: I've extremely rarely played against Ranked premades consisting of more than 2 people. You people are making it sound like it happens every game.
I wouldn't say every game, but its enough to make it more difficult to climb ranked. Now in my opinion if Riot implemented a voice-chat you could automatically be out into for matches, that would help immensely.
lolptwo (NA)
: Riot Lyte is trying to tell us the majority of us prefer Dynamic Queue over Solo Q
Yea that's 100% a leading/suggestive question. As OP originally said a better question would be the "Do you prefer ranked Solo Q or Dynamic Q". This is just polling for the sake of trying to show positive numbers for dynamic queue. I loved the comment of "We’re not saying this to sway opinions either way". The question _**was**_ meant to sway pollers. This just seems mildly devious to me. Like they're trying to create numbers to validate Dynamic Queue or something. (which I honestly don't have much of an issue with, if they would just fix the stupid always getting support issue! lol)
Jakra (EUW)
: True, but I can't help but feel people will start crying that it's broken or crap (Moonflair I mean). But then again, I've seen people crying over Nami or Orianna being OP... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I'm disappointed that some of the items from that Blackmarket mode didn't make it into the permanent side of Summoner's Rift. Mechanics that involves the river should be exploited a little more, or just environmental effects being involved altogether.
Yea I was a bit sad some of those items didn't show up again either. I believe some did, but I think those were mostly AD items. (Wasn't rapidfire canon one of them, or something like it? I know deadman's plate was)
: When Hextech crate gives you a legacy skin for free
Special Ops Gangplank and Mother Serpent ward skin. I went with the ward skin since I don't play gangplank and already have Captain Gangplank (but then again who doesn't lol)
: I want Judgement Kayle and Black Alistar :(
I enjoy my Silver Kayle from the old collectors edition box. Not the prettiest or most fantastic skin, but its my rarest skin. Sadly I don't really play Kayle that much :( Wonder if that skin will be available for people to get with hextech crafting.
: But as a result, bot lane gets assists (which is still gold), Karthus gets more fed (as a hypercarry AP) and the enemy bot lane gets sent back to the fountain (losing exp and gold). Still a very good, if not better, overall result in my opinion. If I were playing with a Karthus, I would hold off the killing blow to let his ult get it because gold is not wasted on a Karthus, and at least not to waste that 100 second cd ult.
I may be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure you don't get gold from assists anymore. I think that changed last season? Then again, I could be wrong.
Punkkee (NA)
: interesting. it'd bring a new strategy to lcs
I think it would. It would cause teams to decide when they would want to play a certain champion since they'd only get one chance. Possibly force some off-meta picks or off-meta strategies to compensate for different champions being available and already being used. It could just cause a new issue of teams picking certain champion rotations each series, but that's were an enemy team could pick a key champion from the enemies rotation and throw it off. Thereby creating more on the fly team comps and forcing a bit more strategy into team select. Do you want that ADC early in the series or do you want to save it for later so help with team comps that are off-meta and may need the help? Do you pick the enemies go to ADC and force them into a new one? The more I think of the idea, the more I like it and believe it would mix things up in the pro games. Maybe its just observation bias, but I'm sorta tired of what to me are cookie cutter teams. I used to love watching Unicorns of Love for this reason since they would sometimes pick off-meta champions. Yea they wouldn't always win, but to me it made it a lot more exciting.
: Honestly, Even LCS is boring to watch
This started out as a joke, but I would love to see this. They should just allow champions to be picked only once for series of matches. Forces new champion selects that aren't the always go to champs and would force variety of champions and strategies(possibly). Don't ask me for much more than this. Like I said it started out as a joke comment but I thought it would actually be kind of cool.
Rioter Comments
: You neglect to mention the way supports get treated by the team. Or how bad it feels with the new system to always be support. I am a ~~mid~~ and support main and sometimes I just want to get mid, instead of constantly supporting for adc's of varying skill level. One thing that I don't like is that supports are reliant on others to do well. This turns many people away as what you said, but it also punishes good supports with bad teammates.
