: Your main now has Teemo's kit merged with his/her own (In matching order). How does it look?
{{champion:27}} Passive - You can run fast and if you stand still they can't see you Q - The poison has become caustic to the point of blinding W - Oriana's W without damage E - Singed flip now applies poison. This does not appear to be useful. R - A massive ball of stats that makes traps occasionally condense from his Q Doesn't seem he would gain too much from it, besides the invis
: {{champion:74}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:2003}} (when he had the highest base HP regen in the game) It wasn't even all that bad XD
Ah, tankmindinger, the good ol' days of having 90 health/second in combat... This one time I fought either a maokai or an Aatrox for ~45 seconds before dying to the adc who went top to help. Good times.
: I used to build warmogs first on Twitch when I first started the game. I blame the tutorial that makes you build thornmail on ashe.
I used to rush 2 of these https://rowango.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/spirit-of-the-ancient-golem.jpg on Ashe. My logic was that I needed health to survive and that in RPGs health regen seemed to be an OP stat. I think I also thought that it was 1 glove for each hand or something...
: wait, can you honor as a spectator? ...or am i just too stupid to see the photoshop?
It wasn't photoshopped and there were no spectators. He apparently got the same honors the game before.
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tlwp07 (EUNE)
: Hijacking the top comment to ask, [Could someone please try these 2 options and report wether they are working or not ?](http://imgur.com/a/valig)
: Can we increase Gragas fat x10 so that it matches his hitbox
Why do you think it does magic damage? He uses his telekinetic powers to make his hitbox massive.
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maxxrock (EUNE)
: New missions arent popping up
Nobody is getting daily missions right now, although there are kayn missions for the icons.
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: Singed Q Ap ratio not correct.
It is correct, it went from 30% to 40%. No bug.
: Can I get some nudes?
Here are your noods https://budgetbytes.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Garlic-Noodles-front.jpg
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: The death recap should never be assumed to be correct. It's honestly really bad and in need of a rehaul. That being said, I use the death recap to try to know what kind of damage is being dealt to me and which which is doing relatively the most (ie. Magic/Physical damage).
Yeah, like when you get crit by infernal drake's static shiv
: If Tahm Kench had unique dialogue for Champions devoured...
: One day your FPS and ping swap while playing LoL
without it capped, 350 ping and 40 fps, I vastly prefer my current one.
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: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
http://i.imgur.com/Zrf5l6e.gif?nodirect use it wisely laughing fish
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Leetri (EUW)
: It's omnivamp, since it works with all damage and not just spells. It also doesn't stack unlike spellvamp. I was just talking about the stat "Spellvamp" itself, because things like Spirit Visage technically increases your spellvamp too because it increases the self-healing of your spells (it doesn't make all spells heal you however). Maw of Malmortius is the only item in the game that specifies the stat "Spellvamp", and that isn't exactly built on mages.
It also gives higher spellvamp by a percentage too in stats. I've got spellvamp quints so I know this stuff
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: Hopefully my boy Kassadin goes unnoticed. Redmercy trying his hardest to make people ban/pick him
Meanwhile I've picked him up recent and am dominating with little experience on him
: Your main needs a nerf.
Singed player, W doesn't exist until like level 8.
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: There is Zilean's speed-up, for example, which can be applied to any allied champion.
{{champion:27}} *Runs into enemy adc at speed of light while being slowly trailed by a tree*
SatomiKun (EUW)
: That case is so incredibly rare, I doubt anyone is really going to experience it.
{{champion:27}} So you're telling me that I just need another movespeed item and an active that the support can purchase and use to outrun Maokai root?
: {{champion:82}} I want to see if people know how to handle him. If not I'll share my own wisdom :^)
A quick champion that outranges him, so Attack Speed {{champion:202}} or a {{champion:85}}/{{champion:150}}? There is also the way to win with raw defences, so {{champion:36}}? Pantheon has a quite strong early... Oh, I know! CC him into oblivion with {{champion:111}} while his team uses burst and dps? Thinking about duel potential, {{champion:420}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:24}}? {{champion:22}} ADC to make him feel the pain of his 325 movespeed and make him wish his aerodynamic feet helped? Am I correct?
JVP15 (NA)
: It will certainly make juggernauts stronger, and I like that. It will also boost a few champions like {{champion:89}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:54}},{{champion:44}} , and {{champion:14}} . Leona defensive steroids that SCALE with her defenses. Rammus, Taric, and Malphite all have abilities that scale with armor, and finally, Sion's W passive grants him free health, and the amount of health he gains from it isn't changing, while the levels of resistances are going up. All of these number changes won't break any of these champions, but they certainly won't hurt them either. EDIT: A few commenters have pointed out that Braum and Poppy will also be benefited more. I would also like to add {{champion:75}} , {{champion:58}} , and in a slightly lesser way {{champion:31}} because all of their ults give flat health, which is more valuable now than ever.
