Runesael (NA)
: Senna, the Lantern's Light (Revamped from Senna the Vindicator.)
Lore's dead anyways. We can do to it whatever ~~mundo~~ we pleases
Renaille (NA)
: I'm pretty sure Senna is white.
PeachDog (NA)
: I'm trying to get her to do #swimsuitsunday but she wont unless she gets a certain number of followers
Phife (NA)
: im pretty sure hes white.
white like hired gun {{champion:236}}
PreSe (NA)
: League of Legends - How to Carry Bronze
is that locked screen or semi locked? why is the champion not centered?
: List of champions that needs a rework
I find the lack of {{champion:6}} troubling
Terff (NA)
: He'd be broken xD Maybe if it only proc'd crit chance or lifesteal though
It procs spell vamp, which is why you build {{item:3152}}/{{item:3146}} on him just make urgot's Q scale with AP and relabel him as a mage
Visigoth (NA)
: Man, Volibear is gonna be so good after Cinderhulk is added
Just to troll with us, I bet riot will make Voli's Q as bugged as humanly possible (more bugged than it is right now)
: New static shiv could be better
{{champion:85}} is excited
Izbiz (NA)
: Jayce
his Q doesn't even hit that hard early on...
femmé (NA)
: I didn't have an afk in my promos
{{champion:59}} "Today is a good day to feed"
: Next, **Reverse Sejuani** My favourite. lol
: I feel you could troll enemies with the olaf ward. If you use it, they might flash, only to realize it's a ward. I would like a helmet-bro helmet-ward
to make it more confusing, what if we made all wards a skill shot?
: League Fan Art Spotlight - AHRI
Feels more demonic... less sexy. idk bout the rest of the community but to me violet upper face that doesn't look like mascara or face paint either indicates some extreme tan or that the girl's a demonic hell spawn. the purple claws and hand gesture's not helping. hang on... some people are into that stuff. never mind about not sexy... Also not enough cleavage :P
Proelium (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=2000boxes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M37UgKT8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-04T04:50:46.441+0000) > > a good gank from the enemy jungler > cause now the enemy laner just got a kill meaning he is ahead > and the enemy jungler is ahead of your jungler > a double whammy But in a bad gank by your jungler... the enemy has a kill, your jungler is MORE behind, and your opposing laner has double buffs.
bad ganks also don't always result in your jungler dying... sometimes laners don't follow up so no kills, or the enemy escapes without flash being blown because your opponent has OP mobility e.g.: {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:150}}
: Worst mechanic in the game in your opinion?
LankPants (OCE)
: >Riven's combo is something like R + E + auto + Q + auto + W + auto + Q + auto + Q + auto + auto + R cramming 10 seconds of burst into ~7 seconds. And that would be fair enough if Riven was actually locked into animations. The problem is that if a Riven animation cancels even decently they can cut that combo time in half, high level Riven players can combo E-AA-Q-AA-W+Hydra-Q-AA-Q-AA in about 2 and a half seconds at which point it's basically front ended burst.
it's actually AA-Q-Move-AA... etc. she is locked into Q animation unless you manually move. E also stops her movement completely so you have to Move to stutter step. W has a .1 second animation and you can auto after hydra. That combo you gave is a mediocre. (usually poke for enemies with cloth armor start) full combo as mentioned by chrome actually takes ~5 seconds with animation cancelling due to animation delay from second R (animation cancel for second R is during 3rd Q knockup... but sometimes you don't get the full execution damage so you need extra autos to finish off).
