: > [{quoted}](name=Marothennan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JyoFYxXu,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-04-09T13:29:15.241+0000) > > {{champion:412}} **_misses cannon minion_** https://streamable.com/eu2ox skip to 1:10 and watch from there lmao
Can last hit blue but can't last hit a single cannon. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rioter Comments
: Placebos in League can and in fact did happen before. A Rioter told at one point how a patch note accidentally mentioned a nerf to Vladimir, but didn't actually change anything about him: after the patch hit, both his play rate _and_ win rate dropped by several percentage points, even if he was in exactly the same state as before. This is one of the reasons why Riot generally waits for at least one patch cycle to let players adjust to a champion's power adjustments. I'm not saying this is what's happening for Twitch, or that "whiny mains" are the reason his win rate dropped to 48%, but I wouldn't discount the psychological impact of such a change, particularly since Twitch has remained virtually untouched for quite some time until last week.
Also Graves during his reign in season 6. His Q got nerfed by 20 damage at rank 5. People just stopped playing him. Of course he came back next patch because he still killed anyone in 2 autos while being tanky as shit. But placebo.
: Bruiser, Tank and Juggernaut are classes with a lot of overlap both in pool and in items, trying to space it all out will never work well.
Pretty much this ^. What if I pick {{champion:24}} and want to build {{item:3075}} because I'm against {{champion:2}} in lane? What if I pick {{champion:9}} but both teams have fed mages so I build {{item:3001}} ? What if I'm {{champion:236}} and I build {{item:3071}} to shred armor with my ult? What the fuck am I then, OP? This whole fiasco of trying to endlessly restrict and classify shit in a MOBA has got to stop. This isn't how strategy games work. Not the good ones, anyway.
: Just seems that the Shaco playerbase is highly dedicated. Shaco deserves nerfs, actually. But they will never admit it.
Dedicated fanbase = naturally high winrate, like Heimerdinger. I don't know if he needs buffs. 51-54 sounds about right. But he definitely doesn't need nerfs.
paisy (NA)
: He got buffed
Yep. E stun duration went from 1s -> 1.5s. This is an extremely synergistic change for his kit. Aside from how strong +50% CC is, his E stun duration increases his E CDR procs as well as his passive bonus uptime. Now you can E twice in the main part of a fight, and your passive gives you much higher DPS and movespeed to reach the carry.
: that's only 960 BE I'm fairly certain you'll get more BE by redeeming for champion orbs and disenchanting those
> [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0IzOzFm4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-25T01:16:51.360+0000) > > that's only 960 BE > > I'm fairly certain you'll get more BE by redeeming for champion orbs and disenchanting those Oh. Woulda been nice to know that last week before I redeemed all 96 for BE.
DDarius (NA)
: Won't be when he gets nerfed in a couple weeks because anyone with half a functioning brain can abuse champs like Volibear to their maximum potential when they are overtuned. Not every champ needs to be Azir but this game has no place for binary balls of stat one trick champions that require no intelligence to play at a competent level.
If Volibear is so easy as you claim then why don't you main him to Diamond? Or is there a reason you're posting on a level 8 account? It's almost like there's a lot more to a champion than basic mechanics, and calling champions "easy" has always been a stupid argument. Not to mention that with a reaction-based E interrupting dashes/his own Q and the new decision-making as to which Q+E combo to use, Volibear now has a higher skillcap/mechanical potential than a massive section of the roster. Not that it matters.
: Just wait for the fallout and screaming when people realize the AP item rework will need tuning.
I'm just waiting for the smoke to settle and hoping they don't come for my Volibear.
: pls don't tell me Voli is this patch's pick or ban. pls don't
Nah, give it a couple days. The patch's been up for 12 hours, sample size is way too small. Many sites don't even update until 3 days.
: Riot nerfed twitch too hard
Every time I play with or against Twitch he still tears the entire team apart if he's allowed to auto for even 3 seconds. Although thinking about it, I really only hate his ult. If they wanna nerf that and buff the rest of his kit I'll actually be happier playing against him.
: can someone in plat+ answer me this?
The highest I've been is plat promos, and I landed in silver this season, so I can definitely answer. #There is a massive skill difference. You don't feel it on the way up, but you sure as **fucking** _**hell**_ feel it on the way down.
