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: You. sir, are a good person. Not for scripting, but for showing people the reality behind it. Scripting is illegal, and that's fairly well known. However, it either gets thrown around when people are triggered by someone being good, or it doesn't get thrown around when someone is actually scripting. For a little question I have, this has to do with both the Boards Terms of Use, namely: --What's the best way to recognize scripts? If this does not violate rules, can you be so kind to enlighten us?
1. Canceling an auto attack to dodge an ability. 2. Hugging Walls to dodge abilities and/or completely stopping all movement 3. Shooting a skill shot immediately after an escape sch as Xerath firing his ult right where Malphite ults at the perfect time even tough no Human could react that fast. 4. Using an escape as soon as a skill shot is placed every single time such as flashing Tibbers every single time, or flashing Blitz hoo keven if it wouldnt be a death
GigaPube (OCE)
: ok how many followers does the one with the most followers have? cos if its like 10,000 nobodys gonna care
Can't give that info out unfortunately but I already submitted a ticket with the info on it to Riot.
: He feels no remorse. He just wants attention. Don't humor him.
I posted this on my lunch at work not expecting it to get lost in the boards. Never expected it to blow up like this. If I really wanted attention there would be way better ways I could of gone about this
: You could easily file a Support ticket with the required information aswell. Just saying.
: Exactly. So there is nothing really noble about what you're doing at all. Really this post is about getting attention for yourself, even though it is drawing attention to an issue. If you **truly** cared about not ruining games for others you wouldn't have done this for years to begin with. That being said, I do believe in second chances and would hope you don't do this in the future. But you don't deserve any kind of special praise for doing so.
I don't care about the attention. If I did I would of used my scripting to become the first person in Twitch's history to openly stream me scripting. Thousands would watch that. I posted this on my break at work not expecting it to be even noticed
: Is scripting preventable? Or only observable?
It isn't preventable completely, people who are good will always be able to do it or people who develop their own scripts., thats about 1 percent of scripters. The other 99 percent can be prevented
: What would you say are the 3 most common signs someone is 100% scripting???
1. Canceling Auto Attacks to dodge Skill shots 2. Hugging Walls to Dodge Skill shots 3. Placing two skill shots at the exact same time in two different areas immediately after yo use an escape
: He do not deserve to be treated well by any of us. He is probably a sick person in real life. He should cut off his ties to any form of gaming. I think he just wants to be in the spotlight nothing positive like you mentioned : We have a description in my country that explains his behavior "ichying for fame" (meaning he desires fame 1 way or another). Since he got perma banned on his main account he can no longer feel high and mighty in his diamond account instead he tries to get upvoted here on the boards by kids who admire him for some reason. (that part pisses me of the most that the community is rotten to the core to even side with him). I bet Riot wants to get rid of him as soon as possible since he does nothing but makes people interested in scripting. (stupid community will try to defend him for no reason if Riot did his job we expect them to do). It is also a shame that ranked is a joke that people who script can run amok freely. (intentional feeders, afkers, trolls, stupid matchmaking is already horrible ranked experience). Parading like that he only helps scripters by telling them use only your scripts otherwise you well get caught like me. IF he said the truth that he knows many scripters by name and he truly meant to make up for him being a failure of a decent human being he would tell Riot everything he knows about those scripters. Since he did not do any of it he just an upvote whore who got banned in the first place for being toxic for the game.
I actually did submit a ticket to Riot saying everything I know. Also if i just wanted to be famous I would go stream my scripting on Twitch and black out the names. Thousands of people would watch the first person ever openly script. This has nothing to do with popularity and a typed this while I was at work not even expecting it to be this popular.
: Except he got caught red handed. He would still go on ruining games for everyone if he could.
I didn't get caught, and I could keep doing it without being caught if I wanted to. 1/15 of my accounts got banned. That isn't the reason i stopped and that was also 2 months ago
: Why not tell who the streamers are? They should be banned. Don't try and hide them from riot
: so just to be clear according to you, 1 in 5 league of legends players use some type of script/ cheating Riot handing you an IP ban will clearly do nothing we both know this. if it is "It is incredibly easy to script. Like it honestly takes 0 knowledge of computers and I could show you in about 10 seconds." then I ask you... how can anyone prevent future games of cheating? here ill be simple with you, so you can understand my mindset on the matter you can never really truly stop cheating/cheaters but you can do these three things 1. Ban the cheater/cheaters. 2. Enforce the rule of no tolerance if caught cheating so everyone understands the risk. 3. Develop new anti-cheat software/programs to quickly detect new cheats. gl on your change of heart and preventing future games of cheating. p.s. I truly hope for all our sakes riot does not change the game again, because it could make you mad enough to start scripting again because thats the reason you did it in the first place right?
