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Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
Barn could easily be a "Rumble" skin. Flamethrower from the mouth. (the wood stove chimney) Shield gives him more wood walls. Electroshooter fires a cow at the enemy. Ultimate is chimney launching a line of white post fence.
Sooko (EUW)
: And then we think of the last time ADCs were out of the meta compared to those roles... Assassin meta: Still has an ADC in both teams Mage meta: Still has an ADC Bruiser meta: Still has ADCs Tank meta: Still has ADCs
The only meta I remember that didn't have an ADC was the short span when Double Bruiser Bot and Only AD Assassin Mid came together. Not as many people were sure Vayne/Quinn-type Marksmen were viable top, and Urgot/Kennen/Teemo were not considered ADC's even if they built straight AD.
9001 (NA)
: Who Do You Main And Why?
The champions that I mained up until recently when I got sucked back into world of tanks were {{champion:31}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:45}} . I mained {{champion:31}} because he was very bulky even without a full tank build, has a ridiculous level of sustain for playing the game well (just last hit and get health and mana), is a massive lane bully while you sustained by spiking minions and everything behind the minions as per usual LOL tactics, and everyone ... and I mean everyone underestimated exactly what 1000 true damage does to people at half health. Oh, and it also works as another Smite for Dragon/Baron/Buffs. 80% of the time I got those monsters even though our jungler had Smite, because it starts with 1000 true damage to monsters when the junglers (both of them) would have half that for their Smite damage. I mained {{champion:74}} because I could literally lock down a single lane (typically top lane) so nothing could get past the first turret. I've had many games where the enemy would be knocking at an Inhibitor (not the inhibitor turret, the actual inhibitor behind the dead turret) when my outer turret was still standing. Heimer is also a massive lane bully with a gigantic amount of sustain when you build ROA. People would often underestimate my damage output while remaining relatively durable for a ranged mage, and then proceed to either dive me under turret or go collapse on me away from the turret. Many games I've had where I walked away with at least a double kill, and some where I got triple kills. One game the jungler actually refused to go top to gank and got reported by the other 4 guys because each of the three ganks he did ended up with him getting killed and me walking away with a kill. Nowadays people realize you kinda have to get rid of the turrets to kill Heimer's damage output, but as I said, too many people let the turrets slaughter them thinking Heimer is a fragile mage (and yes, this is after building ROA, Rylai, Hourglass, and Randuin). I mained {{champion:85}} at first because he's the only Energy-based Marksman in the game, and has base stats comparable with 70% of "true" Marksmen champions. He lacks a damage steroid or auto attack reset, but his W grants some additional magic damage, can be activated on a marked enemy for more magic damage, and comes with a stun. Despite actually being a Marksman, I would be harassed by literally everyone whether or not I did well or carried their heavy asses because Kennen is viewed as a Mage. Those same people had no qualms about Ezreal, who is ALSO A MAGE and even more skill shot based than a lot of real Mage champions, which irked me to no end. Kennen's kit has all the same toxicity as Vayne's kit, and functions similarly, but I ended up going mid and top with Kennen because all the toxicity people say about Vayne, Riven, and Yasuo tryhard mains can't beat the toxicity of those that targeted me for using Kennen. I learned more from going top and mid than being ADC, since Kennen as an ADC is a bad choice and requires special "Supports" to function well. Zac and Pantheon as "Supports" are really rare. I mained {{champion:77}} because he's a binary champion that was very easy to understand and is very versatile, going AD or AP with no trouble even if I locked in my AD/AP runes and masteries. This allowed me to focus on gank entries and keeping track of the map overall, something laners tend to be unable to see past their auto attack range. My most spectacular games were with Udyr; people really underestimated his damage and did some really stupid and predictable things, which allowed me to go pure AP glass cannon more than once. The cool thing with Udyr is that his shield (Turtle Stance) scales off AP, so building glass cannon (at least on the AP side) keeps him deceptively durable when you can use his W. Big ol' 400 HP shield every 2 seconds was a nightmare for some people to deal with, and allowed me to escape. I recently (Up until I took a break) took up maining {{champion:45}} again. The last time prior to that was when back in Season 3. I saw one too many stomp videos and wanted to replicate that, but dropped him because at the time I was very AD focused with Bloodrazor Warwick and original Black Cleaver Xin Zhao. I absolutely love the Q change to Veigar, but am partial to the justified nerfing of his stun. Veigar is still a farm based champion and I can still play him well. I don't know if his ultimate has been changed to not scale off AP and be a massive generalized targeted nuke, but I liked the way the series of changes went and played him whenever I needed a true AP mid (while I can play AP bruiser Cho'Gath mid, I prefer to send him top where I'm isolated from being ganked by 4 people).