: LF some advice for a Jungle main
It's not easy to determine where/when to gank, it's something you mostly gain through experience. That being said, I'll try to show you factors you should consider when deciding whether to gank a lane. -------------- **Likelihood of success:** I'll start with this one because you seem to already have it down. Be wary of your champion's ganking power and tower-diving prowess relative to the enemy's survivability. Watch out for warded and extended lanes -- most top laners ward their bush at 2:30. Keep track of which lanes have {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:21}} on cooldown, those are easy to gank. Be also wary of which champions are easy to gank (mages, bruisers, immobile bot lanes) and which champions are hard to gank (Lulu/Janna, mobile ADCs, Illaoi, low-HP teammates, assassins). If my bot lane has low-CC and they're against Janna/Xayah, I literally never even bother showing up bot unless they're under tower. **Objectives:** When you gank, you must that it costs you pressure on the other side of the map. Even if top is an easy gank, you should be aware of what you'd lose by going there. If Dragon is up at 8+ mins, you probably shouldn't show your face top. There are many factors to this. though. Farmers {{champion:19}} {{champion:102}}{{champion:77}} are a lot more likely to try and take Dragon than gankers {{champion:120}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:60}}. Additionally, if a lane is fed, you can probably trust them not to lose a tower or Dragon by going elsewhere, but if the enemy is fed, you might wanna stay nearby if you feel like you'll lose that tower or Dragon. **Buffs:** Similarly, if the enemy jungler has been applying pressure at your buffs, you probably shouldn't show your face at the opposite side of the map unless you're willing to lose that buff. It's a calculated risk. Is a chance at bot kills worth losing red buff? Do you need red buff to reach 6 in the first place? What if you can gank bot AND trade red buffs with the enemy jungler? **The enemy jungler:** There are various jungle paths in the early game. Some champs are slow, some are fast, some take scuttle. You should be aware of what path the enemy jungler is using, and how quickly they'll clear it. {{champion:5}} {{champion:29}} might start red then go for a level 2 gank. {{champion:106}} {{champion:121}} might simply do buff->wolves->buff then try to gank top or mid. {{champion:102}} {{champion:56}} might try a raptors->krugs->wolves->gromp->blue->back->red->repeat path to reach level 6 ASAP. If you don't know the path, try to drop a ward in the enemy jungle to see if they're going where you think they are. Warding buffs is always nice if you can reach there. I also like to ward raptors. Experience and playing various junglers will teach you which path a champion likes to do and how quickly they can clear it. Being able to anticipate that pathing is huge, and lets you carry out deadly counter-ganks. Or jungle invades. Or take the enemy's opposite-side jungle. Or gank the opposite side of the map. Don't think you and your top can 2v2 the enemy top and jungle? Run bot and fuck them up while you know the enemy jungler is top. {{champion:59}} went mid with red level 2? Take his blue and then fight him with your level advantage. {{champion:32}} ? He's probably farming, hit all 3 lanes before 6 or invade him (depending on your champ). Jungling is mind-games with the enemy jungler. It's a game of chess. If you know the enemy jungler is top, ping the top laner back and try to take Dragon. If you know he's camping mid for whatever reason, you can stay nearby or put down some wards to help. If you know your bot lane are immobile, you can anticipate heavy ganks and try to counter-gank. If you know he's doing his botside buff because it just came up, you probably shouldn't gank bot. **Importance of ganks:** You should probably focus on ganking {{champion:75}}{{champion:24}} a lot to shut them down, even if it doesn't result in kills. You should also focus on ganking bot if you can, since a fed ADC is the best thing you can give your team as a jungler. Plus, you can have Dragon pressure by ganking bot. Meanwhile, if you have a tank top, there probably isn't much point in heading there often. **Ally/enemy IQ:** This kinda sounds mean but, if you have an idiot mid who doesn't follow up and can't play from behind, they're probably a lost cause. Mute and leave them. On the other hand, if the enemy top is the special kind of moron that dies to a gank and immediately {{summoner:12}} back to the wave before you can even leave lane, it's probably a good idea to camp them. You can get very fed very easily. Tilted enemies are also very easy targets to camp. **Ally is flaming:** This is NOT a good reason to gank by itself. Tell him to hug tower and wait. Or mute him. Whatever it is, don't gank JUST because they're crying too loudly. However, sometimes ganks can boost morale. Let's say Dragon is down, bot is frozen, and top is crying for a gank. You are a free man. You can make a play bot, which is always nice, you can farm your jungle, since the whole thing is up, or you can gank top, which isn't too appealing. But top seems very tilted. It wouldn't be hard to gank and get a kill. Maybe it'll untilt him, especially if you can leave him the kill. It's probably honestly the best move to go for a gank top. A happy teammate is a useful teammate. **Just farm, man.** If you're behind, farm. If it's not important to gank, and you can't foresee a dangerous enemy gank, farm. If no enemies are pushing, Dragon is down, and it would be difficult to dive and get kills, just farm. Do full jungle clears often. You should always be farming. Farm camps between ganks. Don't fall behind because you're trying too hard to make plays to the point where you're 30 cs behind. You'll just lose the game. It also depends on your champion. {{champion:28}} needs a lot of farm. {{champion:35}} doesn't, at least until later. ------- That's a short rundown of the factors you should consider while ganking, but again, the importance of these factors and how to weigh them is just experience. Keep playing, you'll get good and carry those scrub laners. Source: Jungle main since season 3, highest rank was Gold 1.
