which then amplifies his ability damage and the amount of mana he has. ***For his Q, increase the hitbox and/or missile speed: ** This would be to offset all the W cast time and make his Q a little more reliable since his main means of hitting his Q is to root somebody. ***For his W, give a cast time:** It gives the balance team another lever to use as well as more counter play to the spell. ***Take power from his ult:** Its obvious that this is the elephant in the room as far as his balanceability goes due to its MASSIVE power when used with a coordinated team. Otherwise, its rather lackluster. I would suggest either making it a teleport for himself (although it overlaps with {{champion:4}} ult), increasing the CD and giving Ryze a CD reduction when it's just him in the ult, or increasing the cool down altogether. While it does give him a unique space in the champion roster, something needs to change with the way his ult works before he can be sustainable for Riot to balance. TL;DR, shift power from ult and W and put it into his Q and change the passive to make it more interesting. Thank you for reading this essay and hopefully the folks at riot can take some ideas from this and use it for the future balance changes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
Any thoughts on Poppy? I know y'all buffed her on the PBE, but quite frankly, I don't think 1% more maximum health damage is going to bring her back into viability for those who play her. I would suggest maybe restoring some range back to her E and passive that was nerfed a while back, pumping some hp/level into her base stats, or increasing the damage/stun duration on her E to bring back her strengths as a tank.
: Why is Randuin's losing the power to reduce crit damage?
I feel like the negated crit damage was just a flat stat that granted some power but offered no _noticeable power_. Usually it was just overshadowed by {{item:3742}} or {{item:3068}} when it came to an item where you needed to soak up some physical damage, as these items are more useful when it comes to that sort of thing. In addition, some of the power of {{item:3143}} was wrapped up in that stat, which pretty much reduced the power of ONE champion per game (unless they had a Yas or Trynd top). Now, it can compete with the other items as the go-to item for wardens when they want a good AOE slow in teamfights in order to peel for their carries. Sure, the AS slow will be nice, but its not going to be one of the bigger selling points of the item anymore either.
: Why is Aurelion Sol not played a lot?
I know. He's so fun to play. Soo fun that i made a video dedicated to him:
: What is Kled supposed to be ?
He's supposed to be build as a bruiser according to Riot, similar to Fiora. If you're looking at picking him up, try building {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} as your two core items. Then build full tank and bring Fervor of battle as your keystone. With you get a lot of health, and all that health feeds into{{item:3748}}. You will straight up instagib any squishy and they will be able to do nothing to you because of how tanky you are.
: This is why Ryze has such a low winrate in SoloQ
Hey, he was the alpha male simply expressing his dominance.
: Yasuo is meta, and people like him. So?
GP is also meta, and people like him.
cFlake (NA)
: Ethernet won't help it. It's an issue of distance to the actual servers
It may not, but it's worth a shot. Wired connections tend to be faster, so while it may not completely remedy the problem, it may help.
McFatal (NA)
: why does fiora reduce att speed with her w if she doesnt even parry anything?
I really don't like it either, but... A) If she uses it early/mid game, it's going to be on a really long CD, meaning you can punish her. B) It fits her thematically, as a parry is supposed to cripple the enemy in a real life duel. C) If she uses it just for the attack speed slow and/or she messes up, she misses out on a potential stun, which is REALLY good for setting up an ult. She also has no other CC in her kit.
While you are far out of the way, have you considered an Ethernet connection instead of Wifi? It may help speed things up a bit.
: I feel like Malzahar's rework failed almost as spectacularly as Mordekaiser's.
I feel like he may be in a better spot if they swapped his passive and his W. I mean, think about it. What if his W was an active spell shield that was only around for a few seconds?
: Maokai needs some damage nerfs holy shit
I remember the same complaint about a certain other champion{{champion:78}} . But NOOOOOOOOO the boards never really complained about the other tanks that can dish out ridiculous damage while going full tank.
: Riot , it's February
The more you say stuff like this, the more Riot will listen. And give {{champion:13}} his 16th rework
: Question about Kled
A rioter actually commented about this, and basically, it's so he HAS to use his ult properly, not just as a mobility tool. However, the second part of his E can go through walls.
nm1010 (NA)
: Leblanc E clarification
The problem lies in the fact that she's an assassin, meaning shes mobile and already sticky. Secondly, it deals SOOOOOOO much damage, which Karma and Morgana don't really unless they build AP. Comparing LB's tether to that of an immobile mage is kinda like comparing apples to oranges.
: {{champion:7}} is a very fair champion with ample room to fight back before her sigil procs. If you let her kill you its your own fault for picking your nose while the sigil cooks, or AFK'ing or whatever. If you have trouble with her now, what did you do when she could unload her entire burst in less than a second and blink back with zero delay? PS have fun with your leaverbuster punishment and/or reports from your team for AFK'ing.
