: IMT Xmithie: "The nerves to make a ballsy or more confident play -- that’s the thing missing for us right now."
: I meant that from this point on, TSM has the toughest road. If C9 beats ahq -- which they should -- then they all but assure they'll make it out barring a miracle EDG run. Likewise, if IMT knocks out the Marines, then an even less likely FNC miracle run is what would knock them down. Both of those matchups favor the NA teams big time. However, TSM likely needs to win 2 matches this week to secure their advance. The Flash Wolves are 0-3, but remember TSM actually struggled against them. I think anything short of 2 teams from NA advancing at this point would be a disappointment, but it's a very likely chance all three make it.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NA fans LUL sorry about IMT hope you guys dont go 0-10 again


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