I'm just willing to give Riot names and things like that. I dont think i can stop cheating. People will always do it. They can do whatever to the game i wont cheat again. I cheated much more in other games and have since stopped and removed all of my software and code from everywhere i can find. Cheaters are scumbags, including me
: remedy what exactly... the games you won/lost due to cheats can never be replaced just like time. sure you are increasing awareness... but do you honestly believe yourself when you say shit like "It is incredibly easy to script. Like it honestly takes 0 knowledge of computers and I could show you in about 10 seconds." that 10seconds will most likely lead to a perma-ban for most people that read this type of horseshit and are willing to take the risk. also what exactly is stopping you from "cheating" on this account or another if it took them "2 years" last time to catch you because your so good at it and create your own "scripts'
I would never actually show somebody how to do it. I just said that to show how common it actually is. Nothing in my post at all or any replies would give any info about how to possibly script. Sure nothing is stopping me from doing it again besides me saying I won't but that really is between me and Riot. Riot isnt scared to hand me out an IP ban. Sure i can never take back the games I cheated in but i can prevent future games of cheating.
: I like how my last comment that was obviously just a joke got deleted for the tiltmote script
: ok bro Ill chill. but answer me this...does this mean if I cheat and then get caught and get banned, so I make a forum post saying "I wana help now" everything is ok and we can go back to fairy land? you cheated and got caught just to let u know you should feel blessed there is no way to perma-ban you from the game, cuz if there was and I was the admin you would be forever gone. I am not butthurt I just hate cheaters/hackers and especially people who think themselves "smarter" than others.
No, if Riot wanted to perma ban me I would understand that and would take it because i deserve it. I already said Riot can use me if they want but they obviously don't have to. I'm not saying "if I help you then you unban my account" I'm just trying to remedy some of the damage i caused. Hating people who hack or cheat is fine I understand it, but I don't think im better or smarter then anyone else who plays this game just because I know how to.
: Not to be rude, but I feel like others are being far kinder to you than you deserve. Why didn't you have the epiphany that what you were doing was wrong and you were ruining games for others until *after* you were caught? I mean good for you for helping catch scripters now, but it sounds like you're just doing it because you were caught and got nothing really to lose anymore/want to inflict similar punishments on others, not out of real concern for other players - as you kept doing it for years until caught.
I have like 15 accounts. If i wanted to keep doing it I easily could. I cant to this realization about 2 months after that account was banned where I didnt play league the entire time and was using cheats in other game
: you got to d2 scripting... as soon as you starting scripting you went from your gold 3 rank to bronze 6 in my opinion. I play a lot of games and I still do not get the mindset of cheaters its not your "skill" that got you there so whats the point...honestly the only cheat I would ever think about using is a godmode where I can 1 shot everyone at least that would be fun and everyone would know... kinda like that {{champion:101}} scrip/bug/hack that happened a while back. as to you saying that streamers are scripting comment that is pretty shitty if they do... but I think your just making shit up as you go along... and trust me coming from a "nub" gold player its not really that hard to be good "mechanically" in this game especially if you have good reaction time and main a certain champ...its simply really, you either have good mechs or dont. The hardest part of league is game knowledge/ map awareness/ and teamwork ect ect and this is learned via experience not by programs. you deserve a permaban from league just for trying out "hacks" I play FPS and this kinda shit dont fly there, you get caught once and your pretty much dead to the community. if you were gold 3 before scripts... how the hell are you bronze 5 now... that does not even make sense your promos should at least put you in silver... its really hard to imagine scrips got you all the way to DIA when your game knowledge/map awareness/ regular skills was bronze 5 level... yes you are right this thread is raising awareness on both sides unfortunately I cant wait for people who get frustrated with the game(like yourself) to try out hacks and get banned. p.s. anyone that uses scripts/hacks is trash and will remain trash.
dude. Chill. I cheated. Get over it. I got my ban. No need to be so butthurt
: At what point was this a winnable game for me?