: i told it to a mod and will tell it here posts that are made to vent out frustration should not be allowed to be posted if you don't talk about design, if you don't talk about balance, your post should be flat out be removed
They *are* discussions about balance, but they're usually rage-fueled. I come here after finishing a game. I'm probably pissed about how some champion whooped my ass and is OP. Maybe I can put together a coherent thread about how some mechanic or trend is ruining the game, but at the end of the day I didn't make that thread because I had an epiphany. I made it because I got rekt. I'm pretty sure most threads about balance here are like that. I usually delete my threads in 2 mins once I calm down, but I'm guilty of leaving it up if I left it overnight and it went +50. I doubt it's much different for most threads like that here.
: To be fair Free Win {{champion:64}} and Win Nhao {{champion:5}} were not a part of the game/broken beyond belief for the majority of season 1. Granted they both had their uhh.....time to shine.
>Win Nhao Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... He used to be *the shit* back when I started in Season 2.
: Why is there a problem with surrendering? Surrendering is a positive thing. It prevents tilt. It helps you move on to the next game. The players who won get to move on and the players who lost get a chance to learn from their mistakes more quickly instead of focusing on new plays that are less relevant to their actual mistakes in the early game.
Giving up is (usually) a good thing in this situation: >Guys, it's 20 minutes, nobody finished their 2nd item, the score is 3/32, and the only reason they haven't ended is because they're trying to push the side lanes. Giving up is (or should be) a bad thing in this situation: >Guys, we got counter-ganked bot and the enemy ADC/jungler is now 3/0 at 4 minutes. I'm AFK until 15. The problem with the game is that giving up in the 2nd situation is becoming more and more logical.
: He has a point, though. He's not saying HotS will win over LoL. He's saying that once there is an actual MOBA competitor for League (that matches League's level of "gameplay" and art) League will very likely die out.
Doesn't even have to be a MOBA. People weren't playing MOBAs before League. They were playing MMOs/shooters. Overwatch could've done it, if it came out a couple years later than it did. A game will do it in the near future. Nearer than it should be, at this rate.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Or, if they really want to keep the integrity, edit his splash more competently, because this black tint looks really bad and amateur. Blurry, barely shaded - looks like someone just took some basic brush and smeared some over his face... Which honestly is what actually happened.
Hell, I wish they just smeared it over his face. They literally blurred the entire splash.
Ernie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Leylania,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EO5vEccR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-17T01:15:15.098+0000) > > Which makes it even more dumb considering that this will make the pro play even slower, strengthening exactly what they are trying to get rid of. Yeah, losing a baron fight is obviously 100 times more risky with the change, so why would anyone want to force it? You basically instantly lose the game if the enemy team gets baron now
And if you make an aggressive play and 2 teammates die, the enemy gets Baron and ends it. There's now no reason to make aggressive plays ANYWHERE on the map.
Rioter Comments
: Ok? She's been broken in the past, remember season 4's AD item rework? she was literally autowin back then, even before her rework. Not even getting into the disgusting abomination that was AP trist with dfg either
She was actually broken as fuck and on permaban status right until her rework, which nerfed her hard and ended her reign. She remained cancer, but she wasn't strong or popular enough for it to be an issue most of the time, until now.