Kofei (NA)
: Fem-nazis everywhere. They get offended by everything. I'm female and I prefer the more appealing attire, no one wants to play a champ dressed up like a fucking pilgrim.
Out of the billions of multicellular species that currently exist and have ever existed, fertilization based reproduction (eg, there's a male and a female somewhere in the species' biological sexes) severely outnumber the ones that do not. The reason is that it produces the maximum genetic variation with the minimum genetic complication. All the fem-nazis out there screaming that the world is better off without any male humans, because you could technically have asexual human reproduction, and thus justifies their tirade against men and sexualizing women and every problem they can yap about .... Well, one little genetic problem and the whole species can go extinct.
: And Shaco players wonder why people don't like them.
Stealth is typically a dirty mechanic. Lots of hate go out to Twitch, Teemo, Vayne, and Evelynn for their stealth mechanics. Shaco is a melee hyper carry (or, well, hyper assassin that is technically a carry). As with all AD carries, Shaco is greedy for your farm, camps, and kills. Shaco is a pretty hard champion to get going without ambushing the enemy jungler and getting first blood at his Blue/Red. And once he gets going, though, it is exactly like dealing with a second Riven or Vayne main in the game. He will take everything and be an asshole to the other nine players if you object.
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench was designed to be a support that can also go top. GP is still generally a top laner. Besides, the same could be said of many other champs (Jayce comes to mind immidiately). If you wanted a good example you should've mentioned Vi, which was designed as a top laner (I haven't seen top Vi since her release, pretty much).
I have. Made that player cry with Cho'Gath. Nice damage, but zero sustain and ultimate ignores any armor/MR the guy would have built against me. Sure, some CC, but it falls under the usual issue of 1. Focusing the tank instead of a carry, and 2. Vi came within Feast range.
: i didnt think anyone was dumb enough to run a flying type into an electric type on purpose also you can make quinn ult useless if you dont have a skin and use ult because the bird cant fly if its soaking wet
Ground/Flying makes my Electric types QQ. But makes my Ice types light up with glee!
: I love how people are complaining about Garen's Silence, Mobility and tankyness
My opinion is that right now, if anyone was complaining about these facets, they complained because all the bad Garen players, probably ones who just wanted a powerful champion to dick around, and all the average Garen players ... after getting nerfed, went to play another champion. So what remains? Really good players and Garen mains. Who will probably roflstomp poor Riven noobs hoping for a quick killing spree and freelo.
: I went from 25-27 pings to 120~pings and i live in WA state, Riot just lazy, we want our west coast server!
Start a petition, all west coasters need to speak some other language than English/French. That's how EU East, Russian, LA North, and LA South got their separate servers.
: I've seen complaints on the boards, especially looking at newest filter when it was announced. It has become more joke than complaint nowadays though
It's a joke now because a lot of West Coasters were harping on the fact they got good ping and arguing people should move to California/Hawaii/Utah if they wanted to play League at all. They were just plain mean and bragging about the server location being close to them. They made it sound like it was some sort of divine acknowledgment from Jesus F. Christ and everyone else was destined to be sent to hell. They got a taste of their medicine.
LaceUp23 (NA)
: >NA is one country I can't even. You have to be trolling....