I main support as well but I've tried to learn how to play ADC (figuring i could use some of my support knowledge for bot lane to help) for my ranked placement matches as well as ranked in general. It sucks to often times be reliant on others to make plays, especially when you set them up and they don't follow through. On a side note, it hate the new dynamic queue since even if I pick support as a secondary role, and bot as my main I always end up support...
: It would be amazing to see, Ally saved. I would however settle for getting some stats at the end game score screen like Amount of damage shielded or amount of time enemy is CC'ed. Supports have a damaged image right now. I do believe this can be tied to EXP partly because when players continually see a role 3+ levels lower it sends the message "I'm weak, because I support." Us support mains know otherwise.
I only have one concern about getting stats at the end. There are other champions that also have CC and shields and we already have the healing stat listed which rolls into my point. With other champions doing what supports do in regards to the CC and shields, what happens when they have higher stats in these then the support? Like the "healing done" stat. I play Nami a decent amount and its always a bit awkward when by the time the game is done I'm one of the lowest "healing" champions because a lot of others have lifesteal/spellvamp, or tanks with a lot of health regen. With other champs having CC and shields, the stats are gonna get skewed and honestly may depress some suports more then it makes them feel like they contributed. I know I didn't really offer any examples of what else could be used in this regard (I may save other suggestions for another reply), but just saying this may not be 100% the best route to go down.
sunam1 (NA)
: i hate it how when one pro player plays well with pantheon, rito likes to nerf pantheon to the ground. pantheons early game is well known but his late game is horendous. i main pantheon have been playing him for 4 years. i have like 600 games with him in rank. riot clearly favors. pro players over 99 percent of the community that plays this game. who the fuck will counter fiora now
Maybe I'm crazy (or just bad), but I really didn't think his damage was that crazy in the first place. I used to be able to shred people with his E but last couple times I've tried the damage just wasn't there like I remembered it being a while ago.
: You know its bad when even Riot admits that fill = support. Hopefully they will give players more options in the near future so we can choose more than two roles while not always having to play support if we pick fill.
I don't think it'd be that bad if they gave players some kind of reward for playing support. Maybe some additional IP or some other reward you could work towards. I mean I main support but I still think it sucks that no matter what if I pick fill or support as a secondary role I'm almost always guaranteed to be support. At least something to make up for the fact that I'm always playing it even when I'd like the option to play something else. I thought the goal with the new dynamic queue was to have people learn to play more than 1 role. Yea even picking support you're only playing 1 role almost ever
: Unfortunately, keeping Dominion available in Custom games still has the same cost as being a matchmade queue. :/ We have to ensure all champions work with capture points, items, etc. The art on the map is also far behind what we'd consider the 'quality bar' for League nowadays. It would be a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity (when we could better spend that time/resources doing something awesome on SR instead).
So when will Twisted Treeline go the way of Dominion?
: Retiring Dominion
Riot, ever heard of a one-trick pony?? I personally have a hard time believing with as large a company as Riot, that resources are only funneled towards champion balance, champion creation, and Summoners Rift and some can't be spared to give your customers/user-base additional options for when they get burnt out on the Rift. I will be honest that it does bother me severely that they use the lack of playerbase as an excuse, while their extreme lack of attention and support of Dominion is what lead to this in the first place. If they would have given some actual support, balance, updates, and given people a reason to play (ranked matches or some other reason) it would have been a lot more popular. Personally I'm waiting for Twisted Tree Line to go the way of Dominion....
: Are people in the comments really asking for yasuo nerfs? Yasuo isn't even remotely good in his current state. He is really good against bad players and even still his win rate is only 47% About the windwall, no it does not block too many things, in fact with yasuo's current state it should block more things because it's his main protection being a super squishy melee carry that has no invulnerability effects unlike every other melee carry.