: > [{quoted}](name=RainbowIcee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ENr7gsYL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-12T03:36:17.991+0000) > > wtf happened in that match that you lost in 14 mins? > > reminds me when my in year review came about i had fastest tower take down at 3 mins, i still don't know wtf was happening that match. afk/dc into open probably
Not always. We once had Renekton vs Aatrox top. Renekton killed Aatrox level 2, then Aatrox TPd back in right away. The jungler was there and they killed him again instantly. Then I (mid) met with them and invaded the enemy's blue, and Aatrox came running from the spawn to help. He was still level 2 and died again. Renekton was 3/0 and the guy was still level 2 at 4 minutes. We ended at 13 minutes.
: Sitting in the bush for 2 minutes is the worst thing a jungler could do, he is going to die by a countergank 100% unless the enemies are brainless. If your jungler let the enemy jungler zone you from cs for 2 minutes then the problem is your teammate, not the jungle role.
Not to mention that leveling from 3-6 in the jungle is pretty hectic. A jungle stupid enough to sit for 2 minutes just denying farm is basically out of the game. All you have to do is not die, and watch him get out-leveled, out-pressured, counter-jungled, and counter-ganked.
: Sometimes it doesnt do anything. If you are red side and ward tri brush, they might just do a river or lane gank. If you are Blue side and ward River sometimes they use your teams blue buff blast cone and cut a large time off of when you can react. I dont agree with Hashinshin, but sometimes wards are worthless. People like Irelia Carries U will often not ward at all but can sense when the jungler is there, or even some people like me do ward but then wont check my map and die anyways lol. For the record, Mid lane is the worst lane to ward, there are 7 Gank paths if the jungler doesnt have a wall jump... then there are 100'd of combos lol.
I will concede that deep-warding doesn't work anymore ever since they added that blast pod by gromp. So it takes more map awareness, but warding still works perfectly fine. You can always ward the very edge of the main river bush. This covers all entry points if you're blue side, and most entry points if you're red side. You can see ganks through river, blast pod, and tribush this way. Except if you're red side and the enemy jungler who goes in through mid and goes around the baron pit without stepping on any wards, all while you're pushing. But if you're worried about that, you can drop a control ward in the tribush and you're good to go.
: Don't play top usually, but pretty solid advice I think. I have a friend who mains top and used to always rage and complain about being ganked early even though he was pretty much at the enemy tower. Overextending as an immobile champion (especially without warding) is usually asking for trouble. I don't necessarily agree with the point that there is a 1-minute window where junglers will gank top though. Might be your playstyle but I think there are plenty of junglers out there who will gank top if there is the opportunity to make a play.
Fair point, I'm just saying shit for the hell of it. But in all honestly, top is pretty fucking far. We don't wanna go there. Most gank-heavy junglers will try to gank it once, then go do scuttle/gromp, then come try again, and that's it. If the guy is safe and warded I'm gonna head mid or bot while my level 3-4 power spike is up. Meanwhile, if the enemy top is the kind that dies to the first gank, respawns, then teleports right back to the wave and dies because his shit's not warded and he can't see that I'm STILL RIGHT THERE, then you bet I'm gonna camp. Easiest fed Fiora of my life.
Rioter Comments
: https://ibb.co/czvaRH This is a picture from my "wtf rito" folder :D I was bronze - silver in this picture..yay
: WTF? I never liked playing lee sin, i hated playing against him. It feels great that im not seeing him, and last season I rarely saw him at all. Im not whining, stop being a snowflake man.
: jg or top lane Ranked
It really boils down to what you're best at. Jungle requires macro play, not much micro. There's a ton of decision making that most laners don't appreciate that goes into good jungling. Top lane is mostly mechanics, being able to poke, zone, farm, trade, and not die. It's really a 1v1 show of skill against your opponent to see who can snowball. If you're good at both or willing to learn, I'd say jungle, though. You have more control over more lanes, and can choose which lanes to try and snowball. In top lane, there's a chance your team will lose even if you win, and there isn't too much you can do about it.
: Ye lets buff the cancer rune making the game giga unfun for anyone who doesn't like playing passive for 30 mins
Holy fuck you people are exaggerating so bad. Are you saying a one-use untargetability spell makes you play passive for 30 minutes? There's a million stronger anti-dive abilities in the game but I see people tower-diving Kayle and Lulu all fucking day.
ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: What are the most tilting/ unfair abilities in the game?
: Explain to me why op.gg tells me I have silver 2 mmr then. While you're at it, explain to me why I'm being matched with/against people worse than me.
Also, you're not being matched with people worse than you, people in League get matched by their MMR, regardless of their rank. I'm guessing you went on a bad loss spree at some point, due to tilt and/or bad luck, which dropped your MMR. So now you're playing with Silver 4-5 players. They aren't necessarily worse or better than you, they're just of equal MMR to you. If you want to prove the system wrong, keep winning and increase your MMR, and you'll start to play with higher-ranked players. If you can't do that, the system will be right, and your high LP losses will eventually force you down to Silver 4-5, where your gains and losses will go back to equal.
: Explain to me why op.gg tells me I have silver 2 mmr then. While you're at it, explain to me why I'm being matched with/against people worse than me.
The op.gg MMR isn't your real MMR, it's a guess. The real MMR value is hidden and isn't accessible via League's API. This guess can be right, but it can also be horribly wrong, like in your case. The best way to estimate it is to look at who you tend to play with/against. Regardless, I suggest that you simply ignore your LP losses/gains and play to improve, as you should be trying to do that whether you're plat or bronze. Your rank is just distracting you for now. Focus on improving, then you can start to turn your MMR around and climb to gold.
: What the fuck are you talking about? That's completely wrong. I have a fucking 50 percent win rate. I had a 48 percent last season and got more lp than what I get now. My mmr is silver 2 and I'm silver 3.
Nope, he's right. Go to na.op.gg and look at your match history. Most of your teammates and enemies are Silver 4-5, some are even Bronze. You have a Silver 4-5 MMR. You are Silver 3. Therefore, you lose more LP than you gain, until you either win enough to prove you're Silver 3 or succumb and go down to Silver 5. Also, maintaining a 50% winrate at Silver 5 MMR doesn't mean you're Silver 3 :)
: I wouldn't. Marksmen update did its job to separate ADCs from each other a bit and, while somewhat powercreeped the class, was not horrendous and was very fixable.
There were 2-4 ADCs on every team, every game, even in the LCS. It was definitely the worst of the class updates. It was fixable, but they didn't. They buffed everything else, and now we're here.
: @riot why in most situations bruisers are just better assassins
Wait we're reversing the circlejerk already? I didn't get the memo!
: Not sure, I'd say the Mage Update is when they started to lose and it just went exponentially worse from there.
I'd actually go all the way back to the Marksman update. They buffed the living shit out of nearly every ADC, and instead of nerfing them back they started buffing all other classes to keep up. After pre-season 6 we had 2-4 ADC comps on each team every game, even in the LCS. Then, with the mid-season Mage update, you had mages running around everywhere. Can you imagine how powerful mMages became to go even with the buffed ADCs? Tanking was miserable in mid-season 6 with all those broken backliners running around. Then came Assassins, then that ridiculous Tank update. Now runes reforged, and well, fuck me, here we are.
: for me as far as the intimidating feel goes its because of how weirdly smooth and goofy all his animations are. they arent very bear-like. his q movement animation is a weirdly slow looking run thats equally weirdly smooth like hes caressing the ground, his normal walking animation is equally awkward looking, and his attacks look like slaps
Mr Meat (OCE)
: So you're telling me that you wouldn't for one second believe that a game developer, owned and controlled by the worlds most money hungry gaming company would intentionally alter the chances of a player progressing, as to keep them in the game for longer so they are psychologically more inclined to spend money on the game? I guess you're right! After all, companies don't care about money or shareholders! They only care about providing the best goods or services possible :) and would never, EVER, use psychology to extract money from you unknowingly :DDDD
I never said I'll never believe it, I said give me a single quote from a Rioter confirming this. But since that doesn't exist, let's debate the logistics of the winrate balancing master plan. First of all, it's a waste of time. You don't have to artificially alter the chances of player progression. If you leave the elo ladder alone, everyone will quickly reach their 50% winrate spot and give you the same end result. Second of all, how the hell would winrate balancing work in practice? Do you really think Riot will assemble a game of 9 players just to stop you from climbing? What about them? Don't they have their own winrates to be balanced? If the enemy team was so good, shouldn't each of them be placed with 4 losers to hamstring them? Do you see the issue with this? Without a quote from a Rioter confirming the winrate balancing, this is just a conspiracy people came up with to relieve themselves from blame for being stuck. I climbed from Bronze to almost Plat over my League career. I've been stuck, but it's never been because of Riot's evil conspiracy to stop me. It was always because I was garbage at something, and I quickly went on crazy winstreaks once I fixed my farming, warding, champ selection, and decision making. I never said I'll never believe it. Show me a quote and I will. But to suggest it without evidence is ridiculous.