Sohleks (NA)
: Even on ADC "casters" with good laning/mid game the crit build is dominate. It doesn't feel right to me. {{champion:104}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:21}}
Mf actually benefits from getting {{item:3078}} same with Ez. Other than that, you can play her as a mage and not go the crit path at all... but her E, W, and R don't scale well with AD. W and Q are basically auto steroids (where Q acts as a reset). So she needs crit. Draven's all Auto attacks... he's not a caster Graves just happen to get tons of crit from {{item:3142}} Sivir's Q range's is not "huge", plus she needs autos to proc W since it's basically an auto steroid. she's not a caster. All in all, "ADC casters," as confusing as the term is, all utilize auto steroids. and therefore benefit from crit. Honestly all ADs glass cannons can go crit since crit provides the most damage in all scenarios (even in non moba games) the question is whether a particular champion needs/ can live long enough to make use of the crit. {{champion:23}} and {{champion:11}} are notable examples of non ranged adcs that fit that description. {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:238}} can technically all go full crit build... but that's pretty overkill plus they'd get deleted like full crit {{champion:36}} and {{champion:86}}
Sohleks (NA)
: I Feel ADC Itemization Too Heavily Favors Endgame Right Now
who builds 2 {{item:3046}}s? you don't even benefit from the second passive -_-' at least get {{item:3087}}
: Thought most people built one damage item first then five tank items. o.O
how to build gnar: {{item:3153}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} obviously.
: adc takes no skill
Good ol' free week {{champion:67}} and the classic right clicker no skill comment I got called a no skilled right clicker by a ryze for playing mid lane {{champion:67}}
pleep (NA)
: Which Class do You Think is Strongest in the Current Meta?
fighter... because everyone's a fighter I win
: What exactly is Zed's weakness?
Shame. his weakness is shame for having play a manaless champion with a builtin execute.
: Bami's Cinder and Sunfire should stack
bring back the stacking sunfire! :D good days
Eedat (NA)
: if by "community backlash" you mean "months of screaming to gut those champions", then yes. I agree
community backlash are those countless threads saying that riot over nerfed these champions but are overlooked because they didn't have enough mains in the first place unlike {{champion:45}} and {{champion:38}} sorta like {{champion:6}}: he's clearly UP, but no one cares because very few people play him.
Eedat (NA)
: LoL community in a nutshell
Wait... are redditors suggesting that the community caused riot to nerf jungle items? here in lol boards, we were thinking that riot nerfed jungle items of their own accord!? wot? If it is the community, then I guess we boarders owe riot an apology :( ... and they're also forgetting the part where they overnerfed Zac, Elise, Evelynn and what not and despite occasional "community backlash", they turned a blind eye on the matter. ... and talking about backlash... the lee sin nerf incident
Cloud273 (NA)
: I keep failing the wall jump with fiddle's ult
which wall are you ulting? the big tribrush wall requires you to be clicking past (and to the side of) the middle of that huge triangular region
darkdill (NA)
: @Meddler: Why does Lee Sin's Q still deal % of missing health?
Posting in a pointless thread. because rito will never touch their baby lee and yes I agree his Q execution is ridiculous.
: Riot just wants all my money!
More addicting than crack
: Ashe + Oppression Mastery
nerf ashe for being "oppressive"... ba dum tss
: I know this is gonna sound rude or mean but
: > [{quoted}](name=mi ramfan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AWdI0EFf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-03-03T19:22:36.434+0000) > > Riven doesn't use a mana bar for a few reasons: > > 1. If Riven had mana, she would gain the full benefit from items like Sheen builds and Frozen Heart. This could potentially give her a fallback pattern in addition to her snowballing ability; for example, imagine killing a Riven in lane as Renekton only to see her TP back to lane with a Glacial Shroud. > > 2. Riven wouldn't work with the known alternative resource systems either. She has a unique combination of burst and sustained skill usage that would synergize awkwardly with any given resource system. Heat and Fury, for example, both fail due to thematic reasons (and could you imagine Riven dealing 20% bonus damage in the "Danger Zone"?). Energy hard gates her to one spell rotation before she has to recharge energy, essentially making CDR meaningless on her and thus gimping her build paths even harder. Having no secondary resource is the best decision for Riven's kit. > > 3. If Riven used mana, she would probably be justified in having a much higher base health regen than she did now. Her primary weakness in lane (having to time E properly to block damage or get outsustained) would be completely neutralized. Realistically she will never use Sheen or Iceborne Gauntlet or Trinity Force. She only scales with AD and CDR. Anything else is not needed and mostly limits her power. Taking an Armor + Mana + CDR item is going to hurt how much damage all of her abilities and autos do while also hurting how much effective health she has from her E. It seems like a terrible idea. Sheen would give her some benefit but she already gains a lot from her auto steroid passive that it would seem like overkill. I still doubt she would have that much higher health regen because of how much she can spam her shield. It would be higher, yes, but her entire early game would be at least 3 times weaker than on live if she used Mana giving her a real weakness in lane. The only real concern would be how powerful her mid to late would be when she can efficiently use {{item:3042}} {{item:3508}} in combination with eachother. The former item basically does what you implied Sheen would do, causing her damage to be INCREDIBLY high with enough Mana.