He means one coagulated group of English as a first language speakers and English speaking lands. EU East is dominated by Germans and Austrians, all of which may not even have English as a third language (my three German and Russian friends had it as the fourth and fifth languages). EU West is at least centered around the Western/Central European nations of UK, France, Spain, etc, wherein most of them speak English (or at least read it) as the first or second language because of the US and UK. The only server split that might be argued would be one for Hispanic speakers, which dun dun dun, there is already a server for that. If all Chicagoans and Yankees spoke Persian as their first language, and English their second or third, then there would be compelling arguments to have a separate East Coast server.
: I dont think they're gonna notice her ): They keep saying they're looking for an Arcade related Mid-laner and I was thinking of Anvia as an angry bird for mid lane.
Final Boss Veigar. Unless the Arcade Boss-line of skins is actually a second line parallel to the Arcade group.
: This is terrible, since when is "homophobia" a terrible thing. It's against some people to condon specific actions, honestly this has nothing to do with league or the OP but to say that people who believe certain things have a problem because they disagree with you does not belong on these forums. If your talking about insults however, yea something that does not also need to be in the game or anywhere. Also to say that a feeder simply has a video game problem is ignorant. Think about why they are feeding, they didn't just think about it or are unskilled, someone did it to them and they remember how they felt, and want others to feel it too in a lot of cases, especially in ranked. Intentionally feeding is a direct effect to others, usually for that sake completely.
"Since when is homophobia a terrible thing?" Homophobia is prejudice against homosexual people. Just like how racism is prejudice against people from other races, and xenophobia is prejudice against strangers.
: My 14- Day ban and the Vayne who went 0-59
Maybe I would have applauded if he wanted to die to the Fountain turret, as that takes skill to reach, behind the waves of minions, other turrets, and five enemy champions. But the .... mid turret? The outer mid turret? >.>
sreggad (NA)
: Supports don't tank. Supports can soak up some damage but they are never tanks. They don't have the income to tank and they have to drop 800 gold for wards. People need to stop looking at the best champion and build they can get kills with and look at the team and have some tankiness to a team.
A good tank doesn't get kills; they get assists. A good support also doesn't get kills; they get assists. True their income will be lower than a solo lane tank (something like Cho'Gath mid or Malphite top), but it should be roughly in line with a jungle tank (eg Nautilus), should the jungle tank be ganking your lane/assisting when you roam. Some supports (namely Thresh, Braum, Leona, and Alistar) can tank, and are indeed officially slated as tanks. Others, like Janna, Annie, and Lux ... cannot tank, and even built like a tank, lack a lot of defensive utility tanks typically have. The problem with a support "tanking" was never the fact that they can't tank. It's more of the fact that most tanks and tank supports are DEFENSIVE tanks, as they block counter attacks and peel off enemies. Only Leona comes to mind as an offensive tank support. Malphite and Nautilus are pure tanks that can fulfill this role too, but for these three, there are 10 or so defensive tanks and tank supports.
: Star Guardian Reksai anyone?
What about .. Star Guardian Taric?
: Good thing he isn't a support, but in fact a carry. I'm not saying it's a good rework (though I personally enjoy it) but he was not intended to be a support and he would be horrible in the support position by far.
Mhmm. I remember when the FOTM items first came out and there was a small meta for both the ADC and tank supports like Leona to carry the green item. ADC still ended up with Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Beserker's Greaves, etc. Ranged support my ass.
: community: "oh my god riot can we please make ADCs not the only carry role in bot lane?"
I got it! They want to make all the Mordekaiser players mad by forcing him into a role he thematically doesn't really fit, so he can be gutted and subsequently deleted! It's not like he's Teemo with a disgustingly large fanbase!
: There were Karma mains?
: How to nerf Devourer fairly
Honestly speaking, all four jungle items should transform just as Devourer/Sated does now. Killing camps and getting kills (or assists at a 3:1 ratio) should build stacks and eventually transform the item into a later game item. Even with the mana return value on Runeglaive, there are times when I do think about replacing it. As a jungler, I shouldn't even be having those corrupt, satanic thoughts. Devourer -> Sated Devourer, procs on hit effects twice. Cinderhulk -> Blazing Cinderhulk, massively ups the Sunfire-esque effect. Runeglaive -> Amplified Runeglaive, AoE proc also is projected as a cone in front of the champion. Warrior -> Piercing Warrior ... Was thinking about something to do with true damage or bleeds.