The part where you didn't buy sightstone
: How is Fiddlesticks not a Battle Mage?
Because Riot hates fiddlesticks
Cription (NA)
: Tryndamere: New Ultimate Ability Idea
Ultimates that are gated like that almost never work out well
: Your love for the game almost make me cry ( emphasis on the ALMOST ). Take my upvote, it would be good to see if riot can comment on this discussion {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I'm sure I eventually will get one. This is getting pretty popular
: how would you recommend riot deal with scripts overall
They do a pretty good job already but external scripts are getting popular, which are scripts that don't actually plug into the game but rather can control it without having to input code. They are still in beta but they will get popular and shutting that down before it starts should be a big area of control for them
: I'll give it to you, you're taking this punishment like a man so I can respect you for that. And if you get back to G3 we can duo some time :^)
: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/one-shot Words have meaning, child. You can't just have them mean whatever you want them to.
Dude, you are the most cringeworthy person this boards has ever seen. It obviously isn't the dictionary definition of it because it means something different in the gaming universe and is used as slang. You are actually so pathetic I can only imagine this is b8 You actually called an argument out because I did not use the real world dictionary definition of One Shot but rather the definition established as slang by the gaming community. Leave your mothers basement lmao
Wuks (NA)
: Discussions pertaining to the identification of scripting applications and/or applications that otherwise violate the Terms of Use will be removed. This includes requesting scripts, posting links to scripts, and referencing scripts by name. There's discussion to be had in this thread, so it will for the most part remain up so long as the discussion abides by the Boards Universal Rules, Terms of Use, and any other applicable League of Legends rules and agreements. Moderators will be reviewing this discussion regularly to ensure that players do not violate these guidelines.
Ok i definitely appreciate it being allowed to stay up and will do my best to abide by the rules of the boards so as to give 0 information that would lead to any direction on how to script
JuhnChan (NA)
: Accounts are never deleted (except for inactive accounts under a certain level). They are only "banned" and then thrown in deep storage. So they COULD give your account back to you. Just, you know. They won't.
I don't really care if they do or not. I don't mind having to relevel and do it all myself
: Regardless of people being scripters, you shouldn't betray people you trust, or a community you're part of.
Toadally (NA)
: Not sure if it was a script or not but one time I got in a game where the enemy laner had gotten their mastery to flash everytime they right-clicked, so pretty much every 1/10th of a second So tilty.... sooooooooo tilty
: You know, I seriously have to applaud you, dude. All of this is really informative. If Riot does decide to ask for your help, you'd be giving them one hell of an advantage. I would ask you something, but I think everything you can answer on the boards has already been asked. So, all I have to say is......great work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Brascus (NA)
: Are we going to ignore riot didn't catch this dude for 2 years? What is this? Catch me if you can? Probably turned himself in.
I didn't turn myself in actually. I made the mistake of using a script developed by someone else and not myself
: I love how this guy posts about him blatantly cheating and it gets upvoted, yet I posted "hey you know there are a lot of scripters this week because kogmaw is free," and it gets down voted into oblivion- while getting responses like "I'm not winning lane must be cheating kappa." This community is so garbage.
Kog Maw isnt a popular scripting champion so you were probably just getting stomped and being mad about it
: >full combo >one shot >full combo >one shot DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE BUCKAROO?
The definition of a one shot or being 100-0'd is being completely deleted with one rotation of an opponents spells. and stop with the condescending kids names. It is literal cringe
: ***
I already submitted a ticket and I don't use reddit but I may make one just for this post
: Why script when you can just practice dodging skill shots for 30 minutes and be good at it.
There is a difference in being good at it and being perfect.
: ***
I can't or Riot will remove my post. Riot endorses some of them without realizing it
: Hit me up if you need help or if you want me to promote your video on my channel. I'm a pretty small youtuber but I'm always looking for video ideas like these that could have a positive impact on the community.
