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: I get recognized too often in game
"omg I'm so popular" (2k upvotes on forums, wow so impressive)
Altiverse (EUNE)
: After a few years, can we get updated population statistics?
Players have been asking that kind of data from Riot for about 3 years. They only shared those kind of things when they were the "most played video game on the world", and since they aren't anymore, they don't see the utility to share data that could prove that the game really is slowly decreasing in popularity in an increasing rate
: Guess what champion I am
: "They are focused on pro play" line needs to end
You begin by using as your title ""They are focused on pro play" line needs to end" and your whole post is about how Riot dosen't balance around pro players. Pro players dosen't automaticaly equals pro play : pro play in the eyes of Riot is the whole industry of their esports, they really do balance on what THEY want to see in Esports. You are right when you say that they don't care about the pro players, but their sole interest in balance really is based around pro plays: what kind of plays they want to see, how long games should be, how objectives should be taken, etc etc, because they want to appeal to the most people possible. Lets be real here: a very large portion of people watching the LCS are not even people who play casually the game, they don't have any idea on how the game should go on, so Riot changes the game in a way to make it as the most popular possible: by copying popular concepts. the trend in the esports right now in general is arcade, fast paced and flashy games, hence why Riot is taking this weird direction. The huge decrease in the game's popularity is explained by the fact that the biggest part of the community, the people who actually plays the game, are being sh!t on by Riot for several months. Riot's strategy is to bring more new players to the game, while ignoring their current players, and this is done through pro play and Esports, hence why you are wrong in your title
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: I see a lot of champs getting worked on/ reworks/ changes for NO convincing reasons..
I was agreeing with you until you said that you wanted an extra lethality item. Lethality was one of the reason why the game went downhill since it was added, it has a very bad influence on the game and Riot should probably bring back old armor pen and dump entirely lethality. Adding even more of it is probably the worse thing that could happen right now. Even if you call Riot's constant work on AP items a "fact", this is only recently true since it has been over a year that Mage itemisation was completely dumped and considered garbage while AD itemisation only got stronger and stronger for _**Litterally no viable reasons**_. Its only justice for Mage items to get some love, it was either that or dumping the AD itemisation to bring them on even grounds
: I think I found the problem with Riot's Balance team
I thought you were gonna do some extra chromosomes jokes but hey, thats still good
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OP Garen Support,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8gtk1Xs,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-18T12:12:25.657+0000) > > Everyone noticed the botlane and jungle dominates the game and there is no longer solo carry potential. Mages still have too much mana
> [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8gtk1Xs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-18T15:37:45.945+0000) > > Mages still have too much mana Yet they are still limited by it, while ADC's can do better than anything a mage can do while not being gated at all by any ressource
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: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
1-Riot games 2-Riot games 3-Riot games 4-Tencent 5-Riot games
KnifeCat (OCE)
: Relax about the mana changes !
Since when did Midseasons actually fix things? Like, I can't even think about an example where the game didnt get WORSE after a midseason patch...
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: Stop it, its already dead! (Sejuani)
I don't really understand why they would still nerf her either. But I'd be lying if I said that I won't enjoy seeing her getting weaker and weaker. It's simple: everything in her kit is extremely frustrating to play against so, even if its not that good anymore, I don't want to see it getting better, like, at all
: Riot support just closed my ticket
"Hey dude, this guy got evidence that we messed up, but, like, messed REALLY bad and didn't realise it, what do we do?" "Just ignore it dude, since when do we need to care? foflmaocoptermdrxd"
: Team up for charity - International Medical Corps
Where is my Hashinshin "Unstoppable BTW" shirt? Or my "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT THROUGH THE COUNTERSTRIKE!!!" ?
: Team up for charity - International Medical Corps
you should mass produce those shirts and sell them indefinitely without the autographs, so it gives even more for charity and to let poor people like me get an hand on those cool shirts
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: The assasin update has been nothing short of a complete failure
> _**Every single class**_ update **_without any exception_** has been nothing short of a complete failure Here, FIFY
: :33 < arsenicCatnip Welcomes You to the Boards!!!
Willioss (EUW)
: Stop Buffing Zed
Whats the point to nerf an item, if you overbuff every single persons who abused this item? This makes no logic at all
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: Why Archangels is the "Go-to" Mana Item
Ludens is already overstacked because its an option who both gives easy early game mana and an huge early burst. Before, the only thing that kept mages from buying ludens first was mana, and now it gives more than enought to be an interesting option. Now, what you are saying is that {{item:3003}} is actually fulfilling efficiently mages' mana problems, and that every other items should bring more mana because this particular item gives a lot. Mages items are designed to fill certain situations, kits or style of gameplay and shouldn't brought to "just buy the best one" once again. Mana items are fine and should stay just like how they are rn, its understandable that some people miss the old Morello, but this item was just too good and universal to keep existing and no single mage item should be brought to this state once again
Altiverse (EUNE)
: With the current philosophy of the balancing team, the damage creep will just get worse
"A problematic champions gets finally nefed? Good! But since we cant stand seeing them finally balanced and on par with other champions, we'll buff them again!!! {{champion:102}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:96}} "
: When they rework Aatrox, the current one should die and the new one should pick up the blade
Well, the whole concept of Aatrox is that he is the "strongest" Darkin since he kept his host for far longer than anyone else. Making him "die" and use a new host would just kill this concept and lower him to a normal darkin without anything special
: Ideas for a visual rework for amumu (fan art) (community support is needed)
He just looks like a normal Yordle who got wrapped in toilet paper, he isn't really a mummy anymore...