: They want you playing Summoner's Rift. Only logical reason.
This is the reason Dominion is neglected and Twisted Treeline is marginally supported.
ilt (NA)
: the original skin is fine, you guys wanna turn him into a ninja turtle or some shit?
The PROJECT line of skins is themed off cybernetic augmentation, flashy animations, and aggressive combat patterns. If there was a Marksman with a sword, Lucian wouldn't have been part of the line. The problem with Lucian is that his color scheme, not only is orange highlights (like Yasuo), but the primary color is dull and dark, as compared to everyone else who has bright neon colors.
: I think it because the Green color and particles would be hard to see on Rift Grassy field. But that is just my guess. I do agree that the green looks good on Lucian.
Zac is entirely green. Argument invalid. Rito being lazy, I guess.
: i only play sexy champions
I expected {{champion:201}}
: > [{quoted}](name=GuiltyGecko,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4RVeheMb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-08-17T00:00:31.750+0000) > > Personally, I wouldn't mind if Vayne's power curve was a bit more extreme. Weaker laning phase than she has now would help justify the late game she is capable of. She can keep the %health true damage if the flat true damage is lowered. wrong, the %hp dmg has to go and all her damage should be increased. she was designed as an assassin/carry not as a tank shredder
The true damage would be far more bearable if it took more to proc and resets entirely to zero if you attack a second target.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xhader,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=vgnG3WYN,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-08-16T04:40:15.608+0000) > > Who? You mean Grandm-wait a minute.. Run! RUN! Pshew. That was close. Well, now that you're safe, how about a snack? Like a tasty cupcake? Nothing dangerous in eating a cupcake. Go on. You deserve a treat.
Obviously a Caitlyn Warwick lane.
: Poppy Solves Bot Lane Issues
Should have been "Ashe took my support"
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: > He will never work as an ADC replacement unless {{champion:110}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} are used mid I have literally seen all three of those champions go mid.
: I Finally Get It
Morde+Sona mid Karthus Jangle Olaf Top Yorick Bot
: I hear that FQC is designed not to be too appealing to midlaners to avoid abuse. Granted, it's spellthief's and frostfang aren't great, but if FQC was too strong (because the passive is not stopped by hitting minions, as well as the active) it might require nerfing. If we take out the CDR and buff the AP, some mages might use it in mid... yeah. I dunno. FotM, imo, is the second potential strongest laning item with talisman as third (since all it gives is MS and regen, so not too desirable for solo laning when you can build a rightous glory instead I guess). But neither are really used outside of supports.
Comparing it to Athene's and Morello, I can't really see why I would get it. If I'm using my stacks to poke enemies and harass the crap out of my opponents, then I'm probably also getting kills or assists. Additional passive gold income supports a more passive lane, but it clearly wants people to be aggressive, which nets assists and potentially kill securing off your Carry. So it wants me to be aggressive, but not getting assists (which means jungler, mid/top roaming, and Carry are also not getting kills from this lane) so I can't buy Morello or Athene's earlier. Morello is actually only 100 gold more than FQC, with stats that are far better (more gold efficient when you get to the point to buy either FQC or Morello). I'm also buying Fiendish Codex which builds into either of the non-support items anyways. I don't get it ...
: I need a reason to keep Frost Queen's Claim late game, let alone build it in the first place.