Personally I'm not looking for nerfs (though I will admit at times windfall does seem a bit overpowered). Just to me more clarity on what all it blocks. I dont think players should have to assume what is a projectile. It visually should make since. Not just have everything put under one category and just say "deal with it". On top of even that, look at some people's abilities which are broken with windwall, case and point is Nami's tidal wave ultimate that so much as clips 2 pixels and it completely cancels the whole thing.
: I agree, he counters way too many things. I have seen so many things blocked by his wall, and it doesn't even make sense. This bugs me a lot, especially if he is fed and has a wind wall that covers half a lane. I just give up if I am playing mid with projectiles, like my main TF.
Yea one ability really shouldn't almost negate almost entire champs.
Dormidon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLegionofDark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kE2ukLrH,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-23T17:27:50.241+0000) > > Okay so this is just as the title implies, I'm just looking for thoughts and opinions. I'm not necessarily looking for nerfs but maybe some clarity. > I used to main a Nami support and for some reason never noticed it before this week, but Yasuo's windwall blocks Nami's Q (her bubble stun). I also have a friend who mains a Heimer who noticed that it also blocks Heimer's grenade. To me personally it bugs me that an ability that "lobs" something in an arc'd trajectory gets blocked by windwall. It literally appears to go over it, not through it, yet it simply blocks and cancels the ability. From a visual as well as just a gameplay perspective, this just doesn't make since. Shouldn't you be able to "lob" an ability over the windwall and hit Yasuo? > > This isn't really an OMG NERF YASUO post. Just wondering if this mechanic has bugged anyone else but me and my friend. He's just too popular. Deal with it
Not quite sure that's an actual reason. To take this to an extreme, if dropping nukes was popular would you say "it's just too popular. Deal with it"? No saying he's popular so don't touch him doesn't change the fact something is messed up and should be fixed.
: It does make sense though. Brand's pillar is an AOE. It doesn't travel. Nami's bubble, on the other hand, is a skillshot like Lux's E.
Ummmmm both are skillshots and AOE spells. Only difference is brands pillar is just a little bit larger. Other then that it's the same way to use and activate them for both.
: The arc is only a visual element of the ability. Functionally, Heimerdinger's bomb works just like Lux's Lucent Singularity. The ability moves in a line and then applies an effect once it stops. If you're thinking about the game's mechanical elements, you really have to stop thinking about the visuals. It really doesn't matter what an ability looks like; what matters is what it does.
See I have to disagree with that. Isn't one of Riots big things all about "Clarity"? When it comes to something like this the visual affect is where the clarity should come from, not some unseen mechanic. A beginning player should be able to look at what is going on in front of them and it logically make sense, not go "ummmmm ok guess that's something I need to look up...." Maybe my use of the word mechanics was incorrect, I'm just looking at the fact that visually what happens on the screen makes sense to what the outcome is.
: -nami's ult will completely destroyed if hit a bit of windwall -talon's blade will completely vanished if one of them hit windwall -poppy's ult blocked even though it's a ground based projectile -veloz's w blocked by windwall because I don't know why. -Windwall doesn't block naut's ult, but riot said they will change it so it does block naut's ult looks like this game more and more counter intuitive. I mean, if one blade hit windwall, only that blade should be destroyed. It's common sense, I bet no new players that first play talon and be like "well I am sure yasuo's windwall will block my ult entirely". The same goes for ground based projectile.
Just saying, that would bug me more then anything if they fixed that with Naut's ult and not Nami's.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLegionofDark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eEwZuaFJ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-12-23T19:54:19.447+0000) > > There's a big difference between being unskilled and making a logical comment on something that doesn't logically make sense or needs clarity. > Oh well, {{champion:48}}'s will be {{champion:48}}'s. More like sheep will be sheep. Keep on baaaaaaaaing away in the forums just like all the other sheep who complains about yasuo. you dont even play yasuo so you have no legitimacy to even make a real statement about his current state.
You are correct, I don't play as him, but you don't have to play as someone to notice there are some wonky and weird things with that windwall going on. I'm even sure people who play as him even notice that sometimes.
