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: I wouldn't say "we all" have had these problems. **I've only seen this around twice a month**, and I'm in bronze, where people throw because of their shitternet. Please face the fact that it is, in fact, **your computer which is giving you all these problems**. I got a new Razer Blade laptop half a month ago and **I haven't faced this error at all**. Why do people criticize Riot for something they haven't done? It's really dumb and it makes me {{item:3070}} .
I wouldn't say we all have these problems, either. And, as a matter of fact, I didn't. I simply explained a similar situation which may or may not be what OP is describing. My personal situation revolves around the same exact Internet and the same exact laptop. It was something I immediately noticed after the Rift was updated. Does it have something to do with how the new rift handles reconnects? I don't know. Do I still have this problem? When I dc, yes, but that is VERY rarely. I didn't blame Riot for my disconnects, I suggested someone look into how reconnects are handled. Or maybe I should just post a tear...
: Attempting to reconnect needs to be fixed.
I would just like to agree with you 100%. I've noticed this bug (unless it's intended) as well. As a matter of fact, we used to have quick bursts of disconnects frequently. At the time, League would d/c, then after the internet came back, the game would reconnect. I could even switch Internet sources and it would take all of 5 seconds of being disconnected before I could play again. However, ever since the Summoner's Rift visual update any change of internet source (d/c or otherwise) is met with the impossibility of reconnecting to the game without restarting the entire client. I'm not sure what cause this change upon updating the Rift, but I would also appreciate if it was fixed.
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: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Splash looks like some weird cross between Blitz and Ori. Also, was I the only one disappointed when the enemy destroyed the health pack? Very anticlimactic. At least stepping on Zac's globs makes a sound effect.
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
I feel like a ton of lore on video game characters is kind of pointless if you don't want to relate them to the game at all. But I can still look past that and understand the lore as essentially a supplement. However, I've always felt it would be interesting if there was some lore to the items and the Rift itself. What is this nexus? Why would it need protecting or destroying from a certain party. Why is it that OUR inhibitor is really inhibiting the enemy team's minions? I like a 'capture the flag' game as much as the next person, but when you add so much to it, it deserves some reasoning.


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