FQC felt really underwhelming. Granted FOTM also felt fairly underwhelming as the game went on (the utility from TOA is always useful), the FQC felt a lot more underwhelming than FOTM. By the time I upgraded my FF to FQC, the damage became negligible I'm still tied to waiting for FQC stacks. An extra 15 damage on spells and AA's when my own AA's are like 80 damage apiece (anyone who build AD have at least 180 damage on their AA's, with at least 250 + crits for assassins and marksmen). The AP value is okay, but as soon as I can pay for it, I'd drop FQC for Athene's or Morello or if I felt like my mana was okay, a big ticket AP item. And yes, even big ticket AP items on Soraka. Late game I never have a FQC even if I started with the original Blue item. It gets replaced by either a bulk item like Randuin's, or a dedicated AP item or a mixed AP/ManaRegen item. Because, by that time, all those items either keep me alive longer (so allies can engage and mop up a fight), or do more damage (so I can swing a fight or grab a kill). I thought the point of these items (and likewise with jungle items) is that you keep them all game long instead of selling them for something that is literally outclassing it in all regards. Too many time I've come across a Mage Support or a Support Mage that started with Spellthief's, ends up building FQC, but at the post game lobby, the person sold it for a Luden's, Hourglass, or Rabadon.
: you are the worst kind of person. I hate malphite. playing against him that is. I usually play midlaners like viktor or veigar, and malphite just comes and presses r to win >.< the worst, i'm too slow to dodge, and i can't do anything :P EDIT: IDK why I got a downvote, the "worst kind of person" was totally not serious. I thought that was clear. pardon me for forgetting the /kappa at the end
: > [{quoted}](name=5000000000000000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nEjmJKim,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-08-09T04:21:42.249+0000) > > God forbid we have ADC junglers vayne is one of the best junglers lol. {{item:3931}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3102}} Can pretty much carry any game.
The problem with Vayne is that she has true damage in her kit, and this means she can build less actual AD items and still get a respectable amount of damage. The fact Sated procs on hit effects twice also meant if you nerf Kayle or Shyvana, a dozen other champions with nasty on hit effects will pop up. Jax, Yi, and Nocturne are particularly evil champions that benefit from Sated.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zair Umbras,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nEjmJKim,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-08-09T03:52:53.445+0000) > > Considering the biggest offenders are currently Shyvanna, Shyvanna, and Shyvanna, I don't think this is worth even being an idea. Can we get it removed so we can balance Shyvanna PROPERLY? > > I normally don't like to base things on ban rate, but she's nearing old Kassadin ban rate... She's at nearly 67% on Champion.GG You realize that Shyvana's win rate has actually gone down since Sated Devourer came out right? You wanna know why? Because they nerfed her when it came out and despite what people think, she was already a really strong jungler with the old Devourer. Shyvana killing people in 3-4 autos didn't start with Sated; I was doing that with the old Devourer and Botrk. That's just what a Shyvana that rushes multiple damage items does. People are so used to Shyvana's that rush sunfire cape and more recently cinderhulk that they forgot just how much damage Shyvana does when she builds damage. It's not the item friends. It's the champion. And that champion doesn't need nerfed; she retains all the same weaknesses as before and is still inferior to whoever the dominant gank oriented junglers of the time are.
Typical bruiser that builds damage ends up doing a LOT of damage. You see it with Volibear, Udyr (Tiger _and_ Phoenix), Nocturne, Galio, Rumble, Nasus, Urgot, Trundle ... on and on and on. They normally build bulk because they have a decent amount of damage (in exchange for having weak amounts of CC that separate them from true tanks), but when you let them build solely damage items, they do utterly ridiculous levels of damage. I was able to build glass cannon Phoenix Udyr once and started to melt the entire enemy team if they didn't lock me down. People were so afraid of me that they thought the split pushers on my team were my four teammates, rather than the other way around. 22k+ gold that game.
: All the support you listed are utility-oriented. Just because they're tanky (which Thresh isn't really by nature, it's just the builds) doesn't mean their utility and CC isn't their bread and butter.
The farthest you can probably break things down is healer, poke, and tank supports, with a secondary attribute of none or one of the others not picked as a primary attribute. Thresh would be a pure tank support with a kit focused around blocking enemy engages and disengaging if the fight is bad.
: You know who REALLY needs buffs as a utility support? Zilean. {{champion:26}} Lulu could also use some buffs, but she's very fickle to balance because nobody wants her in a solo lane. I feel bad that Sona's been nerfed repeatedly, but at the same time I'm wary about giving her buffs. Maybe if they actually made her heal and speed boost decent spells, and took off some of her Q damage, maybe that can work.
