Lowvyr (NA)
: What are ya gonna do, make them take a breathalyzer before they play? If I had to take a breathalyzer before every game I just wouldn't play. Or get someone who isn't drunk to take it for me and let me into the game.
Im all for playing games and drinking. But passing off your drunkenness for an excuse for feeding is my problem. You can be drunk and play league, just don't make that your excuse for feeding.
: Old bs post is bs (i do not consume alcohol btw so zero bias here) Same exact thing could be said for thousands of different forms of mental illness including but not limited to adhd, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. All things medically defined to change the state of mental consciousness With that aside, Ill say it like i always do when this post comes up, If the drunk guy feeds, and acts an ass, you report em like any other. If the drunk guy carries, and acts a gentleman, you honor em like any other. Drunk doesnt matter, the actions do.
> [{quoted}](name=Professor Ward,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VzHE3Ylt,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-25T17:02:44.321+0000) > Drunk doesnt matter, the actions do. Im all for playing games and drinking. But passing off your drunkenness for an excuse for feeding is my problem. Some of the people that i play with may be wasted out of their minds, but they play like any others and keep it to themselves. If your excuse is based solely based on "Im drunk" you need to be punished.
: oh come now, most people who say probably aren't actually drunk and just want to look cool even though there's nothing cool about being drunk
I agree. Some people that say "Well im drink man" arent. They just suck. The people who ARE and pass that off as an EXCUSE is where i have a problem
Ekitaih (NA)
: I'd be interested to see the response that Riot would have to this. I do have to agree that playing drunk is griefing. But how can you really determine whether or not they are drunk? There isn't a breathalyzer to play the game or anything. Stating "I'm drunk" could potentially be punishable. I dunno tho. That one is kinda an iffy.
Stating "Well I'm playing bad because I'm drunk" would become almost the same thing as "I'm playing teemo top or ill int mid". IF you inted we would know why, same with being drunk. If you openly admit it and pass it off as an excuse you should be punished. Im all for drinking and playing games, but when you pass that off as an excuse, it becomes a problem at least for me.
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: Someone teach me how to play out a fed game
: "It's only (insert nonranked gamemode here), why does it matter?"
"it's only a game" is what I get in both ranked a lot.
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: how do you replicate this? I think its hilarious
> [{quoted}](name=LadyRenly,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=9kNqanrf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-16T22:21:21.000+0000) > > how do you replicate this? I think its hilarious It basically only happens on his ult and it's kind of random. Just get {{item:3065}} and see if it works for you
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14for14 (NA)
: It's very unlikely that will happen in the first place. The system is mmr based so its possible but only in special cases. Also, why would we want silvers playing with plats on a game to game basis? It would be stupid..
Well it is stupid. Im in gold 3. Last 5 games in a row i have had silvers on my team and plats on the other..... My duo is gold 4 so I dont know.
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: When you have a 10+ minute queue
Try a 25 min que. For some reason support and fill aren't good roles to pick... P.S. Silver 1
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
{{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:75}}
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: [CLIENT] & [CRASH] - Champ select game crash.
Also if i am in Que and click crafting. INSTANT CRASH.... annoying
Lost R (NA)
: Veteran supports in a nutshell
HOLY CRAP IS THIS TRUE {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:53}} are my mains and you hit this directly on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: I bookmarked this page for when I dare try ranked again. +1 for the helpful advice. My only problem with the list is needing an unlocked screen. For some reason, The idea of not having the camera locked makes me feel like I'm going to mess up a lot more becuase I have to move my mouse to scroll the screen and cast my abilities. I have tried using the mini map to compensate but that has had limited success. Is the unlocked screen an absolute necessity? In every other RPGish game with iso perspective I have played, the screen was always locked, so that was why I started League like this.
Unlock your screen but if you need to find your champ again just hold SPACEBAR and the screen will TEMPORARILY lock on your champ.
: True. I get mad when my allies don't ping MIA, but I know it's my fault for not paying attention. If my jungler gets invaded, I'll help them, but my map awareness just isn't good enough to keep track of all 5 enemies at once.
I have to ping SPAM for my team to GLANCE my way. Sometimes it's better to put things in chat than it is to ping.