Anags (NA)
: Dude their team comp is garbage in a team fight. They have malph ult and xerath stun as their only real cc. Ezreal is behind with a horrible build. I mean Xayah can avoid the malph ult easily and its gg after that. They don't even have enough cc to deal with Yi. Also kill lead isn't everything. Level lead is huge along with cs. They have a poke comp with no peal which can easily be run down and crushed by the other team comp. You can say any game is winnable I guess. Maybe they dc or throw insanely hard. But to say have a good team fight comp is funny.
Yeah no shit, Ezreal is garbage and they're horribly behind. That's why they couldn't get it together and win. But their teamfight comp is 10x better than the other team's even if it's not perfect. The other team have a fucking Pantheon at 34 minutes. All of their gold is invested in Diana. What the hell are they gonna do against a good Malphite ult on 3 people plus Illaoi and Xerath with AoE? If Diana dies right off the bat, the team is pretty much down on gold. Ezreal and Pantheon are useless, and the rest of the fight is 4v3 with an Illaoi and probably a gold advantage with Diana dead. It's possible without a throw, just a big outplay. They just weren't able to pull off any outplays big enough to cover the big disadvantage.
Mojihito666 (EUNE)
: You cant get proof cause MMR is HIDDEN to exactly this reason.
Wow, your incredibly compelling argument won me over. I now entirely believe that Riot is running a conspiracy against you, despite there being no proof, no incentive, and no actual way to do this. Riot will see that you've been climbing to your true deserved challenger elo, and swiftly pick 9 players just to make you lose. My heart goes out to you.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: stopwatch is not abused at all...you see oorn didn't have it,teemo as well,only 8/10 players had it so it's still fine when 10/10 players will build it,we can say that it might be a bit too abused,but that's just a possibility.... (riot thinking) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
But when we have 10/10, then it's too late and the game is balanced around it now! {{summoner:4}}
: League of Legends - The MMORPG
What cool original thing would a League MMO introduce? See, the thing about MMORPGs is that everyone who plays them is already committed to one, so you have to steal them with something so new and good and unique that they'll all ditch WoW and flock over. What do you have in mind?
: >It's not a direct enforcement, so I'll take the hit on that one And I won't claim the algorithm is good or bad. It is what it is, and does the job.
Oh don't worry, most of my comment wasn't about winrate balancing. The second quote is you. I was mostly arguing about what you were originally saying about team MMR inherently stacking the odds against you, as a climber. Because team MMR balancing is a real thing. And it doesn't do that. Even as a climber you might be the "dead weight" in a higher MMR team, or you might be an average. If you're 1600, you might be put with four 1500s to play against a 1520 team, but you might also be put with four 1700s to play against a 1680 team. It goes both ways, even when climbing. Unless, of course, Riot has an artificial means of forcing you to be the "assigned carry" when climbing, but that's the original discussion.
: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=12029 It's a bit dated and doesn't mention promos, but I'm not going to bother with more than a cursory search engine query. As I said, the topic isn't relevant to me. Of Note: >Q: So, because I won a few games in a row, I'm going to get an impossible match now, right? A: Not exactly. Your rating will rise, so you'll get harder and harder opponents but we don't really care if you go 50/50 win/loss, just that you rating seems to be an accurate prediction of game results. ***Eventually, you will hit your limit, and you WILL see roughly 50/50 win loss though.*** Players who are above average will tend to do slightly better than 50/50 because there are more players below them than above them, so matches, when made, will tend to be slightly downwards. For expert players near the top of our rankings, they will often run 90% win rates. It's not a direct enforcement, so I'll take the hit on that one. But the result is exactly the same. The system looks at the *team's* MMR. If you're on the win streak, it will set up your allies to be statistically weaker than your enemies to compensate. Opposite is true for loss streaks.