Just wanted to point out that {{champion:201}} will be giving more resists because of availability.
: got suspended for no reason plz help
Message support, next time try a custom / practice tool to try out the filter
khoshbi19 (EUW)
: play unbann me i i swere i dont flamme more i not use the chat more pls just unbann me pls riot i
I am guessing that this post is satire, but close to correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar really improve an argument.
Not true, it can give a greater false sense of self worth if you spend money, although you will probably be banned after. (Hey look, I'm diamond after 3 seasons in bronze 5! I totally did this legitimately in the span of a week. Don't look at my bank transaction to ZhaoWeiZhao. Totally did it on my own. Nope nothing suspicious here.)
: you try them out in blind pick? isn't that the place where people autolock and don't care about team comps... where they shout MID OR FEED! without fear of being reported? you are a brave man sir (or woman Madam)
I mostly try to que with at least 2 other friends in blind, almost nobody should need to brave blind alone. Except yasuo mains. And I am male.
Rioter Comments
: Best part about Playing with friends
Usually I am the one with the S ranks. I just reached level 7 Morde yesterday, and I did it mainly by doing a support build. When rushing {{item:3302}} {{item:2031}} -> {{item:3097}} -> {{item:3116}} -> {{item:2049}}/{{item:2303}} (Depending on gold when recalling) -> {{item:3742}} -> {{item:3504}} , Morde really es el numero uno! (Take stoneborn obviously for the 14 second ability to heal your allies when they attack that one target of your choosing)
Cabruh (NA)
: Last time we had a double ip weekend...
... I still had champs left to purchase.
: Pro-tip: Have an entire computer dedicated exclusively to League. The second you play anything else or use any other program, that computer is instantly tainted and it's time to get a new one.
Instructions unclear, accidently got 1v5 penta as Windman when I was afk. I don't even know how I even played him that game considering the fact that I banned him because I needed a convenient ban to not dodge... Send halp, accidently rank 1 in challenger.
: Bots are in no way better than not having a player. If you put a bot on the enemy team in one of my games I'm sure as hell gonna get fed off that bot. You're practically turning a 4v5 into a 4v6.
Have you seen Doom Annie / Udyr / Veigar? literally able to solo teams
Shaponja (EUNE)
: Why cant people just play support when they get autofilled?
{{champion:82}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}} is my pocket pick for when I am autofilled. I do not believe that to this day I have been autofilled, but I have had allies complain about being autofilled.
: Maybe everytime Ori gets a champion assist or kill, her skirt could... grow just a little bit? q.q and when she dies she loses all of de growth and it starts from a mini galaxy thing ;d
Something like this? http://pm1.narvii.com/6085/5694fa9a9229e5909f539ac96ac3211bb8476ee3_hq.jpg eventually turning into a dress?
: Totally agree. You know whats the worst feeling ever? Being gold v with platinum mmr in season 6. Climb from gold v to gold 1 in 4 days just before season change and in the promos for plat you get matched with platinum 1, platinum 2 who troll and you lose the promos 2 hours before the season changed. I mean I was 1900 mmr or something, it said Platinum IV in op.gg and I was gold 1 and got the shitty gold border because the stupid promos didnt allow me to "go platinum" even though I was plat in mmr since I was playing with high platinum. I'm silver 3 in solo now because I was tilted and lost 8 of my provisionals and played duo with some bronze/silver guys and ruined my mmr.
You can just say that your border is plat using alternate facts and tell anyone that says otherwise that they are fake news.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: you can play them on normals and bots thought :P hah
Wait, just realized... Did Riot go through with removing normal draft in your regions or no?
: Whichever one I get off rerolling 3 champ shards
I'm getting both off rerolling 6 champion shards. Probably going Rakan.
Wacky9 (NA)
: How do you post images or gifs?
copy paste link like this https://donniccolo.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/youre-welcome.jpg if it is a bad link do ?nodirect at the end
: Well, pretty much everything they could do with the Emperor probably is an improvement at this point.
{{champion:266}} Him pre hotfix buff. Proof
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:67}} {{champion:202}} :)
Jhin loses ad if he is near an enemy frozen heart. He will also have a lower movespeed bonus from crits if in the aura. So yeah, he doesn't seem to do too well against attack speed slows.
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