At this point, Zilean needs a Sion-level rework. His kit is very outdated and frankly plain stupid. You get a pathetic experience buff, get to play a minigame with the CD of his spells, and the only thing that makes him fantastic also makes him a one trick pony. His bomb got neutered in the wake of Rito's Targeted Ability Tiericide, and though the stun is kinda cool, it feels like a band aid solution.
sp441 (NA)
: It's less about shock and more about the fact that they're completely changing his gameplay identity to fit into some sort of weird meta-breaking format that, let's face it, will be played a couple of times for the novelty of being new before being ignored forever because there's no godamn reason to pick a slow, immobile, low-damage champion instead of an actual ADC. If you want to have a bruiser on Bot lane just pick Urgot, at the very least he won't be bullied out of the lane before the five-minute mark because his ranged capabilities are laughable. Also doesn't help that he's being worked on by CertainT, who said that he is "toxic in solo lanes" after being the one to design Yasuo, Kalista, Zed, and Darius. Champions that have caused more venom than an orgy of Black Adders.
Meta-breaking is fine IF THERE WERE MORE CHAMPIONS FOR IT. Morde is literally the only melee carry officially designed for a duo lane now, and he's not even a traditional damage type. "ADC" is Attack Damage Carry. Morde is AP. That's what makes me pissed off. I'm all for melee carries, and melee AP carries. But the sole melee carry is AP? >.> That, and gutting him because a full level rework wasn't thought of or people too lazy to do, and someone had a Pentakill fetish.
Xyrne (NA)
: Smite also has a real Mastery system that unlocks rewards for playing the character you like. As does Heroes of the Storm. But far be it from us to expect Riot to do things that make sense just because other games do.
Yeah, I noticed as lot of asinine choices game developers make is based on "We want to be unique". I get it that you want content to be unique. But functions generally are not unique across the board. Yet at the same time game developers refuse to add functions because they think it would make them look too much like WoW or EVE or Planetside. In this case, besides the obvious lack of direct income, other ARTS have a Sandbox mode. Riot is probably thinking: "We don't want to be anything like Demigods, SMITE, HON, or HOTS." This is a ridiculous thought, since all five games are ARTS games. If Riot truly didn't want to be like another ARTS, they would develop their game into another genre.
: Mighty big accusations you're spouting....considering rank actually means nothing now-a-days i have beat many people in bronze,silver,gold,plat,and even diamond the only players I have struggled regularly with beating are diamonds keep in mind my main account is unranked right now so i shouldn't be put against anyone above silver but not only am i put against plat and diamond players but as i said before i can beat them. That being said all resourceless champs are completely broken for the fact most of them have stupid burst,the ones like kat have poke and most take one or two item(s) to erase the enemy from existance and their only "Draw back" isn't even that big of a problem since almost all of them have stupidly low cooldowns which are what were suppose to balance them out. Champions with executes(darius,Garen,Riven,and nidalee) are stupid because of it alone which is why they haven't been balanced much they are broken and the smallest tweeks up will more likely then not make them to strong. Throw in the stupid high burst,low cooldowns,and stupid mobility that only a handful of champions can match...and you get riven....and cougar nidalee. But you go right ahead and hide behind the free wins you cant get without flavor champions boy,keep telling yourself you know what you're talking about.