When anything can tether you from halfway across the map and still snare you, there's a problem.
: Why Nerf Hextech Gunblade?
But now she gets a whopping extra 10% AP ratio on her ult. It all evens out. Kappa
: warwick n company, seji..... comon you really think theyll just nerf him? XD hes prolly pretty high on the rework list mabad, but still statement still stands, theyll likely gut him and leave him for indefinate time period. and i realize its not completly gutting but......nerfing champs n items just raise more issues. #buffcounters2017
If he's that oppressive in pro play, they will nerf him. However, if he's not warping the pro top lane meta in his favor, they likely won't touch him. Kinda like {{champion:78}} at worlds. She wasn't too oppressive, and other top laners had a chance to shine as well.
: A question to Vi mains
I actually asked a Diamond Vi/Jarvan main at an archery tournament about a year ago and his response was "She has two auto attack resets, she doesn't need the extra attack speed." While I do agree that Bloodrazor (or devourer at the time) is so fun to play, Warrior is likely much better.
: One thing I noticed on this forum that's a constant is that silvers are constantly projecting their own failings onto others. I know you're mad that you can't climb out of silver but don't you think you're giving yasuo players everywhere an even worse name by obsessing over pre teens?
Calling out someone for projecting their own failings onto others while projecting his own failings onto Riot. Interesting.
: gz? its super easy tho
It may be easy to do one time, but being able to do it consistently takes a lot of champion mastery to pull off.
: Gangplank and Mordekaiser during S5 Worlds.
At least they both received their deserved nerfs, not just a love tap to their base stats and small kit changes. Although I fear they went too far with Mordekaiser's.
RexSaur (NA)
: Singed doesnt really need nerfs, its just dark seal.
If {{champion:27}} is the only one "abusing" the items, it's likely a champion problem, not an item problem. To be honest though, I really think {{champion:27}} needs more changed than just numbers. His kit is pretty outdated, lacks interaction, and is all around annoying to play against.
: You know who needs the nerf bat?
Lil' Slugger Ekko. I can see it now.
: Gp's q with tiamat/stattik
If you kill the minions with the Shiv/Tiamat Proc from your parrley, you still get the bonus gold. Even without barrels, if you kill a minion with the shiv proc from the parrley, you still get the extra gold. This is one of the reasons {{item:3087}} is so good on GP
: Dying isn't very common for you, right?
: pls stop trying to engage fights with ryze ults.
I knowww. I play a good bit of Ryze. DONT DO IT!
Meddler (NA)
: Yep. We're trying to reduce cases of 'nerf the champion then nerf the other thing that was the real problem'. Not to say there won't be cases where a champion's too strong something they're taking advantage of is also too strong, but we're looking to hit items/jungle/masteries/other systems first where appropriate.
So what if this happens to Poppy? You nerfed her down to a decently balanced level, but now you are nerfing her keystone again. If she does become bad, are you guys going to be open to buffing her before worlds starts this time?
: > [{quoted}](name=TheHurricaneGamr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y9XEpotM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-18T22:20:33.445+0000) > > I think everyone pretty much hates going against Jayce, it doesn&#x27;t matter what keystone he takes. Until they change his trading pattern in lane (poke&gt;Q&gt;W&gt;E run like a coward), he&#x27;s going to be horrible to play against no matter what he takes. Thing is, his trading pattern becomes equivalent to his all in (if he uses ranged form combo's first) so it's damage is balanced around that, giving Jayce a <10 second cooldown on his all in. Or should be call is his trading combo? How bout a poke combo?
Eincolt (NA)
: Kled Interaction with Plants Not Cool
: If you think Jayce isn't busted, you haven't vs'd a good Jayce with Stormraiders
I think everyone pretty much hates going against Jayce, it doesn't matter what keystone he takes. Until they change his trading pattern in lane (poke>Q>W>E run like a coward), he's going to be horrible to play against no matter what he takes.
