: Local Western Team Crushed to Discover Their Worlds Victories Actually Don't Count.
Never laughed that hard from an esport post like that for a long time, last time it was a year ago when everyone was crying about their picks getting destroyed by Longhzu's defeat
Wuks (NA)
: つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
つ ◕◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
Rexxiee (NA)
: It this how viktor was intended to be played?
BREAKING NEWS: Robot man taking revenge over the people who made him useless gets bullied because of being too effective! No but seriously, what do you expect from {{champion:112}} ? You said yourself that he is a control mage, should a control mage be a squishy late-game scaling burst dealer like he was before? I admit, his shield scalings are quite over the top, but it makes sense since he is made to be late-scaling. This is the only thing that keeps him from instantly dying to everyone else at this period of the game. On your comments in this thread, you also declare that a tanky mage shouldn't be dealing this much damage while building tank. Here is the surprise; this damage is mediocre to the actual damage he puts up when building full ap, and it isn't that huge at all when compaired to, frankly, every single other champions who scale late like him. So, lets recap: He is tanky-ish, He is able to deal respectable damage, while still being lower than most late-carries, He is able to apply frequent and consequent CC, He is able to keep a safe distance against most champions, while having to put himself at risk to be more efficient. This is literally what a control mage should do, what is wrong? The fact that he has easy match-ups? Being able to put a challenge against the meta top-laners of the moment early-on dosen't mean this champion should be nerfed, this dosen't make any sense.
Blyted (NA)
: The reluctance to revert reworks that have missed the mark really diminish this game
Rioter Comments
: So my Kai'sa AFK'd after I accidentally gave the enemy first blood.
Makes me remember the time I had a top {{champion:84}} inting so bad while thinking she was the next TFblade. The enemy ended up camping toplane because she was so bad and kept coming top thinking she could reverse the situation. She quit the game telling us "Enjoy the lost game". We ended up winning by catching up the gold and xp the enemy was splitting in top lane. Running it down mid = free win
Galiö (NA)
: Reav3 on retiring champions... interesting.
Same thing with {{champion:266}} . Don't get me wrong, I love the new one, but its a new champion, it wasn't in any way possible a rework. He went from an Auto-Attack centered drain-bruiser with a diver kit to an ability-cast centered lane bully who's more akin to a skirmisher/assassin than his previous bruiser-tank like feeling
She is already incredibly strong and annoying to play against even if her whole kit is bugged. She definitely needs to be fixed (her plants especially) but doing so will make her skyrocket through the meta. If she ever gets fixed, be ready for the fact that she'll also gets consequential nerfs who will be, honestly, really needed. Riot already dosen't take Zyra mains seriously since they ignore their requests for so long, but they'll take take them seriously either if they complain about nerfs after they fix her kit
: Holy What The Fuck?
When your whole appartment was "Made in China", it should ring a bell tbh
Cinth (NA)
: To be COMPLETELY honest with you, Ignite shouldn't be doing a forth of my health throughout the game
In my opinion, the whole summoner spells system needs a full rework. Kinda hoped it would've happened during Pre-Season 9, but from what we heard we'll probably barely get anything at all during it in terms of actual changes.
Rioter Comments
: Stormrazor Ballance for Jhin and Graves
> The fastest way to fix Stormrazor is to remove it from the game Here, FIFY
: I was under the impression you could jump in front of a speeding Sion to stop his ult. Is that no longer the case?
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IN6XJQpE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-10-18T20:15:28.574+0000) > > I was under the impression you could jump in front of a speeding Sion to stop his ult. Is that no longer the case? Well, if you want to increase your chances of dying by a lot, I guess its still an option
: Champions that will never defeat their rival
{{champion:23}} vs {{champion:266}} Angry dude vs Angry god dude
: Every Kled Game In a Nutshell
Welcome to top lane, camped by junglers and irrelevant to botlane since 2016
: Why play Inting Sion when you can go Yorick?