You have a Ranked MMR and a Normal MMR. Ranked MMR is tangible, with specific divisions people can track your stats and matches by. Normals are a bit more random and based off your Win/Loss ratio. Win more Normal games, get paired with higher MMR players. Whether these people are unranked, low elo, or high elo is also based off their Normal MMR. A Challenger player can easily find himself stuck in "Bronze" Elo Normals because he somehow was unlucky enough or flat out lost enough games to prevent a rise up to where higher tier players (who have better Win/Loss ratios in Normals) sit. I'm Bronze 5, but with 700+ Normal games under my belt, I get placed with people who generally range from upper Silver/Low Gold to Diamond level. I'm not saying everyone was literally Diamond or Platinum or Gold. I'm saying equivalent level. A person who trains for decades and goes on to win Tour de France without a professional coach or sponsor doesn't mean he's not at that level or that it was a fluke Armstrong or whoever didn't place first. Just because you're not an official professional doesn't mean you also can't be equivalent to one. So many people rage at me for not understanding this concept. They're also either underage or jobless because 98% of jobs and careers ALSO USE EQUIVALENT LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE. "You can have an X degree or work Y years in this field to qualify for this job". Having the degree makes it more official, and allows you to change jobs later. Being a Challenger player makes it more official, and allows you to join (be sold to) other LCS teams later. Just like in Ammurican Football and Baseball!
: So you're saying that pubstompers should be balanced around the lower elos?
The lower elos constitute most of the playerbase. You're saying something should be balanced around the super elite LCS teams whose players make up less than 200 people out of 4 million people?
: I believe the expression is 'glass cannon'. Sure, she does a lot of damage. She also takes just as much damage. Her shield had a long enough cd and short duration, especially during laning. Passive champions lose to her because they can only sit back and take it. Take a more aggressive champion on the other hand, like Darius, Pantheon, or Renekton, and suddenly, she can't do shit.
She does enough damage to be the sole ADC in a team, even replacing that stupid Marksman. Sure, she can be shut down and destroyed by bulky bruisers like Volibear. But once she gets going, it's Jax Mode all over again. Jax got nerfed so he has to be really fed to start Jax Mode. Riven takes one or two kills and immediately kicks into Riven Mode.
: Your statement confuses me. "Nothing forces Braum to be a support, but when he is he better do his job." I mean, Ok... But what about top bruiser Braum, or jungle Braum or Full AP Braum mid.
Let me rephrase it then. You can play Braum in any role as long as he's the support in a Marksman+Support duo bottom lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheRainInSpain,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWvBv7ET,comment-id=005c,timestamp=2015-08-06T16:21:15.351+0000) > > Typical GameDev laziness. Company not going bankrupt; content doesn't technically make money; no need to make such content. God they so are lazy. Doing constant patches and updates and events for a free game cause that makes a ton of cash. what lazy pricks am i right?
There is a difference between content that correlates to profit, and content that does not. The Bilgewater Event, provides new skins and promotional stuff for related champions. That makes money. You buy RP for special stuff. A Sandbox mode, does not actually produce any money directly. It allows people to test out strategies before going into a game and getting dumpstered by real people, but does that make you go and buy skins? New champions? Ward skins? No, not really. If you bought RP for anything you used in a Sandbox mode (skins of your favorite champions, etc), the Sandbox mode didn't cause you to do so. In conclusion, even if a Sandbox mode existed, YOU WONT BUY ANY RP BECAUSE IT EXISTS. So there is no need to use effort and energy to make a Sandbox mode, and that's why the typical bullshit response. Riot Games officially stated that the cash shop is where they get their money, not LCS sponsors. Okay. But they also officially state they want to improve the game, not squeeze the players dry of their money. So they gave a bullshit response to avoid stating "you're not paying money for it, so we don't have to make it", which would piss even more people off. It's called "Damage Control". You can sacrifice a guaranteed 3% of your playerbase screwing themselves and playing SMITE from now on (permanent quitting), if it will prevent pissing off potentially 30% of the playerbase from doing the exact same thing. What's bigger, 3 or 30?
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Only Skyrim has drago- wyverns.
Hyperbolic Absolutes are never actually absolute. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Wyvern is part of the Dragon Family; ergo, is a dragon. In Dungeons and Dragons, the Wyvern is a species of Dragon. In Magic the Gathering, the Wyvern is a type of Drake, or Dragon. There are also Drakes with the usual European Dragon format, but most of the cards use a Wyvern format. In Tolkien's The Hobbit, Smaug is described as a "Worm", not a "Dragon", (both are types of drakes) meaning he was not the typical European design. He still had wings, so that ruled out the worm-like burrowing dragons as well as the reptilian drakes like Glaurung. His film adaption is closer to the book's description than Tolkien's drawing. All Wyverns. Also all classified as a Dragon. Skyrim is simply more mainstream.