: PSA Silver and Bronze: The little things you're responsible for
Any tips for people in those elo's or higher who have a literal DC after remake or an "AFK"/Basically someone who is as useful as a minion? 3 out of my last 10 games have had this scenario and because of these 3 games, I'm not in gold. I WAS in gold promos then I lost a VERY VERY close game (My duo and I made a good call but 3 enemies tp'ed in out of our vision so we lost *WTF 3 PEOPLE WITH {{summoner:12}}YEH WTF* Then 2 games in a row we had a DC then an "AFK". Since some people don't actually AFK per say they just Derp around in spawn and the automated system doesn't pick them up, I record all my games with plays.tv so I can send support tickets into riot about these people. SIDE NOTE That "AFK" I mentioned is now banned. They must have done that a lot. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Well, perhaps you should consider not fucking up. In all seriousness though if people start flaming you there is this wonderful thing called the mute button. Try it sometime. Wait that was sarcastic too. I'm not good at this apparently.
fucking up in a 4 man is not hard to do. one wrong play they dont like and BOOP they flame.
: What is your initial though / feeling / reaction to knowing you got paired solo into a 4 man queue?
I usually mess up. Get flamed or trolled by all 4 of them. Then they report me. OR I favor a lane and get bitched out because i'm not everywhere at once
: I legit have like twenty dragons in my house, no joke
--__-- i {{champion:86}} -tee you will go to hell for this
MrVikomen (EUW)
: Why do we lose LP for loosing with AFK players?
IDK about lose NO lp but i would take into account when you are in series. If someone leaves on your last game in series/promos it has a chance *if you are a high enough MMR* to put you into the league even though you lost. AFK's are shit
: because not losing LP would allow premades to climb indefinitely.
If you queue time and time again with someone who leaves/ gets remade because of you get HEAVY penalties in lp. This is in the current remake system and should be added to this new one
: When you get queued up with a four man premade
Usually i fuck up and get flamed and reported by all of them.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: All splitpushers make a teamfight 4v5. Thats why the team is supposed to stall, not hard engage
but Trynd is basicly only a split pusher. 9/10 times ingame he will split push. 1/10 he feeds
: Is Tryndamere a candidate for a rework?
His ult should stay 6 seconds of invulnerability but it should give him 0% crit for the duration or reduced DMG. Because no one should be able to do {{item:3078}} while you can not kill them
: ELO HELL POSTERS: Please stop pretending there is a troll/afk in all low elo games
Trolls don't exist at the bottom of the tank. They exist in the center of ranks.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Make champion mastery tokens disenchantable for Blue Essence
It can get a bit op but i would say get SMALL amount of essence when you get an S+ or an S with LVL 7 champ mastery
: Can we all stop pretending one player is supposed to do the job of the whole team?
For my elo the support has to do the whole team's job of warding. with only a max of 4 wards instead of 20. I ask for more wards they say "well you are support". Ticks me off
: TFW your discussion gets taken down after 10 seconds for "being in the wrong section"
Mine was about recent support behavior and it was left up for more than 4 days.
: PBE signups
Are the PBE signups broken for anyone else i get this "Something went wrong Was Ziggs here? Something...blew up on this page. Please give it another shot later."
: This season is the season with lowest % of bronze and silver players of all time
Riot is now VERY lax on how they give lp. i used to get maybe 15 to 19. Now i get 20-30 lp PER WIN.
: Hear, hear! Amen brother. Stop placating us with shiny things and fix this one important issue. Losing LP over this stuff is just ridiculous.
All they have to do it when someone is afk give little *if any* LP to your team and half *or less* LP to the winning team
: Riot I don't care what champs are next or what cool new gamemode/balance changes/client stuff etc
It makes me salty when they have a duo partner that tells them to RC about 2 mins before the game is ended....... 5 times in the last week....
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Premade honors would have to be removed for something like that to be viable. _Also, someone would have to explain to me the relation between honor crests and reporting (if there is any), as I seemingly have to dish out reports for flaming almost every game (with a reason added in the description that can be verified is added in 90% of the cases). And while I haven't seen any popups myself regarding "you have reported because..." in a long time, I haven't seen any honor crests in awhile either (held a teamwork honor tag 4 times). And yet I frequently get honor popups._ It may be just me, but it seems not getting reported is the new honor these days.