>we don't really care if you go 50/50 win/loss He's denying what you guys are saying. And the part you bolded out, he's not talking about winrate balancing, He's just saying that once you hit your "true" elo, you will roughly have a 50% winrate, but that's just because you're playing with people your skill. It's how elo works by nature, you win until you can't and you lose until you can't. >The system looks at the team's MMR. If you're on the win streak, it will set up your allies to be statistically weaker than your enemies to compensate. Opposite is true for loss streaks. Sure, I see how that *can*, in some cases, mean your teammates aren't as good as your enemies. But it's the best way to balance matchmaking. Say you match 10 players who are of similar, *but not equal*, MMR. How do you decide which team gets which players? Well, you run an algorithm. You put some players on one team, their MMR turns out a little low, so you put a higher player on their team to balance it out. It's just the way that matchmaking algorithm operates. That player can *happen* to be you, if you *happen* to be the highest player in that game. But that's just your luck. You might have been the lowest player in the game, and they'll use you to "weigh down" a team, or you might be one of the average dudes. And there's no better way to do it. If you have an uneven pool of players, you can't put the highest players on the same team. Is it a good algorithm? I don't know, there's a lot of criticism of League's matchmaking. But this new trend of "winrate balancing" has nothing to back it up. Trust me, I am open to the idea, but the guy you linked denies it, at least in 2009. To me, this looks like a new explanation of "elo hell", except I dislike it because it's mostly conspiracy and not as argumentative.
: If you're looking for direct sources: no. I don't play ranked and, thus, have no reason to maintain an index of the relevant information. As for anecdotal backing: - Riot has confirmed multiple times since it's release that the current system works by trying to force players into a 50% win rate. The further away from 50% you get, the more drastic the changes become. - The part about the system matching team's total MMR was stated when they introduced dynamic queue. - It's also been stated that promos are "gates" where people have to prove they can play at the next level. - There have been plenty of examples on the forums of players complaining about their allies having abnormally low or enemies having abnormally high ratings in ranked games. Often during promos or on the heel of win streaks.
> Riot has confirmed multiple times since it's release that the current system works by trying to force players into a 50% win rate. The further away from 50% you get, the more drastic the changes become. That. Just give me a link to a Riot post, announcement, tweet, anything that says that. And I'm on your side. Until then, all I see is you people pulling these these facts out of your asses.
: Massive morale drop and demotivation.
I'm trying to understand what you're saying but it's not very...coherent. 5 game loss spree isn't much lol. I've done a 20 game loss spree before. I think I have a screenshot. Some guy was flaming you? Whatever, happens every game. If the usual League bullshit like flamers and losses are too much to handle right now, just take a couple days' break and you'll be fine.
: "We can win"
Insane teamfight comp, with both Malphite and Illaoi, great poke, nice mixed damage/tankiness, and all champions scale well. Meanwhile the enemy team have Pantheon in the late game, and most of the rest of the enemy's kills are on one person (Diana). Kill lead isn't too bad either. You can win. But you didn't, I guess.
: re-posting this. Seems relevant. > [{quoted}](name=Ariel the Cruel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ENqFxcun,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-08-30T04:13:28.527+0000) > > Not exactly. > > The system will not let you advance unless you can prove you're able to play at a higher level. So it will statistically stack the odds against you slightly. Whether that's by giving you lower MMR team mates, or higher MMR enemies (affecting the *team* average). > If you're on a winning streak, the system will try to force you back to 50% win rate. This also results in higher MMR enemies / lower MMR allies. > Neither of these systems purposefully give you "bad" allies. They give you enemies that are statistically better than your allies. > > If you're on a massive winning streak *and* in promos... RiP. > > ------------- > > Also. > When match making tries to make a balanced team, it will average everyone's MMR. That means pairing the best player in a group with the worst. This isn't unique to promos though; just some perspective. Being in promos means your at the highest MMR tier for that division. So all players will either be a higher division, or worse than you.
TylerBrah (EUW)
: Yep and it is intended. Sucks, I know. But as long as Riot lapdogs keep defending it and acting like it doesn't exist, the less inclined people will be to do anything about it.
Lapdogs now? Can I get a single source proving that winrate balancing exists? Then I'll stop being a "lapdog".
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