Except Yorick actually has to reach the turret, and literally every single champ in the game can keep him from doing so. Meanwhile, you can't stop Sion from doing Sion things
: The Reason You're Not Able to Dodge Skillshots Could be this Surprizingly Common Problem.
Even for people without any problems related to color vision, you can't see something that "hit" you if Riot codes their hitbox like monkeys on keyboards
: About Gameplay+ and the value of brevity
This is actually something that I really hated about the boards mentality as a whole: If someone shares a brief opinion that is very very popular, it'll get refuted either way by the minority of persons who dosen't agree with it by saying things like "you can't make your point viable without development" For example, if someone in the gameplay boards say "Graves is overpowered and unfun to play against, he definitely needs to be severely nerfed to bring him back in an healthy state" he'll definitely get a lot of people who agrees with him; its short, its efficient, and reflect perfectly his opinion, one that a lot of people share. On the other hand, some Graves mains can just come and say "lol you have no proof about what you say and you don't have anything elaborate to justify any changes made to our beloved champion", thus making the deliberation seemingly useless. On the other hand, if he DOES make a long and elaborate post about it, it makes it a lot harder to read and less and less people are able to tell if they agree with his opinion since they have to agree with a page long of content. TL;DR, a brief post of about 3-5 lines with 100 upvotes talks a lot more and has a lot more impact than another one with ten times more characters only gaining 20-ish upvotes. Yet, the former type of posts seems to not be impactful enought in the eyes of the dev or to people with opposing opinions, and THAT really is a shame
: Which one of Jax's abilities makes you say he has magic? He has: * an aa-reset * a leap * a parry * a combo of 3 strikes All of that is strictly physical, martial-artist'y abilities, nothing magical. Fiora on the other hand has: * an aa-reset * a dash * a parry * the ability to detect/strike weak points The parallel between the two is obvious, and Fiora is a credible rival.
> [{quoted}](name=DeathBurs7,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pIjkqAXO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-16T12:30:24.047+0000) > > Which one of Jax's abilities makes you say he has magic? He has: > > * an aa-reset > * a leap > * a parry > * a combo of 3 strikes > > All of that is strictly physical, martial-artist'y abilities, nothing magical. > > Fiora on the other hand has: > > * an aa-reset > * a dash > * a parry > * the ability to detect/strike weak points > > The parallel between the two is obvious, and Fiora is a credible rival. I'm pretty sure he is talking lore-wise, while not taking into account their kit... Just to make it clear, Jax's kit is also very very old compaired to his quite recent lore "rework" which means it isn't reliable at all for this context
: Share your OWN thoughts on how you'd nerf Kai'Sa, Graves, Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot & Akali
{{champion:145}} needs the damage from her passive toned down a nutch. {{item:3095}} as a whole needs to be removed. {{champion:104}} should either get his damage scaling/AD ratios to be gutted OR to be slightly tuned down while decreasing his E resistances by A LOT. {{champion:39}} should get actual mana costs and needs to be tuned down on her base stats (along with her passive if needed). {{champion:266}} ? I don't even know why he is there, how is he a problem? I guess he is just annoying for people who don't know that they shouldn't pick fights or trade him early? Anyway, just decrease his EARLY Q damage and/or cooldown while pumping up his early E sustain. He should have a safe and easy laning, but I admit its a tad bit too much oppressive atm {{champion:6}} is good because he has a good kit, not because he is broken. The only problem with him is that he is too easy to pick up and play. Just revert the tons of buffs his Q got back then so players who use him actually have to think about it to use it correctly.
: Hopes For Season 9?
I wish for a brand new balance team
Rioter Comments
: Taliyah Suggestion to help her midlane without buffing her JG.
How about just giving her a passive that is relevant for a lane mage? Let's be honest here; if she isn't jungle, the utility of her passive is pretty much equivalent to the passive of pre-rework Ashe
: If Hashinshin would scream into Meddler's face about balance...
