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: > [{quoted}](name=Leadpaintchips,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=uMx1TWdk,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-02T10:17:27.969+0000) > > I know I'm not going to buy the skins, just on principle now. Sadly, like me, you probably already bought the RP though. "Gg scrub, we got yo moneh. Kappa"
That's me, bought the RP a day ahead of Halloween. Bet you I won't spend any new money on the game though. As far as i'm concerned Riot ruined Halloween. Therefore, don't deserve anything more than I've already given; which has been quite a bit over the years.
: God forbid you're dyslexic and hate reading.
Also all you people down voting me to oblivion because I have a disability are sick and should be ashamed of yourselves. -6
Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lulling Elegy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=LxJxo6UQ,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-01T01:32:01.744+0000) > > God forbid you're dyslexic and hate reading. Im glad you have no standards and accept a wall of text as an event.
You just quoted the wrong person, so obviously you're dyslexic also. I hate reading, why would I accept a wall of text as an event?
LeeDark (NA)
: "Can't get it any more" is different than "Can never get it again." And no, technically, you cannot sell your account. You can fraudulently sell access to your account and get it shut down very quickly.
"Can't get it any more" is different than "Can never get it again." Are you serious dude? It's not that different. They didn't even say wait awhile they'll be back eventually. Also yes you can, I know people with bought accounts. Riot is not omniscient. If you are selling to a friend or someone outside of an "auction" site it's very easy. Now you're just being naive.
: they did, a very long time ago on the first halloween and christmas skins
> [{quoted}](name=Jingerbeardman,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yRmbYJfs,comment-id=000100000002000000000001,timestamp=2015-11-01T04:02:45.293+0000) > > they did, a very long time ago on the first halloween and christmas skins Thanks Jingerbeardman, couldn't remember for sure. But, yeah that's what people don't think about. THAT'S why people are pissed, they were misled. Now some would've bought skins anyways, but I know there's a few skins I WOULD NOT have bought at the time if I knew they were coming back around.
LeeDark (NA)
: You get a loading screen border, usually. I know for a fact some of mine have the border. And how is it an investment since you can't SELL the skins later? Riot never made that claim, to my recollection. They said things were getting locked in the Vault, but not that they would NEVER EVER come back out.
Actually I do remember them saying the skins would not be released again Because before legacy I wanted Pumpkin Head Fiddle, I remember reading RED comments saying you couldn't get it anymore.. I just don't remember if they advertised it as such prior as a selling point. I think they did, but not sure on that part. Technically you can sell an account. In which case if you were doing that, a skin you couldn't get again would be MUCH more valuable. Another point is, i've always wondered why they don't make event skins legacy or skins like King Rammus for beta, how is that fair? If most players are getting that treatment so also should the people who are lucky enough to go to those events.
IiIiana (NA)
: I don't know about the older Halloween skins, but when they introduced the Harrowing Mist to the Halloween event, people understood that it was a specific characteristic of the Halloween events, but Riot decided to make it clear they will no longer repeat the Harrowing for every Halloween. When they announced that change, many people were upset because they were really fond of the Harrowing, underworld, bluegreen ghost stuff for Hallowen and thought it was something unique to Halloween in league of legends. Now it is part of the Shadow Isles lore and will be coming around any time of the year, the same way we have ''random'' Bilgewater, Shurima events without a specific time frame.
The harrowing skins this patch actually resemble more those older skins, not underworld..I think they should've still been released today, they were already in the patch all Riot had to do was open the store. I think people would've waited on an event better if they'd have just given us our Halloween fix. But, thanks for the info. :)
IiIiana (NA)
: Reminder: There WILL Be a Halloween Event this year
Not the first time they've released zombie skins though, why are they talking about the shadow isles connection? Is Bewitching Nidalee supposed to be Shadow Isles? Or Franken Annie? As far as i've always seen harrowing skins they meant halloween. Now the lore has involved shadow isles, but I don't read the lore, so..I don't know why RIOT thinks we're concerned about that connection. Not everyone reads the lore, and it's obvious that all of the harrowing skins had something to do with Halloween, shadow isles? not so much.
: LCS > Game, is this the new Riot mindset?
I also would like to see an official answer to the OP's 3 questions.
: Those 4 chapters of the lore. That is your Halloween event this year. Too busy focusing on the pros to give a damn about the rest of us.
God forbid you're dyslexic and hate reading.
LeeDark (NA)
: That's idiotic. You still get a special thing to show you got it first, to satisfy your special snowflake idiocy, and other people having something shouldn't make you enjoy the same thing less. If it does, then that makes you a fucking horrible human being.
I didn't get a damn thing for buying limited edition skins before they became legacy..So, not sure what Snake's talking about or if he just got some cool stuff I didn't. What's funny though is that, if i'm not mistaken, Riot put people under the impression that having those skins would be an investment because they were never coming back. I don't care that they made them legacy I want everyone to enjoy cool skins but RIOT should've never been dishonest about it. I'm sure there were people that spent money thinking they were collecting something rare that would've otherwise not been spent for legacy.
Kuwa550 (NA)
: Can't say I'm mad about that.
Well the ones who aren't interested in pro league aren't happy i'm sure. But, who cares about the little guys?
Puddytat (EUW)
: Well, the skins are there, right? Slayer Jinx, Zombie Nunu and Something Pantheon? Pretty sure those are the Harrowing skins. Now to hope that there will be an event to go with them.
They were included in the patch but you cant even buy them yet..So that doesn't count :(. No point in seeing the skin if we can't use them Lol. It's cruel to be honest, not everyone cares about Pro stuff and the skins should've been available to buy AT LEAST at 12am Oct 31st.
: the harrowing?
All this World's LCS stuff and nothing about the harrowing other than patch note, on Halloween no less. It's 2:25 PM EST here and nadda. Bet they're gonna wait till late tonight unfortunately. So those of us that have things to do won't be able to use our skins till tomorrow when Halloween is over.
: Also you should NOT click the link to the gallery, tons of awesome crossplay which you'll hate since it's creative and amazing, BUT the "wrong" gender/species.
I don't hate on creativity, but let's be real. A female is a female and a male is a male (Of course there are trannies but I haven't seen that crowd represented by RIOT so maybe they're the real sexist ones).
Taihl (NA)
: Cosplay is about someone bringing "their" impression of the champion to the table. If you play a champion and love it. Why would you need any other reason for Cosplaying it. You don't just sound sexist.
I don't think it should be outlawed or anything, I live in America and believe in rights and all that. It just hurts me to see a champion who should have a penis being played by someone with a vagina and vice versa a champion who should have a nice rack being portrayed by a flat chested dude.
: Yes, you're the only one bothered by the incredibly common phenomenon of Cross-play. Maybe when you grow up you'll understand
Lol grow up? Is it immature to want to see a character portrayed by their true gender? Sexist I'll give you, but I thought grow up was a little uncalled for.
: PAX East cosplay!
At the risk of sounding incredibly sexist I feel the need to ask, for the sake of finding others who might agree: Am I the only person that is bothered by the cos-players that dress as Champions of the opposite gender? Looking at you female Darius and male Morgana. {{summoner:21}}
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