: Umm... yeah I agree that this Juggernaut thing isn't really ok but... Nasus doesn't have anything to do with balance. While I hate saying this, he's probably the top laner I hate the most. Even if I'm top, adc, jungle, mid or support. That thing...THAT MONSTER has a kit that is just gross. A slow that almost works as a snare that also slows the freaking attack speed of the enemy. Infinite damage on a skill that also procs on-hit effects and doesn't have any limit against buildings or monsters/minions that also got buffed a while ago. 'Oh but he's countered by lane bullies huehuehueheue' No. I once played as Nasus against a Darius. He SHAT on me. HE SHAT ON ME ON LANE. Then, after he destroyed the outer turret, he went mid and bot. I was an absolute zero by then. Then I stood on lane while he was gone THREE MINUTES. Then he came back on top and tried to duel me. It took 3 seconds to kill him. He's nowhere near tot he state of 'balanced'. 'Oh but he's easily kited huehuehuehuehe' The only marksman that I think that has a chance to kit him is {{champion:429}} . Oh wait Nasus' W slows her attack speed too hue. The only balanced thing about him is that he doesn't have two passives and a knock-up.
I stuck Cho'Gath in his face and dumpstered on my Nasus opponent. Guy rushed SPIRIT VISAGE as his first item, and didn't even finish one component of his Trinity Force after I roamed mid and bot, knocking the towers down and eating peoples' faces off. They ff'd very quickly.
: I still don't understand why people are so uppidity about Morde's rework, do one thing and the biggest complaint people have would be gone, make him able to target minions with his W. WALA, nothing confines him to being in a duo lane.
Nothing confines Braum from only being a Support, but we'll damn well tell you players he's supposed to guard his Marksman in the duo lane.
: A juggernaut is defined as "any massive, overpowering force or object". There is nothing in that definition that says that a juggernaut has to be slow in order for it to qualify as a juggernaut. For all five champions you mentioned, this is a perfect description of these champions: all five are massive, overpowering objects, regardless of how you look at them, with the smallest of them, Skarner, still being fairly large in his own right. Speaking of Skarner, I personally feel he is fairly unique, but his only unique aspects are his ultimate. Take away his ultimate, and he is extremely generic because so many champions, especially fighters and tanks, have comparable tools to what he has. The rework gives him some more unique tools without really removing any of the tools he has currently outside of the MS and AS bonuses on his Crystal Slash, and even though it might nerf Skarner a bit I'm still excited for the rework.
As long as Juggernaut becomes an official champion archetype, like Marksman, Mage, and Support, the name is fine. It would be even better if Tanks were rebranded as "Guardians", though. The word tank feels primitive compared to everything else.
: The Reason Nasus Works...
I think the term "Juggernaut" is the term "Bruiser", without being called "Bruiser", because Skarner IS a Bruiser. He's not a glass cannon Master Yi, yet not a full tank Nautilus. He's durable, yet does a lot of damage, and lacks heavy non-ultimate hard CC as a balance point. It's the Force of Nature argument. Even if you had an item with exact same stats, build path, and icon as Force of Nature, Rito will NOT call it that. It would be an entirely new name, for some damn reason. Mordekaiser and Skarner's (4th) reworks are dismal failures in my opinion.
: the 4 reworks in a nutshell
I don't mind seeing certain melee champions also functioning as a duo lane carry (Mordekaiser), but this rework is utterly stupid. I mean, I like the idea of cursing Dragon (or Red/Blue) and using that as a bodyguard pet, and I love the idea that he could be a duo lane carry (Pentakill team), but the stats AND kit on the PBE make him feel butchered and gutted. I honestly think he (and 9-10 other melee carries) need to get a full rework that sets them up as a melee duo lane carry, while keeping their core theme and not making them stupid in the process. He's a Cursed Undead General in a Suit of Armor with a Big Freaking ~~Sword~~ Mace.
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