: Hello
I need a duo, but a friend also helps
Kace (NA)
: Spot for one more? *Support main
wanna duo? my ign is thepalehorseman
: S4 ADC LF Support for Ranked or Norms, with Discord.
: LF people to play with
: Plat support looking for duo/flex/smurf
yooo I have a gold/plat team for u to join or a plat/diamond team (flex for both) if u wanna join... add me if interested
: Looking for a Committed Diamond I+ Top Lane, Mid Lane For Team
wiling to be part of an organization? I do have a mid n top laner who are plat/diamond
Deluxe (NA)
: adc/mid + jung/mid looking for plat+ team
i have a top n mid who are plat/diamond elo currently getting the supt within that elo. add me for more info tournament-based team
Caath (NA)
: LF duo plat 2+ or flex team
add me, I have a flex team for u
Shinpai (NA)
: Plat 2 mid main LF Plat 2+ decent duo. Trying for Diamond
i have a diamond/plat team if u wanna join a tournament-based team
gihnop (NA)
: Support Main LF team to sub on
add me, I got a team for u to sub on
be pure (NA)
: Lfm for flex gold +
how capable are u as adc?
: looking for an adc main
I'm an adc main. down to duo?
: Noob Grill Looking for SUPPORT Coach.
add, it wont be me coaching but I can point u to where...
: Looking for Team!!! Add me in game ! :P
: Plat jg/top main looking for Plat Mid/JG/Top duo
hey dude... down to try out for a team?
: Looking for a competitive team!!!
i got a team for u... I'm underranked compared to u.... but if u wanna join the silver/gold team I know... add me
Harizin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePaleHorseman,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=IFiTYasF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-08T17:57:27.871+0000) > > I'm an adc part of an organization that wud love to have u be part of a tourney team n def would love for u to stream! ign: thepalehorseman I love tourneys! I'm on a team right now but the ADC is kinda....particular haha so I'd love to add you and check out your team! Does it have a discord?
> [{quoted}](name=Harizin,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=IFiTYasF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-08T18:03:58.167+0000) > > I love tourneys! I'm on a team right now but the ADC is kinda....particular haha so I'd love to add you and check out your team! Does it have a discord? of course! add me, hmu... n ill give u the grand tour
Harizin (NA)
: Looking for duo ADC
I'm an adc part of an organization that wud love to have u be part of a tourney team n def would love for u to stream! ign: thepalehorseman
: looking for people
hi, I'm part of despardo esport, n I think I got the place u can call home!
: desperado e sports recruitment bronze-silver ADC
IGN: thepalehorseman Current Ranking: b2 Highest Ranking: s1 Discord: Y/N: Yes Hours available per week (estimated): 50 Position(s) Applying for: ADC Top 5 champions in applied role: Caitlyn, Jhin, Graves, Tristana, Ezreal What are you looking to get out of the ranked 5’s format: respect, riot points, reckoning..... To Contact us Directly in game: <----- Is this a question? (btw.... I can play all roles effectively with at least 3 champs per role... I'm flexible for the ladies.... to.. um... go supt... or mid...)
: sup lf adc, ranked
: Lf rank duo
heyy thepalehorseman is rdy!
Lexually (NA)
: Late night League?
akumusha (NA)
: Old school player looking for playmates
hey, I'm also an adc/supt main.... I'm down to try rank n see how we hold. btw ive been playing since season 1.
: Looking for someone to have fun with in ranked
: G4 Solo (S4 Flex) Looking to make a team for Flex. (Please read below)
Ðíana (NA)
: I added you on league, where are you? :c
> [{quoted}](name=cute kitty meow,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=OiJghtMZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-24T19:32:04.143+0000) > > I added you on league, where are you? :c I'm on now. sorry abt that
Ðíana (NA)
: Anyone wanna make a new account with me? :3
Ðíana (NA)
: Anyone wanna make a new account with me? :3
I have a lvl 3 acct which I need to work on.