: QQ more yasuo is fine l2p
There's a big difference between being unskilled and making a logical comment on something that doesn't logically make sense or needs clarity. Oh well, {{champion:48}}'s will be {{champion:48}}'s.
: I think yasuo's windwall should stop projectiles from both teams maybe then it would actually require skill and communication to use
^^ Hadn't though about that. I agree with this 100% !! ^^
qetzel (EUW)
: I see Nami's Q hit the windwall. https://youtu.be/XZtYrb8N404?t=44s Based on the visuals, it should stop.
Try being really close and you'll see what I mean. Maybe a better way of putting it would be something along these lines: With skillshots like Nami's bubble or Corki's phosphorus bomb, you have the ability to hit a target behind minions (while still having the ability to hit the minions, so I'm not just talking about champion only abilities or targeted abilities like her heal). In these cases the ability obviously takes an arc'd path and therefore should be able to go over windwall. At least to me, that makes sense.
: Windwall is a frustrating ability - I agree Should it exist? There are tons of frustrating things and if we would remove all of these things the game would get boring (flash tibbers, rocket grab, lantern, Zed's ult, Poppy's ult, etc.). I think that the windwall has so much potential is because they don't want Yasuo to be feast or famine. Also his ultimate is really bad for him actually. The first items Yasuo is picking up are? Statiks, Ie, Boots. With these items EVERY midlaner can burst him down quickly enough. During midgame teamfights Yasuo will fly into your whole team - because of his ultimate. Vi does the same, yes, but she is not nearly as squishy as Yasuo is. His ultimate provides utility due to the armorpen. but still for him it's a bad and really risky spell. Therefore I understand that his windwall is so damn strong.
I think it can be strong, but not mechanically broken. Which in cases like Nami's ult where it just clipping it cancels the entire thing, or with like I was asking about lobbing abilities over it. I'm sorry but I also don't think one ability when placed should be able to 100% nullify an entire champion (which there are multiple champions this applies to). Like I said in my original post, I'm not saying he needs to be nerfed, but more clarity and what I believe is common sense logic behind what windwall blocks and how mechanically its broken (looking at Nami's ult in this case) and needs to be fixed.
morris1 (EUNE)
: Wondering how you haven't said anything about Nami's ult vanishing into nothingness if its corner ever so slightly even clips the wall.
I 100% agree with you. I was going to eventually get there. It just didn't 100% mix with the "lobbing" question I had. I don't know, personally I think the ability is just broken or needs better tuned for situations like Nami's bubble/heimer grenade, as well her it completely canceling out Nami's ult just by barely touching it. For clarity I'm not in this case meaning its OP broken, but visually and mechanically broken and needs some work to better function with abilities.
Lost Hp (EUW)
: if you whant to know yasuos wind wall blocks around 20% of all skills in the game http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Yasuo/Projectiles
Wasn't really looking for that number (I admit though that does seem lower then I expected). That doesn't necessarily explain what my post is about though. I'm referring to abilities that appear as though they shouldn't be, from a visual and logical standpoint (based on the visual), blocked. I'm not just outright stating it needs to be nerfed, just perhaps fixed a bit. Don't even get me started on how Nami's entire ult is blocked if the windwall so much as touches an inch of it. Its stuff like that that I'm referring to in regards to my comment of it needs fixed.
Ionian (EUW)
: This happens because the game is actually coded in 2D. For example, Trist's hitbox during Rocket Jump just moves in a straight line, glued to the floor.
Wouldn't it be possible to just code abilities like the bubble to be ignored by the windwall?
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: Every bot laner to ever play Dominion knows: Gut the crab.
I really wish more was done with Dominion. Its just the redheaded step-child of League now.
: Purify all you survey with Arclight Vel’Koz
: Purify all you survey with Arclight Vel’Koz
Rioter Comments
: Patch 4.8 notes
Well that ninja-patch on Mantheon explains A LOT! Been asking other Mantheon players if their ult had been "different" with not being able to queue up an abilities, or the timing being off an missing landing ults on moving targets.


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