: As a trynd main, can confirm With storm he just uses his full range + melee combo, knocks me away and runs away without any possible retaliation. pretty much the same vs storm riven, but most rivens are garbage in plat elo and run tld or fervor
Or Courage of the Colossus, which i have heard is pretty horrible to play against.
ybuR (NA)
: ”Poppy isnt broken just play a lane bully against her"
Poppy really isn't that broken after the nerfs have taken place. Her win rate dropped by about a full 4%, which is HUGE. I main Poppy, so I may be a little bit biased, but there are ways to play around her. In champion select (I understand that counterpick is not counterplay, but it can make your life easier) try picking a ranged champion if you happen to have one in your pool, as poke shuts her down early game really hard. If not, just pick something you're comfortable with. In lane, Poppy is likely going to try and trade with you through the minion wave with her Q. This is either going to zone you off the minion (the wise choice for you), or you are going to take both parts of the Q, which is even worse than missing the minion. As you both get levels, try to make sure that you are not between Poppy and the wall. If you can draw a straight line between Poppy, you, and a wall, chances are she will slam you into the wall (even if that wall is your own turret) and you WILL lose. Also, if you see Poppy's passive, just step on it if you feel like you can. The %health scaling goes up 3 times throughout the game, so it becomes increasingly important that you step on it as the game goes on. Lastly, if the jungler comes in for a gank, or you are playing a dash based champion, try to bait out her W or wait for her to use it. This ability has about a 20 second cooldown and she maxes it last, so you have that window to use gap closers on her.
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dominusx (EUNE)
: cause the game is trash and broken. and every patch it takes less skill. all these champs i ever complained about were nerfed because guess what they were broken.
Every champ has been overpowered at one point. That's why balancing exists. And while they may not get it perfect, they do a decent job of handling the extreme outliers on both ends of the spectrum (broken and weak).
Forfang v2 (EUNE)
: Can we talk about Ahri??
I can agree with this. She doesn't really take THAT much skill to play on a decent level. However, the champions that Riot likes and think that are healthy they keep strong. I think Ahri falls into this category. Most of her stuff is pretty fair to play against (it's all skillshots, her Q comes in 2 parts, etc) However, I still hate going against her. The mobility is usually what gets me.
: It's almost as though this game is team oriented.
It is, but I think he's trying to say that he wants to actually have the ability to contribute to his team more. As it sits, I feel top lane could be in a much better spot than it is right now.
Xator12 (NA)
: Imagine Every Champion Balanced, In One Patch
Wygol (EUW)
: Because Riot hates Vladimir. Apparently when a Champion with a teamfight-based ult is using his ult to win teamfights, that's wrong and the Champion deserves to be guttered. They fixed the tank builds post-MYMU by adjusting his values. The reason Vladimir is so bad right now is because Riot doesnt want people to pick him over flashier shit.
I know that feel. It feels so bad when a champion you put time into is no longer viable{{champion:268}} {{item:3070}}
Wygol (EUW)
: Vlad is way healthier post-update, there isnt even an argument about it. Most of his update was about cleaning up the unhealthy parts of his kit, and they succeeded. Tides of Blood has an actual cost and has decision making attached to it, Transfusion and Crimson Rush added layers of depth previously unfound in his kit, and the Haemoplague heals give him some of the best "second wind" moments in the game.
So if he's better and supposedly more balance able, why does Riot insist on keeping him in the gutter?
Wygol (EUW)
: It's a shame they're both shit.
They really are though. I've played a good bit of both (especially Vlad after his update). They both have very good thematics, but it simply does not pan out in game. And Vlad's update IMO, did very little to actually solve his gameplay issues, while also introducing new ones. If anything, he's actually worse off balance wise and game health wise than he was before the update. Mordekaiser is also very unhealthy, but in the defense of CertaintlyT (the guy who reworked Morde), he didn't have much to work with. Riot even openly admits that he needed a VGU rather than just a gameplay update (have you seen dem feet?).
Meddler (NA)
: Current Thoughts on Marksmen
Sooo... As a Poppy main, I'm a bit concerned. You guys are nerfing her (yes, she deserves it), but then you are going the nerf the thing that brought her into the limelight (COTC) again. If she turns out to be too weak after these changes, would you guys be open to buffing her to a reasonable spot, or are you going to leave her in the metaphorical dumpster until worlds comes around?
: @Riot or Meddler Can AP Aatrox please stay a fun playstyle in his mini rework
Rozair (NA)
: Can singed gain "Grounding" with his sticky goo
Singed is in a pretty decent spot atm, perhaps on the strong side. Also, the last thing I want is for Singed to become meta. Would probably force me out of top lane for a good while.
: Just wondering but what do people think about Singed? It's like no one ever talks about him, good or bad. Is his kit that fine?
He's actually in a decent spot right now, possibly even on the strong side. The changes to {{item:3116}} really benefited him. However, he's kinda boring to play (at least for me, I can't speak for the rest of the community), which means that he isn't played often. However, if you really feel like tilting the ever living{{champion:17}} out of your top laner, by all means go for it.
: Yasuo top is cancer, anyone else notice?
