: When Azir's passive isn't on cooldown, dead towers will have a clicker as soon as they die that he can use to summon the Sun Disc. There isn't a limited window of opportunity and he can summon a Sun Disc on the same dead turret multiple times (cooldown providing).
Oh wow! I thought it was like once per turret the entire game. That passive is amazing! What is the cooldown on it?
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
How long does Azir have to proc his passive on a tower? For example, when a tower is destroyed top lane can Azir head up there 10 minutes later and raise a tower of his own?
: Gnar's ultimate only activates when you press the R key (or whatever you bind it to, or however you like to activate abilities).
Woops, I didnt mean ult. I meant transformation.
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: Gnar Q&A - Gameplay [COMPLETED]
Who created the new mechanic of a forced transformation resulting from rage? Why did you choose to take this direction with a new champion?


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