: ill do you one better. comes to gank lane and the enemy gets away, taxes you anyways.
Nah, what you do is you proxy farm 3 waves to allow your laner to dive solo while you go get gromp
: Black Market Brawlers dammit!!!!!
Noctís (EUW)
: Request , another Semi Locked Camera
I'll be honest, I didn't even know semi-locked was an option
: What if... when you hit Rengar with non-displacement-hard-CC during his passive/Ult leap...
Singed one trick here Rengar cannot jump when standing on singed W. He can still auto attack, it is just that he cannot leap in order to do so. Info brought to you by a Diamond Singed one trick at almost 666K mastery
: Riot, it's time to remove the champion mastery level cap.
"And also, using a Mastery emote now puts it on a 5 second cooldown" No. - {{champion:27}}
: Silver elo player here. Is it true plat+ people don't really use chat other than to actually talk about in game strategies? (Sounds kinda dull, I'm the annoying punny person in chat most of the time)
Plat has some banter and is in a real mess rn. Strategy is occasional but frequent. Diamonds tend to not have as thick of skin and vary tremendously in skill. Source - Started climb G2 last season and got to mid D4 before they removed D5. I escaped elo hell but they moved it back up to me.
Rioter Comments
: Master Yi, a popular champion, through a neglected bug is rendering Singed unplayable in high elo
: she along with Jayce elise and nidalee are to my knowledge the only champs that can use both runaans and tiamat (or any other melee only item) when kayle activates her e and at rank 5 and 20%+ cdr is always up she is classified as ranged hence the old runaans abuse of her 2 seasons ago
: What is your goal for this upcoming season?
Masters baby, went up a division steadily every season I have been around for. Might as well continue the trend for season 9.
Antenora (EUW)
: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/173973400694292480/536337306194280468/fc81c13b9a7d7d33c6a6b893e6e6cf10.png Getting punished for farming yourself back into the game is an interesting and fun mechanic.... /s
1/13 singed behind in farm with 600 gold bounty Has happened to me before
: You now have the ability to add any 1 form of CC to 1 champions ability
: Add permanent 1v1 game mode
Showdown Happened ages ago. I believe that one of the icons from it was a poro on a gift box.
: {{item:3172}}
Hide and Seek build there
aroza609 (NA)
: There is no way in hell that was real how the fuck did that happen
I actually saw it in the client myself, it was shortly after vel was released and happened in the first poro king
: Last stand is already strong on its users, though. Kayle, Trynd, Aatrox, Kled, Kindred...Anyone who can sit at that low health threshold for a while is really strong with it. Cut down is just not in meta right now. It doesn't need buffs, as it'll get much more use when tanks and juggernauts move back into meta.
Forgot {{champion:27}}
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMinez,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ugkoJhsA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-02T19:57:12.140+0000) > > What about {{champion:27}}? His W can stop a TP, but can't stop a recall or proc harvest Well you can back when silenced/rooted/slowed. Or immobilized? I forget what Cas W and Singed W things are called where you cannot use abilities that make you jump/other stuff. It does no dmg not even true dmg.
It is grounded, but it is still quite the unique case
Arammus (EUW)
: just found out EVERY SPELL triggers dank harvest
What about {{champion:27}}? His W can stop a TP, but can't stop a recall or proc harvest
: Is it just me or CDR is everywhere?
Please don't remove hp from {{item:3165}} , I need ANY form of tankiness I can get in this meta on {{champion:27}}
: [gameplay?] Tower range indicator starts expanding endlessly
This also happens when you are on rift when getting attacked by tower (If indicators are available)
: Bone Plating was so powerful that it made selecting either of the other two pointless, but it shouldn't have been replaced with an equally oppressive rune.
Eh, IMO Bone Plating is underpowered, but frequently is the best of the 3 options there. Least bad ≠ powerful
: If you take both ignites because you cleansed that's actually really worthwhile. You forced them to burn two summoner spells in exchange for your one, and cleanse has a much lower cooldown than ignite. It's a worthwhile trade in almost any scenario. Besides, that requires them to actually notice you cleansed the first ignite, which just isn't happening in low tier.
Cleanse has an equal cooldown to ignite, and doesn't remove grevious wounds, but true
: Anyone else having issues with Invisible Health Packs in ARAM?
I'd believe it to be related to the Grag Q and Singed W turning invis sometimes on rift. The Singed W one I have only had happen to me once though.
: i dont think so, only the voidlings
I just tested, and I was correct. The tower also focuses portals over voidlings.
: maybe because the turrets confused a champion with a ' in their name, for the zz'rot, so it decided not to target them, as turrets dont attack zz'rot
Don't towers focus zz'rot over minions and 1-shot the portal?
