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FFrazien (EUW)
: "Dunk" is not a word meant for Ivern
FFrazien (EUW)
: "Dunk" is not a word meant for Ivern
Ivern is more of a Hoop than the person doing any dunking. Overall an absolutely terrible idea for an ivern skin. Dunkmaster Daisy "cmon and slam" dunking on Ivern in a recall tho. But guys....Allen Ivern-son? eh?....EH?
: being one shot by every champ is getting old.
The game will continually get worse as Riot has no other mobas to leech ideas off of and implement them in a half assed way. Riot has never been a company to pioneer anything great, they were just the first free to play. Wahoo.
: Extremely Immature players since a week ago - something changed
Ýisus (NA)
: Stop Reworking Champions - Just Make New....
All those champs reworks are pretty cool, mastery doesn’t really mean anything as each game will play out differently so one game you may look mastery 10 the next you’ll look like first time league. Relearning them wouldn’t take too long. 10 games on them and you’ll see that they kept some core concepts. I am more worried about their extreme nerfs and buffs to champs and items and runes, making a different flavor of the week meta every couple weeks, that’s the real trouble for casuals like myself.
this won't fix anything, just took a worse system out to return it to the garbage it was before. Riot small brains
: WHY ARE MY TEAM MATES GOLD 4 and enemy is silver 1 when im gold 3
im placed bronze 1 and went against a full team of mid golds, and won. rank jumped from bronze 1 to silver IV...super cool.
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VileKayn (NA)
: Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore
If fun is being countered and standing around in lane or being pushed out of lane or being tower dove killed simply because you chose x champ then count me out
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: Why Don't Mutes Carry On To Post Game Chats Too?
: > Well good to know it’s another completely wasted opp on riots part. I thot it’d have weight on matchmaking. It wouldn't, and here's why: If Honor had any bearing on matchmaking, placing high-Honor Level players with other high-Honor Level players, that would mean, conversely, low-Honor Level players would be pitted alongside other low-Honor Level players. Essentially, putting Honorable players with other Honorable players, and Dishonorable players with other Dishonorable players. In other words, a [Prisoner's Island]( Something which Riot has stated that they're against. > I figure since they’re such a big company it’d feel less like free game quality, ah well Free game quality for _some_. Imagine misbehaving enough to get your first Chat Restriction, and then being dropped into a cesspit of toxicity for every match then-on. Would you want to reform if that happened?
Actually, the prisoner island would follow the same mentality they’re employing with honor reset every season. Which is “prove yourself” “earn again” so if they get chat restricted for being an a hole....why not have to earn ur honor to get back into a queue where players first reaction is not to sabotage you or the current game
: Except that isn't how the honor system worked. The only time you ever would know someones honor level is if they happened to have the loading screen flair. I compared it to rank because they both reset. You are meant to earn your spot.
I see it more as a credit score, if you built up ur reputation as being reliable 800 and then they reset you to 600 purely off of the mindset of “prove yourself again” with no warrant, negating all of your just doesn’t respect the player or make sense imo
: > It is not a rank meant to show off, more of a way for the system to match you with like minded players. I think you have some pretty big misconceptions about the Honor system. It's not meant to match you with like-minded players - if that were the case, I would've never encountered any toxicity in my Ranked climb last year, since I was Honor Level 5 since mid-August. The Honor System has no bearing on matchmaking. It's simply there to reward sportsmanlike behavior with ambient and periodic rewards.
Well good to know it’s another completely wasted opp on riots part. I thot it’d have weight on matchmaking. I figure since they’re such a big company it’d feel less like free game quality, ah well
: Like Oh Em Gee! Why does rank reset at all? Like I finished at rank x, why do I have to grind back to my rank? Rito should just give it to me and let me do what I want. Same idea really though. You have to work to earn your honor rank/level.
It was disappointing reading this comment as you Do not understand the point of an honor system. It is not a rank meant to show off, more of a way for the system to match you with like minded players.
: Put your money where your mouth is riot.
Idk my take on it is, hey our teams were balanced, and we lost. It’s more reassurance from riot that hey we are doing our jobs at making a balanced matchmaking game and here is that evidence. After all, toxicity comes from the players and it is not riots job to be our mommies and daddies
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: The boards: New champs are overloaded and all need to be gutted
it's fine to load champs kits like long as every champ has a ton to their kit and they all feel capable. That is not the case, instead of reworking all of the old champs to bring them up to the same complexity as the new ones. They're leaving them to rot and keep releasing overloaded champs. Higher traffic on new champ releases versus old champ VGU would be my guess. Any decision they make is gonna be motivated by da cash money.