I definitely might! still Have yet to decide if I am going to do it or not
: Kid, I said show me the replay. If you want to take someone's place in the argument then actually take their place in the argument. Don't just half-ass it. The burden of proof is on the guy who says "Lee Sin can 1 shot" in a game where the Lee seems to be pretty even in items/levels with the Marksman. So if you want to take his spot in the argument, then show the proof, don't just say "It totally exists out there I promise."
Do you even play this game? lmao Lee sins full combo with 130 AD at level 6 does 780 Damage. Thats excluding any autoes. That would one shot every ADC with a level 6 health pool, especially if he autoed once or twice. I can even spell out the math for you if you would like. Also stop calling people kid. Its cringey as hell and makes you look like a 15 year old edgelord. Also, this is something that is common knowledge. If you watched any high elo streams then you have seen tons of times of Lee Sin one shotting someone
Brytah (NA)
: Can't Tiltmote just be made by going in the settings and binding the mastery emote to one of your spells?
It has a cooldown on how much you can use it. If you go in game you can use your mastery 7 emote, then you have to wait 4-5 seconds to use it again. Mine would eliminate that cooldown and would let you basically auto cast it as much as you want permanently throughout the game
: man... seriously.... i have the feeling everyone is mindless sheep that copy everything LCS does without thinking at all its my fucking decision that i don't want to ban and since everyone gets a fkin ban that whats the fucking problem god fucking damn it?!!!!
Every gets a BAN, which means by the rules you have to BAN a champion. Not hard to understand
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSpiritWalker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kP2wZQue,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-09T19:34:45.151+0000) > > 3. I'm not sure I understand this question. Are you asking if certain champions using scripts are easier to deal with then others or if while I was scripting there were champs not scripting that were easier to deal with? The latter. Champions that while you were scripting(and they weren't), were easier or harder to deal with.
Champions like Xerath, Nidalee, etc who relied on mostly skill shots were much easier to deal with or champions wh orely on a channel like malzahar or Nunu as if I am playing a champ who can interrupt those it will automatically do it on cast. The only champion that was tough to code against is Yasuo. He has so many dashes its hard for the system to predict where he will be and where he will dash so a lot of times it would miss against him.
: We should be allow NOT TO ban a champion!
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSpiritWalker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kP2wZQue,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-06-09T19:09:43.530+0000) So first of all thanks for answering my questions, I'm still curious about some things though > 2. I was pretty good at it so I wasn't calling for it much until I got into high elo. When I was lower elo I could claim I was a smurf and most people believed it. In high elo every so often ( maybe 1/30 games) someone would say something. So I'm a bit confused by this, you place an emphasis about how damaging to the game and people you were playing with that you were scripting, but if they can't even notice it, how much damage does it really do? As far as they are concerned how you playing the game any worse than someone who is naturally d2 playing the game? As long as they don't feel cheated what's the difference? > 4. Yes, The top 4 are Xerath, Cassio, Lee Sin and Vayne. Right below them are Caitlyn and Zed Caitlin scripts? Are you allowed you tell what exactly those would do? I can sort of imagine what the scripts for the other champions here can do but not so much for caitlyn. > 5. While I was scripting I Played a ton of Kindred, Renekton/Riven (Their scripts allowed perfect animation cancels and ability usage). I actually don't play them anymore now that I am playing normally and my main champion right now is Darius So due to the capabilities of your scripts, were there champions who were particularly easy to deal with? Were there champions who were particularly hard to deal with?
1. Ok i should of cleared this up. Most people arent as good at hiding it as I am or coding it. Also, all it looked like in game was that I had the mechanics of a challenger player. That is the unfair part. But at that high of elo, Challenger players tend to have a lot of smurfs so it didn't catch on much. I would code my Evade script to only dodge dangerous skill shots. So like I would let a jinx W hit me but I would always dodge a Blitz hook for example or an Ashe arrow. This takes a long long time to perfect in design but it makes it very hard to detect in game. Most scripters cant do this and its much more obvious. 2. It orbwalks perfectly with her, Auto hits her Q, Auto E's when people gap close to you, and animation cancels your traps so you can put them down as you are autoing right where people can step on them. Some scripts even can make invisible traps. It also auto ults if it knows it will kill. It's more popular because she is really strong all the time naturally. 3. I'm not sure I understand this question. Are you asking if certain champions using scripts are easier to deal with then others or if while I was scripting there were champs not scripting that were easier to deal with?