Meddler would probably riposte his attack, but will it go through the counterstrike?
: I saw this on the front page
Stratixx (NA)
: Unbalanced skins in gameplay
> Lux - HALF of her skins, especially elemental; her q is too little and her e is practically invisible I've never related so much to something here on the boards like this before
Ætheist (NA)
: Why do I see people acting like the old Aatrox was some amazing design compared to the new one?
He was a tanky-ish drain-diver who's entire kit revoluted around sustain and prolonged fights/lane presence. When you look at it, maybe you see classic xin zhao in it, but game-style wise they were two opposite sides of the same coin; serving the same fonction, but almost completely opposed. While Xin Zhao was/is all about single target picking and fight disrupting through harassment (which is, by the way, the exact concept of old poppy, which is also a whole world away from old Aatrox), Aatrox was more of an **_unstoppable_** fighter who just kept fighting and healing: his damage was one of the lowest of his class, his mobility was mediocre, his CC was laughable and unregular, but as long as he kept fighting, he did his thing and stayed alive. If you exclude pure tanks, Aatrox was the only melee champion filling this niche and giving this feeling. His kit was definitely flawed yes, I grant it to you. His new one is also absolutely better, of course... The problem is the fact that his faulty kit was supposed to be upgraded to a more recent design, but instead was replaced by an **_ENTIRELY_** different champion, only keeping his ressurecting ability. Hell, he isn't even remotely sustain-based now, he just happens to have some if it in his kit just to make it so he can actually survive in lane since he is so much squishier than before
Jaygo41 (NA)
: I will literally take Lee, Elise, Zac, Sejuani, and Rek'Sai
I'll only enjoy playing against Lee again when they'll remove that unnecessary "new" execute damage from his Q
: Dying seems to = inting these days
Considering the fact that almost every "meta" characters that are in the game right now are extreme snowballers, dying early/often really has an huge correlation with the possibility of losing
Rioter Comments
: Riot, again, consider updating VOs when voice actors come back for new Champions and Legendary skins
: If you get a good ban phase.. the games not terrible right now
Tbh, the game would be more bearable if we had 20 bans banphases, just to be sure
: @Ahri mains crying about the nerf
The actual number of Ahri mains answering this thread is impressive. But the thing that amazes me the most is that they still believe that their 15%-ish pick rate 53-54% winrate ~~waifu~~ champion isn't deserving a ridiculously small nerf. Just by writing this I already see them downvoting my comment just like the others because they can't face the fact that she does deserve nerfs and this, since several weeks/months.
: Leblanc is pretty much 100% pick/ban at worlds
Riot: \*Reworks Broken Leblanc\* \*Leblanc becomes even more broken\* \*Nerfs Leblanc until she becomes as balanced as she could\* \*Revert Leblanc to her previous broken state\* Community: "???????"
: "Outer turrets will have a barricade in the early game that makes them more durable" -Riot PBE note
https://i.imgur.com/JXi6KAT.png[/img] https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/aIUyiwdc-preseason-dev-update-number-2 Official comment on an official post. If you have any questions that are unanswered, please refer yourself to the Dev Corner of the boards instead of only looking at the PBE
: Unlock champion's icon when you hit mastery 7
Considering how fast Riot works on anything that isn't directly related to gameplay, we might get it in Season 17
S0kaX (EUNE)
: It's 2018 and people still use "of" instead of "have"
: Why are Ahri and Nami getting nerfed but not Graves/Lucian/Jhin/Kassadin/Jax etc.?
I mean, Ahri was indeed someone who needed some hardcore nerfs, but I agree that a several other champions are deserving some too
: WOW Rito did you just stealth NERF Worlds 2018 Pass token grind?
: Did they nerf Orange essence again? Or is it really that bad in general.
Nowadays, it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more economic to just reroll skin shards and the like into permanent acquisitions
: Did you know that some people actually believe that AP items are superior to AD items?
