: Can we ban all smurfs? Is toxic, thank you.
I agree I believe we should also bring attention to smurfs that put themselves in iron rank but matchup to bronze to silver games and just int
: I mean yes because most people gold and below only go for kills while the smurf goes for turrets and objectives so they can't win unless they do the same thing. The snowballing off cs and that is enough to ruin low elo games. Even ap master yi can be won in silver elo if you play it 100!
I agree with you. Is there anyway you feel or think riot can make a system that recognizes Smurf accounts and put them in the elo that these players are playing at?
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Ahh a singed one trick I apologize if I offended you I can see you're the superior player I'm done with league anyway but thank you for at least looking at this
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