If you constantly honor the same person it has no meaning. If you honor EVERYONE you come across it has a lesser meaning. (Getting this off the "How Do I Get an Honor Crest" help page i have read 10 times.
: Idea for small revamping of the IP system. (Fair for Riot too)
Would this also work for RP in the same manner Or the more you buy the more you slowly get not just a flat "bonus "
: {{champion:119}} Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven Sorry for that, just felt like doin' it xP Anyways, most Vayne players are toxic as hell {{champion:6}}
Toxic and most of the time don't know how to work with a support (coming from a support main). Adc's need to learn how to work with a support not the other way around. I see way to many ADC"Mains" SUCK more than i do at adc.
Ataraxas (NA)
: The new HUD with the old setup.
: So I see all the complaints about the new HUD but what about the things they did fix?
But when everything they "fixed" is unreadable they didn't fix it. I CAN NOT read half of the new things and some of the old are indescribable without glasses.
: Here's what I think could be an improvement for the portrait issue. I mocked it up on a few minutes, so no points for quality. https://www.evernote.com/l/AOUTzPGHjw9L5LUNNayyJ5vqEM1oqCNiKdoB/image.png
Make the "Level Bubble" a little bit smaller so you can see the health{{summoner:7}} a bit better.
: Riot, DON'T turn into Jagex
> [{quoted}](name=Mat Reloaded,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uT15bunj,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T18:53:35.277+0000) > > For all seriousness, this is exactly what Jagex did a while back when they completely redesigned the HUD for Runescape. Thousands of people did not enjoy it until months later after still getting used to the new layout. This is going to cause many problems with your current players as it may with new ones, however, listen to the community and revert the change, OR, find a way to give us an option to switch between the old and the new. I don't care if it will hinder your progress such as champion updates, patches, etc. Just don't be the company that has failed to listen to their community. Hinder Champ. progress?? they need to fix things like player reporting before they release champions!.!.!.!.! I used to run into 1 troll when playing league all day now i cant go 2 games without one
: I use PlaysTV to record all my games... it records in the background. If I come across toxic players, I upload them to YouTube for naming and shaming.
Can you link me to it please. I will be useful. I...Find...A LOT...Of....Trolls....Daily....
: That would a require a working replay system (✿◡‿◡) that costs too much money when they need to make sure 97% of their funds go to esports (✿◡‿◡)
Not if riot implemented a system in witch YOU would record the video and it is on YOUR computer then YOU send it to them.{{item:3460}}
Lawhrah (EUW)
: Kinda sucks that the Tribunal's been down for that long. I haven't ever experienced the Tribunal being here, in fact, due to joining League after it got closed/started being "upgraded", which was quite some time ago. To be honest, I can't see why they couldn't just keep the existing tribunal (at the time) _while_ they were performing maintenance. I completely agree with what you say - especially the idea that there should be a report option for _after_ you leave the lobby. I remember searching for that "function" when I was new, but I could never find it ;p Another suggestion: receiving an in-client notification if a player you reported had action taken against them. I think this would be a big incentive for people to report players, as it would let them know that they're doing something to help the community. To be honest, when I accidentally forget to report a toxic player and end up leaving the lobby, I don't think it's much of a big deal that I forgot to report them, because it doesn't really feel like I'm making a difference anyway. And let's be honest - you can't blame me, or anyone, for feeling that way. If we were shown that our reports actually make a difference (_if_ they do), then maybe we could save a few other people from having a bad experience. Sure, it wouldn't eradicate the toxicity problem overall, but it must make at least _some_ difference.
This is from a support ticket that i made about 5 days ago (_The first part was my question to player support. They just copy pasted it to make it clear what question was being answered_) "1) Is there ANY way that a player like me can report an OVERLY toxic player(s) that in our opinion are the worst of the worst and KNOW that they will get justice(or that they didn't). -- You can absolutely use our end game reporting system to let us know what violations other Summoners have committed. **However, due to security and privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose any of our investigation results."**
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