She has the potential to proc sheen in each of her Qs seeing how spell blade has a 1.5 CD, {{item:3078}} also it scales with AD, which riven would also scale with. {{item:3110}}'s a great buy since she benefits from getting {{item:3082}} to outduel auto dps champs anyways. Frozen heart just also happen to give CDR, with {{item:3110}} 20% Cdr and {{item:3134}} 10%, she just needs 10% from runes and masteries to get full Cdr. balanced. Next she just gets {{item:3074}} and boom, she's still the same spammy high damage champ... and as you said, {{item:3042}} would give her even more damage.
: CLEARLY, Kassadins ult is highly superior to essence flux, it goes farther and does more damage because he learned to hone his powers but it has wear on his body.
> [{quoted}](name=LastLantern,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=2Rhxd055,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-03-03T19:02:57.350+0000) > > CLEARLY, Kassadins ult is highly superior to essence flux, it goes **farther** and does more damage because he learned to hone his powers but it has wear on his body. not anymore
nDoro (NA)
: Supports Don't Ward
Support's GP5 should become a free sightstone when upgraded. the remove sightstone so {{champion:64}}s will actually learn to buy wards
Kiskay (NA)
: Dear Riot, we know about the conspiracy! Ezreal and Kassadin are the same person.
> [{quoted}](name=KiskayTheWalrus,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=2Rhxd055,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-03T18:47:17.692+0000) > > This is seen apparent when he uses his ult which is clearly a **better** version of Ezreal's Essence Flux! Better? are you sure?
Rioter Comments
Meeks011 (NA)
: I'd play Kalista even if she didn't have any abilities.
: i just can't play Riven.
your not pressing your face against the keyboard hard enough
xBlades (NA)
: Teaming up for the 16x ip bonus
: I think it isn't fair because I don't have friends.
Just friend random people. and don't be toxic so they'll accept you
: Kalista Guardian Angel Bug
She's a spirit, she doesn't abide by the laws of the mortal realm.
: Is Essence Reaver a good buy on Nocturne?
what spell are you spamming on nocturne? W? E? his Q has a 10 sec CD last I checked. I believe the trending jungle nocturne build is {{item:3726}}/{{item:3710}} and {{item:3153}} {{item:3065}} then all defences {{item:3142}} is optional, and the CDR it gives isn't enough to make him run out of mana... He simply doesn't use enough mana in the jungle to make reaver worth it imo. maybe it's ok for lane nocturne?
: Riot is Un-Nerfing Nidalee
They're reverting nida{{champion:64}} nerfs due to "overwhelming" complaints from the pros deja vu
: Veigar new build path
{{champion:133}} "make {{champion:17}} Q a skillshot!"
prozak82 (NA)
: World record for assists/kills per game
world record's ~1000+ back in season 2 with the yorick bug
Justify (OCE)
: ADC Ryze
Let's see: {{champion:13}} auto range: 550 Q range: 625 Why not just have an AP ryze? AP ryze even deals more dps. it's really not impressive since ryze is a huge dps mage anyways... it's like having an ADC {{champion:69}}... and AP ryze even deals reliable dps unlike Cass who requires poison stacks. If you really want off-meta I suggest ADC {{champion:61}}, ADC {{champion:90}}, ADC {{champion:115}}, ADC {{champion:16}}, ADC {{champion:1}} see the difference? making an burst mage into an ADC is more impressive than a DPS mage into an ADC edit: wait a minute... > ... the decent attk speed also allows you to kite easier, rather than having an **AD heavy build which made your aa's too slow**.... do you mean AP? and are you building a {{item:3025}} on AP {{champion:13}}? if so, I suggest you build a {{item:3135}}, {{item:3157}}, or {{item:3089}} instead :/ Also chalice is decent on tanky AP ryze because he has so much mana.