He actually does better in the longer lanes, but he has more favorable matchups in the midlane. This is why he is seen mid more. However, I just hate Yasuo in general. I get that he takes skill and that he's probably in a balanced spot, but WHY IS HE SO FRUSTRATING. There's absolutely nothing I can do if I'm matched against a good Yasuo. He pretty much controls the pace of the game for starters. In addition, the usual forms of counterplay don't apply. He's strong early, but still scales really well. He's squishy, but has not one, but TWO shields and usually {{item:3022}} . He's extremely mobile, but locking him down means you have to burn through his shield. OH right, and he has CC, because having multiple dashes wasn't enough.
RexSaur (NA)
: Who thought that camille Q converting trinity procs into true damage would be fine?
There is no way she is getting 1000 true damage with just a {{item:3078}}. Let's math it out. Trinity Force gives 25 AD Runes will likely have 15 AD [Camille has 120 base AD at level 18]( Her Q true damage proc gives 80% total AD extra. So 120+15+25= **160** TAD 120x2=**240** (Sheen proc) 160x0.8=128 (Empowered Q damage) Assuming that ALL of the attack's damage gets converted to true damage (160+240+128= **_528_** true damage.) Not only that, but her Q at max rank has a 6 second CD, so she can never achieve a 2 second cooldown in a real game. While I also agree that Camille is pretty strong right now, those numbers simply don't add up.
: his winrate is low because he as a champion is not that amazing in the current meta. ranged top laners at the moment need either engage, or siege and ryze doesn't have either but thats just the meta not suiting him, that doesn't mean his kit ISN'T horribly designed. and to say OH YEAH MAGES COUNTER HIM is not really a solution. If i'm NOT a long range mage then that doesn't really help me does it? getting countered by long range poke as a mage sucks yes but thats why you don't need to pick him mid lane, he's extremely good against melee champions, thats his gimmick. While yes he doesn't very high range with just his abilities, he can abuse minions to make his poke infinitely better, on top of that, while yes kennens Q is SLIGHTLY longer, its not by very much and they basically have the same range on their Q. I compared ults like xeraths ult to it because xerath ult if used to assist your team, ALSO requires map awarness, communication, and game knowledge, it just also requires mechanical skill as well. on top of that, game knowledge, map awarness, communication, are ALL THINGS YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH LITERALLY EVERY CHAMPION IN THE GAME. thats the equivalent of saying, "he's hard cause you have to last hit minons." him being able to bully was entirely intended for top lane champions. And the fact that he has no answer to getting kited/poked is another reason WHY his kit is so unhealthy and inorganic, his kit basically amounts to, if i counter you, you can't do anything about it. if you counter me i can't do anything about (unless he can stall the game long enough for him to scale). that makes the game boil down to who picked what in champ select, which is not fun gameplay. As for the mana issue, the E W are point and click and the W essentially holds you down for a fresh Q on top of giving him a shield and move speed to kite more. Anyone who ISN'T a hypermobile champion isn't going to be able to do anything about that, so abusing the mana isn't that easy when he won't run out of mana before killing you, or alternatively if he brings tp and just zones you of farm cause he bought an early tear.
I diffidently agree that he is not in the best place at the moment in terms of game balance and game health. However, his BIGGEST weakness is his lack of range. He basically has an aura around him that says "come in here and you die" His Q does no damage without his spell flux and is a slow, single target skillshot. The range on his W and E is relatively short, meaning that he needs to get close to do his damage. He also takes decent mechanics like you said, but all of his combos have tradeoffs. If you want more damage, you have to E>W>Q. This reduces his damage though, but still gives a shield. You can also W>E>Q, but the CC duration is halved. If you do the full combo, Q>E>Q>W>Q>E>Q, you lose out on the shield, but get hella DPS. Also, I would recommend playing as Ryze for a few games to learn what he does. If you know when he wants to push, you can potentially avoid his E>Q damage altogether just by staying away from the waves. It's pretty telegraphed.
: Tryndamere - a guy who always brags about going into battle and how bloodthirsty he is
He's one of my more hated champions in this game. Up there with {{champion:157}} and {{champion:27}}. If I saw him more, I would ban him.
: but why does a champion that has bully potential in lane have the right to have such an insane late game. i get that he's fed and all but that shield is fucking preposterous.
He's actually pretty hard to play. He requires good game knowledge for his ultimate to be used effectively, has to position well to keep from getting bursted but has to keep withing a certain range as well to get his damage off. In addition, every champion has "bully potential" in lane. It really comes down to who can trade better. If I main {{champion:41}} (which I do) and the enemy plays {{champion:122}} for the first time, I'm probably going to flat out bully him out of lane. Why? Because I know when it is a good time to trade, I can play my champion better than he can and have more of an impact on the game than he can. Now, if this same player also had around 180K mastery on Darius and was similar to my elo, he would probably dumpster me due to his game knowledge on the champ and the fact that Darius has a better laning phase than {{champion:41}}.
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