AudyG (NA)
: Looking for a Top Laner! -Club CTZ-
lemme see if I can bring something to the table
Creek (NA)
: Team Oni Yokai Recruiting Silver Gold ADC/SUP MAINS
: Team Eminent Looking For Top/Mid/Jungle and Coach
IGN: thepalehorseman Role: top/adc/supt Age: 27 Champion pool(Top 5): Illaoi, Pantheon, Jhin, Caityln, Leona What can you bring to the team?: game experience, been playing since season 1, ive heard all advices that coaches normally give. I'm objective-based and so, Id sooner take a tower or baron depending on situation rather than chase for kills. I can lift pressure off our jg by being that lane which he don't need to gank or worry abt. Why are you looking for a team?: team composition that is hard to get countered. non-ragers, open-mindedness, non-quitters. Capable of playing in tourney lvl. Rank: S5 (believe me... idk why I'm still at this rank) Time zone: PST What times are you able to play from(est): Any... Are you willing to be a sub: sure Proper English?: Ingrish? whaaa.... jk.. yes Do you tilt?: of course, I can tilt the enemy. dat shit don't work on me.
Naedia (NA)
: Join the tournament
> [{quoted}](name=Kenziee,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=dyAYWw4s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-22T20:51:27.669+0000) > > Join the tournament Date: Friday, November 17th, 2016 is that the date of when it occurs cuz imma need to hop in my delorean....
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: Silver V Support looking for serious ADC
right here, lets do this. name: thepalehorseman
: Mid/support main LF team or flex partner
hey, I wouldn't mind having a friendly supt. add me: thepalehorseman
Mellðw (NA)
: Clockwork Essence (Silver - Gold) Sister Team: Aspects of Time RECRUITING
> IGN: thepalehorseman > OP.GG: thepalehorseman > Age: 27 > Mic: yes > Are you dedicated to the game and are you willing to learn?: yes > Can you be a leader?: yes > Will you be available on weekends for tourneys?: yes > Time zone?: PST ps: I do have my duo partner... um... normally we are bottom laners. I main adc n she mains supt, but we are practicing to switch back n forth. I can tank supt while she does all the other supts. I play cait, jhin, n graves adc. she plays jinx, mf, and trist adc.
: Looking for silver ADC
look... my bad abt the wifi issue.... I'm good... I just don't have good internet at times.... u seen what I can do when I do have good wifi
: b1 in my series to silver will somone help Na
: Looking for nooblers and nooblets to tank our mmr for normal games. Bronze Silver hit us up!
Bask (NA)
: Looking for ADC main coach
i can give u great pointers on 3 adcs: cait, jhin, n (yes) graves if u wanna add me n hear me out... as well as tell u basic things u need to know that follows the role of all-dmg carry.
: Looking for a casual club
join mine... ill send u inv as soon as the club function works again... they say it wont be up again till tmrw. I have nearly 50 members... n abt 50% of them is usually on. we don't do nothing too radical... I ask for all members not to troll, feed, or quit.... be helpful n don't be shy to ask for anything. u might need to get teamspeak 3 if u join up. my club is: Dukes (or Duchess) of Nukin'Em... tag: 1)oNE
Aseeraa (NA)
: NA ADC/Supp main LF duo - Bronze 4
sure, i need a decent supt with teamspeak. Silv 5
Ðíana (NA)
: Looking for someone to carry me to level 30 :3
well... i need to practice kat or jhin... so lets gooo
Halie (NA)
: Looking for a consent rank team to join as mid/support
join my clan n my ranked team... we lack good midders
00lli0o (NA)
: Masterminds Recruiting
im a top/supt/adc main. Pref: illaoi top. Silver 3.
: Looking for people to join eSports org as staff/management/writers
I am definitely interested in helping out! Let me know how I may sign up or figure out more about this project.
: Client keeps crashing mid-game and has been doing so randomly 1x per game.
Oh and i forgot to mention, but other technical issues ive been having recently too, is that icons would not appear. Each match, when the game starts, i would briefly see the 4 images of my teammate's champions on the left side of the screen, then it would go blank. Same issue applies to my inventory, and skills bar, as well as mini-map.... its only when i bring my cursor over a clickable icon/button does everything appear like normal and function normally for the whole game. However, i can only see my teammate's champ icon when they die n resurrect again. Likewise, this has also recently started occurring. Everything else appear and function normally.
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