Ozlite (NA)
: Soraka Is she still Viable?
That why soraka have to position in a way that doesn't expose herself to the dangerous predators out there. essentially instead of having soraka act like a meat shield like {{champion:201}} soraka should be using their teammates as shields and silencing flanking opponents. It's called protect the soraka, and she's very viable. just not easy OP like thresh/leona ADCs just don't know how to play with this idea and let her die. ADC's health < soraka
: Veigar E should have a Blackhole Mechanic
Actually, science hypothesizes that once a subject reaches the centre of the black hole, the subject would be able to see all of time and space right before they get crushed or time travel... which ever comes first :/ A vision reduction would be scientifically incorrect; the opposite is true... the opponent would technically be clairvoyant... right before they die
Terff (NA)
: Its because she can stop someone from being mobile for about 20 minutes by landing one skillshot.
an 11 second CD, 1100 range, bus sized skillshot
MigYalle (NA)
: ~Yasuo's Q has a cooldown of about 4 seconds (considering you use AD standard runes.) that is not affected by CDR, WHich forces him into buying Att.Speed to lower it's cooldown (Already limiting his items availiable since level 1) ~Secondly, his 3rd Q, The whirlwind, Doesn't travel fast, it can be dodged easily in many situations in lane, If you fail to dodge this, your just bad at dodging skill shots. ~ His W lost the passive where he gained extra flow for his shield, Now it takes him a considerable amount of time to regain the flow, If you don't bring a champion that can poke that shield off him, it's your fault for allowing him to keep his shield, Don't wanna lose a trade because he has a shield and you don't? Just don't trade. Next up, of course is his E, It CANNOT be used on the same target for X amount of seconds, Limiting his mobility, If you decide to fight around where you have 6 entire minions on your side lined up, you're letting him have his mobility, in the jungle he can't use this mobility on creeps or he draws aggro, as well as when surrounded by enemies using his E can make him go face first into a enemy ability. His E hause to be used cautiously, It's your only engage/disengage most times if your ult isn't an option. Why does his ult have a 30 second cool down you ask? It may be for the fact it's one of those "All in, with no escapes" Ult. Like if Talon uses his ult to kill, he has nothing to escape with if he isn't in the jungle to E to a enemy (which would be on cooldown) that not just that, it relies on a certain form of CC, a knock-up, The armor penetration is extremely powerful (50%) but nerfing that would severely weaken him. What should you do when Vs. Yasuo? ~Avoid whirlwinds ~Don't throw skillshots at his windwall ~Don't stand inside your minions to let him have free mobility ~Don't try to run away inside a lane with no towers when your minions are coming down, his loss of base movement speed will most likely let you move faster then him. ~He's an ALl in champion with his ult, Have a few teammates standing by and you're ready to shut him down once he ults.
having AS scale with his Q cd doesn't limit his item set, it synergizes with his ability set. the two most popular AS items {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} gives crit. his Q applies onhit so {{item:3153}}. his E-Q combo is fast and undodgeable Eing a random creep wave a bunch of times builds his passive back up easily his ult can be used on occasions as an escape. you can always use R for the assist/buff, then e out and live due to the passive refresh, go LS off creeps, then go back in with the buff still active because it lasts for 15 seconds Nerfing the penetration will not weaken him because he has free crit and can easily rush {{item:3035}} due to his straight forward itemization (just get {{item:3087}} and you can go whatever you want) He's not an all in champ because of his mobility. That being said, he will be played all in for new yasuo players because they don't know how to camp jump/utilize good timing.
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