TrulyBland (EUNE)
: And any script that interferes with LoL in any way is, by default, not allowed. And a mod simply isn't allowed to make a call on whether or not to allow a script, no matter how obvious it is that it doesn't offer an unfair advantage, or how similar it is to something else that is allowed.
Well there are some special cases sometimes, such as whoever did that one "twitch chat plays league of legends" video. We just need to wait for a red to pop in.
: This hits pot users so hard. Mages should get compensation buffs :) Edit: I can't believe no one detected the sarcasm
{{champion:27}} Well I guess I have 1 fewer tree as an option to go down now
Pika Fox (NA)
: Get over yourself. People can play whatever they damn well please. As long as they arent running AP garen, the onpy person reportable is the person who flames them.
But what about the legend of DFGaren?
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Somber Rites,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PvoiAbY8,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-08-26T15:23:21.789+0000) > > I think {{champion:27}} was abusing it, and that's why it got nerfed. > > Then of course, there's people using it for the free extra damage, so just like every other rune, it should be focused on utility, not power. > > But it's not like the current balance team can fathom that. How can a champ that used to run ms quints "abuse" celerity? It was literally made for him.
Well some of the time he ran spellvamp quints instead of movespeed quints
: Thanos got sick of the balance of League and decided to fix it himself.
{{champion:28}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}} With all of those champs deleted I'm pretty sure that I'd quit league, especially with {{champion:63}} surviving
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=M9VsPrcs,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-08-04T17:30:40.785+0000) > UNIQUE Passive: Adaptive Defense - Taking more than 300 - 1500 (based on level) damage from the same type in less than 3 seconds doubles your Armor/Magic Resistance but nullifies your Magic Resistance/Armor for 10 seconds. Why would your increased Armor and Magic Resist matter if it just gets completely taken away at the same time?
The way I read it is that it doubles the higher one
: Null Spine +60 ability power +20% cooldown reduction +400 health Passive: UNIQUE: Dealing magic damage to an enemy champion impale them, reducing their magic resistance by 3% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum of 12%. UNIQUE: Dealing magic damage grants 10 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists on impale enemy champions or kills on any unit grant 30 movement speed for 2 seconds instead. (Black Cleaver for mages XD)
So black cleaver + netherstride grimoire Seems like quite the {{champion:27}} item, being able to stack it fully in 1 second
: Your main now has Teemo's kit merged with his/her own (In matching order). How does it look?
{{champion:27}} Passive - You can run fast and if you stand still they can't see you Q - The poison has become caustic to the point of blinding W - Oriana's W without damage E - Singed flip now applies poison. This does not appear to be useful. R - A massive ball of stats that makes traps occasionally condense from his Q Doesn't seem he would gain too much from it, besides the invis
: {{champion:74}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:2003}} (when he had the highest base HP regen in the game) It wasn't even all that bad XD
Ah, tankmindinger, the good ol' days of having 90 health/second in combat... This one time I fought either a maokai or an Aatrox for ~45 seconds before dying to the adc who went top to help. Good times.
: I used to build warmogs first on Twitch when I first started the game. I blame the tutorial that makes you build thornmail on ashe.
I used to rush 2 of these https://rowango.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.jpg on Ashe. My logic was that I needed health to survive and that in RPGs health regen seemed to be an OP stat. I think I also thought that it was 1 glove for each hand or something...
: wait, can you honor as a spectator? ...or am i just too stupid to see the photoshop?
It wasn't photoshopped and there were no spectators. He apparently got the same honors the game before.
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tlwp07 (EUNE)
: Hijacking the top comment to ask, [Could someone please try these 2 options and report wether they are working or not ?](http://imgur.com/a/valig)
: Can we increase Gragas fat x10 so that it matches his hitbox
Why do you think it does magic damage? He uses his telekinetic powers to make his hitbox massive.
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maxxrock (EUNE)
: New missions arent popping up
Nobody is getting daily missions right now, although there are kayn missions for the icons.
Rioter Comments
: Singed Q Ap ratio not correct.
It is correct, it went from 30% to 40%. No bug.
: Can I get some nudes?
Here are your noods https://budgetbytes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Garlic-Noodles-front.jpg
Rioter Comments
: The death recap should never be assumed to be correct. It's honestly really bad and in need of a rehaul. That being said, I use the death recap to try to know what kind of damage is being dealt to me and which which is doing relatively the most (ie. Magic/Physical damage).
Yeah, like when you get crit by infernal drake's static shiv
: If Tahm Kench had unique dialogue for Champions devoured...
: One day your FPS and ping swap while playing LoL
without it capped, 350 ping and 40 fps, I vastly prefer my current one.
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