: Well I have a bunch of questions: 1) Do you have any prior experience with scripting?(worked/studied something similar/relevant?) 2) Was it common for you to get called out for scripting by enemies/teammates? If so how often were you reported(or claimed to be reported) for it? 3) Were skillshots/minimap scripts enough to get you from gold to d2 or was there other scripts which meaningfully helped you? 4) Are there champions for whom scripts were more common? If so can you state these champions? 5) What champions did you play the most while scripting? Did that change since you stopped scripting? If so which champions do you play the most now?
1. Yes, I don't want to actually say my job but it involves a lot of coding. 2. I was pretty good at it so I wasn't calling for it much until I got into high elo. When I was lower elo I could claim I was a smurf and most people believed it. In high elo every so often ( maybe 1/30 games) someone would say something. 3. I used about 11 different scripts every game ranging from minimap hacks and "spacebar to win" scripts all the way to scripts that show enemies cooldowns and ranges 4. Yes, The top 4 are Xerath, Cassio, Lee Sin and Vayne. Right below them are Caitlyn and Zed 5. While I was scripting I Played a ton of Kindred, Renekton/Riven (Their scripts allowed perfect animation cancels and ability usage). I actually don't play them anymore now that I am playing normally and my main champion right now is Darius
: It's okay, I kinda like it. It forces me to play a lot better than I am use to in a trial by fire.
Remember those players are not good. They have bad map awareness and decision making. Beat them that way
: I have a question, are xerath mains filled with the most scripters? Ever since I hit Plat I feel like 9 out of 10 xeraths I play against in ranked are scripters.
Xerath, Cassio, Lee Sin, and Vayne are the Big 4 and unfortunately those people you played against most likely used the Script i Developed so I apologize about that. I have one for each of those 4, but have since removed them from as many places as I can
: Posts regarding scripting/hacking are removed if it explains how to use them or where to get them (I haven't yet compared what you changed to see if it adheres to these guidelines). Just to note, the boards moderators are not Rioters at all.
Oh I did not know that. Thank you for clearing that up. I did my best to provide 0 info on how to actually script but more so to inform how common it is and maybe collaborate on an idea with Riot to use my knowledge to get them out of the game
: I'd be really interested in seeing this thread get red attention. Like to see Riots input on what you said and what's being suggested.
Yeah i know they have seen it because they banned my first iteration of it, but im just trying to raise awareness. I want the game to be better with less people like me (or what I used to be) in it ruining it for others. Hopefully A rioter will reach out so I can collaborate with them and help them improve the community
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSpiritWalker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kP2wZQue,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-06-09T18:31:46.479+0000) > > Sounds like the Plot of a super sick movie XD the next logical plot development would be that the Streamers get together, realize that someone has defected to Riot, and hire a bunch of assassins to take you out... At which point you take them all out. Realising the scripters will keep sending assassins after you, you show up to confront the Head Scripter and challenge him to a decisive trial by combat (1 vs 1 on Zed v Zed on Howling Abyss). You decide to approach Red Mercy for coaching on this but this requires that you and him put aside your past differences and personal conflicts over some girl.
Oscar Worthy. This needs to be Riot's next animation movie release
: Best of luck ranking back up.
Yeah, I've been doing it for so long I am actually terrible at the game now. It feels good to re learn the game and actually improve though
: You should go to Riot and say: "If I talk I walk (get my banned account back)" Riot (shakes their head): "Impossible, your account can't be restored." You: "Then we have nothing to talk about. I was going to give a lot." Riot: "What are you offering?" You: "I can give you the names of thousands of scripters, many of them influential streamers." Riot: "You'd testify in Mod court?" You: "Absolutely. I have screen shots, witnesses to corroborate, recorded games using Camtasia, recorded MSGs of confessions... HOWEVER... I insist on getting my account back." Riot: "It's against company policy to restore a deleted account. We couldn't even do it anyways." You: "Then arrange for someone to gift me a new account of the same status as before." Riot: "..." You: "I want ALL OF THE SAME SKINS I had, all of the same champs, the same IP/RP count as before... EVERYTHING except the name. You do that... and I will give you the catch of the century." Riot: "Hmmmm...."
Sounds like the Plot of a super sick movie XD
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