: Level Beyond 30
Yet again league tries to fix something that isn't broke... I have played league since S3 and im getting nothing for being LVL 30 for that long? the people that just get to lvl 30 start at the same place? Why?... and i only amassed 77k blue essence when i had nearly every rune and 8 pages...
: You want to know why nobody is taking C9 seriously right now? This. https://gyazo.com/e398fa68afc8032c3e6fe3539a59181f In the last 3 years they have not won anything (at Rift Rivals they had the worst record of the NA teams, effectively getting 4th place because they went 0-2 against UoL). They haven't been first place in a split, they haven't won playoffs, and they haven't won at IEM. They have consistently been a 2nd/3rd/4th place NA team. The moment they start to show the dominance they had in Season 3, people will begin to take them seriously again. As far as them being the first NA team to ever beat a Korean team? That's laughable. Dignitas and CLG both beat Korean teams in 2012. Dig beat RoMg, while CLG beat MVP Blue and Incredible Miracle. And the only reason they beat one before TSM is because they played against NaJin in groups, and TSM didn't. Consistently been the best at worlds every year? Sure, they've had better finishes most of the time, but if you take into account which groups the teams were placed in, they've gotten pretty lucky with not having to face the strongest teams in groups.
"They've gotten pretty lucky with not having to face the strongest teams in groups." ummmm.... SKT last year in groups... you know.. the team that would win the championship. lol
: i sense no bias from your icon or name, none at all{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
How is it bias when i proved my opinion with facts. look it up.
: I used my keyboard. I think C9 are still a team.
You guys make fun of C9 but it's funny because i distinctly remember C9 being the best in NA at worlds... examples- season 3- C9's first year in the LCS made 5th-8th compared to TSM and Vulcan's 11th to 12th season 4- C9 and TSM placed both in 5th-8th but C9 was the first NA team to beat a korean team in history(NaJin White Sheild) season 5-C9 placed 9-11th and CLG placed 12th-13th and TSM placed `13th to 14th, and C9 went 3-0 week 1 in groups and pentakilled Fnatic that week. season 6- C9 made it to 5th to 8th while TSM and CLG made 9th to 11th. Furthermore, C9 has been the best consistently at worlds every year...
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: Bilgewater Syndra :D
great idea I would buy it
Chesties (NA)
: This current approval wave will review players that have previously applied and won't be affecting existing accounts.
When will my new pbe account expire? I just got one this most recent acceptance.
: Harvest your enemies with Soulstealer Vladimir


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