Raiyza (NA)
: In Riot's defense, that bleed was absolutely broken.
was it tho? or do they just suck at math? think of all the other champs with a "bleed" type mechanic that feel just fine. If his bleed amps up the longer he's attacking you, especially in this meta as it is right'd feel right at home.
: Riot: "We're having Akali keep her shroud as it makes her very unique."
on the topic of unique, remember when draven had a bleed and him and darius really felt like brothers? riot monkey dev team
: Pink wards actually feel tankier than quite a bit of champions right now
: Is this irony? Because I don't think any game developer has EVER considered it a good idea to have to convert one currency to another 1 at a time. It's just common sense.
yes, it's funny because it is their one and only game but pathetic that no one thought to make hextech a better running system altogether. I mean, even during events you have no bulk option when making keys, making a full key for 3x the price of key fragments, etc. it's just kinda funny.
: Stop with the Prestige skins already.
Pay to grind whoaaaaaa what an awesome feature! For a skin far uglier than the original whoaaaaaaaa
: Riot - Cashing in event tokens for BE is the shittiest process ever.
: If Sylas is busted, annoying, or frustrating in any sort of way, remember - Riot isn't to blame
Sylas, imprisoned for 15 ripped, has a well kept goatee and has new pants. Cool. Thanks Lux?
: Here is what people really mean when they say damage is too high.
....but comeback potential was increased remember? If you play as a can totally take out the adc with 2 completed items at 15min. Free game quality. BUY MORE SKINS
: Why no S?
IDK what the requirements are but I feel like the grading system should be based on the Lobby of that particular game and not arbitrary statistics outside of your match. So what happens is you kick some ass in that game but didn't reach x number of creeps....A-...B**** i farmed champs!
: revert shen.
i support this! new Shen bores me to tears.
: Rush Cloth Armor, +10 armor runes, lvl 4 Zed poke combos me for 60% of my HP
: It's amazing how different this game used to be in S3
: I would go the opposite direction and say that positioning is everything now. If you step out of position for even a fraction of a second you're dead. I much preferred the slower game style. Frequent trades over multiple waves of minions is what was required to win your lane back then. It would be so nice if we could go back to such a world.
i would go even more opposite and say that positioning doesn't matter again and you have to rely completely on team to collapse instantaneously to peel and shield/save you to have any chance of survival
: Well, I got permanently banned.
it's a blessing, move on and force yourself to rid of the addiction. League is rarely a good time and Riot's design philosophy is a toxic turd. There are plenty of good experiences in gaming that will make you ask yourself why you ever obsessed over LoL in the first place. Good on you for making this post tho.
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: This season's starting to feel like a No Man's Sky level bait-and-switch
You can solo carry but's also a team game!.... Laning phase is extended so you can gain a lead and close out games when you're ahead, but like also comebacks are more common! NEW**** customize your stats in your runes page! that we brought back from the previous seasons when you customized your stats in your rune page! NOW EVEN MORE LIMITED!! Exciting gameplay with keystones that make you play your champion the exact same way and perform the same shit as if there were no keystone at all! Equip Dark Harvest! League of Legends! Close to 10 years running! And still have no idea wtf we want this game to be!
Akumu (NA)
: This entire Preseason is a massive failure.
They do this every year. Break the game, to eventually have it at a good place by end season "x" only...they didn't fix season 8 at all. This is the new League of Legends :/ Free Game Quality
: Stop matching diamonds with golds and below
Happening to me as well. Cool game. Riot once said "having a game be fair is the most important. period." ex fuggin dee
: I still believe that Champion Mastery should decay over time.
There would be no point to this as mastery is completely pointless anyway. Good job, you played a champ enough to happen to coinflip S+ games. You also coinflip enough F- games too. Every player is aware of this. This was to give players a sense of progression/reward, which it does terribly at that as well.
: The score is 15-0 at 8 minutes. Stop holding the game hostage
riot has their head too far up their asses to improve LoL
: Muting a player should follow into post game lobby
it would be nice to be able to toggle the post game chat entirely
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geeklove (NA)
: I didn't buy one, but if they nerfed it, that's pretty lame
I would think that everyone who purchased the battle pass under certain conditions and those conditions changed after the fact it was paid for....would be grounds for a refund to all who want it. In which case, everyone should refund. Riot needs a hard lesson.
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