Kilanost (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSlogs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QQPfjzM7,comment-id=0002000000000002,timestamp=2016-11-27T15:51:54.271+0000) > > Someone is playing {{champion:45}} very wrong if they only have 300 ap. Thats because they hit 300 AP at 10 minutes lol.
That's a myth. There is pre core items Veigar that has between 50-150 ap, then there is post core items Veigar with over 500 ap. There is no point between the two.
: {{champion:161}} have you seen his damage with 300 AP? {{champion:45}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:61}} have you seen the damage of those people? mage mains are by far the worst, they have no clue how strong they are and they still complain, just like tank mains {{champion:38}} meanwhile he can go bit the dust to try to be relevant with 300 ap
Someone is playing {{champion:45}} very wrong if they only have 300 ap.
abdul569 (EUW)
: Ivern mains when they see a thread complaining about how strong raptors and krugs are
: Elementalist lux is like the second coming of jhin where the hype is destroyed by the wait time
: 6 and a half dragons :P
Shyvana is only half dragon?
Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I am thankful for the talented artists in this world. The art of music, art of storytelling, and graphical art have all come to be their best ever in my lifetime. While we now live in a world where some people makes songs and modern "art", there are still people out there making beautiful things, and some of those people are Riot staff. They have really shown the level of quality that can be achieved recently. Ima guess 786 for my number.
: {{champion:131}}
: Use a gif to describe your main's ult.
Ralanr (NA)
: My life on the boards in a nutshell. is the kind of thing you have on your clipboard to paste whenever appropriate.
: If they legit woulda added a dragon-I woulda gotten overwatch in a heartbeat (~~and possibly quit league~~) On the flip side, he like never actually says boop. Maybe once per 2-3 games if you get lucky. But so far I've never heard it much after the last few patches.
They have two dragons in the game, they are just twin weaboo humans, that are reincarnated dragons, and have a dragon ult.
nep2une (NA)
: They already had massive amounts of counterplay.
If they didn't have counterplay, they would be played more at higher elo. People just non stop complain in lower elo about getting destroyed by assassins, so now they aren't viable in high or low elo play.
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DireXcon (EUNE)
: Wow, this pun is worse than mine, I have to upvote it now. Joke*
It's not a pun, it's a joke...
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Are you actually serious? Have you EVER played {{champion:157}}? Even a 12 year old playing league for the first time can pick him up and do good with him, there is nothing skillful in dashing 7 times and placing a wall.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: And by mechanically difficult you mean flashy champions? Because they're not mechanically difficult what so ever. I'd say the only mechanically difficult champs are those such as {{champion:119}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:268}} and maybe {{champion:69}}.
Yasuo has one of the highest skill caps in the game. I still despise him, but I can give that to those that play him.
: List Of Champions Who Do And Don't Like The Fervor Changes
Just a note, mini and mega gnar have no AD scaling on E. E damage scales off bonus health.
Zefrion (EUNE)
: This would be such a sick idea,, as long as voice packs are not for rp as that would kinda suck,, considerin most of us would like to spend our rp on better things like skins/champions. Riot should seriously consider this cus,, rengar voice pack! Imagine rengar screamin pentakill.{{champion:107}}
It would never cost IP, Riot would lose so much money developing them lol
###### I hate you
: Riot I love hextech crafting
Well on the plus side you get all new champions for free.
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Duke Anax (EUW)
: I thought we were going for "good guy" skins?
Yeah I feel like candy king fits the "nightmare fuel" theme better.
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: Any plans to nerf Miss Fortune and Jhin, or at least require them to autoattack?
>Why are these two marksmen allowed to win teamfights without using a single autoattack? You are losing to the rest of the team if these two aren't auto attacking. The MF ult is effortless to get out of when it isn't combined with hard cc, and Jhin ult actually wont do anything without follow up. They aren't having any more impact than other ADCs, it's just in a different method than auto attacks. If you have a problem with that, maybe League of Legends, with over 100 champions doing unique things and not just right clicking, is not for you.
Meddler (NA)
: We've talked about whether we should do a few champion, mastery or item effects that interact with plants. Conclusion was that that was something that could be pretty cool, but that we should wait until the system's demonstrated that it does what we were hoping and that we've been able to balance it appropriately.
I think the OP is talking about cheese extra stats, like people with sunglasses taking 1 reduced damage from Leona passive.
: Champions that aren't broken, just really, really annoying to fight against.
Top {{champion:157}} Jungle {{champion:157}} Mid {{champion:157}} ADC {{champion:157}} Support {{champion:157}}
: Well that's the point, you're suppose to kill the winions to make turret diving safer for your mid/jng to help kill the enemy under turret. If you don't clear the enemy winions by the time they're ready to gank then you're subject to the consequences. While if you're trying to solo dive, it's all on you if you fail and die just cause you took a big risk for no reason(if you keep getting them low under turret you're already gaining a big advantage by preventing them from farming properly.) Not every game you NEED to oppressively negate your enemy to gain a lead over them, just treat each game with respect.
I'm talking about when you die because you waited for your allied minions to get under turret to dive but then they create a wall giving you no way out.
: when deep terror nami tries too hard to be an arbiter again
Or maybe DTN is just trying to be nice...?
: -NOT- an exclusive Riot Points giveaway: Scam awareness
When people put a scam link into a discord that is constantly populated by arbiters rioters and moderators xd.
: Star guardian caster and melee minions look too similar
Thank you! I have been saying this to my friends and they just said "meh"
: All my childhood... IMO one of the best Disney Movie
This isn't a matter of opinion. It _is_ one of the best Disney Movies.
: Korea. (Just kidding!)
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: But those movies were insultingly bad
It could have been a nice and memorable movie that would fit well with the other LotR movies. If it had just been one movie instead of three movies with nonexistent individual plots and large amounts of filler.
: Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon
Finally I will be able to prove that I'm not pure silver trash, only mostly silver trash.
Ralanr (NA)
: Eh, honestly I've actually stopped caring about my age. I actually don't really find my own birthday that exciting. Kinda sad I guess.
Not caring about your own age or the age of people around you can be a good thing. Some people put too much weight on someone's age when judging them.
: Mordekaiser is just like Reinhardt
If only Lulu Morde was as good as Ana Rein
: Is Fizz getting Reworked? [Assassin Update]
Katarina is the only AP champ being updated in the assassin update
: 10 Things We Learned on Day 1 Plz
Teslyn (NA)
: INTZ seem to have a message to the world Gottem
: NOW COMPLETE - [Q&A] Ask Ivern's Creators Anything!
I always like this one: what was the funniest bug you ran into while making Ivern?
: This is a post in Memes and Games
"This answer is first." Is not first in votes on the poll.
: Stop punishing me for your broken client.
They are making a new client for a reason.
: Rework fucking aram
Congrats you can put fucking between words to make no sense and improper grammar!
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: I keep getting Key shards, I have 13 keys. I am willing to trade one key for one chest.
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