: Which champ has the WORST passive in the game???
I can only think about {{champion:22}} 's passive before she got reworked
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: Please Adjust Trap Mechanics So They Can't Be Placed Under Champion Hit-Boxes.
Not sure about the trap immunity, but I would like to see something more like a knockback. You could solve both the creep block and trap spamming with this: As soon as an ability/passive revives you, you knockback a little the both the minions and the traps, while disabling them temporarily for the duration (so that {{champion:35}} boxes dosen't proc while being knocked back)
Rexxiee (NA)
: Riot dont forget how oppressive junglers still are early game
I miss the days where Junglers had to farm monsters and take Dragons as objectives. Now they farm toplaners and take botlanes as objectives
Rocker3k (NA)
: Aram needs to unlock every single champion
At this point, i'm starting to think that Riot enjoys seeing people making ARAM-accounts. I can imagine them being like "Hey look, more accounts! This totally means that our game isn't becoming less popular! Right?"
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: 6 years since the last real enchanter support
Let's add one more champ based on the class who broke the game for about 6 months straight, yeah good idea, im so hyped up woohoo...
MonoShuga (EUW)
: Zoe and Aurelion Sol Mini Comic
This is exactly the opposite of the relation between Aurelion and Zoe... Aurelion is basically a deity who got fooled and brought to slavery under a greedy people (Zoe's...) who only wanted his power. Zoe is basically bragging over Aurelion's failure in every interactions she has with him. Don't make a comic about some quiet friendship between them, its a relation between a being forced to serve a people who only wanted his power and a silly kid who is just making its slavery far worse, not a joyfull doggy-girl relation...
: Right in the star feels
This is, like, exactly the opposite of Aurelion's personality considering his lore...
: Waveclear work for 8.6 or later
Please, if you bring stronger minions, please tell me that you'll bring stronger towers along with this...
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Capi974 (EUW)
: Shamanic Veigar skin concept
This isn't a shaman, this is a witch doctor...
: So, the enemy Jungler is "literally" sitting in your top lane brush camping you all game...
1-Splitting a lot of XP? Are you serious? You are forced OUT of your lane, you litterally CANT keep up the XP lack. Who cares if the jungler and the toplaner are spliting XP? Meanwhile, the one who gets ganked have ZERO XP income 2-Junglers farming in 2018? In a meta where the first gank is more than often within 2 minutes, this is a joke, right? 3-Yeah, the other lanes can win while the top is getting camped, sure. Meanwhile, the jungler gets fed in toplane and just kill everyone anywhere on the map after pushing enought 4-How about counter-ganking the camped lane, then, if its THAT dangerous?? 5-Free herald, first tower at 8 and gg surrender at 15
Velirath (EUW)
: Are you high? Zed's in the worst place he's ever been, plain weak. The only people getting destroyed by him are people that don't know what armor is and if that's the case you could put full lethality leona mid and still get destroyed. smh
> [{quoted}](name=Velirath,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M0w6AX9f,comment-id=00410000,timestamp=2018-03-08T15:35:45.070+0000) > > Are you high? Zed&#x27;s in the worst place he&#x27;s ever been, plain weak. The only people getting destroyed by him are people that don&#x27;t know what armor is and if that&#x27;s the case you could put full lethality leona mid and still get destroyed. smh "plain weak" Still has an almost perfect 50% winrate while having a pretty high pickrate. He dosen't deserve any single buff, when a champ is "balanced", you don't buff it simply because the people who mains him hard are whining about it while confronting anyone who says the opposite
: 8.6 Duskblade and related changes
Yeah, lets buff zed, good idea, everything will turn right, of course, yeah, completely legit, pretty sure it will work out, awesome changes, absolutely not unnecessary, of course, let's do this, everyone will be happy, I can't wait to get destroyed, everybody enjors it when cancerous champs gets buffed, hmmm
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: aristote said that the sun was moving around earth just because someone famous said something doesn't mean it's right
> [{quoted}](name=Je suis Rubick,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6A9LzYXA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-04T21:51:25.801+0000) > > aristote said that the sun was moving around earth > > just because someone famous said something doesn&#x27;t mean it&#x27;s right It wouldn't be such a deal if a single person said that the game is going downhill, but the fact that more and more people, pros or not, are slowly agreeing with this should be more alarming
: Yes!! Twitch finally getting a nerf after being extremely OP for 1-2 years!!
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: Or maybe they actually forgot something... almost like they're humans! Seriously, blaming Riot for everything is kind of pathetic and we need to acknowledge that.
I would agree with you if this error wasn't a 4 month old one. If they really forgot about it for this long, then its called incompetence. I personally think that they knew about it but didn't do anything because it wouldn't change much
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