l MrD l (NA)
: With all this negativity on the boards lets have a bit of nice things to say...
One really good thing that is happening right now is actually coming from the community: I didn't believe it at first, but for the first time of LoL's history, the majority of the community is actually on the same side! Which side you might say? Well, the side against Rito, of course.
: Fiddlesticks shouldn't be able to flee me while I'm running AWAY
Well, I mean, the sound effect is Sp00ky enought to work even if you don't look at the toothpick-made scarecrow
: How long will it take to fix dashes in ARAM ?
Considering we have 1 chance out of 2 to get one single ARAM related-patch once every season, I might say that dashing champions will stop having seizures by Season 11, if the game is still played/existing of course
: More armor for mages
Assassin mains: *hurr durr {{item:3157}} is op and should be nerfed! Ad champions are made useless against this item omg fml* Also assassin mains: *Mages have enought base armor! We should geta bonus 30 base mr for compensation!*
: OK, what are these SSG skin prices...
*Back at Riot HQ...* Riot employee: *"Ok guys, the number of players have been going downhill since some months and in about two years we lost more than a quarter of our community. We don't have the same income as of S4-5,but we want more, what do we do?"* Riot Intern: *"well, if we lost a quarter of our players, how about making new skins a whole quarter more expensive?"* Every Riot employees: *"You are promoted"*
: [CLIENT] Fun new aram bug.
Howling abyss is so cold that champions now have seizures
: Lol!
More than 6 months after and the hextech system is still destroyed... good job Rito, "working as intented"...
Xenos005 (EUW)
: Hexdrinker is too broken, and i don't even play AP champs (Because of hexdrinker)
Playing a burst mage against an assassin who only builds a single Mr item who can neglect almost every single bit of your damage with it isn't right at all... Meanwhile, {{item:3157}} is literally useless and some assassin mains are arguing that its op...
: MR and Armor difference is [EDITED BY MODERATION].
If Riot was a restaurant, they would hand out a vegan tofu-based menu for AP champions while they give out their SUPER BACONATOR EXTRA CHEESE LIMITED EDITION EXTRA SPICY JALAPENO BBQ ULTRA BURGER to AD champions. This is exactly how the biased item rosters feel
Rioter Comments
Eedat (NA)
: Spam out a combo that has 22 second CD...... I dont think you understand what spamming means
Considering that most immobile midlane champions also rely on similar cooldowns but with a much lower execution speed and potential damage... Whenever the enemy can almost oneshot you every 20-ish seconds, you can basically call this spamming since other champion also capable of doing so rely on much higher cooldowns since they rely on their ult, and not on a rune who can almost blast off the quarter of the life of the medium midlane squishy at level 3...
: I agree to be consistent this should be a thing as zed q and shadow q should be the same ability. But if your getting hit by double Q's in lane as a ranged champion you are positioning poorly.
The worst champs to play against Zed are artillery/immobile mages. The thing with those champs is that they don't even NEED to position badly for Zed to have an opening against them, since they have literally no way to avoid, punish or counterplay anything ultra-mobile assassins like Zed will throw at them. Add an insane range, a busted rune and several ability hits who were buffed non stop for several patches, and you got yourself an entire class of champions who are basically useless against one single enemy, good positioning or not
: The Darkin and Aurelion Sol: Why Targon Needs an Aspect of Common Sense
I so want an event in the likes of Chaos vs order, but instead Darkins+ Aurelion vs Targon Then, after Targon defeated, every single targon champions could be locked from playing just like when Gangplank "died"... I just want something to put my rage against Targon into. Ever since the Aurelion/Taric lore expansion of Targon, every single piece of lore concerning Targon just makes everyone from there look like a bunch of assholes who could afford getting punched to death
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: Please consider updating voice-overs more often.
I feel like {{champion:112}} deserves to get an huge VO upgrade. He is literally an herald who's theme turns around talking people into the glorious evolution, and yet he is one of the champions with the least number of voice lines... Expanding his roster of quotes would add so much into his character!
: Nice to see how ADC mains in public and even pros like Rekkles are suffering right now
Wait. You are telling me that the ADC mains are currently experiencing the feeling of being a bruiser back in S7?
: Petition for reworked Nunu to NOT be given a dash
Incoming: true slow The faster you are, the slower you get
Rioter Comments
: Patch 8.14 notes
I'm actually curious on how the hell Shen deserved any form of nerf at this point
: Everyone is taking TP because you nerfed heal for no reason, not because it's op
At this rate, TP will soon replace Irelia in the meme. Damage too high in the game? Better nerf TP
: I honestly think the Akali rework looks nice
I have to give it to Rito, reworked Akali actually stayed Akali and wasn't replaced by an entirely different champion like {{champion:266}} or {{champion:3}}
japhib (NA)
: and you guys wonder why Rioters ignore these boards
After months of getting ignored while the game is going downhill, you could at least expect people to become aggressive
Draclen (NA)
: For Her New Lore, I Hope Akali Doesn't Actively Dislike or Act Malicious Towards Shen.