Yeah, I also saw several statements like this one. Most of them were made by midlane AD assassin players, you know, the type of person who says that Zed and the like should have a permanent 53% winrate in every elo because "hurr durr mages are more common than assassins in LCS". They don't seem to understand that building AP is extremely boring and ultimately leads to the same builds 80% of the time, meanwhile AD has things like {{item:3147}} and {{item:3095}} who are completely breaking the game right now and some guys still say "lol AP is OP"
: Here's the thing: The sheer amount of pen offered to ap champs is fucking mind blowing. It doesn't take much gold to start landing true damage on people if they don't invest in MR to keep up. I like to keep it neutral, but 33 flat pen + 40% pen is fucking strong. You can pen a SHIT ton of, if not all of, someone's MR off of about 7k gold.
"sheer amount of pen" Beside boots, we have 2 items with MPen while AD has every lethality items plus last whisper items
: I miss the old masteries
Ah, yes, the time where mages weren't force fed runes related to movement speed
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Riot: "We will prevent junglers from ganking at lvl 3"
Remember when junglers were people who were supposed to scale slowly without taking the much needed ressources from lanes? Their goal back then was to farm and give several lanes some pressure. Today, they are just perma roamers who take one or two camp before going 2 v 1 / 3 v 2 every 20 seconds on some unfortunate laner who can't scale by themselves anymore because of the sheer pressure. Jungler players are acting like its normal for them to have permanent presence on the whole map at any single time in the game. "Hurr durr otherwise farming for 10 minutes is boring, our role should be more impactful". This kind of mentality just shows that, for some people, its normal for them to be priotised over the 4 other people in their teams because otherwise their role would be "boring". You think its not boring for laners to live under a constant threat? You think its more fun for us to rely on someone else in permanence to have impact on our lane? Imagine how it would feel like if every laners had a global smite availlable every 10 seconds. Maybe now you'll understand how it feels like to have a permanent threat over your head and having to rely on someone else to do the job for you. Toplane was the lane where trade efficiency was the most important. Now taking trades without your ally jungler's incoming aid or being sure the enemy jungler isn't a threat for now is just asking to lose lane. Midlane was the lane where poking, dodging and wave management was at its best. Now even its towers isn't safe enought for the laners since an immediate threat can pop out of nowhere instantly. Botlane was where the carry tried his best to overcome the enemy one with the aid of his support, now its just a froze lane where actual fights only occurs when a gank is inbound. Even after the scuttle changes, who were supposed to give more Jungler vs Jungler interaction and give some peace to the laners, you would get flamed if you didn't help your jungler to secure the scuttler. The jungle role was originally created to assist the whole team. Nowadays its the whole team aiding the jungler or else the enemy one will eat you alive and make you lose 15 to 30 minutes of your life of being able to do absolutely nothing. It dosen't matter how boring your role is, guys. If you make the game frustrating for 4 other people because, in your opinion, you don't have as much "fun" as them, you are just contributing to the problem
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: A current experience with the boards
Welcome to the boards guys, where people have been explaining clearly and thoughtfully their problems about the game for years while being ignored by everyone! And when they loose their sh_t and start being more direct in their approach (or even just quitting the game), they get bashed and ignored once again because they don't develop their point of view. This is just a vicious circle. People were getting ignored for a loooooooooong time already, with developped opinions or not. Now that they are sick of it, they just stopped to make any development about how "X" champ is OP because they realised that **this dosen't matter at all**. Almost NONE of the changes that were made by Riot while getting inspired by the community's opinion were based on constructive feedback. The secret formula has been discovered long ago: **numbers**, this is the only thing Riot understands. AP Galio's hotfix. Yasuo's Ult buff cancelation. Electrocute's "nerf". Those were all changes that were made because an huge number of players complained about them, not because there were constructive reasons why they should've occured. The perfect example of how this works is when Riot decided to ~~gut~~ nerf the mana of midlane mages some months ago. The boards were filled with very developed and precise threads on how those changes were some of the worse things that could happen. Guess what happened? Nothing, the changes still went live and scrapped the game experience for a lot of midlane champions. Some time after, the boards were filled with people complaining about how the situation was horrendous. Guess what happened? Riot actually made some adjustements. You guys are here to complain about people complaining while saying that "precise and wellmade feedback isn't present on the boards". Thing is, that kind of content was pretty common before, but taking the effort to make those wielded almost zero effects, so people just stopped to make those. Still not convinced? One of the most notable and popular poster here on the boards, Malicious Metal, made a **_TON_** (and I mean, a TOOOON) of threads about Mordekaiser's every facets and reworked champions in general and this, on an impressively regular basis. Almost every single threads of his hit an impressive amount of upvotes and general attention, yet, can you guess how much impact those very detailed threads had? Not enought, that is the answer. The problem isn't people complaining without developed arguments; the problem is the fact that doing otherwise wields nothing worthwile. If you don't like this kind of behaviour, then ignore it, you don't have to go with the flow. But insulting people who initially cared about and made actual feedback because they've had enought of the game and are now making no-effort complaining threads is just giving another reason for people to quit the game. You aren't making anything move that way
Auzyris (EUW)
: I am a Katarina main since beta and I would like to adress her issues
She needs fixes or a rework. A revert in this situation is literally just taking a champion who is frustrating for its players and put it back into the state who was frustrating for everyone else without exception. Repeating the Leblanc fiasco will just result into Katarina getting nerfed to the ground once again and you guys will beg for other changes once again. In my honest opinion, Riot should rework her on a {{champion:19}} pattern: getting rid of the old and outdated mechanics while introducing new ones that still makes the champion stay in the niche it was actually in before, while making it easier to balance. Of course, this is just an unrealist dream, since every single Assassins who get fully reworked nowadays end up being utter problems for the whole game, like with {{champion:84}} and {{champion:39}} (this one is actually considered a Diver, but someone who has massive mobility, target nullifying abilities and massive burst damage is just as good as any skirmisher)
: In what fucking world is Zed balanced?
What is funny about this post is seeing the 30 zed mains downvoting this thread
Rexxiee (NA)
: Jax 53% wr 20% pick rate 30% ban rate in diamond +
If you believe that the only thing that protects Jax form nerfs is Hashinshin, you must hate him real bad. Riot dosen't care at **all** about Hashinshin, or any streamer. Even worse, they don't care about **_The Whole Community_**. Jax is in a good spot simply because he is one of the only champions who can counter damage while doing a lot himself, the same exact reason why {{champion:104}} is so broken right now. Simply put, he will **Always** be overpowered in this meta unless he gets fully reworked or if every single sources of damage in the game gets nerfed, true damage gutted and sources of resistances buffed.
: Almost seems like riot's balance team is intentionally trying to ruin the games balance
The big problem with Rito's balance team is that they don't understand themselves what they did to the game. They made games so short and snowbally that early-game champions have a massive advantage over the others. You would think that the natural option to take is to make game longers, right? But nooooooooooooooooooooo. Better go full Rito'rded and buff the early game of late-scaling champs like {{champion:114}} . What is this logic?!? Rito's favorite champs will get buffed in the field they should be weak in, because they can't logically say "yeah, we messed with the whole game and we should be fixing it"
nasaL (NA)
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Katarina & Evelynn
While Katarina does deserve some changes to make her more fluid, she **DEFINITELY** shouldn't get reverted in any way since her "new" kit opens new possibilities, while having limits like every single assassin should have. Going back to instant burst with little to no counterplay should be off limits and an absolute no go. Evelyn shouldn't get any revert either since her old kit has nothing salvageable out of. My opinion would be to nerf hard her base numbers while reintroducing hybrid scaling in her kit
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