Please, we already have enought of 2 edgy af characters against Shen, please lets not add a third
Rexxiee (NA)
: "players are complaining about akali shroud not having counterplay to most champs, specially melee"
dumb community members: "Aatrox on release was too strong! He didn't deserve those hotfixes!" Rito with Akali rework: "Hold my beer"
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Terozu (NA)
Everyone saw that you can still see her "shadow" when "revealed" and can't be revealed, but it still dosen't change the fact that True Sight from EVERY SOURCES, who were supposed to be UNCOUNTERABLE when used since its introduction in the stealth/camouflage rework, has now an ability of even higher priority making it questionnable. Now the only counter this ability has, that was previously availlable for everyone, is now usable only for skillshots. The numerous solo laners relying on point and click just got an immense middle finger on their face in the form of one of the most oppressive and frustrating opponent becoming even more uncounterable. People are complaining because of a definite counter becoming only situational against a certain opponent. The community may react differently to this, but her becoming only position-revealed instead of hitbox-revealed isn't an ok move either even if she is not fully cloaked in permanence
: How and why did Crimson Akali, an homage to Soul Calibur's Taki, become Infernal???
Went from a recolor to an actual skin, and you are the one complaining about MK references?
NY64 (NA)
: What makes Karma so weak right now?
I don't understand either. In game a Karma can almost one shot a squishy with a R-Q with {{item:3285}} and then I see Karma mains saying she terribly lacks damage. Not sure why but ok
: Bikini Bottom Gameplay Boards
In what kind of fairy world does Riot give the community the changes they want?
: Why isn't maid dragon Shyvana a thing?
Because not everyone playing this game is a weaboo
: Ghost Crawler: "We certainly don’t balance the game only for pros"
I remember when Riot buffed Baron, but because they wanted it to be extremely squishy for pro play they nerfed him IMMEDIATLY the patch after...
: A positve post
-The games are so short that I don't even have the time to notice how its bad -The games are so short that most of the time, most people don't even have the time to be toxic -The games are so short that I can go back to the news page faster to see if a miracle patch is coming
: Zed's W + E + Q shouldn't be able to one shot a squishy
Whats even more absurd is the number of zed mains downvoting this thread
: Doublelift's Video and the Duality of Boards
> I'd imagine up to this point boards has been nodding their head in agreement with Doublelift. Mostly because he has been saying how he wants league to change and how people love to be told their complaints are right....then you get to Doublelift's call to change: More buffs. Less nerfs. I don't see where this reaches anyone here. Several popular threads are just about how Riot just keep buffing damage without nerfing most sources of it in everysingle champs, leading to an huge damage creep that almost everyone hates. This led to tanks not being able to tank anymore and being forced to be buffed in damage too. This led to the disaster of the assassins' class update that cranked up so much damage in assassins that everyone else in the game also got buffed to make up for it. BALANCE is a word that implies both diminutive and positive changes. Only focusing on positive ones will just crank up the game to an height where everything becomes unenjoyable.
: Soulbringer Aatrox
At this point just recolor the green into red and TAAADAAAAAAAAA, now we actually have a good base frame after being reworked
: I think I can help with these balance issues
Or just simply nerf every single source of champion damage in the game while buffing towers. -Longer games -Tanks being able to tank -Burst meta gone -No more tower dives without consequences -Assassin mains crying Everyone is happy!
: Used Car Salesman Tahm Kench anyone?
But wouldn't it be unfair for someone to have 2 aprils fools skins? This should definitely get released, but what Tahm lacks of right now is a serious skin, since both who are already present are already comical.
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KnifeCat (OCE)
: Riot, brushing off the boards complaints is not a good idea.
At this point, I'm starting to think Riot actually forgot that they even had a forum on their website
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: Aatrox is an excellent example for idiots to STOP FULLY JUDGING NEW CHAMPS ON RELEASE
https://i.imgur.com/q6U1QKP.png[/img] https://giphy.com/gifs/IQ47VvDzlzx9S?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media%20Links&utm_term=
: See guys? Aatrox is already being nerfed. So much for him being weak.
https://i.imgur.com/q6U1QKP.png[/img] https://giphy.com/gifs/IQ47VvDzlzx9S?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media%20Links&utm_term=
nGio (NA)
: I say nerf them both. This game used to have ADCs and tanks.
You mean this game used to have ONLY ADCs and Tanks, right?
Evalion (NA)
That feel when for months Bruisers are an actual joke and as soon as they even begin to point their nose in the meta, people call injustice...
Rioter Comments
: {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} are a thing, don't know why this one shouldn't
I'm pretty sure the only reason is that Riot hate with a deep fury almost every mages
: A list of changes that Riot could explore if Aatrox needed to be improved
Giving him increased utility in his passive should be top priority, even with cooldown reduction. Everybody complained about the fact that the new Aatrox is nowhere near the old one in terms of sustain, so I'd like to see something like "doubled lifesteal/sustain effects on marked targets" because, to be honest, the bonus damage is mediocre and the effect should be tied to an AoE ability, it needs so much more impact even with low cooldown
Auccuatt (NA)
: Aatrox's passive should only work on neutral monsters and champions.
I'd prefer if they gave him an ACTUAL way to lower this insane cooldown outside of having to cast his other abilities (which are even worse in terms of cooldown sometimes) or landing his garbage of a Q. Something like giving him increased range/attack speed on the "marked" target for 5 seconds with each hit refunding some time. I dunno, his whole kits needs so much more than numbers and QoL changes
Rioter Comments
: Do you hate her because you love Darkins {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
He can hate her because he hates darkins, yeah, that could be a reason amongst the others. The real question is: is there any reason to love her like you do?
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